UPDATE 4/8/2019!

Morning, guys~

How did your week go?

I'm still mainly busy with helping my friend coloring a simple animation, but I'm proud to say that the Autumn Arc is finished!

I wrote around 6k+ words last week!

I also did some intense polishing, which was really tiring 'coz I went back and forth from Chapter 4 to Chapter 3 more than usual x_x I also wrote more important notes for Chapter 5.

Things are looking up for the antagonist route, but I kept feeling like there's something I could do better at chapter 4. It's an important turning point for our antagonist, so I worry about a lot of things; like, will the transition between Autumn Arc and Winter Arc turn well? Does their interaction make sense? Are the characters OOC? and so on.

...Hmm, now that I think about it, I think I'll need to write an extra ending scene for Autumn Arc to make the transition to the Winter Arc smoother! ^^;

Okay, I'll stop there before my ramblings turn into spoilers x'D

Thanks for reading and here's hoping we'll have another productive week!



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What does "Are the Characters OOC?" mean?

Congrats on Autumn Arc done! :) They Hype I have for this game just builds more and more every time I read a new update. :)


In this context, "OOC" is probably short for Out Of Character, or are they acting in a way that doesn't make sense for them. 

Based on the demo and the first Nusantara, I wouldn't think that'd be an issue, but it's hard to say, antagonist routes can be weird.


Thanks SkyDragon3564!

CassiopeiaSD is right! OOC is short for Out Of Character~

And yup, the antagonist route can feel weird if I don't develope it in the right way --but man, they said Love and Hate are two different sides of the same coin but it's dang hard to make two people who initially hates each other to like/love each other x'D

The antagonist also doesn't want to cooperate with my ideas sometimes so... yup, struggling OTL 

But it's getting better! Slowly but surely! The important scenes turned out better than I had planned so your wait will be worth it! >:D