UPDATE 12/2/2024!

Hi, guys! What's up?
How did your week go? Mine was as busy as usual--oh, and I tried something new! 

Have you heard about Air Dry Clay? I've been wanting to try and make something cute with it, can you guess what it is?
Here, I'll give you more hints~

Aaaand did you guess it?
Yes, I'm making a fake cake! X'D 

It feels very relaxing, especially when I was sculpting the finer details:

The figures 'melted' a little & is taking a long time to dry since I didn't use a sterofoam as a base. I'm a newbie in this field so I'm crossing my fingers, hoping they won't crack later when they're fully dry! Does this count as getting distracted? ^^; if yes, please forgive me, I can't resist the temptation when I saw a discount sign in one of my local stores and saw this air dry clay materials lying around Q_Q

Bermuda's proofreading check progress is doing quite well though!
- Currently, I'm in the middle of checking script 4! Please excuse me while I slowly making my way through the grammars >_<;
- KiiAnima said the last script, Script 9 is probably going to be finished this week! I'm so glad--we're one step closer to release! >///<

How about you? Did you have fun? Did you touch the grass outside?
My mother has been trying to get me out of the house to touch the grass, but  she picked a bad time. I'm really immersed with the air dry clay these days X'D

I'll update you with the finished product soon! I'm so excited, can't wait to paint & varnish it!




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omg they are so cute!!!๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’™

Thank you, ImaPandaFox!
It's not perfect but it's mine & I'm loving it >////<

WHOAAA THAT LOOKS SO GOODD!! How did you do the inside frosting if you dont mind me asking?

Thank you, CreamofthecropX!
The inside frosting? You mean the middle part with strawberries? If yes, the fake cream is actually being sold in my local store, it's usually used for Phone Case Deco. 

The consistency feels like actual cream but it's mixed with white glue and it hardens quite fast! I used a star tip/spout and it retains the shape when it comes out! Looks quite real, eh? XD

looks awesome


Aww, thank you ~Y U U~! ^///^