UPDATE 3/25/2019!

Morning guys!

Phew, a lot of things happened last week, I almost lose track of it ^^;

1.) Intense polishing & editing of Chapter 3
2.) Learning & Preparing Nusantara Winged Ones' BGM/Soundtrack DLC Pack!
3.) I wrote a total of 2.1k+ words:

600 words for Chapter 4 part 1!

1.6k+ words for Chapter 4 part 2!

I didn't mean to skip a chapter, but there are scenes I need to write right away before my brilliant idea is forgotten x'D

Chapter 4 part 1 will be done after 1 or 2 more scenes, but I'm not quite satisfied with it yet though. I know it could be better, so I'll definitely polish it later!

Other than that...

Two of my mom's friends were giving birth; one boy and one girl! Congratulations! -^.^)/ I also attended a wedding on Sunday--love is really in the air this month!

I went out a lot last week and saw a lot of people is pregnant/carrying babies o.o

There's also an embarrassing thing happened on Friday, but uh, let's just say I ended up having an epic fail & hurt my knee in the progress ^^;

Life has been busy, but I'm really excited because I'm going to the Zoo tomorrow!! *happy bounce* God knows it's been ages since I last went into one x'D 

I'm also not sick anymore so things has been going up~ However, I'll need to be more diligent next week >< I have to write more and set a date for Winged Ones' BGM/Soundtrack DLC pack.

How about you guys? I hope you also had a great week OuO let's work hard again this week!



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Glad that you're completely better. Rip with that fail though XD. Have a good week and fun at the Zoo

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Lmao, yeah don't remind me OTL
For once, I'm planning a surprise and wanted it to be cool, but it ended up with an epic fail >///< so embarrassing! I was hoping that person didn't see me since it's dark at night, but eh, he saw Q////Q 

The zoo was AWESOME and a bit tiring since it had become a lot bigger! I exercised a lot! 
You too! I hope you had a great week!

i'm all in for the uwu ride of a new generation of kids!!! and FIGHTING!!!


March and April are wedding/birth months for sure x'D
One of my friends is already at pre-wedding stage too--time flies! 

and yup! FIGHTING!!