UPDATE 5/6/2019!

Good moooorning, guys!

I overslept a little today ><;

How did your week go? Mine went super busy, as in I always have something to do everyday x'D

I spent half of the week to do my part-time job. The short animation video is almost done! It's not difficult, but there are quite a lot of layers to color for every scene.

On the other hand, I wrote 4.6k+ words last week! Just a little bit more and the Winter Arc will be done! ><

I'm having a little trouble with the order of the events--I mean, everything I need is there, but I feel like something is not quite right yet! It's even more annoying because I don't know what it is! It's like wanting to sneeze but the itch is not itchy enough for me to sneeze Q_Q 


I guess I'll re-read it and see if I can spot anything weird >< maybe what it needs is another intense polishing? Nothing to worry, it's what I do everyday x'D

But I really can't wait to finish the scriptwriting! I want to move on to programming and get into the fun part where I see my characters become alive! OTL

I'm also a bit worried. It's already May, you know? And I can't help but to wonder whether I can really finish Bermuda this year with my writing-pace... or am I overthinking again? Time really went by in a blink of an eye though! ><


In any case, other than work, I also caught up a bit with life. Friday was crazy, I went to an all-you-can-eat BBQ and karaoke'd with my friends until past midnight.

Needless to say, my unfit body went limp the next day :'))

Oh, I'm also going to the dentist again this afternoon. I'm really hoping this would be the last time I go there Q_Q it's expensive and hurts.

What about you? Did you have a good week? 



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I'm having a better week now than before's. Last week was when I got sick from whatever my 6 yo got and welp, I wasn't able to eat for 3 days pretty much and barely after that.


Ah, it reminds me, my friend got a flu and the flu circulated through the whole family before it go away x'D

Take care of yourself, Seraiden! The weather has been unpredictable these days, so drink lots and don't get too tired :'3


Thank you, same for you, too and yeah I've def been keeping the fluids up and am close to 100% again, more so my carpal tunnel is acting up but I overdid it drawing wise and thus am taking a couple week break from it. My dad got the sickness last of us all, but he's also semi to mostly better now.Keep your health up and stay safe, too, 'kay? :3