UPDATE 4/14/2019!

Good evening guys! ^.^)/

Tomorrow I'm going to the dentist again so I decided to post my update early!

Mostly, I spent my time polishing Chapter 4 part 1 until I'm satisfied with the overall events:

I also started writing Chapter 4 part 2, including making more notes/short ideas:

In total, I wrote around 4k+ words last week! The antagonist route progress should look like this now:

Winter arc will feel short compared to the other arcs, but I hope it will still fun to read :3 

And guys! We only have Winter Arc and Spring Arc left before I can finally draw the CGs and do the programming! YAYYY ^///^

I always feel bad for my slow writing... I want to write faster but if I pushed it too much, the scenes won't turn out well and most of them would end up deleted, so thank you for all of you who are still waiting patiently for Bermuda's completion >///< 

We can see the end now and when I do the CGs, I'll show you more sneak peeks as service!

Other than work, is it just me or it's very hot these days? @@ I often feels like I'm in an oven--it's even hot when it rains! Many people already got sick because of the ridiculous weather so please take care of yourselves and drink lots of water ><

Here's hoping you guys had a nice week and even better week tomorrow!



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How many chapters will there be?

Hi ghostyshoes!
It'll be 5 Chapters, 1 Happy End, and 1 Bad End for every characters plus 1 Very Bad End if you pick all the wrong choices! ^.^

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oh yay i am excited! but i do wanna ask does this have any thing to do with your other work "Nusantara: legend of the wing ones" I have not download the game waiting for it to be complete so i don't know

Nusantara: Legend of the Winged Ones is completed so you can download and play it now, ghostyshoes! ^.^ There's also a walkthrough in lemmasoft if you have any trouble getting the good endings.

The weekly updates are for my second project, Nusantara: Bermuda Triangle. 

I already played everything it was so good! i was asking if the story "nusantara: Beruda triangle" correlates with the story "Nusantara: legend of the wing ones" or are they 2 different stories

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Ooh! Don't worry, Bermuda is not Winged Ones' sequel so the story is different ^.^

However, it's set in the same world with broader horizon (if you look closely, right in the middle of Bermuda's map, there's a small island. That is the island where Winged Ones' story took place), so you will see familiar characters/cameo in here~

Yeah, it's ridiculous hot these days. It used to be rain season around this time of the year but it hasn't rained for 6 months already. I feel like I'm roasted in my own house. You take care of yourself too. :(


Hi, afae! I feel you :(
It feels like I'm constantly steamed inside the house and the car feels like an oven x_x 
We need to drink lots these days

oof you're doing so amazing! I cannot wait until this game is fully done!

Thanks, OtomeFan!
I also can't wait to publish it and hear your thoughts! >///<