UPDATE 1/28/2019!

Hey, guys!

How did your week go?

Mine is so-so >< nothing exciting happened. I polished the chapters and the scriptwriting pace is as steady as usual. 

3.7k+ words! After two or three more scenes, I'm going to enter the 2nd major scene where the antagonist finally starts to see the light! This is the important turning point!

After that, the only thing I need to do is polish chapter 2 since not much is happening there and I need to make them interesting for you to read x'D 

The mystery should already be solved after you played the main routes, so this route has less action scenes, but more knowledge and conversation the antagonist. 

...Of course, it will take time until you manage to have a somewhat civil conversation with him :'D

Alright, I'll stop rambling!
I promised to show you a sneak peek of Guntur's early design, right? Here you go!

And here's a bonus of my very early sketch during college:


I'm very lazy at traditional drawing. I like digital art because we can use crop, eraser, ctrl+z, and use transform tools x'D

Hmm... I wonder what sneak peek I should show you next? Any suggestions/ideas, guys?

Drop a comment below if you have any ideas! 


P.S. I've just realized that I wrote '2018' on the last two updates x'D


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Hi SweetChiel :D! I haven't talked to you in months, but I hope you still remember me uwu. I've been really busy with school, and although I was failing two of my classes, I was able to still get my gpa to a 3.16.  Math is really hard for me ;^;. Like I've said in the past, I am EXTREMELY excited to play your game! You have such wonderful art and really creative plots :). Anyways, school is tomorrow and my classes are going to change so I'm nervous. Keep being amazing!

Sincerely, Sugar~ uwu


Hi Sugar~ Glad to see you back!
Ouch, exams sure are exhausting ><; I'm also not good with math--especially science, so... my condolences!
but look on the bright side! it's all in the past now and you're going to change classes with overally good GPA! 

Thanks for dropping by and giving me your warm support ^.^- you too! Good luck and stay healthy!