UPDATE 5/27/2019!

Hey, guys! What's up?

I hope you had a nice week. Because mine is not so good :'( it's one of those bad weeks.

First of all, my neighbor is renovating their house and the loud sound of them cutting steel and hammering away is piercing through my ears for days! How do they expect me to focus? Q_Q I need peace and quiet to write, but they only stop at night!

With that, I slept around 1AM-ish these days... but it didn't stop there. Oh, no. My pup, Juno, who is sleeping with me has been fussy--fussy as in he woke me up at dawn to get out and pee or ask for a drink.

I wanted to catch up with my sleep and take naps at daylight, but again, the neighbor is renovating their house...ugh. 

Do you know why there's a saying 'wake not a sleeping lion'? I sure feel like a lioness -_- I became grumpy and snarky when I'm sleepy!

In addition to that, I went to the dentist twice last week because the new filling kept falling off. TWICE. and I hate going to the dentists!

With all those problems and more, my muse is having a fit and didn't appear until I use force. 

Maybe it's because I was in a bad mood, but I also had one of those times where I doubt myself. Like, is this story makes sense? is it good? is it too complex? etc, etc... fortunately, I found Stan Lee's video and it reminded me why I decided to kickstart Bermuda.

Alright, I better stop grumbling now x'D all in all, I managed to write 3.9k+ words last week.

I haven't been able to get into an angsty mood though. But I figure it's better to write all my ideas down first before I slowly adjust and polish them, than not writing at all.

I also polished quite a lot of Chapter 4 part 2 and Chapter 5 of the common routes.

Well, the good news is that I heard Game of Thrones is finally completed at Season 8? Finally! This show helps me a lot in terms of medieval grammar so I'm planning to do a marathon and watch all seasons in three days ^.^ 

Tyrion, in particular, is my fave character! He's very smart and witty with his words--a bow of acknowledgement to the author and actor for being able to create a character as awesome as him!

GoT also had a lot of angst/dark scenes so I hope it can help me to get the mood and inspiration right for the antagonist's climax scene ><

Wish me luck, guys! And here's hoping we get a productive and better week!



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Woah, I'm so sorry you have to experience that. If I were in your shoes, I would go outside and only come back when the public disturbance's over. We should be able to complaint, but it can't be helped.

Wow, you have doggo! What breed is he?? *.* (I love dogs so much.)

The vid on Stan Lee inspires me quite a bit. I love creative writing as well!

You seem to write 3k+ words every week on average... Just to satisfy my curiosity, how many words now you have written so far in total? XD

Game of Thrones... The furthest I have contact with the series is when 9GAG posts something about it. Maybe now that it's over, I should start watching it... People like it, maybe I should try...

Nevertheless, thank you for your hard work and I wish you a pleasant week next!


Hi PangHerHeart!

Actually, I have two doggos! and thank God for them 'cause they keep the stress at bay x'D

One is male called Juno, a mix-pinscher who likes to jump all over the place and headbutt my chin (that hurts). He's spoiled rotten by me and he sleeps on my bed :'D fortunately, he has short fur so he's really clean or I'll have fluffballs everywhere on my bed by now. He acts like the guardian of the house; barks like mad on strangers, but acts cute in front of his owners. He's on his way to 3 years old ~

The other one is Kiara, a siberian husky who is veeeery fluffy and I love to hug her to relieve stress x'D she acts like a princess,  like eating slowly and doesn't act spoiled like Juno--but she also likes to shove/offer her butt to people she likes (literally shove her butt to your direction until you pat her back). She's 3 months younger than Juno~

I'm glad to hear you like the Stan Lee's video!

As for how many words I've written so far... um, counting the 3 bachelor routes + current antagonist route progress, it should be around 200k+ words by now @@ but it didn't include descriptive sentences for SFXs, BGMs, and simple animations.

I wish I can write 10k+ words perweek but it only happens once in a bluemoon :'D

As a fan, I recommend GoT , but beware of the gorey and dark details >< if you can handle them, I think GoT is one of few fantasy stories out there who can show us the flaws of humanity and the dark sides of war :'3

You too! Good work and let's keep it up together! *hugg



Wahh I'm so proud of you for writing that much even with everything going on!!! ˭̡̞(◞⁎˃ᆺ˂)◞*✰

I'm so excited for the finished product! <3 <3

Hi kitsune!
Actually, thank YOU for having the patience to wait and walk with me :'D
I do my best, because I know that I've been keeping you waiting with the scriptwriting for so long >< Hang on with me!

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My neighbor is renovating their house too but I'm kinda used to it so there's no big deal if I'm not in bad mood already. xD You can try working at a coffee shop/public library or even your boyfriend's house (Ov<b) if you can't stand it. And yeah, GoT season 8 is over but if Tyrion is your favorite, you may want to re-watch these old seasons because Tyrion at the moment only makes joke about "balls". -_-

Hi afae!
I wish I can get used to the sounds of renovating house like you QuQ alas, they kept drilling into my eardrums like crazy OTL

And yup! I'm doing a marathon and currently at Season 3--Tyrion is as good as I remember him x'D