UPDATE 05/15/2017! First Devlog!

Hi guys!

This is my first devlog here so my followers who didn't know my facebook fanpage/lemmasoft forum page might miss my updates so far, so let me tell you the short version:

- So far so good! I've finished the demo in late March and published it for my patrons in May. It will be released in June for public + I will also start an IndieGoGo campaign with it!

- In May, I will use my time to make more backgrounds, making a video teaser, polishing the demo, and preparing the campaign.

- In June, I will start a campaign. While promoting it, I will also continue writing Bermuda's script little by little. If not writing, I will be drawing more backgrounds/finishing Queen's Crown's CGs.

There! Now you know what I have planned for the next few months ^.^)/

*Ahem* Now, onto UPDATE 05/15/2017!

Last week, after quarantining myself and meditating, I managed to finish the video teaser early and passed it to our video music composer Albert Fernández Ventura! He is going to start making the music at Tuesday :'3

I'm personally really satisfied with this teaser -quite an improvement from Winged Ones' video >///<

Ufufu~ Anyways!
I'm going to take it easy this week, but I will still be doing IndieGoGo's preparations, like;
- Making mini illustrations/images for Synopsis, Stretch Goals, Minimum budget distribution program, polishing the game plot, Planning Tier lists, etc, etc.

Well, you know what things I need to prepare a campaign x'D

Other than that, I will also look for references + sketching the next batch of backgrounds. I think I managed to finish at least 65% of it last week. I have more buildings and sceneries to draw ><

Oh, and here's a sneak peek of the video @ Adobe After Effect! It's 2:12 long video...
lol, I thought it's going to be around 1:30 but wow... Seriously, I thought I'm going crazy at how much layers in it :'))

I can't wait to show it to you guys!!



P.S. Don't forget that I update every Monday! Stay tuned!

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really excited for this and Queens Crown


Me too, me too :"3

Omg... So excited for the demo. Do you do everything by yourself? That's amazing! You're so talented!~ Please remember me as your most admiring fan! ^^ Love you! <3

Hi, yohanlove!

Glad to see you come back!

And yes, I do almost everything except making original BGMs & SFXs. Lord knows my plate is too full to fill anymore :"))

But! Where there is a will, there is a way! X'D it took me a long time learning lots about programming Ren'Py but it's dang worth it! I'm sure you can do it too if you want it badly :'D take baby steps and progress every week!