UPDATE 08/07/2017

Hi guys! To be straight; last week's progress was pretty standard ><

- Revised + Finished 2 backgrounds for Spring Village area 3 (Area 2 is still WIP + in planning)

I usually finish 1 background in 2-3 days so... yup, pretty standard. 

As promised, here is our last Superbacker OC sneak peek!

Let's give Hototo a warm welcome! The left image is Aubrey's sketch & the right one is how he look like in-game <3

He is a Dryad and his occupation is a Bard. In Bermuda, Dryads could be born in 2 ways; when a tree learned how to 'feel' OR when a soul dwelled on a tree for a long time without turning into evil spirits (they usually have some kind of regret/attachment & unable to move on). Hototo is one of the latter.

His caretaker was a young human boy who unfortunately fell from a tree that had been planted near him. It was both the music his caretaker played as well as the despair from his death that brought him to life. He took up the boy’s instrument as well as the boy’s dream itself and while he is not yet much of a player, he works hard to get better.

Last but not least... I want to give special thanks to my close friend, Angelina Setiani or AlleriaKim (her nickname in her facebook fanpage), who has passed away last week from steven-johnson syndrome... She is a very talented artist who supported me, listened, & shared my grief/happiness thorough our journey as young artists from college until now. She will be dearly missed... Her departure was very sudden & unexpected...

*sigh*... All I can say is, treasure your friends 'cause you don't know when God will call them back to His side. Your time together is very precious & believe me, you won't know how much they mean to you until you've lost them... I wish I could meet her & chat at least once more...

Alright, that's it for today, guys! Sorry for this small text-wall. I'm still grieving but I think I will be back stronger next week ><

See you again!


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