UPDATE 4/22/2019!

Hey, guys! What's up? I did a lot last week so let's get started!

1.) I did the usual polishing and wrote 3 small events for Chapter 4 part 2 (around 3k+ words).

If everything went well, the pace will pick up after two medium-big scenes and we will jump straight to the Spring Arc >:)

2.) Winged Ones' Soundtrack/BGM DLC is available on itch.io now!

Enjoy a total of 33 Music Soundtrack of Nusantara: Legend of the Winged Ones, a collection through a strict selection from Kevin Macleod, Erdaenos, Roland M. Zabarjad, Kristy G. Lantang, Benjamin Mastripolito, and Lutfi Azandi!

I've received their permissions to distribute their wonderful music, the DLC also includes original lyric & music such as the Opening, Ending, Trailer, green2 (Forest BGM), and Tribal Music (Reksa's route). 

Have fun & enjoy!  If you want to use their tracks, refer to the "music copyrights.txt" for the direct sources to credit them ^.^)/

"I thought you're going to publish the DLC on Steam?"

Well... I've been having problems with Steam's DLC tutorial video and I'm a bit afraid to mess with the codes so I've decided that any DLC I may have in the future, will be only available at itch.io!

3.) I polished the CGs again! This time, I revised ALL of the characters' hair shadings to make them less semi-realistic and easier on the eye to see the detail. Below are the samples!

It's a small change but I like it better this way >< 

4.) Remember when I said I'm helping a friend coloring a simple animation? She got more work and it's becoming more like my part-time job now x'D

Whew, I did quite a lot last week, huh? What about you? I hope you guys also had a productive week!

On the other note, the weather is still as hot as always and I'm sweating buckets, even when I literally just spend the day sitting in front of my laptop ^^; stay dehydrated, everyone!

That's it for now and see you guys next week! xoxo,


P.S. Season 8 episode 1 Game of Thrones is out!! I'm so excited--but I'll be patient and wait for it to finish before I do a re-watch/marathon from season 1! >///<


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Stay hydrated Chiel <3

You too, Ailantan! take care and thanks for reading the update! <3

Actually, episode 2 is already out as well. xD Who is your favorite character? :p

Yup, I can't wait to download them all in one go x'D they said it's the final season, right?

my current fave character is Tyrion ~

Deleted 3 years ago

Did I type it wrong or is there a pun I'm not aware of? X'D

"stay dehydrated" is saying don't drink water basically (i think you meant to put stay hydrated) 


oh. OH. ROFL, what am I saying?! x'D

I guess the heat got me! Thanks for the heads up! *runs away embarrassed

oh no! don't be embarrassed :(