Merry Chirtsmas! (Update 12/24/2018!)

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you all!

For those who're having exams, you can do it! This is your last hurdle before a long vacation! xD

Last week was still a roller-coaster to me:
1.) There was a glitch in Steam where Winged Ones' achievements got unlocked by itself the moment players clicked 'start'. It's solved, but since I had to re-new the Steam Library Support and reset the persistent data, their CG gallery got reset too ><; I'm really sorry for the inconvenience it has caused you!

I'm unsure where this glitch came from, but Steam's server has been a bit unstable these days. Let's hope nothing weird happens again on Steam!

2.) I wrote 3.9k+ words for Bermuda's script!

I also went over my notes regarding the antagonist's events. It was... enlightening OTL some of my notes are so embarrassing and cliche I wanted to die.

In any case, I think the antagonist could be a turn-off for some people and some may not want to romance him so I decided on something important:

I will add a friendship ending in the antagonist route.

3.) On a lesser note, I had some Christmas shopping last week! My front tooth doesn't hurt as much today, but I'm still waiting for my appointment with my dentist, which is on 26th December.

Last but not least, Merry Christmas again and Happy Birthday Jesus! Cheers for a great New Years! I haven't had the time to draw something, but here are my pups wishing you a wonderful holidays~

That's it for now and see you again next week!


P.S. Um... I don't want to dampen your Christmas spirits, but there's also a hiccup over here with Tsunami washing over West Banten, Selat Sunda ><; I'm a little worried since I'm at East Banten, but let's just hope what happened in 1883 doesn't repeat itself. For the affected families; please stay strong! We can survive this! I also pray for the lost people could be find soon :'(


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Nooo why are you doiiing that to meee?!

Ahem, I tend to hate friendship endings in games, so it may impede me from 100%'ing the game XD - but don't worry, that's my own issue.

Though now you made me curious - why should his route be a turn-off to some people? I mean, not asking for spoilers about events here, but rather I'd like to know if you're saying that because he's an antagonist per se, or if some elements of the route or the character's behavior make you fear that?

(1 edit)

Hi, Konoi! 


Well, The antagonist's behavior and actions aren't exactly likeable >< Maya will have to do some great effort/even OOC choices to be able to get near him. The romance will be very slow just like Rama's route in Winged Ones, but I hope it will be more satisfactory than Rama's 'no kiss scene' route x'D

My proofreaders haven't gotten to this part yet so there might be some loopholes I didn't notice, which is my greatest concern x_x;

Maybe I'm overthinking things? I guess my toothache and holidays with my big family distracted me until I can't focus OTL

Aww, tootache is awful - I have some teeth issues at the moment too.

Funny thing about what you said - I actually NEVER noticed Rama's route has no kiss scenes (and god knows how many times I've played the game) until the Steam version. And I wouldn't have noticed either if it wasn't for the trophies - since you put trophies for the kissing scenes, so obviously he doesn't have one. I tend to notice stuff like that, so it means I think the route is very satisfactory without a kiss scene. I dunno, I liked it just the way it was. But then again, this is the most satisfactory route ever to me, so yeah, I guess some people may be bothered by that? 

OOC choices may be a very cool thing, actually, as long as the character thinks to him/herself something like "I don't really know why I did that". Heart no Kuni no Alice makes an interesting use of that. While romance choices heavily depend on the character you're romancing, you also have a hidden "sense of responsibility" stat. That's basically Alice's urge to go back on Earth and finish what she had to do there, go back to her life and put it straight and things like that. A bit like Tamara's thoughts about her having to deal with her uncle and stuff. Since at the beginning Alice wants to go back, the in-character choices are those that add sense of responsibility points. But if at the end of the game you have more than 3, she'll feel like she must go back on Earth which basically grants you the bad ending for any route you're currently playing. For her to stay in Wonderland and get her happy ending with your chosen bachelor, you have to go a bit OOC on responsibilty choices.

You too? o.o what a coincidence! One of my proofreaders also have a dentist appointment next week x'D  and yep, toothache is really a pain. I can't eat sweets too much and now I'm afraid to eat chocolate :'( 

Aah, yes thank you for telling me about Heart no Kuni no Alice!
I sometimes complicate things when it could be solved with something like "I don't really know why I did that", which is why I often go back and forth in editing ><;  

And I'm glad to hear you like Rama's route! Quite a lot of people doesn't have the patience to deal with him and I feel touched you think it's perfect even without a kiss scene :'D ...actually, I also didn't notice until a few people pointed it out and I was like, 'Oh' x'D it just feels natural for me but I guess you can't make everyone happy ><

Okay, I'll stop overthinking things and just write--even if it's a rough draft, I could always smooth it out later instead of overthinking things and not writing (why does it take me a long time to realize this OTL)

Thank you for listening to my rants, Konoi! *hugs*
Happy holidays! 

Always happy to listen and help if I can!

And happy holidays to you too!

I love huskies!!!!What a beautiful dog!!!Happy Holidays to you guys.

Aww thank you! Her name is Kiara, my little princess while the black one is a mix-pinscher, Juno, my little dork <3 

Happy holidays and Merry Christmas to you too! 

Yayy cute puppies <3 Happy and safe holiday wishes for you all the way from australia

Thanks, InvaderZero!
Merry Christmas and happy holidays to you too <3

Omg yeah, the tsunami :-(  The destruction was terrible and so many lives were lost. Some of my family are in Lampung too- fortunately they are safe... Out of all times, it just has to be before Christmas. Anyway, stay safe, SweetChiel and congrats on your progress! Merry Christmas, everyone!

Aah, glad to hear your family is safe!
Yes, it picked a really bad timing :( we also can't really see much at night so the warning signs are missed.

You too, El.Seth! Stay safe and Merry Christmas!