UPDATE 09/04/2017

Hi guys! Last week passed pretty quickly but  I rested plenty!

I slept, relaxed with my pups, read lots of novels I put on hold, and even tried making semi-realism illustrations again, but...

Dang, I'm so rusty ^^; 

The concept is about young fox demons (Kitsune in Japanese term), that are practicing to turn into humans. I was only doodling at first, but then it turned serious and now, I'm contemplating about making it a waist-up + making it a Patreon reward sometime later x'D

The only downside I got last week was... I forgot about the Queen's Crown last CG :')) 

I'm sorry! ><;;

It honestly escaped my mind and I only realized it now when I read last week's update! *so embarassing!*

I will try to finish it this week, but I will also start writing script little by little now. But! No proofreaders will touch it unless I deemed it 'perfect' enough ><

Alright, I guess that's it for now. 
Thanks for reading!


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