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HI I JUST WANNA SAY I LOVE YOU AND THIS GAME SO MUCH <333 I've first played this game like a year ago but I didn't have a itch account then, but I enjoyed it so much I played it again and I had to leave a comment uwu

1) After playing every route I have to choose Reksa. I think he's more my type ? I always tend to go for the "seemingly bad boy that's actually really sweet" lmao. I loved his route and his personality as a whole he's just a cutie. But I do like all of them & I have such a soft spot for Rama (I actually cried during his route but shh don't tell anyone)

2) What struck me first was the character design and I found the story really interesting and refreshing so I decided to play it

3) It's definitely one of my all time faves, I really enjoyed it. The story was compelling, sometimes dark and sometimes really funny, very enjoyable overall. I loved every character as well, including the MC, they were all very lovable. The art & music complimented the story and atmosphere really well, I still fangirl over the CGs. What stood out the most to me was the inclusion of Indonesian culture, which I wasn't too familiar with. I found it really unique for a VN and I'm glad I learned new things about such a wonderful culture thanks to this game :)

4) I would have liked if we could get more interactions and backstory to every character even if we're not on his route, since some scenes (especially Rama's) felt very out of place in the other routes, and kind of disrupted the flow of the story. I don't think I have other critiques than that? I usually get so engrossed in the story I don't notice any "mistakes" and stuff but this stood out. Besides that, I really enjoyed it and I can see you improved in the Bermuda Triangle demo :) 

5) I'm really looking forward to your new game, and while I'm not able to buy it right now (I'm in my last year of high school & I have no money to spend T_T ) , I definitely will when I get my personal card! I understand how hard and time-consuming it is to make a game and I really want to support you as much as I can. Keep up the good work!!

Hi, ๐“๐“ท๐“ท๐“ฒ๐“ฎ! I can't read your name but I'm so glad to hear you love this game until you re-played now even after such a long time! >\\\<

I love you too and thank you for playing my game!

1. Aww thank you! It makes me so happy everytime I hear people got immersed in the story QuQ *you even cried for Rama and that's so sweet of you! I see Reksa is still number 1 in the polling x'D

2. Thank you! I was quite skeptical with my designs since they're not common, but hearing you say this really boosted my confidence >\\\< I'll work hard to make more interesting games in the future!

3. Thank you! I didn't expect so much people will like the Indonesian elements so this is a huge plus for me! And glad to hear you like my art -you made me blush so much first thing in the morning x'D

4. Yup, I notice a lot of people saying Rama's scenes sometimes out of place and disturbed the flow >< I'll try not to make the same blunder in Bermuda so thank you for telling me this! More interactions with the bachelors is also a good idea -which is why Bermuda is twice as long as Winged Ones x'D you got your wish over there!

5. No problem at all! Bermuda still has a long way to go before I could even publish the complete version so take your time~ even so, your commenting here is already a big support for me!

Thank you for coming and telling me your thoughts ^^- I also hope to see you again in the future!



Oh it's Annie but in a weird font haha. I'm a very empathetic person even when it comes to game characters so I tend to cry sometimes lol. Your game was really fun and kept me immersed and I'm sure your next project is gonna be even better. I'm glad I boosted your mood even a little with my comments, thank you for responding and for being so sweet, I'll keep supporting you <33 Have a nice day!

Aah, it looks like boxes from my phone so I can't see the font >< 

Yes! Thank you for your support! *hugs* I'll do my best to meet your expectations and thanks for trusting me! 

You too, I hope you have a great week! ^.^-

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-whoa, it's rare to see this kind of thing made in Indonesia, or... maybe this is the first? XD 

-If only this gets more attention in many people here instead of the 'game' that got popular for no reason in Indonesia, you know, ML! 

-and i didn't know that otome game could fit so well with indonesian culture!

-i just can't believe you made such beautiful game! The characters, the story, and especially the artworks done here, they are so breathtaking to see! Even for an novice artist like me can't do it!

-fun fact : this reminds me a lot of the delayed version of Fate/Stay Night Visual Novel! Called 'Fate/Prototype' welp, it later became a light novel instead of VN tho, 

-and... i am an Indonesian :D 

P.S : i honestly found this accidently while i was searching for the Fate-related-things i needed for making my Fanfic Manga for Fate Franchise, lol and then a pic of 'nusantara' appeared! 

Hi EXLuckBakaputradewa!

Yes, visual novels are rare in Indonesia that's why I'm glad to find a warm welcome here in international market >\\\< 

I have a few people asking for Indonesia translation/language added to the game, but I'm embarassed to say I'm not that good writing in Bahasa :")) English just suits me better because I've seen and played more games in English to develop my own sense of story flow. I wish there will be more Indonesians playing my game in the future though!

And thank you! I'm really happy to hear you like my art >\\\< there are rooms for improvement, so I'll do my best to level up the quality bit by bit!

Ah unfortunately I don't watch Fate/Stay Night so I don't know the similarties @@ I'll check it out if I stumbled upon it later though! 

In any case, I'm glad our accidental meeting becomes a great fun to you! I hope you enjoyed yourself thoroughly :'3

Thanks again for coming and for your kind support! I hope to see you around ~



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1. My favorite? idk, maybe Reksa? But in the other hand Mitra still makes me goes fangirling so much xD, but with Reksa my fangirling are much worse... specially that the epilogue when they doing this thing called "claiming" if i'm not wrong xD lol... it kinda gives me like a werewolf fantasy or alpha beta omega dynamic things when he claim our character... aaaakkkkk xD so, it's Reksa hehe...

2. well, because I'm an Indonesian, so its kinda makes me curious how the otome game story goes with our culture in it... and really, it makes me satisfied so much xD thank you for making this!!!

3. hmmm... first of all I'm drawn to the game title actually, when I played this, the story was the next thing that catch my eyes, so I keep playing this. And the last will be the art, the art is so amazing that sometimes I don't know how to react... the emotion that really looks natural to them... aahhh xD I fell in love.

4. idk what is happening, but when I'm in the Rama's route, the only choice that I can choose is the one to give him the bomb... maybe i need to do something about it? I didn't use your guide thou in Rama's route, so I think that I do something wrong in the earlier chapter :/ hmmm... I should play it again from the beginning *sigh* eh... gonna do it anyway... can I have a suggestion? why there is no like skip button that takes us to the next choice? this button can only function when the player had read some perticulars part before they decide to start it all over? its just a suggestion thou.. no need to consider it hehe... overall the game is good =w=b

5. sure thing, but i kinda need time to buy it thou :/ I think it will be kinda pricey for rupiah since I think Patreon or kickstarter using dollar *sigh* and I still need to finished my college and find a job ehe... 

thank you for creating this game!

p.s : I'm still thinking what if Purba is being one of the route? Imagine the happy ending they will get, with Purba needs to pays off his sins first and then proclaim love to our main character... and how the story more dark and twisted than Rama but there still have happy moments in there, how our main character have more struggle to knock some sense into him, telling him her past and etc, nah it's just a dream... not gonna happen anyways... But really, he needs a second chance :< Anyway, He kinda remind me of Kagami from Kurobas thou, eh just coincidence maybe...


Hi Reiya Sapphire! Thanks for stopping by and dropping me your review!

1. Oh lol glad to hear you like Reksa's epilogue x'D it's also one of my favorites -and yes! Mitra's route is so sweet, I'm having cavities! Thank you for giving these 2 lots of love ^^-

2. Oooh, sama2 org indo toh x'D makasih ud main ya kak! Jarang2 ada org indo yg mainin *pasar VN d indo masi kurang soalny ><

And no -thank YOU for giving this game a chance!

3. Aww thanks! >\\\< glad to hear you like my art! I still have a lot to learn though, but I'll do my best to improve -especially in the grammar department *cough

4. Yup, Rama's route is tricky so I suggest you to follow my walkthrough >< hmm, if not, the best hint I can give you is: You need to give ALL your attention to Rama. Ignore Mitra and Reksa, because the slightest increase in other's affection meter will result in losing his trust. 

As for the skip button, you only need to press 'ctrl' x'D but for a skip button to directly skip to a choice? I don't know about that, it feels weird to me and it will affect a reader's immersion in the game so... my apologies, but no, I won't have that function ><

5. It's no problem at all, I know how hard and time consuming college could be! Not to mention how dollar still going up these days :'3 

Regardless, thank you for sparing some time to play my game and thank you for giving me your support!*hugs

Thanks again for coming by and see you around!




As for a Purba route...

This is actually one of the reasons why I decided to add an antagonist route in Bermuda, my latest game :")) I also have this strange attraction to antagonists in general so I decided to try and make one there. 

It's hard to write a route where they 'pays off their sins' though, because it's easier said than done *cries* not to mention how stubborn an antagonist character could be. They could adopt a 'no regrets' mood and it will give me a headache :"))

I've closed Winged Ones' book though, so I'll have to disappoint you... But! Maybe you can give Bermuda a try? Here's a fair warning; Bermuda would be a lot darker and not for the faint heart ><;

okay... thanks to you I can finally get a happy ending for Rama's route :> and its make me giddy xD I need mooooooorrreeee this kind of game aaakkkkk... RAMAAAAAA REKSAAAA MITRAAAA TT_TT if they just ever exist in real world *sigh* or our world was like in the game, that be wonderful... tapi aku gak mau ikut perang =3= maunya hidup bahagia aja wkwkwk, aku bingung gak bisa move on dari Reksa atau Rama xD tau ah wkwkwk... grammar department mah emang dari dulu susah wkwkwk, mesti banyak belajar dan disini aku yang ngomong pake bahasa inggris pake feeling xD and wkwkwk I understand why antagonist character would give their creator a headache if there was a route about them, kinda hard adapting the antagonist to the story biar gak melenceng ceritanya, lol... sungguh ku belum bisa move on dr game ini... bagus banget... sekali lagi makasih udah buat game nya xD *hugs*

  1. Reksa. If you asked me before I finised both of Rama's endings I would have said Rama, but he ended up being a... little weird... to say the least. He seemed to be insane, and normally I don't mind that, but he wasn't like a good type of insane, he was like a "please kill me I have no idea why any of us are alive what is life yada yada yada". I really liked Reksa and his personality and really wanted to punch Purba for being a d*ck.
  2. I played this game because I have played your other stuff and also I am obsessed with otome games and romance.
  3. I thought it was an amazing game and I would say mostly the art stood out to me as it was really good, and with Reksa his personality really stood out since it was so different to what you would think it would be.
  4. Yes, I would consider buying it, despite the fact I'm not allowed to buy games with my own money despite being 16 unless I beg to buy them.

Hi, Cittycool! Thanks for dropping by and answering my questions >\\\<

1. I understand x'D Rama's route is the most complicated from all three and the depression with the suicide tendecy is one hella combination. But thank you for giving him a chance! I see Reksa is still the top of thr popularity poll ;)

2. Me too --we need more romance and otome! X'D

3. Thank you! I hope you enjoyed yourself thoroughly :'D and yes, that's why I recommend doing Reksa's route for last since it has the complete version of the main story + Purba's perspective ~

4. You're the first one to put an empty answer x'D I do think I still have a lot to improve tho.

5. O///O thank you for your support! I know how hard it is to buy games online without our parents knowing -but if not, I will still be grateful for your warm acceptance of my high-fantasy visual novel ^^-

Bermuda still has some ways to go before it could be considered completed tho, so take your time and hope to see you around!



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I loved this game so much!! The characters are all wonderful. I loved the story and the romance.

1. My favorite character would have to be Reksa. I loved his romance and his story. Mitra is a close second because he is just so sweet and very dependable.

2. I considered playing this game cause I loved the demo for your new game that I had to see what a finished game from you would be like. I was not disappointed. 

3. Out of the art, story, and characters I loved the art the most. I loved the characters and how they were presented to the player. But really I loved all of it.

4. I loved the mix of romance and story, it was a perfect blend. I love how each interest told a different side of the war. I do have to say that I was very confused on the reason the war began.  I know the Komodos stole the blessing but I am not sure way. (Though I have only played the good ending so far. I am probably missing something that I have not seen yet.) 

5. Yes I will definitely pay for your next VN, Nusantara: Bermuda Triangle.

P.S- Sorry for long comment. <3 

Hi SkyDragon3564! 

Thanks for stopping by and leaving me this warm review! 

1. Thank you for giving all my boys a chance! X'D Reksa is still the reigning champ I see~ and yes! Mitra has a very sweet route I get embarassed now that you remind me >\\\<

2. Oh wow, thank you! I'm really glad to hear you like both my new and old works! 

3. Aww, you flatter me too much >\\\< I think I'll need to stick a needle in my bloated head later //hammer --I'm still working on the quality control tho, but hearing you like my art, I'll definitely do my best to make it better and better!

4. It's alright, the reason why they steal it is very vague at first after all :'3 


The first thing that may came to your mind is maybe 'greed' since the crystal has multifunctions --but the real reason is Purba manipulating Chief Silva behind the scenes with Purple Crystals ;) he gave it to him in small doses and with time, Chief Silva became addicted to it and with that, Purba managed to 'control' him to do things with muddled head.

5. Thank you so much for your support! 

And no problem at all! I like reading comments so please, type away! X'D

If there are things you'd like to ask again, you can find me here or message me in my facebook fanpage ;) 

Hope to see you again in the future!



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So far only in like Chapter 2  I think, but I am loving this game too! But I'm just a little confused though like does Asih, the little kids, Mitra, the komodo dude, Rama (just to name a few) understand Tamara's English? Or did she master their language within a few days?


Hi angelinachea! Thanks for coming by!

Well, at first, only Tamara understand them, but as the game progressed, Tamara re-learned Indonesia language in a few weeks (with lots of stuttering, slow talks, & Granny Sukma's totulage).

Tamara's father is Indonesian so she has somekind of a base already. The lessons mainly serve as a reminder so I guess it's fair to say she learn pretty quickly? ><

I hope this answer your question & please, take your time & enjoy the game!



Ah i see okay cool. I just wanted to make sure I understood what was going on c'x but yeah thanks for answering my question :D

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Ahhhh i just finished my first playthrough and it hit me in the feels! I love this game and i am definitely gonna go back to try to get the other endings later :D


Good luck! X'D 

Really glad to hear you like it and hope you enjoy it thoroughly~

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My favourite occurred to be Rama. I liked his story and dynamic of his character and I think that his the guy that needed heroine the most. The psychology of him was pretty well created.

I also really enjoyed the world. The things taken from Indonesian folklore was also an extra valour for me.

Thank You for the game!

Aww, thank you for loving Rama, Jowisz! 

Rama's psychology is certainly the most complex and challenging out of all three! I'm also really happy you don't mind the dark theme and chose Rama as your favourite ^.^- he needs more love

As always, thank you for dropping by and giving me your support!



Yuda and Tamara are funny when they argue with each other it is like they are siblings. Yuda being the annoying older brother.

Thank you! 

I also had a lot of fun making Yuda's scenes ~

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I didn't have an account, but because I want to leave a comment, I made it XD As a fellow Indonesian, I want to help you a little hehe

1. My favorite would be Reksa, because... I don't know? Lol He's just so cute HAHAH He puts stern and sour face, but he's very affectionate and I really like that wkwk

2. I downloaded because I was bored as hell LOL I actually had seen your game in since months ago, but only played it now, because I dislike... how to put it... tribal and traditional settings? But I'm not disappointed :)

3. I really like it. I think it's really worth reading. It's fun to know and be familiar with both language in this VN wkwkwk At first, I dislike the tribal and traditional settings, but now I really, really like it and the characters that now I almost don't want to read another VNs with modern settings! HAHA And I want more Reksa! I find -cough- his tradition of mating -cough- really interesting... COUGHCOUGHCOUGH

4. Hm... Throughout my VN playing hobby, I really find it weird that the quality of the character sprites are a lot better than CGs. Oh, I know that drawing IS hard, I'm sorry, I can't even draw myself! But just I just hoped that CGs have consistency and quality. I know tho that drawing high quality CGs are hard... I'm sorry...

Also, I don't really remember which ones - because I played the last two characters skipping seen dialogues, but some scenes are not really flowing. I'm sorry I can't specify which ones!

When I played my first character (it's Mitra) and when it finally got to Rama-killing-the-Komodos scene, I was really confused. Was it Mitra's route I was pursuing or was it Rama's? It is one of the main plot, I understand, but it really stood out in another character's route, and it made me frowned for a while. I think you can smoothen major plots involving another main characters next time so it is not really stood out and shadowing the in-route character! But I think, it is just me... playing too many same-structured other otoge VNs...

And other players point out the grammar errors... and I must say, I feel you! XD I'm really bad at grammar, but just do your best! 

5. Ah... I can't support anyone via Kickstarters and Patreon and other web, I'm sorry! But I CAN definitely buy the finished VNs if you put it on Steam, I have my ways hehehe Depends on the price and my wallet, that is...

I think that's all? And good luck working on the other projects!! I'm really looking forward to Bermuda (I will have a hard time moving on Mitra, Rama, and Reksa tho) and Queen's Crown (your artwork is amazing, especially your character sprites)!

P.S. I got really curious, and did some stalking... You live in Tangerang?! We are so close!! I live in Tangerang too because I'm in uni rite now XD

Hi, PangHerHeart! Wow, fellow Indonesian! Makasih bnyk ud dtg & komen yaa x'D

1. Reksa once again prevails lol. He's still the most popular out here ~

2. I'm glad to hear it didn't disappoint you :'3 thank you for giving it a chance!

3. Oh lol, unfortunately the rating needs to be maintained at PG15 *I'm too shy to write more about the mating ceremony*cough* happy to hear you enjoyed yourself thoroughly!

4. Yup, I know >< my quality control is not that good yet -hence, I'm trying hard to upgrade the quality in Bermuda :'D and it's okay! Thank you actually, I like constructive comments!

As for Rama's scenes *SPOILER ALERT*

Yes, he's part of the main story. Remember the nighmare Tamara had? Sari was encouraging Tamara to save Rama or he'll succumb to the darkness in his heart (You know about Sari's true identity, right? And what happened if you didn't enter his route). Also, his 'crazy' streak will need some 'venting' sometimes so the poor Komodos became his victims.

But yes, I get what you're trying to tell me >< I admit that some scenes feel out of place --I'll do a better job intergrating the routes next time! Thank you for the heads up :'3

5. No problem at all! Just knowing you like my VNs and willing to follow to Bermuda is already a gift for me ^.^-  oh and I'm doing th CGs in Queen's Crown x'D the sprites sre done by someone else ~

And yes! I live in Tangerang lol. Which uni are you in? I was in UMN Gading Serpong but I'm working freelance at home now ~

Thanks you again and hope to see you around!



Hello, SweetChiel! I'm sorry for the very late answer >.< I wanted to reply sooner, but I just kept forgetting. Hope you are doing fine, and sama-samaaa wkwk XD

- I'm sure Reksa was born to be popular lololol But the other characters are charming also! It was just so fun figuring out their character hehe Rama is so fun to talk to, even if with his... sad past.

- I'm glad I gave it a try as well! And I'm glad you made this game!

- PG15 haha lol No problemo, The tradition was just unexpected and interesting. I just think there are more in the universe! Hope I can see it someday~

- Aaah yeah, I know about the whole Sari and Rama story, and you make it a lot more sense. I think, I was not paying attention very well (since I was playing it in a Semester Test night LOL (I didn't study in the end, anyway... sooo...)), but I still think you can smoothen it up. Still a good job tho!

- Oh no, oh no. You only draw the CGs??? I'M SO SO SO SORRY. It's been long since I played the demo, and I only played it once, since I don't want to overplay it before the official release. I just remember that you are one of the artists, and the artwork is so nicely done! I'm sorry for not rechecking!

I'm in holiday right now, so I'm back in my hometown ^^ But I go to UPH, it's quite near haha

Your welcome!



I'm not sure if I've already commented this, but I have started a playthrough of this VN!

Wow! Thank you very much, Sophia! QuQ 

Here's praying for a smooth sail for your playthrough! I have no words to describe how happy and flattered I am to see someone likes my game enough to shoot a video of it TvT



I really enjoyed playing this! I've only played Reksa so far (and maybe forever? I don't think I can let the other boys woo me now that I've done Reksa's route. I probably should've saved him for last lol), but it's been an amazing experience. The art (both CG, bg, and sprites) are breathtaking and the sounds are complimentary to the story. I greatly enjoyed the lore you've written up for the characters. I'm grateful I got to play this and I look forward to your next project! I'm certain whatever you work on will be amazing!

Thank you, jaegermeister24! I'm so glad to hear you enjoyed yourself! >\\\< 

I'm flattered to hear you love the overall of my game ^^- I still have lots to learn & improve, but I'll do my best so you can return here and enjoy yourself again! 

And I see my boy, Reksa, is still occupying the number 1 in popularity x'D 

My next game is called "Nusantara: Bermuda Triangle". It's set in the same world but broader horizon --not a sequel mind you :'3 it's still in progress but I hope you'll come again later when it's finished!

Thank you for the warm support and see you again! 



Ah, yes! I have your next game on my list of to-play! I look forward to seeing the finished product and good luck! (and yes, Reksa is best bae, sorry Rama and Mitra, I'm just attracted to his Tsundere nature)

(1 edit) (+1)


Woah --Power received! X'D

Thanks for visiting, ladyhunale19! Your enthusiasm just made my day! I just wake up and your comment is like fireworks in the morning! 

Hahahahaha! Glad my power been received! Aaah! I'm so happy I found your game! โคโคโค


I downloaded this visual novel and found the visuals to be astoundingly beautiful! The music was lovely and I was impressed in general by the layout and the controls in the options menu. I was enjoying the storyline for the short time that I kept with it. Unfortunately, there were two things that bothered me enough that I stopped reading. I would like to share this feedback with you, and I hope you will find it helpful to your growth as a VN creator.

The first problem I encountered was that the English does not flow well. This usually happens when the writer speaks English as a second language, and I'm guessing this is the case here? I am a native English speaker and a person who appreciates the beauty of language used to its best potential. I am worried that you will read this review and feel defensive, and be angry for this criticism. Of course I wouldn't demand that anybody have a masterful grasp on a second language, but for the VN this is a problem that can be resolved by asking for help from other people. I also acknowledge that for many readers the grammar and flow is probably good enough.  For me, the awkward phrasing, unnecessary explanations, and occasional but noticeable mistakes kept pulling my mind away from the story, and sadly I couldn't let myself fall away into the unfolding world of Nusantara. The help of a talented editor who is a native speaker could have brought this VN to its full potential!

The other thing that I found uncomfortable was less important to me, but I'll mention it anyways. That was the visual effect of the fast-paced in/out fade of the picture (for example, during the dream scene and the drowning scene at the beginning.) It did accomplish a feeling in my body of suspense, but I found it to be a bit too stimulating. It hurt my eyes and I wondered if I'd get a headache from watching it. It would have been comfortable for me if either the pace was slower, or the blinking happened for maybe half the time, or possibly both. 

On that subject, I found the shaking screen to be a really cool effect--but devastatingly overused. If the picture only shook at the most important of times, it would really draw attention to those moments. Instead, it was happening every minute or two, and the novelty wore off quickly. There are many different ways to convey the shock of less important surprises.

Again, I hope my feedback is constructive to you as a creator. The art you have made here is beautiful, and to judge by other reviews on the page, the storyline sounds engaging. I wish you the best on your future projects!

Hi rlynnz! Thanks for dropping by and for the very kind advices! ^.^-

As you've guessed, yes, my native language is not English and I've been struggling with grammar errors/mistakes/flow for a long time now x_x 

I have 2 proofreaders to help with Bermuda's script now, but due to the very long story and duration, our eyes seemed to have grown dull or maybe it's just us missing a few mistakes here and there :"D (ah, I'm sure my proofreaders have their hands full with my less-than-tody raw script ><)

Hmm, I also often edited the script during the programming so yup, a lot of factors affecting the script x_x

Of course, I'll do my best to minimize the grammar error, but I do hope you'll bear with me if some still escaped our radar ^^;; 

As for the effects in the game; yes! Thank you for pointing it out! I usually check them myself and I admit, the shaking effect is a bit overused. Hmm I have half a mind to slow down the fade in and out effect from 1 second to 2 seconds, but some readers might find it a bit too slow since the story pace is already slow lol x'D 

Ah, but I'll take care so there are more effect variations available and hopefully, the time skip won't feel too dull!

However, if you maybe have a friend who you feel would be glad to volunteer as a proofreader, can you introduce them to me? I always look around for someone of native English that have some free time in their hands >< to help me and maybe teach me as time goes by :')

Thanks again and hope to see you around!




Thank you for your gentle and genuine reply!

This strikes me as a good time to switch to a private messaging system, but I am new to Itch and I don't see a function for that?

I would like to tentatively offer myself as a resource to help you with proofreading. I need to think about how much time I want to offer, but I do have extra time and I enjoy editing and story creation. Please let me know what you think about that, and if there is a way for us to continue this conversation without taking up more space on the comment board.



(1 edit)

Ah sorry for the late reply! My internet is having ups and downs these days >< doesn't have a messaging system, but do you have facebook? I'm really active over there!

If you do, please add me : Cecilia Sabrina Susanto. My profile picture is the same is this one.

Or maybe you can leave me your email? Since proofreading will take a lot of your time, how about becoming a beta tester when the game is almost complete? You can give me some notes about how to improve some specific scenes/pacing advices and I will edit them accordingly/adapt it better that way!



Hai SweetChiel ^^

Shock and amaze at the same time when I played the winged ones, because this otome game is the first Indonesian theme I've played ! I'm so proud of u ^^

Since finish playing this game, I always wondering what will happen with the heroine after choose to stay and a day to day life with her choosen love interest >_<

I really hope there's a sequel of the winged ones, and I totally love the story and character, same goes with the bermuda triangle otome ^^ (Secretly hoping there's another otome game with Indonesian theme) and I honestly love one of your otome project the Queen's Crown

Hope u stay healthy and keep up the good good good goooood work >_<

Hi n_ice05!

Thanks for playing and three cheers for you liking my game! x'D 
I'm honestly relieved; it was quite a challenge mixing Japanese and Indonesian culture together, but with people coming and telling me they like it like you, it makes it all worth it!

I don't think there would be a sequel for Winged Ones but I'm working on Bermuda right now so stay tuned!
Oh andQueen's Crown is my friend's game, not mine :'3 I'm just the CG artist~

You know every project I involve myself in and it's quite flattering >////< Thank you for your support!

Hope to see you around~


I really, really love this game and YOU, yes, you, SweetChiel, the developer.

I'm so proud, glad and happy that I can finally play otome game that has an Indonesian theme! I love the way you introduce our exotic animal (Reksha *cough*), traditional clothes and even our language, too.

The story itself is also very interesting and all the characters are well-developed, my fav is the cutie Reksha my bby //w// 

I'm looking forward to your next projects, especially the Bermuda Triangle. I wish you the best luck, and sorry that I can't really put a thorough review because it has been a long time since I played this game uwu

Anyways, semangat mbak sweetchiel! :3

Wow! Makasih, otomefreak!

I'm so glad to hear you enjoyed my game thoroughly! Moreover, quite a few Indonesians are playing my game my game now >///< I'm embarrassed, but glad to hear you likeit! ><

I mean, I thought no Indonesians play my game :'D VNs isn't that popular yet in my community and when they do want to read, a lot is asking me for Indonesia localization. But my goal is to introduce our culture to foreigner so... sadly, there's little to none I can do for localization and that means I don't get much of reviews from Indonesians *cry

Sekali lagi, makasih untuk supportny & stay tuned ya! >///<



Ahh! I just downloaded this a few days ago and at first, I was hesitating on downloading this, but after I did, I def did not regret it. The artwork, story, and characters are beautifully done, plus the guys are.....*cough cough* very cute. My favorite must be Mitra >////<, My second fav would be Reksa, and my third favorite would be Rama xD. I am very excited for your other game, I've already played the demo and I can't wait for more! 

Please update soon <3 I love your works so much

Hi again, Sugar~! 

Aww thank you for giving it a try and loving it in return >\\\< congrats on finishing and I'm so happy to hear you enjoyed yourself thoroughly! 

Another Mitra fan! Yay! X'D he often got overshadowed by Reksa so I'm happy you picked him! Thank you for giving all three of them a try tho :'3 

I update every Monday, but I write scripts very slowly so I hope you'll be patient with me :'D



Hey! I played this a few months ago and I can't believe I forgot to leave a review on this masterpiece ;-;

1.  I love how you integrate Indonesian culture! I'm not Indonesian myself, but Filipino culture has quite a few similarities from what I know so those aspects of the game were still quite relatable!

2. The art, music, writing, e v e r y t h i n g-- the game was absolutely beautiful! This was one of the few free games I played where most characters had their own story. Though some scenes were a little out of place such as the one where Tamara suddenly decided to visit Rama only to find him bounded by Mitra. It was especially out of place when playing Reksa's route. Also, I think someone mentioned this but it was also something I noticed. There weren't a lot of references to Rama's past other than the fact that there was "tragedy". Other than those two, it's all good. 

3. The routes themselves were wonderful! Though I had a lot of trouble on Rama's since I couldn't get his good ending for awhile. Reksa was my favorite haha. He was so protective of Tamara and I felt so guilty when he seemed betrayed by Tamara's "I'm a komodo from the north" lie. His protectiveness is just so adorable-- Reksa is just adorable. I remember his route the most because of how sweet he was. Don't get me wrong, all them were hella sweet but damn, Reksa was sweet in his own way. The way he seemed so panicked by the images from the pink crystal made my heart go dokidoki.

Rama and Mitra were great too. Rama kept pushing Tamara away at first but when he accepted her, the boy would have done everything for her. Rama's bad end was especially heart breaking as in. He suffered so much in the past and when Tamara died he just b r o k e. Poor dear, I really felt bad for him. As for Mitra, he was just so sweet. So sweet, I could've gotten cavities. His endings were great and super fluffy but I wonder how a bad end would gone. Pretty cruel, but I really do love my angst haha.

4. I heard about your upcoming game Bermuda and would like to ask when you think it would be completed. I know these VNs take a lot of time and effort to make so I'm willing to wait. I would just like to know when to check back because I don't really like being left hanging in demos haha.

Love your work! Keep it up :)

Hi, MegHazBottlz! 

Thanks for visiting and telling me your thoughts >\\\< 

First of all, thank you for playing and congrats for finishing all 3 routes! You made me blush and I smile from beginning to end ^^-

1. Thank you! It was a challenge, but I'm glad to see it all worked out in the end >< I don't know much about Filipino culture, but to hear there are some similarties and you enjoy how I write it is a honor! 

2 & 3. Ah, Reksa's fanbase is growing everyday lol why am I not surprised? X'D

You might've guessed it, but I'm a sucker for fluffs lol I hope you don't get diabetes when you finished all the routes x'D 

I'm also glad that you don't mind the 'dark' elements I slipped here and there :'3 I've been... attracted to dark fantasy these days and I think it will stay that way *cough* 

And yes, I see that Rama's events could be somewhat strange especially if you're not in his route o.o I'll take note of this so I can improve myself!

4. Hmm... this is a difficult question >< the script is around 65% finished (progress is at Winter Arc right now, still need to write Spring & Antagonist Route) so taking  account of making CGs, programming, and other small details, I'm hoping it will be finished at winter 2018. I'm a slow writer tho (slower than expected) so... unfortunately, I can't say for sure :'(

However, I do update every week at Monday so you might want to check it out now and then to see the progress ;)

Thanks for asking and thanks again for the warm support!



Now that I finally had an account, I need to review this game! Played without walkthrough at first, then I decided to use one when I can't get Rama's happy ending no matter how much I replay it urgh >///<

1. MITRA IS LOVE MITRA IS LYFE honestly I'm so betrayed whenever I play the rest of the game because he's too nice to me why can't boys be like Mitra aaahh~ and why kissing people at the chin is way more attractive than the lips? Sweetchiel please cure me :( Reksa came closely as the second place, though! His character slightly reminded me of Hak from Akatsuki no Yona. And although Rama's story is the most interesting, I somehow can't really love him like the rest of the boys, sorry! I consider him as the little brother I would like to protect with my life and along with Mitra (although Rama's bad ending is my favorite!)

2. My lecturer joined the Indonesian VN creator FB group and mentioned your game in the class. Since I need references to finish my project, I decided to look up your game to enjoy Mitra's godly bod, and I reallllyyy wish I could integrate Indonesian culture as good as yours, like, dang gurl the culture integration was well done! Not a cringe-fest! Yay!

3. the art, since there's so many six packs and glorious wings i wish angels in heaven look like this the story! I thought Mitra's was already good but the more I play, the more I got captivated! basically I only played Rama because of the story I'm sorry

4. Just like your next game Nusantara: Bermuda, I dislike the UI design (too clutter-y?) and the crowd's animation (too crowded!). There's also some serious problem with the game flow. For example, since I played Mitra first, I wonder when did I agree to look out for Rama ...? Turns out it was a Rama-oriented event.

5. After playing the last demo, and considering how you write Rama's route, YES. I'lll give you my money (preferably if you sell it in Steam because the price in Indo market will be cheaper? I'm still a broke college student and saving 3 bucks means a lot T_T)

Hi chocochino! Thanks for coming by and reviewing!

1. Yay! A new chin fetish is created! I'm really glad to hear Mitra is getting more love from you :'D and thank you for giving all 3 bachelors a try! I haven't read/watch akatsuki no yona yet, but I'll take note to look for the similarties -And wow, quite a lot of people is liking Rama's bad end x'D 

2. This. Just this sentence from you is making my day :"D I never thought a lecturer would mention my game! It's such an honor and thank you for choosing mine as a reference! 

Hahah, I was really worried, y'know? I also experiment a lot in Winged Ones and sometimes I wing it, I'm really relieved with the warm welcome you guys give me ^^- thank you!

3. Hahah, you flatter me >\\\< I know that I still have lots to learn as a writer and I have rooms for development, but I'll do my best to lv up for you!

4. Yeah, I agree u.u I sometimes wonder how to not make the UI so clutter-y (I think I have no self control :"D like a squirrel stacking up nuts?)

As for the crowd... hmm, would it be better not to animate them and let the sillhouette stay still in the background? O.o I notice the animation could be confusing, but I thought it would make readers focus more on the colored characters x'D

Thanks for pointing this out! I'll try to decrease the crowd animation (make it slower) or maybe just make them stay still!

And yes, a reader told me that Rama would sometimes pop up by himself x'D I was trying to integrate Rama into the main story, but I guess making him pop when you're not in his route is not natural. I'll take note of this!

5. Thank you for your support! And yes, I'm planning to try steam for Bermuda. But I'll have to learn how to upload it over there and write many papers. So it will probably take more time instead of uploading it in

Thanks again for coming, chocochino! Nothing makes me happier than the return of a satisfied reader :")



Played this over a year ago, I think, so now that I have an account, I'm making sure to comment on my favorite visual novels!

I really like the worlding and lore of this game, along with the visuals. It's difficult for me to choose which among the three is my favorite, as they all strike me in different ways. Even the non-romanceable characters are captivating, and most everyone there was really like family. (I forgot their names and don't have enough data to re-download right now but) I find it adorable when the couple with whom Tamara stays bicker. The story is also funny in just the right places, as I remember the brother figure being protective of his wife when things got bad.

In terms of areas for improvement, I think other comments have already brought up Rama's characterization. I guess something that could be done to help us empathize with Rama more is to spread out more hints of his former love throughout the other routes, or in the general route. Think of something as small as villagers comparing Tamara to a girl "who used to live here" or a child wondering "why does Rama wear a feather when he's not married?"

I suppose right now your focus is on your new game, but just in case this suggestion ends up worth something one day. :) 

I also played the demo for Nusantara: Bermuda and the art is as amazing as ever, if not better. It's definitely funding-worthy. :) Good luck, SweetChiel!

I forgot to mention: an appeal of your VNs is how they're both family-oriented. It's seen in Nusantara: Bermuda, but it's also present in the first Nusantara, it just so happens Tamara's family isn't the uncle(?) but her parents and the people she met after being sent to another world. I personally like this orientation because it's true to life, it's realistic. I'm not against individualism exactly but sometimes when we write stories, we tend to focus on the character journeying out that building their family's story becomes forgotten or a burden. I once scoured the entirety of the games listed on Ren'Py's site and most of them lacked this balance. I'm hoping that the MC in Nusantara: Bermuda stays true to her original motivation, despite her family being out of picture for most of the story, but since that was the reason why she agreed to Fate in the first place, I think you'll do fine and she'll follow through it eventually.

Hi there, DiskartetHaraya! 

Wow, a returnee from a year ago! QuQ I feel special and touched that you still remember this game and came by to drop me your review >\\\<

I'm really happy to hear and see that you enjoyed Nusantara thoroughly despite its unique elements -and you flatter me >\\\< I still have much to learn in order to make a good story, but yes, I believe that no minor character is unimportant. Everything have their purposes and they weave the story -no, breathes life into the story.

Ah and I agree that I should put more hints regarding Rama's feather! It just hits me that I only remember the old man that only said 'it was a tragedy' and your idea about making innocent question coming from a child idea really could be included in the scene to strengthen the impact -gah! 

I'll take care to re-examine my current script so I won't make the same mistake, and thank you for the insight! m(_ _)m

I'll do my best, but just in case -I'll apologise in advance if I do make the same blunder :"D especially the thing about the grammar. My proofreaders and I are apparently getting a bit 'numb' due to my textwall-like-script *cough

Oh and I'm so glad to hear you like Bermuda too! ^///^ some people dislike the slow paced opening about Maya's family so it cheers me up to see new people enjoying and understanding the appeal I was trying to convey. 

Lastly, thank you for the warm support! It had been rough lately so your encouragement just made my day...!



I have played through all of the routes already and have dubbed the nicknames for the bois XD

Reska = Loki because hell it works XD

Rama: SPN Lucifer 

Mitra = Thor because honestly he is a giant teddy bear. 

Now out of all of them Reska is still meh favorite. God damn that snake is a possessive flirt ahhhhhhhhh XD be still my beating heart. The part were he licks the main characters would i died. Like actually fell off my chair and passed out lol XD

I do have a few questions to ask though. 

One why is it that in Rama's route the main villian (forget his name sorry) calls him a brother? ???? 0-0 That is what was curious about all of this. 

Secondly I think the only thing that would make this game even better is being able to insert  your name into the story itself. Aside from that this game is amazing. I loved it.

Hi MariaDarkchild! 

Thank you for playing and glad to hear you enjoyed yourself thoroughly >\\\< I'm very happy to hear you played all three routes!

Reksa is still the most popular I see ;) hahah, I sometimes blush when I remember what I've written... (what was I thinking when I write those scenes? *squirm)

As for your questions:

1. Purba doesn't literally mean Brother x'D he meant that he felt a connection with Rama. Therefore, he calls him Brother, it's half to provocate him and half happy that he met the same kin. 

I mean, Rama is pretty dark. Rama explains this in his Happy End epilogue, remember? ;)

2. Yes, some people also gave me the same advice as yours, that's why I made the name change-able in my 2nd project, Bermuda! X'D

Thanks again for the love and hope to see you around! (Hopefully in my 2nd game!)



More games YASSSSS XD also don't worry about the Reska route to much. He was a well built character and I applaud your team for not only the artwork but the game itself. 

Rama is dark and i can agree xD hence the reason the nickname Lucy fits but he is such a sweet cinnamon bun deep down (admin cried when Rama Senpai died)

In any case I can't wait to see the next game you come out with I am sure it will be as great and as romantic as the first Nusantara. x3 Anyway Forever a fan and hopefully now Friend 

Maria Darkchild x3

Yuup, the script is half-finished right now x'D 
The demo for Bermuda is also up in my page if you're interested <3 but it's still a long way to go for the complete ver. *I'm working on Script + programming + CG/BG with the exception of sfx/bgm, so the progress is slow but sure~ you're really too kind with the compliments >////< you made me blush *cough*

Oh and all of my dear readers -plus the ones that are lurking behind the shadows & bushes -are my friends already the moment they decided to give Nusantara a try x'D 

See you around, MariaDarkchild! 
You're free to come and go, but a visit always brighten my days, so thanks!



Heh No problem SweetChiel I am happy to give input on your games. x3 Its kinda what makes gaming visual novels fun yah know? Being able to talk with your followers.  So you use Script+ instead of Renpy to code this game? 0-0 I have never heard of it though -.- To be honest I have been trying to make a fan game based on a famous actor known as hiddleston but sadly my art is not as good as my writing. XD But yeah. Again I love your games so continue doing great. x3 Anywho. If I can ever be of any other help let me know. x3 

Hmm? I'm using python in Ren'Py to code/program it later x'D I also don't know what script+ is lol what I mean by 'script + programming + CG...etc' is that I'm doing lots of work now *cry

I never heard of Hiddleston ><; -or honestly, I don't know many famous actor's names due to my ignorance. I only remember about Johny Deep and Benedict due to their unique characters lol 

I usually dont watch tv often so forgive me that I didnt know of him :"D 

But I'm sure you can do it! Keep on practicing and do it little by little ans it will be done befor you know it! 

Let's do our best together :'3



(3 edits)

I have been so excited to finally finish the game and write this! This was such an amazing, interesting, and captivating story. I'm so glad I found it! The visuals were beautiful, the characters were beautiful, it's all beautiful. 

I'm so in love with every guy, they all have their own unique personalities and traits. But, I think Reksa is my favorite (I do love reptiles a lot lol). I especially love how you used Indonesia as an inspiration! I loved learning about their customs.

Besides the grammatical errors, the writing was spectacular. Honestly, I'd love to play a sequel to the game, maybe, where we get to revisit Loma Village and the characters!

I would definitely pay for the next game you decide to make. I loved it so much. Have you considered putting it on Steam? I don't know what's all involved, but I know it would get a lot of attention there. 

(Rama reminds me of Natsu from Fairy Tail!)

Hi Eilonwy! Thanks for visiting and reviewing! I'm so glad to hear you enjoyed Winged Ones thoroughly >\\\<

I see Reksa is still the champ of the popularity poll x'D yes, I think most of my games will have Indonesia elements in it -I was a bit worried about it at first,but I'm so glad you like it!

The grammar error is certainly my eternal nemesis :"D I've been fighting it with my proofreaders since forever, but plese excuse us if some escaped our radar >< 

And yes! I've been thinking about adding this game to Steam along with Bermuda. But we'll see, I'm focusing on finishing Bermuda first ~

I don't know about revisiting Loma village, but there is a cameo of Rama/Mitra/Reksa in Bermuda ;) 

Thank you for your support and hope to see you again in the future!



P.S. Lol really? X'D I don't read/watch Fairy Tail, but Natsu is the one with red hair, right? I think I'll check it out in my free time :'3 

I do have something to ask, though. Is it okay if I message you on tumblr and ask there?

Hmm, how about via my facebook fanpage?

I haven't opened my tumblr for a long time because of internet problem (takes forever to load tumblr!) and I'm usually very active in facebook x')

Heya there, SweetChiel! 

I've played this game over three months ago but the characters and plot are so memorable that they stay in my mind! This game is the epitome of pure awesomeness and I can't help myself but to (at last) write a comment! I love every part of it and some people might deem me as weird but I love Rama's route- both the bad and good ending, followed by Reksa and Mitra. Reksa's route was great as well, but Rama's route stayed fresh in my mind probably because I played his last. Your art is super and the plot is so good. I like the moral lessons that you put in, and I think it will inspire a lot of people to not abuse power. (Especially our country's corruption...)    Oops.

It's amazing how you put in Indonesian cultures in there! (Yes, aku orang Indonesia juga, haha) Somehow it makes me feel the Indonesian pride. But honestly, though, I think you should be recognized by President Jokowi for spreading Indonesia's culture to the world in such a beautiful game. Well, in the end, I don't know if it's just me or your perfection, but I don't have any complaints about the game.

And I will definitely buy your next game when I am old enough to work and get my own money! Your game will be the first thing I'll buy!

Thank you for creating such a wonderful game! God bless you and keep up the awesome work!

Hi El.Seth! Thanks for visiting and for the kind review! You made me blush >\\\<

I'm very glad to hear fellow Indonesian played this! (Banyak orang indo yang malas main soalnya bahasa english >_<;) at first I was not so confident with my story/plot though -because it's a high-end fantasy and you know how rare VNs with Batik or other traditional elements -but I'm glad I decided to take the risk! Thank you for enjoying this game thoroughly :"D nothing makes me happier than this.

And no -I don't dare to hope meeting the president x'D 

But I do hope our country will develop more respect and love toward art though.

And thank you for your support! Bernuda still has a long way to go so I hope you'll walk beside me as I post the progreas updates every week :"3

Thanks again and I hope to see you again in the future!



Saya sangat suka game ini!

Seriously, apart from some grammar, continuity,  and spelling issues (which I can forgive) I really love the characters, their development, growth, mysteries and Reksa!

Some other commentators have talked about the role of the woman being very stereotypically feminine in this game - but to be honest, this is the past, and this is war - the men fight, the women feed the men and look after all domestic chores.

I haven't tried Rama or Mitra's route yet - I had my eyes set on Reksa from the word 'go', and his route exceeded my expectations.  The MC is spunky, spirited, human and quite relatable. Even the professional Japanese otome game (Amnesia, I'm looking at you) did not come close to having this sort of meaningful content.

I can't wait to see more from you! If this was your first game - your story was so good, that it has set a very high bar for the next one.

I'll be happy to help proofread your next game for free if you like :)

Much love from Malaysia!

Hi and thanks for visiting, Ilyiashah!

I'll definitely work hard to meet your expectations >///<
I have two proofreaders now, but I hope you'll forgive me if there are still grammar problems in it :'D
I think it's because I edited the script a lot and I sometimes forget to tell them about it *cough* but maybe it's also because we read too much texts and our eyes dulled over time x_x I dunno, but I appreciate every readers that point out some grammar problems/typos every now and then :'3

Thank you for your offer! I'll keep it in mind and I hope to see you again in the future when Bermuda is finished!


Gan , sekedar saran mungkin bisa mereview game buatan indonesia. Aku saranin review deh game ini , bagus banget . Game genrenya Rpg dengan sistem dan bahasanya indonesia . Ceritanya lumayan seru , menceritakan sejarah kerajaan indonesia . dengan karakter khas indonesia. Gamenya bisa dimainkan di PC dsn android. Mungkin dengan agan mereview game ini bisa mengangkat dan mempopulerkan karya anak bangsa sehingga makin di segani oleh masyarakat indonesia

Follow akunku ya , kita sesama developer indonesia harus saling support

Makasih ya

Ini link gamenya :

Hi gingersun, 

Sebelumnya mohon maaf, tapi market kita berbeda. Saya genre visual novel dan market saya itu orang luar jadi mereka tidak akan mengerti jika gamenya berbahasa indonesia. Game saya berbahasa inggris dengan elemen adat indonesia karena goal saya adalah mengenalkan budaya indonesia sedikit demi sedikit ke mereka. Jadi mungkin kita tidak nyambung jika saya coba mempromosikan game anda disini.

Saya sarankan untuk post game anda di komunitas RPG game atau grup FB. Kalau gamenya bagus, otomatis orang pasti akan comment/review. Tapi coba tambahkan review/pertanyaan macam apa yang anda ingin mereka jawab. Apakah soal cerita, karakter favorit,dll?

Kita memang sesama dev indonesia, tapi sayangnya kita berbeda jalan. Saya doakan market indonesia makin luas dan game anda sukses.

Salam hangat,


Minta bantuannya aja untuk follow akun gameku dan kalau bisa di beri comment atau pendapat agan , Setelah selesai beri rating untuk game ku ya , makasih sebelumnya. Supaya bisa membantuku untuk menaikkan rating gameku

Ini Linknya :

maaf, saya tidak main RPG maker jadi tidak bisa memberi rating jujur. Tunggu saja ya ginger, rating itu butuh waktu tidak bisa cepat-cepat.




Hi I really need help getting Rama's and reska's ending I could only choose the explosives to give to him.....Please help me the link didn't show up any information.....

Wait what does the new version include? 

Hi Maria! So sorry for this late reply >< 

The Ren'Py version has less bugs and crashes compared to the old Novelty version. The story line isn't different tho 

Excuse me but I cant get Rama or Reksa happy ending no matter what I do........I would very much like help and I commented.....It only gives me the option to give explosives why?!?!?!?!?!?!? I've been playing the game for 2 days now 

Hi, OkamiChan! Have you tried following the walkthrough?

I hope with this you will be able to get the happy endings!

Nothing pops up besides the comments unfortunately.....I cant see any written instructions..

Aah, that's because the text is hidden x'D

Try click + drag your mouse over the whites

I played this for one day non-stop, 9 hours to be exact! I totes love your stories!

Hi JKJessica!
I hope I didn't disturb your sleeping schedule much x'D

I'm very happy to hear you loved it until you can't stop playing! Thank you for enjoying it thoroughly and I hope to see you again in my next game!

No, Thank you! I love your novels, I hope you continue your hard work!>.< 

I'm about to give up on Rama...I loved him so much, but finding his good ending gives me headaches TT TT

(2 edits)

You're not alone Andrea00842 x'D
Quite a lot of people get stuck trying to get Rama's Good End!

The trick is to save Reksa & 'Be honest' , later you will have to be careful; focus on Rama's scenes and don't see Mitra's scenes at all. Rama is very insecure & hate liars.

I hope it helps!


also anyone else concerned that Rama was called brother in the game by evil lizard face whose name i forget? HELP MEH! XD

x'D lol I feel your concern! 

Um i played through all the routes and to be honest my favorite bachleor is Reska. GOD DAMMIT THAT LIZARD IS HOT FOR BEING COLD BLOODED XD lol But i did get salty at Rama's death though

Thanks for playing & enjoying it thoroughly MariaDarkchild!
Ahhh, nothing beats the feeling when I heard another person have read all 3 routes of my children QuQ 

It's also interesting to see so many people have typo on Reksa's name though x'D 
I hope to see you again in my next game!


(1 edit)

1. Which bachelor you like the most? and why?

     I absolutely adored Mitra and knew that I would right from the start. He is just that honorable, sweet, loving man every woman deserves. The way he courts Tamara is so beautiful. Everything about him is just awesome. I loved the other two as well, just not quite as much. Reksa is passionate and possessive, but not overly so, just enough to make him hot. I also thought Rama's story was beautifully written and executed. He was someone that I felt an instant connection with and also someone that I could relate to. I did his path first and that made it much harder for me when he died in later paths. I may have cried a few times.

2. What makes you consider to play this game?

     I was looking for a visual novel I knew I wouldn't want to immediately put down and this one caught my eye. The artwork stood out right away, but I think the description sold it for me. I got the impression that the story would be engaging enough to keep me interested and I was not disappointed. From the very bottom of my heart, thank you for being original.

3. Overall, what do you think about this visual novel? and what element stands out the most? (art? story? character?)

    This VN is a masterpiece. The thing that stood out the most for me were the characters, all of them. I fell in love with Asih and Yuda very early on and Sukma felt like family. I was really invested in trying to make their world better for them. It says a lot about your story-telling abilities that I cared so much about them. The avians will forever hold a special place in my heart.

4. Do you have any question or constructive critiques? I will read all the comments and reply to them like I do in Lemmasoft.

     I know others have already stated as much, but the grammar is off in parts and it took me a minute to understand what was being stated sometimes. It isn't the spelling, just the way things are worded that threw me a bit. It's not off enough for it to affect the way I feel about the story or characters, just enough that I noticed it was a problem. Also, I don't think I enjoyed Reksa's path quite as much as I should have simply because I didn't get as much interaction with the other characters and I felt wrong lying to and stealing from people who were genuinely good to me. I understand the reasoning behind it, it just made me feel so guilty that I found it difficult to really invest in his route the way I would have wanted.

5. Last but not least, if I make another visual novel, will you consider buying it? via patreon or kickstarter that is (since I need to eat, electricity, and such things when I make VNs xD)

     Absolutely, I would buy it. You deserve to be paid just like any other game creator. I am aware of your Bermuda Triangle project and am keeping a close eye on the development of that game:) That being said, thanks so much for making this one free so that I could discover you and your talents.

Edit:  Spelling error.

Hi luvmyboyz!
Thanks for spraing some time to review! 

1. First of all, I'm sorry for this long overdue reply and thank you for giving all three bachelors a chance!
I'm happy to see Mitra getting popular lately, but I agree that the way he courted Tamara was very beautiful! It was very fun to write and I sometimes blushed whenever I re-read that particular event... *sigh* and thank you! There's nothing that can make me happier to hear my story managed to touch your heart until you cry :') thanks for playing & thanks for enjoying this game thoroughly from beginning until end!

2. You're welcome! I was pretty skeptical at first but I'm glad to see many people welcoming my concept with open arms!

3. You flatter me >< I still have lots to learn and there are rooms for improvement -however, I do believe that every character is important. After all, everyone has a story to tell and their relationships with each other are one of the elements that will make my VN feels 'alive'.  Thank you for giving so much love to Yuda, Asih, and Sukma :'D 

4. Yuup, my nemesis from the past years until now is still grammar x_x I have proofreaders and despite the multiple checking, there're always some things we fail to notice. I just hope it's not too awkward/disturb your experience ^^; 

and yes, I noticed that Reksa's route is much more 'desolate' compared to the others >< and sorry for making you feel guilty but the situation demands it u.u

5. Thanks for your support luvmyboyz! I progress much slower compared to other teams though so I hope you can be patient and walk beside me until it's finished :'3

Thanks again and see you again in the future!


(2 edits)


So...I was replaying Reksa's route and I found this while almost falling out of the tree with Rama..

Nice. I re-found the typo.

Edit: When I got to the Reksa vs Puba scene I found a minor thing, but its a line that moved above Reksa when he moved and it vanished a couple of times. Im going to the Good End btw too. Lol It kinda looks like a bird or cloud. While Im watching them fight, it might follow Puba instead? No clue. 

Oh, my! Thank you 69;)!
Hahah, I keep missing small things like these x'D 

That thing above Reksa's head is a colour in his sprite that I forgot to erase. So yup, it's from the sprite file x_x 
Thanks for telling me about it & I'm sorry about my clumsiness >< 


(1 edit)

Lol its okay! We are all human we make mistakes! I was amused when I found it too 

Im also excited about your new game. Too bad it aint a sequel, I really would enjoy one! 

Edit: I was looking at your typo and laughed. You have the word pun in there . Thats a great pun too! Haha.

(1 edit)

I loved this game SO much! Also, what is the music on the main menu screen called? Also, Reksa is amazing and HOOOOOOTTT!!

Thanks Frostfire175!
The title of the music on main menu is RPGTheme_v001 by Eric Matyas! He made a lot of free musics in!



i would love to see a sequel of this game.You have done an incredible job on this Sweet! Keep up the great work โ˜บ

Thanks rebelxpure!
Lots of people suggested it but I'm still somewhat skeptical >< let's just see in the future whether I will get a vision or inspiration to write small sequels for the boys ~

no problem, and if there is no sequel and I am looking forward to the new games you create.

I did have a question would you ever consider hearing ideas from your gamer fans. ^^

no problem, and if there is no sequel and I am looking forward to the new games you create.

I did have a question would you ever consider hearing ideas from your gamer fans. ^^

Do you have any plans to have the characters be voiced? And if so, would I be able to audition?

(1 edit)

I have clocked so many hours into this game since owning it for..... months (so long I don't honestly remember). I have played each route at least 5 times each (especially Reksa because DAMN he is a brilliant specimen ;3). HOWEVER. EACH TIME I PLAY I HAVE BUT ONE QUESTION. I have gone insane trying to piece this puzzle together, so now I am finally asking: what is supposed to be rhyming in the line spoken month 5 week 2?

No disrespect by the way. This is in my top 5 favorite otomes (I've played a great many of them >.>). I just have this overwhelming desire to know what exactly was meant here, or maybe I'm just dumb.

lol no problem at all ivyThesaurus x'D thanks for dropping by and ask!

That is just Tamara and her awful sense of rhyme. Really :"))  she thought 'no strength to figHT because of an empty stomaCH" those two sounds similar in a forced way lol. 


Finished all three routes yesterday and I have to say, I'm really impressed with how well done this visual novel is. What I love the most is how it is based on Indonesian culture (including the character design of the bachelors) and I learned quite a bit about it. I'd love to see more games with non-white characters and real world cultures. Also Reksa is best guy, don't even try to convince me otherwise.

Hi triquester! Thanks for visiting and telling me your thought!

I'm really happy to hear you finished all routes & enjoyed yourself ^///^ I was quite worried since I'm still learning how to mix Indonesian cultures with Fantasy, but gosh, I was so relieved by your warm welcome!

My next project (Nusantara: Bermuda Triangle) also have Indonesian cultures, but this one will be more complex since I'm assimilating it with fantasy AND another culture. If you're still interested in the future, please give it a try and tell me if I'm doing good or not. 

Thanks again and hope to see you again!


I didn't think you would reply omg I'm- (O//A//O)

I think you did a great job with mixing Indonesian culture with fantasy and I already have your next project on my watch list! <3 

(The part below this contains spoilers, read at your own discretion)

I forgot to mention in my last comment that I also really liked Rama's route (but Reksa is still my waifu) because of your depiction of mental illnesses. I liked that it took him long to accept his feelings for the MC and that she didn't pressure him into anything and stayed by his side. As a person who has a mental illness, it made me really happy because these kind of things aren't a joke and what we need is not advice, but love and support from the people who mean most to us.

(end of spoiler)

Anyway, great game and you'd best be sure that I'll play every single one that you churn out because you are AWESOME :D

AAHH! This is,by far,my favourite visual novel ever. ^^ And keep in mind,I've yet to complete the entire game,having done only one of the routes.The thing that caught my eye was definitely the story,it's a really cool,and I also like the art style.Haven't seen anything like it before,so I like it a lot.All in all,a good game.

P.s. Reksa is bae. :3

(1 edit)

Hi vnlover! Thanks for your enthusiasm x'D I see Reksa strikes again hahah

I still have a lot to learn and improve but I'm very happy to hear you like my art & story QuQ
Take your time finishing it & I hope you enjoy it thoroughly until the end! 

Hope to see you again,


Let me say this first. Greetings from Planet Bekasi! XD

I'm SOOO GLAD I finally found another Indonesian VN creator!! ^_^ Now I have more motivation to actually write my own VN. Thank you soooooo much for daring to brave the (non-urban) fantasy genre! You give me hope as a fantasy would-be writer! 

I also love how you're not using Wayang as primary inspiration. Not that there's anything wrong with that - it's just that... it's been done like, *forever*, and I'm reaaally tired of seeing Ramayana-Mahabarata characters being recycled in Indonesian fantasy fiction. Like, our country is rich with history and mythology! Wayang isn't the only good source of inspiration, surely XP Thank your for being innovative!

I'll answer your questions once I've finished Rama and Reksa's routes. I chose Mitra first because he's such a sweetheart! I'm a sucker for sweet, gentle guys. I don't know, I feel really... safe around him. He's probably the kind of guy I'd want to marry IRL lol.

On a side note, one of my leading characters' name is Yuda, so it's quite funny to see your Yuda! My Yuda is probably your Yuda's polar opposite lol (he's more like Mitra in terms of personality). And somehow both their lady's names begin with A and only consist of 4 letters (well, at least the nickname). XP Asih and Yuda are sooo cute together, I won't even dare to want Yuda as love interest, heheheh.

Waaah, so sorry for this late reply ><; 

Hi CuriousCat and Planet Bekasi! *high five* 
I'm so excited to see fellow Indonesian creator! -and yes, you have no idea how much I worried about how people will receive my story x'D After all, there is little to no visual novels that implements Indonesian cultures. But thankfully, the people here have big hearts and the warm welcome astounds me! Be confident with your own story and just do it! x'D yes, people will give you critiques/comments, but as long as it's interesting & you did your best, there will be no regrets!

And lol, Yuda is certainly a good name x'D I spent quite a lot of time browsing javanese names + asking my friends lol

As for Wayang... sadly, I haven't had the chance to watch Wayang so I have no idea what it is about :')) if I do and find something good, I might try and implement it lol -but of course, we must find a good way to tell the readers!

I'm really interested to hear your thoughts so l'lll wait patiently until you finish all the routes :'3 

See you again!


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