UPDATE 4/1/2019!

Morning guys! 

How was your week? Mine was very eventful, something surprising happened--but as usual, let's start with last week's progress:

1.4k+ words for Chapter 4 part 1!

300 words for Chapter 4 part 2!

I only need one more scene before I'm finished with Autumn Arc and move on to Winter Arc! ^.^)/

I also did the usual polishing + started making notes for the Spring Arc/Climax scene.

Oh! One more thing I'm happy about is the changes/improvement I made with the beach background! Here's before:

Here's after:

Of course, the changes included the morning and afternoon version, but I'll show it only to my patrons on my patreon for now~

Other than that, I'm still preparing for Winged Ones' steam DLC pack, like; asking for the composers' permission to distribute their music, licence, etc. 

Honestly speaking, I'm barely making enough to go by every month so the fund I'm getting from the DLC pack will be saved into my emergency fund >< be it for Bermuda's funding or for my bills.

In addition, I currently have a new side job: assisting my friend coloring a simple animation! The animation is going to be a music cover or something, but man, a lot of images to color for sure! 

As for the surprising event...

Remember when I told you I was going to the zoo last week? After that, uh, um--let's just say spring has finally come to me? >////<



Alright, I hope you guys had a great week!
The weather had been crazy hot these days so don't forget to take care of yourself and drink lots!

That's it for now and see you again next week!



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Congrats, SweetChiel! For the bundle and also for Spring haha

Thanks, ooeoee! It really has been an eventful month! X'D I hope yours are too!

oh? oh? did someone confess to you? :3


*cough* *cough*!!
Um, yes?

*runs away to a corner & internally screaming with a red face

Yaaaay! Also, do you like them back? :3


*in a small voice* yes ><

It's unexpected and felt unreal since everything went smoothly! I never thought I'd find a man with matching hobbies to boot and he's getting me to exercise, which I don't know whether to cry or laugh about x'D

Oh man the updated pic/shine and polish you're doing to the game looks wonderful so far. :D Stuff has been tough here(like between breaks giving out and transmission needing to put over $3k on a credit card for car repairs, augh). Hopefully though it'll be who knows when down the line I'll try to find a way to donate/help out for you. ;A;
Also, take care of yourself, too! Esp with the season/weather changes and stuff. Keep up your fluids and don't overwork yourself too much, esp for our sakes. I know I'd rather you stay healthy. :3


Glad you like it, Seraiden! 
Yup, things surely have been tough these days, but the storm will pass! My family have been changing cars often since we usually bought them secondhand and when there's a big problem, we sell it and buy a secondhand again, rinse and repeat. Fortunately, things have been quite well since I graduated from college ><

You too! It's been very hot over here so I keep water nearby every day--you should too :'3 my mom had a checkup last week and she said many young people are diagnosed with Diabetes/kidney stone so we really need to drink more water ><

Yeah, the only reason we fixed this one up is it is an old 1978 GMC VanDura, and my dad adores it/it's his 'baby' basically, even though it's just a big old powder blue van. But you can't really find them anymore, at least not like how he likes/in good condition.
Also I live in a legit desert in the USA(Nevada) so I definitely keep up on my fluids as much as possible, our summer is coming up and they can get up to 115F/46C in the worst of it. So that's within a few months of now. ;A Some days I may not be hungry from the heat, but I always always drink a lot because yeah. No. Nevada desert heat. x.x


Ah, his baby x'D why am I not surprised? 

He must be really treasuring it, I mean, it's really rare for me to see old cars around. I would be surprised if I even see one that resembles a car from Mr. Bean (I don't know what it's called ><)

--And woahhh 115F? O.o 

Gurl, drink like your life depends on it! >< cold fruit slices are also good if you don't have much appetite!

We still have a couple months til it gets super bad but supposedly tomorrow is gonna hit 80F already. ;A;