UPDATE 7/29/2019!

Good morning, guys!
Whew, I'm beat @@ 

Last week was probably the most productive week I've had in a while--and also the most horrifying.

You see, while I was programming, my HDD suddenly disconnected and Ren'Py crashed. The script got corrupted and the codes were all GONE! Thank goodness ren'py has a backup or I'd be having seisures ^^;

Everything is good now and I don't intend to repeat the same mistake. I'll save several backups for Bermuda from now on ><

In any case, here's the list of what I did last week! 1. Programmed 26 pages! This includes new sfxs & new expression sprites :3

2. Programmed in a feature where you can look at items/story progress in stats screen!

Maya's thoughts will be updated regularly and as you progress with the story, the important items you found will be stored here! (I censored the first item to avoid spoiler~) You can't click it, but if you hover over it, a small description will be shown as above ^.^)/ 

3. Finished off Kahlil's running/fighting sprite & programmed it in!

His running sprite is very difficult to pull off x_x the image you see above is the last two revision I did before I finalized it:

It doesn't look strange, right? o.o

4. Finished the first colored version of Guntur's tattoo & 2 linearts of Guntur's CGs! Sneak peek for Guntur's tattoo +1 of his CG are available for my patrons on my patreon for now~ OuO)/ I will color the linearts as soon as I don't have any second thoughts--one CG has a tricky pose and I don't want to color it unless I'm sure with the body's proportion.

5. Finished 3 item icons! One of them is story-related so I can't show it to you, but these two should look familiar to you:

Lots of sneak peeks for you today! Are you happy? ^///^ I sure am! Not every day I have the motivation and strength to be so productive!

Let's continue to work hard!


P.S. I'm going to take a good rest today though ><


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Good job! Sometimes I forget about this project but then have a sudden realization and come to check on your progress! I'm glad the game is coming together well, I look forward to playing it once it's finished. 

Yay! Thank you for coming by, xXxIce_BearxXx!
I'm very happy to hear you still remember Bermuda even when it's taking a long time QuQ

Hah, the tatoo looks gorgeous! I hope you'll keep it as it is or with only minor changes!

Kahlil looks good to me, too.

And man, I'm glad you had that backup and didn't loose everything. That would have been awful!

I agree, I like the tattoo as it is x'D

And yes, I need to update the backups more often--lots of bad things happening these days OTL

Hello, SweetChiel!

Oh my O.O That's certainly terrifying. I actually got goosebumps imagining it. I'm really happy you had a backup. Phew.

A lot of sneakpeeks! I never touch Bermuda's demo and I don't know the game has some kind of puzzle in it (seems like it with the items lol) That will be fun! I'm fired up right now!

Thank you for the regular update,


You're welcome as always, PangHerHeart! *hugs* yeah, thank goodness for the backup!

And yup, there are two kinds of minigames in Bermuda ^.^ one is finding hidden items within a time limit, and the other one is jigsaw puzzle game. Nothing too difficult and the jigsaw is exclusive for the antagonist's route :3

Phew, I'm so glad you were able to have a backup of your progress! And also, the Kahlil running sprite looks fine! :) 

Thanks for the update this week!

Hope your rest was good! <3

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Yes, thank goodness for the backup--and yay! It's a relief to hear the sprite looks fine x'D
I'm still resting today because my monthlies cramps ><; hopefully, they stop hurting soon!

Thank goodess it was recoverable. Horrifying. Just thinking about that possibility stresses me out. Whew. Glad you have copies. 

Yeah... I almost got a heart attack x_x;
imagine the horror when I see a blank page instead of my codes :'D