UPDATE 3/18/2019!

Morning, guys!

I overslept today, but uhh, happy Monday! ><

I have 90% recovered from being ill! There's still some leftover coughs, but it's only itchy, not hurting at all.

But the most important of all, we're almost finished with Autumn Arc!

I wrote 3.2k+ words last week! Plus, I changed a few things in Chapter 3, the usual polishing ^.^)/

I'm quite satisfied with the humor going in Chapter 4, but we'll see. Some things could be improved, so I'll go back and forth as usual, but the deciding factor would be when I program the script. The flow would be visible then and I always have to change a few things x'D for now, I'll just strive to write everything I had in mind!

How about you guys? How did your week go? 
On a side note, I splurged a bit this week @@ gotta stop spending and start saving again ><;

Oh, and it's been a while since I gave you a BGM sneak peek, right? Here's another one to start the day with a calm heart ^.^




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I usually never leave comments, however I appreciate how you actually update us all on everything. I’m happy you feel better and hope the cough goes away. Don’t push yourself too much.

Actually, Thank YOU for reading the updates and patiently waiting for the game, FearaNightmare!
This is the least I could do since I write so slow ><; 

My motto is to always have a progress each week! Little by little and it will be definitely completed! 

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Glad that you recovered gradually! But now it's my turn to be under the weather lol

I appreciate the regular update, Dev! Do we still have a long way to go? I refrain from playing it in the current state, because I want to be surprised in the final version. Please know that I didn't mean to rush you.

Have a nice day!


I hope you feel better soon, PangHerHeart! 
The script is around 70%-80% done--I'm really slow at writing but I assure you,drawing CGs and programming  won't take this much time to complete! Scriptwriting and proofreading are my weakness since I took a lot of time editing and polishing it, thus the slow progress ^^; 

Overall, yes, we still have quite a long way to go, but you can say we're halfway there! I hope you still have the patience to walk along with me QuQ)/



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I'm glad you're feeling better ^-^ The BGM is absolutely wonderful, beautiful and calming, yet I can hear some sadness, regret, or nostalgia in it.Hope you have a good week ;)

Thanks! I also feel relieved to be finally free from being sick. It feels terrible to cough your lungs out while having a fever >< only little coughs remaining now!

And yup, alcaknight is very talented -^.^)/ I feel so lucky to have found her!

You too! I wish you a great week!