UPDATE 13/5/2024!

Hi, guys! What's up?
I've been really busy last week, especially today! My mother is renovating our bathroom so there are lots of noise and we have to take turns watching the doggos.

As for my condition, I'm almost recovered! My liver is just tiny bit swollen now, I'm going to have another check up this 20th -^.^)/
My only suffering is I cannot eat hamburgers/pizza, fried food, or too many instant or oily food because my mother want to make sure my liver recover soon... The thing is, I'm an Indonesian, but I don't like rice :'D so yeah, I've been suffering, I hope the 20th come soon so I can eat pizza again! (Don't tell my mother, but I've started sneaking some instant noodles as midnight snack tonight--I just can't stand it anymoreee Q_Q)

Ahem, with that said, Bermuda's progress is doing well!

We're now at line 25.5k! I should be able to finish checking Script 7 this week. It's the longest one compared to Script 8-10 so yay! We're getting there!

I also have no problem with my office work so everything is back on track now!
How about you? I hope you didn't get sick like me, and remember to drink more water! The heat is getting unbearable, fortunately I just got some rain today, it's like a brief reprieve x_x

With that said, I'm glad that we're officialy back to our routine! 🥳
The only downside is I become easily sleepy (when I got sick, I slept earlier than usual so I'm sleepy now >_< maybe this is a good thing? As we get older, we need to take care our bodies better :'3), so that's it for now and see you again next week! 

Eat well, rest well, and good night to you all!
Of course, if you have any question, feel free to type in the comment section and I'll reply ASAP -^.^)/



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Happy to hear the positive news of your gradual recovery as well as the update. I hope the process continues well, and it's okay I also get sleepy when ill. All the best during the busy time!


Thank you, ~Y U U~!
I went for another follow up yesterday and my doc said my liver is recovering very well, about 95%, gave me more meds, and then no more check ups! \(^.^)/ I'm free!

That's brilliant news! I am very glad to hear this, that is awesome news on recovery and wish you all the best^^


I'm glad you are starting to feel better! Bland foods while sick get unbearable after a while but are unfortunately necessary. Hopefully you can reach a point where you can get yourself a pizza soon. 

It's been pretty mild heat-wise where I am but the wind is a little crazy. I feel like I am about to be blown away sometimes! New flowers that are growing in are getting swept away just as fast but seeing the flurry of flower petals floating by is gorgeous. 

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Yes! My only lifesaver is the black pepper we have at home, at least there's some kick & flavor x'D
I went to another check up yesterday and the doc said my liver is 95% recovered! Gave me more meds and sent me away, I'm finally free! QuQ

Meanwhile, the heat is no joke over here. I'm sweating like no one's business so if you can, please send some wind over here :'D the flurry of flower petals sound beautiful!