UPDATE 1/7/2019!

Hi guys!

How did your week go? Did you have a BBQ party with friends/family at New Year's Eve? Did you blow a horn while others sing and yell when the clock strikes 12?

Well, I spent some quality time with my big family last week! We grilled sausages, corns, and had karaoke until past midnight x'D

After that, I got two 'almost-fever's, which is not a surprise since my stamina has always been on the low end ^^;

I got better today though and the good news is I managed to get some work done:

I wrote 4k+ words last week! I finally reached the antagonist's first major event--this is where you'll play the first puzzle minigame and where the antagonist's real story starts to unfold.

I spent quite a lot of time here; polishing and editing until I'm half-satisfied with the result. Not quite there yet, but almost!

My proofreaders had a rough week, but they're almost ready to start working again so here's hoping for a rainbow after a storm! *cheers*

On a smaller note...

How To Train Your Dragon 3 is almost here! Are you excited? I sure am! Oh boy, toothless is going to get a girl and she's beautiful! >///<

I'm such a sucker for cute romance-slash-fantasy stories... especially if it involves dragons--and dragon romance? sign me up!

Ugh, this really makes me want to re-watch Game of Thrones... I haven't watched Season 6 and I heard it's not the end yet? The wait is killing me!


Alright, sorry for the ramblings--there's so many good movies in 2019, I just can't contain it; I mean, The Lion King, Aladdin, HtTYD3, I'm so psyched!

Alright, I'll stop here before I ramble again x'D 
See you again next week!



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Heyo quick question: Would you be alright with let's plays of the game when it's out?^^

Hi nanna4673! Thanks for asking and yes! I'm very alright with let's plays! ^////^ thank you for taking an interest with my game! 

Glad you've got only "almost" fevers, and not full out fevers!

Yeah, I'm excited too about HTTYD3, though I'm also very worried about how the story will end, because of the overall vibes the story was giving so far - and it got even worse with the vibes of the trailers now. Well, at least the white dragoness is gorgeous.

(1 edit)

Yup, I'm also glad I didn't get sick!
The trailer looks *cough* cliche--but I really like the idea of Hiccup teaching Toothless how to court the girl since he doesn't have anyone of his kind to teach him. I laughed so hard at the reference (try look up Cenderawasih  Court Dance x'D), but most of all, I'm really excited for the new Lion King! It's my fave all time Disney movie!

Yeah, I've noticed the reference too, actually XD

Though hmm... When I'm talking about not liking the direction the story may take, I'm not talking about the dragon romance, even though that romance may be a step towards what I'm talking about. But I'd rather not tell it now in case someone who doesn't like that kind of stuff and haven't noticed the same things as me reads the post.

I'm excited about the Lion King too, though I must admit I actually don't like the first movie, except as an introduction to the second one and to Lion Guard. But the Lion King 2 IS actually one of my favorite Disney movies ever. I hope the new movie will change the elements that I disliked about the original Lion King. That would be great!

Yup, no spoiler~ I'm going to watch it today! Wooot! After that, I might notice the story element you don't like >< I have this feeling that there will be a stereotype/cringy cliche? Well movies always have their own weakness and strength.

Lion King is a good example. I mean, I didn't even notice the confusion about Nala's father until much, MUCH later x'D and there are some videos/honest trailers that's questioning some logic in the plot/family tree. And yes! Lion King 2 is awesome too! Heck, that's why I named one of my pups Kiara <3

In any case, let's talk again later after I watched the movie ~

I mean, it's not like I can watch the movie now - the things I was talking about I take that from the trailer and elements from the second movie. The movie won't hit the theaters until february 6th or something like that in France, so yeah, almost a month of wait yet. So I won't be able to really talk about it for a long time - I just hope I won't get spoiled by the internet in the meantime. It's like freaking Wreck-it Ralph 2 - we have to wait until january 23rd! Usually we don't have such delays, but the newest Asterix movie came out by the end of the year, so they delayed most of the US animated movies so the french one would score more entries. I'm so pissed when they do that. Well, at least they didn't delay Into the Spider-verse.