UPDATE 8/12/2019!

Good morning, guys!

How did your week go? Mine was pretty hectic--I wrestled with our first big event!

- This 22 pages programmed in is an achievement, trust me x_x 
Remember the piglet/baby boar? Our first big event involves an action scene with it and its parents lol. Loads of simple sprites' animation, too.

I also polished the past scenes; especially the conversation scenes with info dumps. Time passed quickly when I polish these conversations :'D

I'm quite satisfied with them now, but after everything is programmed in, I'm planning to reread them again and see if there's anything I can do to make the flow better. My proofreaders might have a better idea for them too, so... yup, we're definitely gonna polish them 'til they sparkle! x'D

Finished another CG lineart! There's going to be 2 common/group CG in Chapter 2 part 2 and this is the first one! Here's a non-spoiler sneak peek for you~

Programmed in, Arya's wolf fighting form, new expressions, 2 new attack+movement effect, 2 new enemy silhouettes, & 3 new items!
The new expressions are mostly Kahlil's. He's quite handful since I need to change his ears' and tail's movement often when he's stressed out. 

- Lots of new sfxs & 2 new BGMs!
I never thought it would be so hard to find clean sfxs for a wolf's howl and snarl/snapping ^^; I edited some of them and some ended up not being used OTL

And sometimes, I want to smack my past-self in the face for not writing a BGMs title properly! I mean, I spent hours just to find the appropriate BGMs for the action scene!

In any case, I'm glad that our first action scene is done and over with :'3 I polished it a lot and I hope I created the tension well enough >< I'm planning to take some rest this week--the action scene took a lot from me and sleep sounds heavenly right now~

I hope your week isn't as hectic as mine! Cheers for another productive week though!



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Rest well, SweetChiel! And happy (belated) independence dayyyy!!! 

Yay! Thanks, El. Seth! Happy independence day too! x'D

Thanks for all this work being done on the game! And how could I forget the tiny pig/boar in the first chapter? xD 

I hope your rest was amazing! I'll see you when the next update comes!

You're welcome! And thank you for your support as always! >////<

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You're doing great! 

I really appreciate your hard work on this game!

Take a good rest you deserve it!

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Thank you very much, Sorelia! >///<
I'm really glad to have you dropping by~

Good job on the progress. Enjoy your sleep and rest well :)

So much hype for this game. :)

Thank you as always, SkyDragon3564! You too, we need to take care of ourselves so we can always do our best! >:D

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You're getting so much done in such little time! Don't forget to take breaks once in awhile, alright? :D

Hi, Soph_8698! Thanks for dropping by and yes, I'm taking a break now with my lovely bed ^.^- thank you for worrying! *hugs