New Demo Available! Ver 1.2!

Hi, guys! As promised, here comes the new upgraded demo! Let's give a big thank you & warm hugs to my proofreaders; Kii*Anima, Krystal Flare, and crystalscm*throws confetti*

Thanks to them, Bermuda's demo is now available with improved grammar, adjusted conversations, and polished scenes! I also fixed some--if not all--lingering bugs which appeared after we updated our Ren'Py software ^.^)/ Feel free to compare the old demo with the new one and tell us your thoughts! 

Like Winged Ones, we will continue to do our best and strive to become better! Most of the time, we usually re-read the script over and over again until we're satisfied, but we'd appreciate it if you can help us find a bug we missed/typo/grammar. 

Bermuda is a bigger project than Winged Ones and I like to tweak things here and there as I program, so we'll probably go back and forth a lot, so... yup, going to spend a loooooot of our time proofreading x'D

Lastly, after you reached the end of the demo, there's a a bonus! You can try our puzzle mini game and find a small gift prepared just for you ;) Can you guess what it is?

Looking forward to hear your thoughts!


P.S. I'm going to play my first ever Escape Room the day after tomorrow! It's called Pandora Experience and I'm going with my boyfriend + 6 friends x'D (8 people in total) We chose Amityville. I hope it's not too scary!


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Jul 16, 2019

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I know I'm a few days late with this comment but just a little advice in case you want to do an escape room again, make sure everyone puts the things they find at ONE place, and have fun! Seriously though one of my friends was walking around with an important thing we needed for like 5 to 10 minutes, something that got us unstuck. >.<

Better late than never, loverofbooks! 

Fortunately, our escape room's staffs are really nice! They gave us a walkie-talkie and we can ask hints if we're stuck! 

It's a bit too bad that the escape room is smaller than I expected though >< half of our friends cannot join/see the puzzle because of the limited space (like, we're in this narrow hall). Then 1 hour flies by and we're kinda unsatisfied x'D they wanted to try again with a bigger space but I kinda don't want to rejoin if they pick a horror theme :"D 

Ahh, I'm so happy and proud! You've made so much progress over the months I started following you to see all these updates! 

Also I wonder what that prize for the mini game is ;)

Thanks for this update, once again!

I'm also happy to be finally able to move on to programming & drawing CGs x'D

Have fun and hope you like the gift! Thanks again for reading <3

Hi, I just wanna say how proud of you and supportive of this project I am!! 
You're always constantly updating even if its a little (not something all devs do – heck all the games I followed have pretty much die) and I appreciate so much that that you're sharing your passion with us

I don't usually play game demos tbh, I like waiting for the completed game so I don't like be left in suspense LOL I may play the demo though if I have some time! Hope you have fun in the escape room! I haven't tried doing one yet, personally I don't think I have enough wits 

Hi, airuos! Thanks for stopping by! Your comment makes me happy >\\\< I do weekly updates because I understand how anxious we could be when waiting for a new game to be released :'3 

And no problem! I, myself, don't like cliffhangers so I think waiting until the game is complete is a great idea x'D 

Thank you so much for your support! It will take a while for the programming to be completed but I hope you don't mind waiting a bit more ><

Ah, and I also don't think I'd be brave enough to enter an escape room by myself--that's why I waited until now x'D with 8 people, it's not going to be as scary or intimidating, right? ...right? *gulp* I just hope they don't pick a horror themed one :"))

Escape rooms are really fun! Just make sure to check everything because some puzzles are tricky :)

Yup! I've always wanted to try but my friends are usually busy--until now! x'D

After all, it's a bit scary if I just go there alone lol. I'm easily surprised/frightened and have a reputation of screaming loudly in haunted houses (that is, if my friend is able to convince me to enter one x'D)

Eeeh, Escape Rooms - never tried participating, but I'd like to become game master for that kind of stuff (I have a lot of experience as a game master in tabletop RP). Seems like a lot of fun!

Anyway, NOW I can replay the demo haha

Ah, so you're the kind who likes to be in control, hmm? *wiggleseyebrows* //hammer 


Enjoy the demo! x'D