UPDATE 8/26/2019!

Hi, guys! Morning!

How did your week go? I'm beat! x'D

My cousin is going to get married at August 31st, so I went and looked for a dress with my mom (there's a dresscode). You know how it went :')) with my pitiful stamina, I got tired easily and there's another reason why I went out a lot last week but let's start with the usual progress report first:

- I programmed in all small scenes in month 2, chapter 2! 39 pages in total!

All that's left is one last big event, adjust the minigame, and 1 more CG lineart for Arya before I start coloring them and add them into the script -^.^)/ after that, Chapter 2 for the main bachelors will be finished! *yay!

- I also had the usual polishing + 2 new item icons~

On another note, I've been having a lot of fun with these:

Snap Squad anyone? x'D 
I'm a big fan of Jurassic Park so these tiny dinos are irresistible to me QuQ If you added me on facebook, you'd notice me taking a lot of photos of them with miniature food x'D

Unfortunately, snap squad is very hard to find. They're only selling it at a chain convenience store called Alfamart and only in small amounts.

Other than looking for a dress, I also visited a lot of Alfamart last week just to get these :'D I'm still looking for the green t-rex (Buck, is that you?)  and then I'm going to wait for Charlie, Delta, Echo, & the Mosasaurus to be released, buy/find them and I'm all good~

That's it for now and see you guys next week!
Hopefully, I'll be done with Chapter 2's big event next week and then, I'll focus on coloring the CGs!



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Hello, SweetChiel!

Wow, I'm the earliest I've ever been! You've done well... Get yo dress and those dinosaur figurines!! Eat lots and lots in that wedding (that's what I will do in a party, it's my main purpose of coming). I don't know dinosaurs tho lol

By the way, the other day, I was bored. I came randomly to Winged Ones' devlog and I read the new reviews after mine! And I'm happy more people like the game! Honestly since I played it for the first time, it has stayed in my folder as my all time favorite. Occasionally I replay Reksa's route (since he's my fave), but seeing more reviewers liked Rama, I think I want to replay his the second time, taking in more of his charm and the depth of his character. I'm actually studying psychology so I really want to read thoroughly this second time.

And I want to ask about your PayPal Pledge. I have a way to support you on PayPal now! What is the difference between Early Birds and The Game? So both of them give you Bermuda but early is cheaper? Wait what--

Thank you for answering and have a nice day!

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Hi, PangHerHeart! You're the first to comment! YAY! x'D

Eating at a wedding is a must and sometimes, they serve mini cheesecake as dessert <3 the only minus thing is that we need to wear high heels :')) 

and yes! It's really a pleasant surprise that reviews for Winged Ones are still trickling in >///< I'm also very happy to hear some people are still re-playing it QuQ my baby is doing well~ 

Good luck with your study! I heard psychology has really thick books to read o.o; I hope Rama could help you a bit--he's my most complicated character back then and I had to revise his script two or three times ><;

As for the paypal pledge; Early Birds are limited to 100 people! Because the indiegogo page cannot accept more pledges, I put the button here in itch.io  ^.^ The Game is for people who want to buy a copy after the Early Birds are out. But surprisingly, I still have some stock left for Early Birds package o.o so yup, definitely get the Early Birds!

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^_^ Psychology does have thicc books! I can make a desk chair with my books right now o.o After I'm settling with my PayPal account, I will try to buy the Early Bird. Wait for meeee~~

Good luck with the books! And take your time, the birds aren't going anywhere x'D