UPDATE 09/11/2017

Good morning, guys!

I hope you had a wonderful week! I had a bumpy ride last week x_x

So, I had finally finished Queen's Crown's CGs down to the tid bits -we only need to wait for the other artist to be done with their variations since the MC is customize-able.

I also got a rough start with script writing; I wrote around 3700+ words -yup, I know I said that I would try to at least write 5000 words >< but it's in the middle of an 'argumentation/conflict scene' and I spent a lot of my time going back and forth to make sure it's not confusing AND not overwhelming at the same time (quite a lot of info-dump in the Summer area ^^;) 

So far, the progress for the first area is around 45%:

Ignore the page count -it's really just the 1,5 spacing + 'Enter' talking x'D This is only the count for Summer area mind you, not the whole script. I divided them by chapters; this is Chapter 3 part 1.

But... I'll be lying if I said I didn't get distracted at all last week (Ack! Mercy!)

It's kinda of a good news though!
There's a competition next week on September 17th and the grand prize is a pen tablet. I really hope to win to replace my broken pen tablet, remember? 

The theme is Indonesian Animals.
I already registered and practiced thrice last week so here's me crossing me fingers ><


Pssstt -fellow Indonesians, come to the competition if you can! You might catch me there x'D


Well, now you know what happened last week u.u; pray so I can do better this week, but I think I will be a bit occupied by the competition. 

BUT! I'm not done yet! 
Lastly, I want to promote visual novels made by Indonesians again today!

First, Leodetable Institute's indiegogo campaign is ending in 4 days! C'mon guys, tell your friends who love BL+Fantasy! 


The second one is Amplitude; after 2 years, they're finally finished and now available on Steam & itch.io! The Sci-fi is very thick in this one!



Fair warning that both visual novels contain mature themes.

Nevertheless, I'm very happy to see they're working hard! There's nothing I wish for more than the development of visual novels made by Indonesians :'3 not to sound racist, but the art department over here is really lacking in support by the government!

That's it for today!


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