UPDATE 08/14/2017

Hi guys! 

Last week I had a pretty good progress!

- I finished 3 backgrounds (1 of them is a variation of the other background), but to be honest, I'm not quite... satisfied with 2 of them ^^; You see, they're all buildings background & my skill at drawing/coloring buildings is not up to par with my forest/natural backgrounds.

They ended up a bit more gloomier than I expected u.u; -but I will do my best to upgrade them!

- Other than those, I also finished 1 Queen's Crown CG! 1 more & I'll be finished with it! *happy dance* 

I will still be making backgrounds this week, I still have 1 more to do. Hmm... I hope I didn't forget something x_x;

Last but not least, I'm keeping the sneak peeks for later, but I'm planning to release the .psd file of this illustration for my $10 patrons next week!

Remember her? ^///^ 

The .psd file will include the early sketch + references I used for it. Don't get surprised by how crappy my sketch is ^^;

That's it for now & thanks for reading!


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