HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR! (Update 2/4/2018!)

Morning, guys!

Happy Chinese New Years and Happy Year of the Earth Pig for those who celebrates it! 
Gong Xi Fat Cai! Angpao na lai~ x'D

Today is going to be a busy day though. My mom is planning to clean the house, bathe the dogs, wipe the furniture, and I also have another appointment with the dentist...

I'm going to be busy for the next few days too--many relatives to visit and my mom's friend apparently have a birthday on the 7th ><

Alright, with that said, here's my report of the weekly update:

I wrote 4.2k+ words! It was quite a ride, I've finally arrived at the 2nd major scene where there's some action happening, but there's going to be a whole bunch of conversation too... erm, and arguments--lots and lots of arguments :'))

But after that, we're going to be done with our 2nd checkpoint! Wooot! I'm a bit surprised, the plot pace is a bit faster than I expected, but I will do my best to polish it with my proofreaders ;)

Okay, I gotta go now! Lots of things to do and the first thing I need to do is bathe my dogs!

See you again next week! I hope you get lots of red envelopes this Chinese New Year! x'D



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Happy Chinese new year, SweetChiel!!

Congrats on your progress!

May this year bring you happiness and don't forget to take a break and chill!

Happy Chinese New Year to you too, El.Seth! Gong Xi Fat Cai! Xi Nian Kuai Le! Angpao na lai! X'D 

I wish you a prosperous year and yes! Definitely will catch some rest this week~ you too, take care of yourself! Stay dehydrated, the weather is hot these days ><