UPDATE 9/9/2019!

Hey guys! What's up?
I'm happy to announce I got to finish coloring 4 CGs last week! x'D

It had been grueling--considering it has been a long time since I last draw something. I really should draw more, but I'm afraid if I got pumped, I'll spend all my energy on 1 art and ended up burned up for several days ><;

Anyways, this concludes Bermuda's Chapter 2!

And to celebrate, here's a treat for you; a sneak peek of Kahlil's CG!

I cropped it to avoid spoilers x'D 
I'm not too rusty, right? I know there's bound to be some differences since Bermuda's demo CGs were made more than a year ago, but I like to think my coloring is more steady and tidy now OuO

There's more! For my patrons on Patreon, I'll post a full preview of Arya's CG! 

Are you happy? I hope so! ><
Originally, I wanted to post Guntur's CG sneak peek here, but I felt I need to tweak his pose a bit--currently, it looks a bit... awkward? Something is weird about his pose, but I can't point it x_x I'll do my best to fix it, but forgive me if it still looks a bit off in the end QuQ

On another note...

Last week, I went to Comifuro with my bf and splurged a bit to make an aquarium-slash-jurassic park diorama for my baby dinos!

No regrets and I'm so proud of it! >///< my little babies are so cute! I can't stop rearranging them and there's always a silly grin whenever I look at it! I mean, there's a jurassic park in my cupboard!


Okay, I'll stop here before I flood you with photos of mini dinos x'D

I'm planning to take some rest today before I start programming chapter 3 ^.^ 
Cheers for another productive week!



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Keep up the great work SweetChiel! I'm glad that you're proud of your dino habitat lol. Have a relaxing break since you deserve it!

I will definitely continue to work hard, Soph_8698! >:3
And yup, my aquarium is still growing--and I think it's going to be full by the time snap squad released the mosasaurus version x'D


woot, congrats on completion of chapter two! will you be updating the demo to match, or are ya savin' the rest for the full release? also, if you'd like, i could take a peek at gunter's cg to help you figure out what's off about it. otherwise i recommend flipping the image horizontally- freshens your eyes to it.

Thanks so much, AlphaGodith!
I'm saving the rest for the full release--I hope you don't mind waiting a bit more until you can play Bermuda QuQ and yes! I flipped Guntur's CGs a few times and made three adjustments until I'm finally satisfied with them >///<; 

You deserve your rest SweetChiel! 

Thank you for your hard and i love the sneak peek from Kahlil it looks very good!

Btw i love your aquarium with the mini dinosaurs 

P.S. dont forget to give them food dinosaurs are quite hungry as you know hahaha

Well bye bye for now fellow-introvert take a good rest!  

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Oh don't worry, I give them plenty to eat, including sweets and ramens! x'D

lol, thanks for dropping by! I'm glad you like the sneak peek <3