UPDATE 2/25/2019!

Hi guys!
What's up? Did you have a great weekend?

Mine is so-so >< I was struggling with a little writing slump, but I somewhat managed to push through with force :'D

4.7k+ words! YAY!

The scenes in early Chapter 4 is a bit hard since they need to go from serious to humor and I need to figure out a way to make them work without making it feel awkward @@

This is important because this part is a turning point for the antagonist to finally warm up with Maya >< hmm, but honestly, I haven't gotten the right mood for the humor scenes. I need more references or maybe I'll look/re-read some comedic novels here and there--in any case, wish me luck! x'D

Ah, and it's been a while since I gave you a sneak peek, right? Here's a preview of Autumn Village's Square!

The reference I used is from Sade, Lombok ^.^

Now that I think about it, besides commissions, it's been a while since I last drew a BG or fanart... QuQ

I want to draw, but I need to focus on scriptwriting first! It's so close! Only 2 chapters left and we're done!

Alright, I'll stop here before I start ranting x'D
See you guys again next week!




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Depending a klutzy moment can make something go from serious to more lighthearted, it just depends on who is involved. But like, normally things I know that're good at that are something funny klutzy, or like, argument wise when one just tries to look tough/glare and ends up puffing out their cheeks and they look ridiculous, but they're trying to look grumpy tough(like my 3 yo he does that and it can make something go from tantrum to me busting out laughing at him... similar happened but w/o the pout when I argued w/ my mom as a teen once, we were amping up mad and insulting each other ad then glaring and BAM all of a sudden burst out laughing at how ridiculous we were being).

So if it's something like that maybe something similar, but more fitting for what the situation is? Or like, if not like that maybe something rustling in the bushes, freaking someone out and then it comes out and it's something cute and/or harmless? It just totally depends on the situation, but if you ever need someone to bounce ideas off of... I'm around.

Also if you want to read something that can go from intense to hilarious in a few seconds flat... read the comic/manga(though not Japanese I know the original novels were Taiwanese), 1/2 Prince. It's a mix of future and fantasy but it just gets great:


Thanks for the recommendation Seraiden! x'D
What a coincidence! I've read 1/2 prince and other novels created by this same creator, like Dominion's End! He/she has been an inspiration, especially their sense humor lol. If you've read their novels, you might see a scene inspired from them in Bermuda x'D

As for the antagonist route... the humor is a bit hard to pull off since the antagonist's sense of humor is practically nonexistent x_x let alone laughing, I'm in the middle of trying to make him show a genuine smile without making it too corny/cringe-worthy/awkward AND refreshing at the same time :'D 

I have the tendency to overthink things though, so for now, I resorted to polishing past scenes + writing whatever that comes into mind first before arranging it/revise them depending on how the antagonist react to them. This sounds funny, right? The antagonist is my creation and all, but it feels like he acts on his own x_x

I can rant all day long how the antagonist mess with me, but I'll spare you the trouble x'D I'm already glad to know you're here for me and supporting me as always! *hugs

OMG OMG OMG...... i'm crying tears of happiness to see you come so far! i hope you the very best!


Thank you so much, thatcrispyperson! QuQ
I won't be able to do it without all of you! *hugs