UPDATE 1/21/2019!

Hi guys! What's up?

Last week I got pretty hectic with spring cleaning and hunting a limited edition movie merchandise x'D I'll explain more about it later, but for now, let's see the script progress as usual!

The progress is going steady with a quota of 3k-3,5k+ words per week! And of course, I'm still going back and forth between chapters to polish them.

I have a feeling that I'll have a problem with Chapter 3's daily life events ^^; I'm trying to find a fresh and unique ideas, but it will take time since the antagonist is hard to cooperate with *sigh* 

On the other hand, the main/big events are already planned ahead, so no problem here!

Now then, with Chinese New Year approaching, my mom suddenly announced we're going to have a spring cleaning. Fortunately it didn't take more than 2 days to finish and I'm really happy with the result! My house isn't exactly the tidiest place in the world, so the cleaning showed great difference!

I even got a cute cupboard all for myself!

Finally a place for my artbooks and small plushes >///< the pups also seemed to liked it!

Another thing that happened last week is that I got a bit obsessed with HTTYD 3's limited edition merchandise hunting... but I finally got them!

Aren't they cute? These water bottles are crazy popular over here, especially Toothless x'D I just have to have both of them!


Okay, I'll stop rambling now--Oh! It's been a while since we last have a sneak peek, right?

Today, I'll release 2 images of Guntur's early designs for my patrons on Patreon and I'll release 1 for public next week, okay? -^.^)/ 

That's it for now and see you guys next week! I wish you all a great week and warm spring!

xoxo, SweetChiel

P. S. For those who celebrates Chinese New Year, GONG XI FAT CAI! We have a lot to cover, especially if we have a lot relatives to visit, but think of the red envelopes we're going to get! 


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Yep, the nightmare named 'spring cleansing' every Lunar New Year. It used to take us weeks to finish due to my perfectionism that wanted to rearrange and clean every small details of them but not anymore since I have got so lazy lately. XD

Awww doggos~♥ I always want to have a pet but it has to wait till I move out. ^^; And yes, those water bottles are cute, I got the similar one at the theater but it's not as cute as yours. :'3

P.S. People at my age doesn't get red envelopes anymore, my parents still give them to me but honestly I don't really want to take since they already retired. And I hate all of my relatives, I'm glad we moved to another city 2 years ago so I don't have to meet them anymore. Believe me, I'm not overreacting here.

Anyway, only a couple weeks left, I hope you already got yourself new clothes, and maybe consider changing your hairstyle? XD I'm looking forward to hearing from you soon. ^^-


Yep, I got a chinese dress to wear later but I don't think I'll change to a new hairstyle x'D 

And yes! Doggos are so good to relieve stress! Especially if you hug a fluffy one like my husky, Kiara. It's like hugging a cloud >\\\< 

As for the water bottles, each country seem to have different amount of released merchandises o.o for me, I have these water bottles, but I don't have a Build-A-Bear store so no plushie for me ><

And lol the age limitation over here for red envelopes is confusing. Some people said people who already work, won't get one anymore, but some said we receive red envelopes until we get married.

So some give me, some not. I just receive them with a big smile x'D my mom is a single parent so I always give the new years money to her so she can save it for emergency purposes, so all is good ~ 

Aah, I'm sorry to hear about your relatives >< my mom also had a period where she had fallen out with my uncle's wife. It persist months, or maybe a year? But then we chose to ignore her and just let her be. 

In any case, let us both pray for another bountiful and successful year! Gong Xi Fat Cai! Angpao na lai! X'D

Hah, Guntur is such a handsome character - it never ceases to amaze me XD

And the bottles are so cute! Ah, I can't wait to be able to watch the movie!

Yup! I can't help but cringe at the very early sketch though x'D
Gosh, I didn't expect to still find my notebook from college! I thought I lost it.

And woooot! Just a couple of weeks left, Konoi!