UPDATE 6/17/2019!

Good morning, guys!

What's up? How's your week?

Mine went okay, considering Idul Fitri is over and my neighbor is busy renovating again :'D

I wrote 5.1k+ words of angst! *sob* and I still need to write more T^T I think we're nearing the ending, but it's still pretty rough on the edges and I haven't got a good idea about what the bad ending would be.

Hmm... I think I'll just go with the flow for now? As usual?

Oh, I've also finished watching Game of Thrones and despite many people being disappointed, I found the ending acceptable and not too shocking o.o I mean, it's not that bad >< while there are some loopholes/some things could've been planned better, I found myself sweating and sitting on the edge of my chair pretty often due to the many surprise elements.

For example, *spoiler alert!* I disagree when people said Jaime's character arc is all for nothing. 

I think we all could agree that the Lannister is a great example about how complicated a family could be.

He didn't get to pick who he loves and this has been pointed out again and again how much he loved Cersei.

Even if he wanted to stop, he couldn't and in the end, Cersei really became the end of him (The hint/foreshadowings are everywhere, especially in the scene where Jaime gave poisoned wine to the old matriarch of Highgarden and quote 'Love is the death of duty' could also means 'Love is more powerful than reason'). He was given a chance to start fresh with Brienne, but he didn't take it. I think this is normal. This is human. Love and hate are the most powerful emotions there are and the things we did for them sometimes cannot be reasoned with logic.

Meanwhile, Jon is another type of human who is able to push away love and did something he hated/didn't want to, because he knows it's the right thing to do. 

Somehow, I wasn't really surprised Daenerys took a turn to the worse. Again, it's because the hints are there and the simple explanation where Varys said 'Every tyrant I served believe in destiny'. I mean, it's hard to advice someone when they believe they're the most right. They think their choice is the best for everyone and when you put power in that person's hand, aka a dragon, it's kinda hard to argue when one wrong word could mean we're burnt to ashes.

Daenerys used to be the most compassionate person, but I think the loss of her loved ones pushed her over the edge. Like Cersei. 

Cersei is... how to say this. I think her state of mind has been hazardous ever since she witnessed her mother's death. It only became worse when her children died and because she was unable to trust people easily (for good reason; she was surrounded by scheming people, including her father's teaching), her mindset is that she is surrounded by enemies. In addition to that, she's insecure as heck.  She couldn't even trust Jaime wholly and kept an eye on him like a hawk. Shrieking at the first signs of possible betrayal and whatnot.

Either way, depending on the circumstances, I came to a conclusion; love could make us the happiest or the most miserable person in the world Q_Q it could even make some people went insane so...


*Spoiler ends here*

I'm sorry if I rambled ><; I can write an essay about why Game of Thrones is a great show, but I should stop here x_x

In any case, I've learned a lot! Especially about human traits! It was epic! I'm really glad I watched it! And that's something considering how I used to not like tragedy/sad endings! Q_Q 

I'll do my best and hopefully, I can make a good story that could catch both good and bad sides of human!

That's it for now and see you guys next week!



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Ah, if I could I'd help you with the bad ending - I writing bad endings is interesting. But oh well, can't really do anything considering you'd have to spoil me the entire game haha! I hope you'll find inspiration for it!

I made some bad decision this week though ><; erm, you'll know in monday OTL