UPDATE 3/4/2019!

Good morning, guys!

How did your week go? 
I got pretty hectic last week--I want to say that life is catching up to me, but no, it's more like crashing through like a freight train :'))

So many things happened, I lost count, but here's a few:

I went to a circus for the first time in my life, went to a huge book fair(Big Bad Wolf ICE BSD anyone?), and spent time with someone that might become someone special to me ><


But more importantly, I managed to make some progress with scriptwriting and do some serious polishing to Arya's wolf CG and sprite!

2.3k + words! I wrote 2 events here, acting as pillows to soften the serious atmosphere before finally changing into a humor arc. Not quite satisfied with these scenes yet, but we're getting there.

 My greatest achievement this week is polishing Arya's CG and wolf sprite though!

Here's before:

Honestly, I've always been disturbed by this CG--I mean, c'mon! Despite my effort to use soft-shading, it still looks flat. I didn't catch a wolf's characteristic very well here; not scary and not really majestic. I can do better than this! Heck, I have a siberian husky, so this is embarassing x'D

So I polished and polished... my laptop died once and I had to re-do it, but I think the result is worth it! Here's after:

I use cell-shading because it will get too realistic with smooth-shading x'D I also fixed its anatomy a bit, especially its hidden legs. Better, right?

As for his wolf sprite... I'll show it to only my patrons on my patreon for now x'D

Phew, that was a long week! I hope yours isn't as busy as mine and more fun!

That's all for now and see you next week!



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It's looking super gorgeous! It's so cool to see your art improve and be able to be along for the process of this game, especially since I missed that with the first.Thank you for all that you do for us, and everything.

You're welcome and thank YOU for being here for me >\\\< your patience and support is everything I could've asked for

Awwwh thank you! Though I don't feel like I've done much, just told you the truth. Like... your stuff is great and you're great.

I wonder if Maya will be able to ride on Arya.

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Hehe, I wonder~ >////<

(3 edits) (+1)

Hm, I'm simply curious, but how long time did the programming of Winged Ones' take?  What was its word count?

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Winged Ones took a year to complete with Novelty and another year with RenPy since I've just learned coding with RenPy >< but now that I'm familiar with the coding and minigames, I think it will be around 3-4 months maybe? With drawing CGs, it still should be less than a year.

Oh, but do take note that Bermuda is about 3 times longer in terms of word count >< I think I posted somewhere about the demo wordcount comparison between Winged Ones and Bermuda -- and that's only counting the general route, not including bonus antagonist route ><

What I can say is... your patience will definitely pay off! ^^- 


Ah, this CG looks so much better now! While all of the changes are nice, I must admit the hind legs were the only thing that actually bothered me in it - though the new shading is gorgeous too!

Thanks Konoi!
This CG has been bothering me for a long time, so I'm glad I managed to catch a wolf's characteristic better now! x'D
What's left is to take care so  his wolf CGs won't be too dark :'))

Haha yeah; black or dark blue wolves aren't the easiest to deal with in illustrations. But so pretty!