UPDATE 2/11/2019!

Morning, guys!

How did your week go?

Mine went really busy with red envelopes hunting x'D man, time does fly! One of my cousins is getting married already! If it goes well, the wedding will be held in August!

On the other hand, I also got painfully reminded how out of shape I am ^^; when things slowed down, I got a stiff back and my thighs hurts along with my ankles (darn you high heels!)

I also got a bit of a distracted from work, but hey! We only have these things once a year!

Still, I managed to steal some time to write and polish chapter 3 :

2.7k+ words! I also finished up the 2nd major event and we're very close to the ending of Chapter 3!

Chapter 4 will begin when Maya and co arrived in the Autumn Village! While I already planned for the early events, I'll need to look for more refreshing ideas for them before they go ahead and enter the Winter area ><

Alright, that's it for now and see you guys next week!



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OMG OMG Omg.... i cant wait to play!!!!! =D


thatcrispyperson me too!
I can't wait to start programming and see my kids come to life! >///<