UPDATE 8/19/2019!

Good morning, guys!
How did your week go? Mine was tiring >< I went out a lot this week so my work often started late at night.

The programming is going great though! 37 pages of small events! The next big event will take somehere in page 200 or less, so we still have quite a bit to go~

I've also made 2 more icons, new expressions for the bachelors, & 1 CG lineart for Kahlil! The icons are 1 item & 1 Chibi Maya. By chibi, I mean this one:

When the group is exhausted (usually after a big event), this icon will appear on the map  and 2-3 days or more will pass by ^.^)/ of course, it will be accompanied with narration of what they're doing in those days! 

As for the new expressions, it's only minor things like their mouths and eyes, for example:

This is not a spoiler, right? I'll let your imagination make guesses why Arya is blushing x'D 

On the other hand, gotta say I'm very happy with the result of Kahlil's CG lineart  >///< he has long hair and sometimes, I got carried away and he became more beautiful than Maya *cough* b-but he's really looks good in this CG!

So far so good, right? OuO
I'm planning to rest a bit this Monday & Tuesday though. The reason I went out a lot last week is because 18th August is my birthday *cough* and an introvert person like me could only go out so much before I got exhausted x'D my stamina is so pitiful but my energetic bf is like a puppy who drags me outside to socialize more lol.

That's it for now and see you guys next week~
Thank you for reading as always!



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Happy (late) Birthday SweetChiel! :D

Arya's blushing face is cute, I'm still excited to see what's under his mask! Maybe another mask?

It's a sad thing to say, but I"m starting school very soon, so I may not be able to comment or see your updates as frequently anymore. 

However, I'll still support you and this game to the fullest!

Thanks for this update, and once again, Happy Late Birthday!


Thanks, Steph :)!

Hehe, don't worry, you'll get to see what's beneath his mask in his route x'D he's precious <3

It's alright, I understand that school will take most of your time with homework :'3 I'm already happy to see you drop by every now and then! *hug

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Happy birthday SweetChiel hope you enjoyed your free time and your birhtday and believe me as a fellow introvert i know how you feel! Hehe xoxo ;)

Thanks, Sorelia! High five for fellow introverts! x'D 

Yeah, I had fun a lot last week and I'm still tired from that 😂 *my pitiful stamina

Happy birthday! >~<

Thank you, Stormleaf7! *huggg

Hello, SweetChiel, I'm back to school -_-

What a great progress! But that "more beautiful than Maya" though *cough* I don't mind some beautiful men anyday.

Happy belated birthday!! Your birthday indirectly was celebrated by flag ceremony and fireworks, so may you have a beautiful moment lol


Yup, back to school you are! x'D best of luck!

I'm going to do my best with the CGs for sure but I hope Maya won't get overshadowed much 😂

and yes lol, the advantages of my birthday is that my neighborhood got filled with shouts and competitions x'D

HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!! Rest and take your time. 

Can't wait to figure out why Arya is blushing!! He is my fave character so far.

Thanks, SkyDragon3564! Yup, gonna spend some quality time with my bed for sure *wiggles eyebrows

and Arya is the most popular character so far, competing with Guntur ;)

Happy belated birthday! We are birthday month buddies, mine was the 15th!!

Thanks, loverofbooks! Whoa, Happy belated birthday to you too! *hugss

May you get blessed with wealth, health, and happiness as long as the missisipi river! -^.^)/

You're welcome sweetchiel! *hugs* I wish you all the same!

Happy belated birthday!! <3  thank you for all your work, but I'm glad you're making time to go have fun too ^_^

Aww, thanks, kitsune! Kahlil, come here, your cousin is here! //slapped

Yeah, I did have a lot of fun~ thanks again for coming! *hugss

Happy Birthday! I hope you had fun ;)

Thanks, AnubisDara! x'D it was fun!