UPDATE 20/11/2023!

Hi, guys! What's up?
How did your week go? Hang in there! Christmas is just around the corner and personally, I can't wait to use my annual leave to enjoy a long vacation from 25th to 1st January next year! *happy dance*

In any case, Bermuda's Artbook is going steady as usual~
- Finished 20 pages for Bermuda's Artbook! I've covered Arya's & Guntur's past-life stories and now only the Epilogue illustrations are left before I can move forward with the Q&A sessions >:D

It's been a while so here's a little sneak peek/fun fact for you~

I hope I can finish this baby before the end of the year, but head's up: my proofreader and I has been really busy with our dayjob lately >_<; 
I'm also not sure about my fate after December because the new investor might give us a new project... or cut us off. It all depends on our current project's result, which I can't say until bug fix & release on Google Play (There are lots of bugs so maybe we'll release on mid December).

On a more positive note, if I lose my job, I'll have more time to focus on Bermuda 😂 so don't worry about it! I'll keep making VNs for as long as I live! And I know you've been waiting. Please bear with us, just a bit more so we can give you our best result! *bows*

With that said, thanks for reading this update and I hope all of you are well & happy!
Drink lots, eat your meals, & rest plenty!



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You got this! Don’t be so negative, you are a smart and talented artist so I’m sure all will end well. Anyway I hope you have a great Thanksgiving, and eat tons of good food! 🦃 

Thanks, ImaPandaFox!
Yes, I should just do my best as usual~ A wise person once said, 'When a door closes, a window opens'. I'm sure there are more opportunities in the future, as a gamedev and as an artist >:D

You too, I hope you had a great Thanksgiving! I'm celebrating mine with eating chicken & pasta with smoked ham~ Turkey is not common here, but I wish I can try it one day xD


Yes! You keep your health and chin up, SweetChiel! Will be rooting for ya!!


Thank you, Elseth! 
Yes, let's continue to do our very best as usual! >:D
I also hope you're doing well & happy no matter where you are :3