UPDATE 7/1/2019!

Morning, guys! Sorry, I overslept a bit ><

The scriptwriting went well last week!

I wrote 4k+ words! I only have a scene or two left before the climax, then bad ending and good ending -^.^)/

The thing is... an unplanned twist happened in a scene I was writing and when I reread it, I like it! But that means, I need to re-adjust the conversation happened next to it if I want to keep it :"D 

Sheeesh, the characters are doing whatever they like, not thinking of their author at all! I was happy with the flow of the conversation, but now I need to re-adjust it and I'm having a hella headache over it :'))

I'll... try and think of something about that twist. 

On another less important note, I tweaked with Kahlil's abs again x'D

I made it firmer, softer, and less conspicuous(?) to fit his face better (I think it's better now? tell me if you think otherwise ><)

*sigh* I'm still thinking about how to adjust the conversation to fit the twist--but anyway! I'll do my best as usual and re-read it again later >:) 

Cheers to another productive week!  xoxo,



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I'm glad that my characters are not the only ones that decide to just up and change what I had in mind for the scene, so what I'm trying to say is I understand your pain!! I've just come to accept that they do what they want and I'm just the writer to their story.

Ahoy, mate! I see that we're on the same boat! x'D
Yeah, our characters have a mind of their own. We're just there to write it and polish it to the best of our abilities QuQ Let's work hard together and finish their story!

Yep we shall! Now if they would stop in fighting and get along for once that'd be great

Ah, pretty boys with abs, how beautiful! :)

Thanks for another update Sweetchiel!


Thank YOU, Steph :) for reading and for your warm support!
I'm really lucky and happy to see comments frequenting my updates here -^.^-

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I like the new one more. like you said it fits his face better.

Can't wait to see the twist! Good luck with it.

Glad to hear you like the new onw, SkyDragon3564!
I assure you the wait is gonna be worth it! x'D and as always thanks for your support~

Honestly I like both versions for Kahlil, so in this case I don't mind either way. He's so pretty in both cases!

As for the conversation well... good luck!

Aww thanks as always for being here, Konoi ~ *hugs