UPDATE 2/18/2018!

Good morning and Happy late Valentine everyone!

How did your week go? I can't eat chocolate much due to my recent dentist visit, but I hope you had a sweet weekend! x'D

Other than that, I spent most of my time polishing chapter 3 so I can upload it for my proofreaders to check--and I did it!

I also made plans for Chapter 4 part 1 where Maya and co had to stay in the Autumn Village for about a month. Since your nerves would be pulled taut in Chapter 2 and 3, Chapter 4 will be a relaxing arc ^.^-

I've written an opening scene, but the rest are still in the form of a messy note.

BUT! Boy, am I glad to finally have the antagonist softened/not so mean anymore to Maya :'D he was a hard nut to crack--still is, but Chapter 4 and so on will have fluffs slipped here and there! YAY!

Overall, I can't wait to finish scriptwriting! 2 Chapters left until I can finally do the programming and drawing CGs! >///<

Wish me luck guys! Hopefully, I can write 10k+ words like before so we can finish this in a flash Q_Q (Meeting the weekly quota has been a bit hard these days OTL)




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Wow, when you said 2 chapters left, it hit me how close your are to completion - well, of the story part at least! At this point, even if you don't meet the weekly quota, you still deserve congratulations!

I hope everything will go smoothly with writing, coding and drawing till the end!

On a side note, I must admit I don't know what to think anymore. I'm very hyped for the antagonist's route as I usually love antagonists routes in games and I also love romances that are very slow to start, so it's totally up my alley. I'm also very eager for Guntur's route since he's my favorite from the start, and obviously for Kah'lil as I like him more and more with each passing week and I've even dreamt about him as I told you before and all... But because of that, I'm getting worried I won't like Arya's route as much as the other three. I hope he'll prove me wrong when I do his route!

EDIT: I've seen How To Train Your Dragon 3 today, finally!


Even if you don't meet your quota, real life happens, we do understand.I will admit I am excited as all heck for this game though. IDK how many played it after, but I talk up this game to all my friends who like/play otome. :3


i totally agree with you!


Thanks guys! I'm so glad to see you guys reading the updates! So happy to have you guys here x'D

Thank you for being so understanding Seraiden QuQ

And wow--you talked about Bermuda to your friends? >\\\< I'm embarassed but happy you still look forward to it! This is my longest adventure fantasy story so I'm doing my best! I just wish I can write faster :"D

Thanks for being here Seraiden! *hugs

Bermuda and Nusantara. I have a group(sadly not an actual like FB page group) of otome game playing people I talk with. Nusantara, Cinderella Phenomenon,  and like Halloween/Valentine Otome're and some others're the more often ones I mention/try to get my friends in to playing.


getting closer~ i hope the Bermuda boys had a good valentine's day too! ...somewhere, hopefully :3


Hi inky! Yep, we're halfway there! >\\\< the boys are having one heck of a valentine due to your &other supporters love x'D 

We're really grateful to have you on our backs! *hugs