UPDATE 5/13/2019!

Morning, guys!

I'm proud to announce that the Winter Arc is finished and we're down to one last arc for climax!

Did you know? Today is exactly one month from when I started writing Chapter 4 part 2 (Winter Arc)!

In addition, I also wrote a really rough draft for a scene in the antagonist route's Chapter 5.

Overall, I wrote 7.1k+ words last week!

Phew, it was tiring and Chapter 4 part 2 last scenes took a surprising turn, which left me half satisfied, half skeptical >< 

I guess I'll leave it for now and see whether it's out of place or not later when I re-read it/during programming--either way, I'm still going to polish it! x'D

Are you happy, guys? I sure am! 

Sheesh, I didn't expect the scriptwriting will take me around a year to finish. I've really underestimated the complexity of the story but I've poured my hear and soul into it so it's going to be worth it! 

Wish me luck so I can finish writing with a bang, guys! My hands are already itching to draw the CGs and do some badass programming x'D

That's it for now and see you again next week! Thanks for reading,



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Yay! I love seeing that there's a new update :)

I've just been binge-watching romance anime shows lately, and that reminded me of this wonderful game.

I'm always excited to see how much closer you're getting to the final product.

Right now, I'm 75% sure that I'll buy the final game. It really depends if I can convince my parents to get it for my birthday or an early gift.

Thank you for your hard work! Keep going :)

Aww thank you, Steph :)! I'm flattered you remember my games after you binge watched an anime romance show >\\\< 

I still have a lot of rooms for improvements compared to the pros, but I'll do my best so I can make interesting stories that makes you forget about time! >:D

So excited for this game. I haven't been in the otome scene in about a year but the updates for this game have always brought me back. I loved your original work and highly anticipate this one with the level of work you put in, it clearly shows in the product. Just as excited to go on this adventure with these characters as your previous story. Keep it up Chiel! ❤❤

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Thank you so much for the patience and support, Rin! >\\<

Yes, I will definitely do my best and keep polishing until it's ready for you to read! *hugs~