UPDATE 8/5/2019!

Hey, guys!

Sorry for the late post, we got a 7.4 earthquake at Saturday and midday through Sunday, I got a blackout until now =_=;

I can't sleep well without an AC--it's super hot. My mom and I ended up going to a cousin's house to charge our phones and my laptop... if I knew there's going to be an earthquake and a blackout, I would've spent Monday & Tuesday programming instead of sleeping Q_Q

Programming progress:

programmed in 47 pages Q_Q I wish I could do more. I was aiming for page 100!

I drew a lot last week so I thought I'd focus on programming. But guess what?
Chapter 2 part 2 got a lot of info dumps and conversations, so I spent most of my time polishing & editing them :'D

I started working in the mornings, but I often overthink things and after asking a lot of questions to my proofreader, Kii*Anima, it's already night before I knew it OTL then the blackout came.

The other things I did would be; collecting more sfxs and programming Kaiden's & Gale's sprites into the game!

We're very close to our first big event >< it includes lots of simple animations, like; moving the sprites, making simple attacking effects, shaking effects, sillhouettes, etc.

Example of the attacking effect:

Ocassionally, I would also make simple secondary backgrounds. Like this dirty roof background:

I hope there won't be another earthquake... it's like a foreshadowing of another tsunami :S I hope not. And blackouts are a nightmare!

In any case, let's hope for the best and work hard again this week! 


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Ah, sorry I'm a bit late, but I hope the earthquake didn't harm anyone! 

It's no worries if you didn't do 100 pages! 85 is still really good, and even the simple dirty wood background looks excellent!

Kaiden and Gale seem really interesting to me, I really wonder what they'll do for the story? But they look handsome ^//^

Anyways, yes! I'll be looking forward to the next update!


Hi, Steph :)! Thank you as always for dropping by & reading! *hugs*

Fortunately, there's no consecutive earthquake! We're all safe~
Kaiden and Gale have important roles in the game so make sure to keep an eye on them ;)

Scary. I hope everyone was safe. 

Yup, we're all safe! Thank you for worrying!

Yikes! D: stay safe!


Yup, I did! all is good now! x'D

I was not in Tangerang the day the earthquake and the blackout came D:

Thank God you are okay! It was really scary. Don't worry about the update D: Please stay safe first DD:

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The blackout continued for one and a half day in Tangerang and no phone signal either Q_Q but everything is okay now! 

You too, stay safe >< but seeing that you don't feel the earthquake, you must be far from the beach OuO great!

Yes, my hometown is in Central Java, SweetChiel. I didn't feel the earthquake at all. For some reason, it's always happened when I'm not in Tangerang. Well, except for the last year earthquake lol The one that happened at 2PM for two days or so simultaneously. I was in class when it happened x.x

Oh man! D: Stay safe and I hope there're no more earthquakes.


Thanks, Seraiden! Yes, I hope so too Q_Q it was scary!

 glad you are safe! Hope the earthquakes stop and a tsunami does not come.

Glad to hear the programming is going good. :) Don't work yourself to hard :)

Thank you! rosedragon and SkyDragon3564 sounds awfully famoliar x'D do both of you come from the same lair? lol

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Oh no glad you are safe! Hope the earthquakes stop and a tsunami does not come.

Glad to hear the programming is going good. :) Don't work yourself to hard :) Love the dusty roof pic by the way. Looks eerie :)

Yup, this earthquake is the biggest I've ever felt >< I was sitting on my chair and it rocked!

Glad to hear you like the dusty roof! and as always, thank you for dropping by  ^///^