UPDATE 7/15/2019!

Hey, guys! What's up?
Last week was probably one of my most busiest times in my life @@

Here, I made a list:
1. I programmed in the antagonist's CG button & love meter! These will unlock once you open the antagonist's route by getting all three main bachelors' happy endings! :3

I censored the love meter to avoid spoilers x'D

The last empty space belongs to Gale (we failed to reach his stretch goal @Indiegogo, but let's leave him an empty space ^.^ who knows what can happen in the future, right?)

2. New icon for Encyclopedia button! I'll work on the encyclopedia after most of the programming is done & only need proofreading!

3. I came back from Chapter 5 to Chapter 1 for the sake of checking quality control and guess what? My proofreaders and I found so many things to polish and improve!

Man, they hammered me mercilessly and after writing for so long, I asked myself:
- What's with the ridiculous number of ellipsis? 
- Why did I ' ' so many words? 
- What was I thinking back then?? x'DD 

Needless to say, Chapter 1 got an intense session of polishing.

I edited and polished like I've never before in my life @@ And, oh, besides grammar mistakes, I also adjusted some of the conversations--especially when Maya first met the Goddess. Hopefully, they will flow better now ><

With that in mind, please look forward for an upgraded version of the demo soon! -^.^)/

Currently, we've just finished proofreading Chapter 1. Chapter 2 is next and once we're done with the demo part of the script, we'll immediately upload it! We might upgrade it twice or thrice like Winged Ones until we're completely satisfied and make sure it's perfect.

Maybe you can compare the old demo with the new one to see how far we've improved? I'll leave it to your hands! *bows*

4. Alas, I decide to program the antagonist's route separately from the main routes. For me, it's easier to program this way ><

I made a table to show you the programming progress ^.^)/ I will only give a stamp everytime we're done with the chapter's programming, CGs, and proofreading! Let's work hard collecting the stamps, starting from the main bachelors routes!

Phew, that's a long update x'D

Thank you for reading and I'll see you guys next week! *hugs* 
Cheers to another productive week!


P.S. My proofreaders and I are perfectionists so expect lots of polishing from now on ^^;

P.S.S. My uncle have gone back to Surabaya! I went shopping & swimming with cousins--really tired afterwards but it was fun!

P.S.S.S. I haven't had the time to play Harvest Moon: A New Beginning 3DS again, but have I told you that I'm beginning to like Sanjay more than Amir? >////< I'm hoping for a reverse confession & proposal!

lol, okay, I'll stop rambling now x'D


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Thanks for the update, I have also being wanting to go back to Harvest Moon a new beginning, may be i should replay it again, hope you have an awesome weekend!

Thanks for all this hard work! >w< Also can't wait to replay the demo once again to see all those polishes! 

You're welcome and thank you for reading! OuO)/ I hope you enjoy the new demo!

Yay for lots of progress!! Can't wait to play the new demo and compare versions. :) I am sure it will be amazing. :)

Glad you had fun with your family as well. :)

Thank you, SkyDragon3564!
Love your new profile picture! Vulpix is one of my fave pokemons ever! Especially Alola Vulpix! x'D

The demo will be done soon~ I'll look forward to hear your thoughts later!

Aah, congrats on the progress!

But eeeh, don't give me false hope for Gale! I wanted so badly for him to get a route - if you say that and in the end nothing happens, I'll be so saaad!

Aww, I'm sorry, Konoi ><
Then let's just say we leave a space for Gale 'coz he'll always be in our heart no matter what :'3