UPDATE 5/20/2019!

Good morning, everyone!

How did your week go? Mine was intense!

1. I did an intense polishing for Chapter 4 part 2! Intense as in my brain almost got fried by the deep conversation happening here >< I'm between satisfied and not satisfied with it, but it's finally going to the direction I wanted and I'm going to check it again later at programming! (It's easier to check the flow after I re-read the whole script).

2. I found two plot holes and gave them first aid! The first aid is in the form of adding additional sentences across Chapter 1 to Chapter 4. Hopefully I nailed it!

3. I made a progress with Chapter 5! 

3.8k+ words! Again, there's a deep conversation happening here. I need to immerse myself in angst genre soon to get aboard the bus of feelings! QuQ

Phew, it feels like my brain is squeezed dry :')) but it feels good in a way because it means I'm working hard with the plot!

I have a lot of things planned to do this week though. I might not be able to write as much, but I'll do my best! ><

Cheers for another productive week!


P.S. It's been a long time since our last sneak peek, isn't it? Honestly, I'm out of idea about what sneak peek to give you @@ any suggestions? 


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Hello, thanks to give us some news, you seems to work hard thanks for us x) but take care of you please ! We can wait, your updates give us some courage to x') ! Well, i would love some little sketch or fanart of your characters ^^ ! But, just have some news of you is still cool.

( I plan to play again (and again XD) to your wonderful game : Nusantara Legend of the winged ones while i wait for the next update anyway) 

Love you <3

one of your fan

Hi, Lilynthra! Thanks for the suggestion!
Hmm, a sketch sounds good! It's been a while since I last draw something o.o it can also serve as a fanservice *cough

I'll try and make some digital art sketch then! I'm suck at traditional drawings where we can't use ctrl+z or transform tool x'D

And yayy! I'm very glad to hear you love Winged Ones and going to play it again while you wait QuQ it's always been a joy to hear people is still playing with my baby <3

Thanks for being here, Lilynthra! *hugg

thanks to take your time to respond, it's really nice of you. I will wait to see one of your sketch then :p ! it's really cool to have the opportunity to discuss with the creator of one of your favorite game :). (sorry if my english is awkward some time, it's not my native tongue, i'm french :p).

Later, if you think of create some art book, i will surely be interested to buy it ;).

Thanks to be here too XD * reciprocate hugg*

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No problem at all, Lilynthra!
Comments makes me happy. They let me know that people are still supporting me, waiting, and it gave me confidence to write my story ><

Ah, now I'm nervous--my sketch is messy, you know? Don't hold your breath over it x'D

And yes! There will be an artbook for Bermuda later!

My, you are working so hard, SweetCiel! You did well~ Please do something about that squeezed brain lol

My week is nothing special. Unfortunately, I don't have anything to do :/

Um, sneak peek? Um... I don't have any suggestion because with or without it, I can bear all this waiting! With you updating regularly like this is enough, dear author...

Get some rest after hours of working hard!


Lol, aren't we all squeezing our brain on daily basis? x'D
I had a rough week last week though, so I'm planning to catch up with my sleep--that should be able to recover some brain power!

Aww, that's so sweet of you :'3 I do want to focus on writing for now, it's the antagonist's last chapter after all, but feel bad if I don't show you guys some sneak peek >< ah, the dilemma!

Thanks for being here, PangHerHeart! *hugg