UPDATE 7/8/2019!

Morning, guys~!

After re-writing & adjusting the scenes in Chapter 5... I've finally come to a conclusion...

That's right, folks! The Scriptwriting is now finished! *cue fireworks 1, 2, & 3*

The good end ended up a bit anticlimatic compared to the main bachelor routes, because there's little to no action--it's leaning more toward psychological than physical, know what I mean? ><

Ah, I also need to polish his bad ending! It's conclusive but kinda short, I need to get back my angsty mood--what was I thinking when I wrote the main bachelors bad ends? @@ The quality over there is insane--I need to maintain the quality control! 

...Still, please bear with me if the antagonist route feels like a bonus addition/add-on compared to the main routes ^^; for me, it's like tying up the loose ends & telling the story from another perspective. The philosophy I'm trying to tell you is about moral dilemma and its uncertain consequences, which could lead into something we never expected to happen, but...

I'll leave it to you! *bows m(_ _)m hopefully, my message could reach you!

In any case, I can finally start programming and CG making this week! The goal is one scene perday and one CG perweek! *happy dance*

My uncle from Surabaya is coming though and I'm quite close to him, so I may have less work day than before because I want to visit & play with him >///<  *cough*

Alright, that's it for now and see you guys next week!


P.S. Thank you so much for everyone's support from the start until now Q_Q I can't believe I've finished writing the story--it's quite sentimental, I didn't want to finish it, but I want to complete the game quickly to show to you all!

I can't do this without you ^///^ we're more than halfway there with the most difficult part done! So please wait a bit more!


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Can't wait to see the final release. Take care!

Thank you for dropping by, Aura Stone! Yes, I will also look forward to seeing you around and maybe your thoughts after the final release! >\\\<


Ahh! Great job and congratulations Sweetchiel! All your hard work has finally paid off :))!

I replayed the demo around 2 weeks ago and I still love it! <3

I love how you  make sure to update us multiple times a month :), it makes me more excited for the game!

Anyways, thank you, and be healthy!


Hi, Steph :)! 

Thank you and --ack! I've just returned from Chapter 5 to Chapter 1 and realized that there are many things I can improve >< my proofreaders also worked hard in making it better, so please look forward to an upgraded demo! ^///^ 

Maybe you can compare it to the old one and see how far we have improved? I'll leave it to your hands!


Yay! Congratulation on finishing the scriptwriting. I am so excited for the story and the finished VN. ;)
By the way, thanks for your constant Updates on the progess, I am always looking forward to them.  :)

Thank you, Yanni-chan! You're welcome and thank YOU for reading my updates!

It's been a long journey and we still have quite some ways to go, but we can do this! >:D I'm also excited to hear your thoughts later!


Congratulations on finishing writing the antagonist route!

I'm so excited and I'm really looking forward to read the antagonist route with some psychology into the mix. Lovely combination.

Throwing that excitement out of the way for a moment, please don't stress too much and do enjoy quality time with your family.
You've gained my trust by updating/communicating each month so no judgement from me.

Thank you, darkrosen_20!

We've come so far and finally, it's time for programming and for my proofreaders to torture me *cough* I mean, work with me to polish the script x'D

I agree that we need to prioritize health foremost! I'll take care so I can keep the progress going >:D 

And I'm really glad to hear you like the updates! Thank you for reading! *bows

I may be slow, but I look forward to walking with you every step until we reach the goal! -^.^)/

YAY!! Congratulations!!!

I am so excited for the story and to see the beautiful art. Thank you for working hard on the game and keeping us up to date on the progress. We are all excited to live the story you have created.

Now off to play the demo again! Been a while and need a refresh lol.

Good luck on the art and have fun with your family. :

Thank you so much, Skydragon3564! I also couldn't have gone this far without your support--oh and please wait, don't re-play the demo yet! 

My proofreaders made me realize that the demo could be improved further! There are lots of things I could see now that I came back from Chapter 5 to Chapter 1 for the sake of quality control ><

Please wait a bit until I replace the current demo with an upgraded one--or maybe you can play both to compare? :'D I'll leave it to your hands!


It's awesome you're done with the writing, minus some polishing!

I guess it's time for me to replay the demo... again XD

(3 edits)

Thank you, Konoi! *hugs

It feels like it's just yesterday you helped me with the Spanish translation x'D

Oh and please don't play the demo yet! I've been hammered mercilessly by my proofreaders and the demo will be upgraded soon! QuQ 

*after finishing the routes, I came back to Chapter 1 to check quality control and... oh boy... my proofreaders and I found so many things to polish! We might upgrade it twice like Winged Ones! (Or was it thrice?)

Oh my XD

Okay, I'll wait for the new demo before replaying then - thanks for the heads up!

This is amazing! I can still remember the first time I played the new demo... You've come so far since then *applause*

And it's all thanks to your patience and support! ^////^ I didn't expect the scriptwriting to take this long! Time does fly, it's almost two years since then! *cry 

Congratulations on getting so far! I always enjoy seeing your updates! Good luck, and enjoy your time with your uncle <3

Thank you, admint! 
I'm both sad and happy that the scriptwriting is finished--but finally, we get to the programming where we breathe life to the story! >////<

As always, thank you for your support and for being so patient with me! ^///^