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Hi, I am a little unsure of how to download and open this file. I have a MacBook but I am unable to get Winrar. I downloaded The Unarchiver but it too did not work. Is there anyway I can play this? I really want to as it looks like a fantastic game.

Hi, Popfizz731!
Aah, I'm sorry to hear about your difficulties ><; I'm not that familiar with MacBook and I've used Winrar for a long time (practically the only software I know which can be used to compress files), so...

Can I suggest you borrow your friend's laptop maybe? I think you can only open winrar with Windows. After that, you can copy the content to your USB/HDD. I'm afraid that's all I can think of x_x;

Aw thank you so much for your response! I still struggled a bit but it may just be my macbook. I know that I would be able to download it on my home windows computer but I know I use my macbook for almost everything and my whole family uses the windows computer. I'm sure its just user error; I'm not the best with electronics >-<. Thank you again for your help, I may just download this and play on my family computer.

I was replaying this today and I loved it! I always come back to play this game like every six months for some reason. I was curious though when I played Reksa's route. Tamara mentioned him possibly being younger than us, how old are we and the love interests if i may ask?


Hi, Txara!
I'm really sorry for the late reply Q^Q I somehow missed the notification and only noticed it today!

Nevertheless, I'm always happy to hear people are still replaying Winged Ones and loving it >////<

To answer your question; Tamara is 19 yo, Reksa and Rama are 20 yo, while Mitra is 22 yo -^.^-

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I've always been fascinated by the concept of winged humans, so this novel was moderately interesting. However, those who want to try this novel out should be aware that there is, if I assumed right, a character that does technically commit suicide at some point (Rama). When this happened it left a grim impression through out the rest of the story, at least for me it did. Similarly, there are not so many options, which is fine by me and just depends on the gusto of the reader. All in all, it was a very interesting game and it exposes the player to a bit of Indonesian culture, which I appreciated!


Hi, Silver Empress!
Thanks for dropping by and for warning the others before playing Winged Ones ^.^
(don't forget to put #SPOILER tag though, some might not want be spoiled ><)

I did put up warnings in bold on the game page: Swearing, Blood, Death, Flashing Lights, Mentions of Suicide and Depression.
But yes, if the player doesn't enter Rama's route, something terrible will happen Q_Q he is my first most complicated character I've ever created and I did so in order to increase the awareness for people who has depression and suicidal thoughts.

So... if you persisted and finished all 3 routes, congratulations!
I hope you had a great time and I know it's not perfect but I'll do my best to improve every day as an author! >:D


Yes, sorry for not placing the tag earlier. I had seen the "suicide" mention warning, but I did not expect for it to fully happen since it's not something that has occurred in previous VNs I have played @>@. I apologize if I sounded somewhat hostile by the way ಠ_ಠ . But I do want to thank you for including such a well developed character and appreciate the time and effort you put in this story. I enjoyed all routes and hope to see more work from you soon. Good wishes!   ʕ-ᴥ-ʔ


I undestand, many are also surprised/shocked that Rama turned that way ><; and don't worry! You don't sound hostile at all, I just hope I cleared any misunderstanding(?) that we may have ~ I always appreciate honesty--you can also be blunt/point out any loopholes/grammar mistakes like my proofreaders did and I'll gladly accept them with open arms! (My proofreaders are turning me into a masochist ROFL it hurts but I'll grow that way they said x"D)

Thank you again and I hope to see you around!



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I've played the OG version of the game a couple times, as well as the new version. It's one of my absolute favorites, so I'm sliding in here to leave a comment for you!

    1. Which guy did you like the most and why? 
    Definitely Reksa. I'm a sucker for edgy boys, for one, but also liked the progression of stranger-to-ally-to-love. Made the bond between MC and Reksa feel real. That being said, Rama was also excellent in terms of trauma and recovery. The MC being patient with him, I think, was well done.
    2. Do you play a lot of otome/visual novels? What made you choose to play Nusantara? 
    Yes, I play tons of otome games. I chose Nusanatara because I enjoy fantasy elements, and this seemed to fit the bill for sure. I definitely was new to Indonesian culture, so seeing those elements was a welcome surprise as well.
    3. Which element of the game would you say was the best and which ones would you say need work? Consider story, art, characters, music etc. 
    I think the best aspect of the game was how realistically the MC bonded with each love interest. The slow-ish accumulation of language and cultural elements, the fact that most of the time there was a natural relationship progression.. both of those things made for a better romance game, in my opinion. Also, while not the longest or most gameplay-complex otome game out there, I think there's a place for ones that focus in on story with very little to distract from it. If you wanted to add more complexity to the gameplay (such as elements that would sort of "change the MC's personality" via certain actions, choices, or character creation options), that could be a good addition.
    4. Do you have any other questions, comments or constructive criticism? 
    Definitely loved the Indonesian cultural elements. If, in a future endeavor, you continued to delve into your native culture, please expand upon that so those of us unfamiliar with it can learn more! I'm really glad in the new version you added an encyclopedia/codex!

Thank you so much for making this game! I'm planning on making my own game, myself, and Nusantara is one of the games that encouraged me to give it a try! :)

Hi, TaroTarot!
Thank you for playing and dropping by! I'm so touched to hear you played Winged Ones over and over again QuQ

1. Reksa, my boy. I'm so proud of you! Also, thank you for being patient with Rama ^.^-
Not many people likes his route--I understand why, but still--thank you for giving him a chance and I'm glad to hear you think his route is well done!

2. I also enjoy fantasy elements~ I guess we're in the same boat :'3
The Indonesian element was a wild card I hesitated to play, but I glad I did! The warm welcome still surprises me until now ><

3. Yes, I try my best to let relationships develop as naturally as possible--but while this should count as one of my 'strengths', it's also a weakness because I always ended up putting too much time in polishing/programming :'D 
Hence, the slow progress I made with my 2nd project OTL
I'll do my best to improve! 

4. Definitely! In addition to Indonesian Culture, I also started to dip my fingers into Medieval Western Culture for the sake of my 2nd project -^.^)/ it's a slow process and as I try to expand my world, I might make some mistakes--but if you don't mind, let's learn together!

Thanks again for dropping by and I'm so glad to hear my work inspired you!
Good luck, take your time, and I hope to hear from you again~


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I haven't played the games.. But i'm planning to finish the game soon.
Btw, I'm from Indonesia, and I'm learning how to make VN at the moment, seeing someone/creator from the same country triggers me to do my best, your works inspire me ^^

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Hi, shytomato!
No worries, take your time and you can tell me your thoughts once you're finished -^.^-

Good luck  with your VN! I hope your study is doing well and thank you! I'm flattered to hear my work inspired you >///<


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  1. I like Mitra the most. I love giant soft boi who is good children lmao. I kinda like Rama too tho, kinda can relate to him. And Reksa is lowkey remind me of that one vine that goes “is that a mini dinasour?” “you dumb bish thats a komodo dragon” lmaooo sorry
  2. I played a lot of otome game ngl (I’m lonely af). I’m actually Indonesian tho, when I saw this game title, I know I had to download this. And the cover is hella pretty.
  3. Love the plot, the art, and the music. But the sound is little bit too loud in my opinion :/
  4. No, not really. I love this game sm ♡ (lmao my english is a mess sorry)

Hi, Kay! Congrats on finishing all the routes!
Thanks for dropping by and taking the time to write me a review! ^.^ 

1. D'aww I'm glad to hear that! Same here, I also have a soft spot for men who are good with kids >///< 
Thank you for loving the boys and lol, I had to check 'is that a mini dinasour' vine to know what you mean and... lol, let's just say I'm amused x'D

2. Thank you! I used to play a lot of otome games too, but now, I read lots of novel/translations online because I don't have time to play ;u;
And hi, to fellow Indonesian! I feel you kak, sy kerja d rmh + mls keluar jdny klo lg gk kerja biasany baca novel/komik *lonely too, but as an introverted person, going out is like... eh x-x

3. I see, thank you for pointing that out! I'll try my best to adjust the sound ><; I know I have some problem with that, because the sound/BGM volume varies depending whether you use headphone or speaker QuQ 

4. You're welcome and thank YOU for giving my game a chance >///< your english is fine~ don't worry too much about it--we're both learning, my grammar is not the best/proffesor-level either. My proofreaders can attest to it x'D

Thanks ^^ Rama’s route is hella hard. And sorry I just noticed that you replied to my review >< I’m kinda shy to check it tho

  1. IKR and sometimes some of my friends find it weird that I liked soft guy that have soft spot for a child. Lmao I’m sorry I watched too many vines lmao. Anyway I told my friend about this game and she’s been simping over Reksa now lol.

  2. No problem! Ah please jangan panggil aku kak T-T aku masih SMA. Yea apalagi lagi quarantine ya kan u-u. Kalo ga negerjain tugas ya gatau mau ngapain. Omg yeah as an introvert person I found going out is a bother tho ngl.

  3. Ah okay! I used speaker tho.

  4. Don’t mention it! I really enjoyed playing this game ^^. Anyway, semangat kak!ᕙ(`▿´)ᕗ

No problem at all! You don't have to feel obligated to reply to me, Kay x'D
1. lol, I understand your love to vines. There's this one vines about Mystic Messenger that always makes me laugh and I always come back to it when I need some cheering up! 
Tell your friend I say thank you for playing and for loving my boy, Reksa! I give them my blessings~

2. Aah, iya bener, skrg lg bnyk #stayhome #quarantine *kykny otomatis mls ngapa"in yah 
 _(:3 」∠ )_ untungny sbg introvert kita gk knp" gk kluar jg x'D

Let's keep working hard together!
semangat belajarny~ nanti klo km ud kuliah/kerja pusingny beda lg~

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1. Which guy did you like the most and why?

Personally, I liked Rama the best out of all of them. Pretty boy with a tragic past? Sign me the heck up. Seriously though, I liked how complex he was and how we genuinely had to work to get him to open up to us. He's a complicated character. I tend to enjoy complicated characters because they feel more... real (?) to me. They feel more nuanced, more in-depth. There's just something about his character that I really, really like.He was definitely my favourite by a large margin. His design was really nice, and it was my second favourite character design in the game.

Second, I would probably say Reksa. Again, another character we had to work for. We had to work to gain his trust, and that is always something I appreciate. I also do sometimes like a good old 'forbidden' love story. His character design was probably my favourite though.

Finally, there's Mitra. That isn't to say he's a bad character at all - he's just not necessarily my favourite. I did like him and it was kind of nice to find that he has no Bad End so I didn't have to worry too much about messing things up. Though Mitra's character design is very pretty and I like it a lot, I personally just preferred the designs of the other two.

2. Do you play a lot of otome/visual novels? What made you choose to play Nusantara?

A few years back, yeah, I played a lot of otome games and visual novels. Recently, though, I've not payed that many besides a few of the mobile ones (Obey Me, Mystic Messenger etc.). Entirely on a whim, I felt like playing one so I decided to see what was out there that I hadn't come across before, and then I saw the art for this game. That was what drew my eye at first. The cover art is very pretty. Then I realised it was a fantasy setting and I was immediately ready to play. I absolutely adore anything fantasy related.

3. Which element of the game would you say was the best and which ones would you say need work? Consider story, art, characters, music etc.

First of all, I just want to say this game is an absolute delight. I love, love, loved playing it. Thank you for blessing us with such a wonderful game.

The characters, I felt, are all incredibly solid. They were not only likeable but felt genuine. The Love Interests were all very interesting. I appreciate they all had some sort of depth to them. Whether that be Rama's incredibly painful past being the cause for him pushing people away, Reksa's struggles to trust people having good intentions, or Mitra not only being the incredibly sweet gentleman but also able to take charge and command as the leader he is. As I mentioned when talking about Rama, I do really love characters that are a little bit more on the complicated side. It gives their motivations, beliefs, actions etc. more meaning. So, I did like that none of the Love Interest's felt like they didn't have any depth. As much as I'm obviously here for the Love Interests, I also found myself becoming incredibly attached to the side characters (especially Asih and the triplets). It's always really nice when otome games have side characters that compliment the story and I actually enjoy seeing on screen. It made it more worrying for me whenever anything bad happened to the characters.Like with the Granny Sukma situation, for example, I was genuinely as concerned and frustrated as Tamara in that moment. You did a very good job of creating a cast of characters that not only felt realistic but very likeable, and watching their interactions made me very happy. Also, your humour is so good. The characters mad me laughing silly at some points.

The art is so, so pretty. Honestly, that was the first thing to draw me to Nusantara and then it continued to be brilliant. The character designs were all very interesting, the backgrounds were very pretty, and overall the game is just very aesthetically pleasing. Something I want to point out that I found both amusing and endearing is the difference in blushing for Tamra and the Love Interest's. The boys get a soft, subtle blush (which is absolutely adorable, anytime it happened my heart went all squishy xD) whereas Tamara's whole face just instantly flames up. Like, I'm sorry, girl, but there is no way you are hiding that from them. You think looking away is going to stop them from seeing your fire-red cheeks? Lmao, think again, sweetie. It was super sweet.

Speaking of super sweet, I also want to mention the little animations between days were very nice additions. I especially liked how in the early weeks Tamara makes mistakes such as dropping the egg but as time goes on she doesn't make them anymore. That's a very nice, subtle touch to show the passage of time and how Tamara is learning. It shows how she's slowly starting to truly integrate into this tribal life, which I just found very neat. Also, the animation of her and Reksa when they first meet? It had me giggling like mad. It was very cute.

In terms of sound, I would say that the sound effects were pretty good while some of the music was a little bit too generic. That's probably due to having to use royalty free music so it's understandable. It definitely wasn't an issue. It didn't detract from how much I enjoyed the game at all. I just thought I should mention it.

Finally, speaking of story, it was very interesting. I really enjoyed the story line and all the possible routes. Oh! I also liked the fact that you wove Indonesian culture into the story because it meant I was able to learn as well as play.
4. Do you have any other questions, comments or constructive criticism?

For my first otome/visual novel in a long while, it has set the bar rather high for others that I play because it was wonderfully done. You created such a wonderful game which I had a lot of fun playing. Thank you again for taking the time to craft such a lovely story.


Hi, Hatchyc! Thanks for coming and telling me your thoughts! ^.^
I'm really glad to see people are still coming to give me a review >///<

First of all, congrats on finishing all the routes! Now then, without further ado, here we go!

1. Rama? Rama! Finally! It's been a while since someone said they loved Rama the most, so forgive me for the big reaction x'D

I try my best to make my characters feel real, that's why I'm slow at programming ^^; the script often changed greatly to better suit them and I fuss a lot about the story pacing, so... *cough*
Oops, better stop there before I began to ramble! ><

I agree! I also like Reksa's design the most. He's one of the earliest characters I designed so maybe I have developed some bias towards him? But yup, all my children are beautiful~

2. Me too! I haven't played otome games these days. Now, I spent most of my time reading chinese/korean novels or even manga/manhwa. I still go back to old otomes though :3 like... The House in Fata Morgana or Dandelion: Wishes Brought to You. Ah, good days!

I'm really happy to hear you like my art >///< I still have rooms for improvements and I'll definitely do my best to level up! >:)

I also have a soft spot for Fantasy stories, so I think we're on the same boat x'D
Do you have a favorite movie/book? My all time favorite is still Harry Potter series and Narnia~

3. My... oh my...!
You're spoiling me with four paragraphs of praise! >///< Aaaah! *proceeds to cover my face, which is currently grinning like a horse*
I... don't know what to say. Um, I have to give some credits to my awesome proofreaders though! They worked hard editing and polishing the script for me! Especially when there's a loophole/strange timelines popping up here and there.

I'm glad to hear you like my sense of humor though! x'D 
Sometimes it worked, sometimes it doesn't lol. But I'm always happy to bring joy to my readers--imagining them smiling makes me smile too lol, does that make sense?

And yes! The chibi animations contributes greatly to managing the story pacing, which is why I'm keeping them at 'Nusantara: Bermuda Triangle'~ In the beginning, I didn't plan to make so much chibis, but they worked so well, I just have to make more lol

I understand about the generic BGM >< I also noticed that many gamedevs used the same source as me. It's kinda amusing but it can't be helped since there are not much website offering royalty music. Thank you for your considerate words and for pointing this out to me! ^.^~

4. D'aww... you're welcome! Actually, I'm the lucky one because I have many supporters despite my slow progress at writing/programming @@ 
They're the reason I can keep going and now, you're added to my list of 'dearest supporters', which I will keep close to my heart ^.^~ 


Well! Thanks again for coming and I hope to see you around!


Hi :)

1. Yeah, I can understand why he's not everyone's favourite but I definitely loved him. He just takes a little bit to open up.

You did a wonderful job at making them feel real! I can understand though how that can cause delays. Even if it takes longer, it makes the end result more worth it :)

2. I've been re-reading the Fruits Basket and InuYasha mangas. I've not read any new manga or manhwa recently though. I've also not visited any old otome games. I was mostly looking for new otome games but I might do that, thanks for reminding me. I also quite like Harry Potter and Narnia (honestly, Narnia is one of my all time favourite series ever as well!) . In terms of books, I also really like the Inkheart trilogy by Cornelia Funke and the Keys to the Kingdom series by Garth Nix though.

3/4. You and your proofreaders absolutely deserve all of the praise :)

I definitely plan to keep my eye out for when Nusantara Bermuda is released. I'm excited for that and any of your other future works. And the chibis are some of my favourite things. They're just so adorable, and a really nice yet subtle way to keep track of pacing. I'm happy to hear you decided to keep them for Bermuda.  It's nice that you have supporters like that; obviously they know that no matter how long it takes the end product is more than worth it :)

1. You flatter me >///< thank you for being so patient and supportive! 

2. InuYasha? Did I hear InuYasha?
Gosh! Sesshomaru is my first crush! x'D my mother also read it with me sometimes and I keep the anime close to my heart--some episodes are hilarious! Especially that one where Kagome is having a school festival and she tried so hard to keep it together rofl

I haven't seen Fruits Basket though I saw the post that it's getting a polished anime episodes, right? o.o I'll keep my eyes on it and watch it when I have the time~

I watched the movie Inkheart but I didn't know it also have a novel! :o 
Haven't heard about the Keys to the Kingdom--thank you for the recommendation!
I see we share the same likings~ so happy! x'D

3/4. I'll keep working hard to meet your expectations! ^///^

My personal fav was actually Reksa, though I have a serious weakness for how bashful and shy Mitra can be :

      Hii, I'm Léa and I played that game for two days, I nerver left a comment on this website before so im kinda nervous
        (english isn't my first language so im sorry for the potential mistakes)
        1. Which guy did you like the most and why? 
        I played in the recommended order, Mitra, Rama and then Reksa.
        I think I would say Reksa, I loved Mitra too but it was maybe too easy ? Reksa was with what we consider as "the bad guys" and I absolutely love those types of romantic things, it give more sensation and all. 
        2. Do you play a lot of otome/visual novels? What made you choose to play Nusantara? 
            I usually don't, or just a little, I played My Candy Love or Mystic Messenger, but since it's my summer break I played more, and this one is one of my favourite, maybe Cindrella Phenomeon is before this one. I chose Nusantara because it seemed kinda funny and the comments were positive, so i said why not.
          3. Which element of the game would you say was the best and which ones would you say need work? Consider story, art, characters, music etc.
          I really enjoyed the music, and just the story. I'm not a fan of fantasy otome game with non human crushes, but this one wasn't rushed or anything so I really liked it. 
          The characters were all some kind of lovable, even though while doing Rama I would hzve yelled at him a lot, but that's how the character was, it just made me curious and kinda upset haha. 
          I think I would have liked more background main characters? We had a bit of that and it's already rare so I don't complain at all, just thought it would've been interesting to getto them more, like Yuda or Asih. 
          4. Do you have any other questions, comments or constructive criticism?
          I'm honestly wondering something, if they were the ancestor of the human race, how did the human race survived? I mean it's in the past wayyy before Tamara was born, so way before she could stop the war, idk if it's logic haha.
          Also, I think I would've liked to see the crushes reaction when they saw Tamara coming back an not leaving them, I honestly don't kow what happens when we leave them because I didn't have the heart to do that. 
          Maybe an ending a bit with more details, that is honestly the only thing that disappointed me a little haha.

        Hi, angelellick! Thanks for dropping by and writing me this review~
        Aww, don't be nervous! Your english is fine--heck, even I sometimes make a mess with grammar! *my proofreaders reading this comment will definitely say,'Sometimes? More like always in the script!' 


         I also want to confess that I almost mistype your nickname from 'angelellick' to 'angelick' ^^;;

        Now that introductions are over, here we go!

        1. Thank you for following my advice! And yup, Mitra's route is the easiest with Rama's being the hardest ^.^~ congrats on finishing all three routes! At this point, I'm not surprised anymore that Reksa is your top pick x'D

        2. I also played Cinderella Phenomenon and Mystic Messenger! The last one wrecked my sleeping schedule pretty hard but no regrets! >< Have you played Dandelion: Wishes Brought to You? The developer is the same as Mystic Messenger and I highly recommend it ^.^~ I think it's rare to have games with korean voice actors?

        In any case, thank you for giving my VN a chance! *bows*

        3. Thank you~ I'm really picky with music so I'm glad my choices bring joy to your ear :'3

        Rama makes you upset? Actually, that's my goal x'D
        *getting slapped*
        No, really, it's hard to face people with depression. It tested your patience and bottom line many times, so... congrats! You survived! 

        Yes, some people did say they want more background stories about the NPC characters. It was also one of the many things I considered to write at the very beginning, but I'm afraid it would be too much/would divert your attention from the main story so I held back ><

        Currently, I have no plans to make a DLC for those background stories, but never say never. Maybe one day in the future ^.^

        4. Good question!
        Hmm... I might have to spoiler you a bit on 'Nusantara: Bermuda Triangle' to answer this.

        So, while the Goddess sent Tamara to the past in Winged Ones, that is not the case with Bermuda.


        In my story, while the Myths are the humans' ancestors, they will have many conflicts between them. Mostly because the humans grew envious of the Myths. So the Goddess created a save haven just for the Myths.

        However, the Myths are not 'all-knowing' or 'all-wise' like Gods.
        They actually got 'tainted' by humans. Tainted as in, they learned about 'greed' and 'anger' because of the prolonged contact/conflict with humans.

        So when a war between Myths broke out, the Goddess thought, '...Who is better to teach them how to control their emotions than the humans themselves?'

        Ironically, the Goddess brought humans to the save haven. However! She would strictly monitor them until She deemed them worthy to be chosen... just like Tamara did.

        And it worked! From then on, the Goddess chose many more humans to act as the Chosen Ones, those who solved conflicts between Myths and as the living proof that the Goddess cares about them.

        But is that the end? Nope, play Bermuda for more information :p

        You might be confused because of the messy timeline, but trust me, you won't be once you played Bermuda *I hope*

        ...Wow, I wrote more things than I should @@

        And your suggestion about writing more detailed epilogue is noted!
        Thanks again for dropping by and I hope to see you around! ^.^



        HI! I'm Valy, I discovered this game yesterday, i finished it and loved it, so, here are my answers!  (sorry for the grammar mistakes, english is not my first language)

          1. Which guy did you like the most and why?
          Well, i played in order: Reksa, Mitra and Rama
          I Liked Reksa the most,  Best Part of him? His Character.
          2. Do you play a lot of otome/visual novels? What made you choose to play Nusantara?
          Yes, i play a lot of otomes and visual novels, at first i wasn't really sure about trying it, but i saw lots of people liking it and i give it a try! And i didn't regret it.
          3. Which element of the game would you say was the best and which ones would you say need work? Consider story, art, characters, music etc.
          Best element.. Story, i don't find a game like this often, and i was really surprised about how satisfying was the story, finished one route i thought "what will happen with another guy?" and i finished the game!

               Character's personality was another good part, loved them, even Rama, it made me             curious his behavior.

               Something to improve mhhh....difficulty i think? it was simple to get bad and good  endings, the only one i had some questions was Rama, my first not intentionally bad ending. I was like "WHAT, WHY" then i realized thanks to a guide that i needed the right choice with Reksa, or well....bad end XD. (at least i did thought that Reksa was part of the problem on my own XD)

        4. Do you have any other questions, comments or constructive criticism?

        Yes, one question, why did you not made a black winged datable man XD i'm curious! i wanted it lololol ok, stop XD *looks at Yuda* why are you married!

        oh! another question, why in Mitra Ending didn't you make us see the future children with Tamara, in the game lots of time it was said "he want to settle down and have a family" i expected to see them in the ending.

        Oh well, that's all from me ^^


        Hi, Thevaly! Congrats on finishing all the routes and thanks for giving all of my boys a chance! ^.^-

        1. Ah, Reksa prevails once more x'D no surprise there lol

        2. Aww, thank you! Glad to hear you enjoyed yourself~ I used to play lots of otome games too, not much free time nowadays tho but I'm reading lots of novels :'3

        3. Thank you! I'm glad to hear you like the story and that it keeps you intrigued until the end~ and I agree that Rama's route could be ... baffling sometimes x'D yay for the walkthrough!

        4. Um, because I don't have and haven't met much black man over here! 😂 The only thing I knew about them is that they have excelent physique and very talented with sports--I also don't have much confidence drawing them,so... sorry! ><;

        and lol! lots of people want to date Yuda x'D 

        As for Mitra... I guess I want to give some space for people to imagine how their children would be :'3 one thing I'm sure about is that they'll have... probably 5 children lol

        I hope I answered your questions~ thanks again for writing me this review and don't worry, your english is fine! OuO)b




        well, i noticed i made a mistake so i will correct myself now, when i said "black winged man" i wanted to say "man with black wings like Yuda" XD

        I want to improve myself, so if i make mistakes it's normal UwU

        thank you for answering my questions OwO

        Oooooooh! *facepalm
        Welp, sometimes, we make a mistake x'D

        No problem! I'm glad to answer your questions!


        (7 edits) (+1)

        Crystal here! I don't think I commented here, but rereading this years later, I think my opinions may have shifted (?) a bit, and I think I have noticed some things that I hadn't noticed the first time I played it too.

        1. Which guy did you like the most and why?
        I'm one of the rare few who would probably say Rama, with Reksa being a close second! That's not to say I disliked Mitra, of course: he had charming qualities of his own that the other two didn't have, just that he's not the type I'd hype over, haha. I'll ramble about the characters (with spoilers) below the "cut"! I think I have a lot to say...

        2. Do you play a lot of otome/visual novels? What made you choose to play Nusantara?
        I play quite a bit of mobile ones, along with some indie ones on my computer. They're mostly casual and I don't always fully complete every game I buy. I did finish this one though; I got all 6 endings! As for what made me choose to play Nusantara, I would say that (1) seeing Indonesian culture mixed into this story, for one. I think that gave the setting a more unique flare as opposed to the normal Japanese setting. (2) There's also the fantasy element too with Avians and Komodos, along with being thrown to the past by the Goddess. I could never turn away from fantasy, hehe! (3) The art... the love interests are handsome, and I really liked the softer shading to the characters and backgrounds. Overall, I had no regrets picking this one up!

        3. Which element of the game would you say was the best and which ones would you say need work? Consider story, art, characters, music etc.
        Hm... personally, I thought the characters were a strong suit in the game. Taking Tamara as an example, she has a personality. Visual novels sometimes fall short in protagonists that lack much of a personality or history. Seeing Tamara with a strong, independent personality and a background as well was a refreshing aspect. She's very human, and while it may be less than easy for the reader to place themself into her shoes, she's still a breathing character, so it's not painful to read it as a "third party". The love interests are the same: nobody is perfect. Mitra looks perfect, but even he has his problems and flaws... his way of handling Rama seemed a little bit gray and questionable to me (though it's equally understandable); Rama is really complex and struggles with very real mental health issues that are more often than not overlooked; and Reksa has his own insecurities about his self-image and complications with his own biological father. Even the side characters are not thrown in the back burner. They, too, have personalities. As realized by Tamara, Asih, Yuda, and Sukma have all become like a family to her. Tamara managed to develop distinct relationships with each of them. Purba seems like that antagonist hungry for more power, but some things he has said have made me curious and intrigued about him. As much of an a-hole he is, I would love to learn more about him, whether that be through side stories or a route or something!

        I'd say there were some parts of the story that I had questions about. Don't get me wrong: I thought the story was also well-done. Just that some parts made me a bit curious, though I reckon that some of this was an intentional narrative choice. For example, how did Purba actually feel when a flicker of emotion flashed in his eyes in Rama's route? Why is it that we only find out the birds' identity in Rama's route but not in Reksa's route even though they were both pretty much knocking on death's door? On the other hand, the themes were something I really enjoyed and felt my heart warm up. The way the realization that Tamara had a family in Nusantara scene had played out made me smile. The value of family should never be underestimated. It's a very touching subject to me that gets to me every time: especially when it centers around someone who struggled to feel like they had a family in the past like Tamara.

        Another place that I felt that it fell a li'l short was the music. Particularly the ending. I don't know what microphone was used, but I felt it wasn't very good sound quality to me? It was a good tune though – very beautiful and serene! I love hearing original songs with vocals as much as original soundtrack! By the way, I loved the BGM. One of them was simply a percussive tune, but I thought it was pretty catchy and aesthetic musically, haha. Another one of my favorites is the festival BGM. That was catchy and made me really happy. Oh, and the ones with the piano will always have me, regardless of game. The piano BGMs felt raw and were simply beautiful to listen to. Overall, a great selection!

        4. Do you have any other questions, comments or constructive criticism?
        There are some parts where I wish I could experience real-time, to be honest. For example, the story of Rama, Ayu, and Teja. Or some story with Purba, since first of all, he's pretty hot himself (though what he said especially in Reksa's route pissed me off and I wanted to punch him), but also there were definitely some things that caused me to raise a brow in curiosity. His actions are not justifiable by the past, but I would definitely try to go out of my way to try and understand his point of view as well. Also, I'm curious about Asih and Yuda's romance story, not gonna lie, haha. They have great chemistry after married, but curiosity kills the cat when it comes to their romantic journey. The epilogues to the good ends were satisfying albeit I had grown pretty darn attached to all the love interests and Tamara to the point that I crave more of them. It's not that the after stories were not well-done; in fact, it's quite the opposite: it's because they were well-done that I want more. I don't know if any of those would be done, perhaps for an anniversary or a paid or unpaid DLC fandisk or something, but regardless, whether via that or fanfiction (or fan-whatever), I'd love to see them be like a reality! I think many fans would appreciate that for nostalgia among other reasons, since I would feel it's one of those games that sticks close to the heart.

        While I'm aware Rama isn't really everyone's cup of tea because of his unpredictability, obstinance, carelessness, and severe mood swings... I really felt bad for him. To me, his route was just different because of how psychologically broken he was. He may be a jerk, as Tamara stated, but I think she also realized that it was like a self-defense mechanism of his to cope with how he's been extremely traumatized and hurt in utterly unimaginable ways. It's really unfortunate and tragic how in other routes he has lost all hope in finding any happiness in life that he is convinced he would find it only in death.

        His route wasn't so much romance nor was he physically intimate – another reason why I think his route may not be for everyone – rather than a gradual journey of healing. It includes a journey of something other than romance, thus making it different and interesting. Even at the end, it has the feel of a journey that has not ended, but rather just started. Of course, yes, there is romance, but it's more slow-burn and "in the back heater" in comparison to Reksa and Mitra's routes. That is, it's obvious from observing his actions that he loves Tamara romantically, but his insecurities and trauma have left enough scars that he refuses to profess that love very openly with words. Seeing him smile as that truly childish, sensitive, kind, and vulnerable boy (that he initially locked deeply within himself) when he first said "thank you" is both heartwarming and heart-wrenching.

        With that, I felt like his bad end invoked the most emotions within me out of all the less-than-good ends. It was absolutely spine-chilling to witness him break down and snap. Soon afterwards, I was hit with sadness the moment I saw that CG. It was tragic to see Rama break down and start crying while saying "I love you, Tamara" only after she got killed and wanting to be together with Tamara and his family. It was tragically, chillingly beautiful. I also noticed an interesting parallel here: when Teja passed away, Ayu performed the Sati Ceremony; when Tamara died, Rama also threw away his life in a fire to be with the one he loved after losing everyone he cared deeply about... just like Ayu. Seeing it that way, it's almost a bit ironic. At first, he thought the ceremony was stupid, but when thrown in the same situation, he (unofficially) performs it himself.

        Now, for the champion bachelor: Reksa. I love him so much, seriously. His route was also different and more informative because of that change of perspective from Avian to Komodo. On another note, tsundere personalities can sometimes turn out annoying if they're executed as such, but Reksa didn't really come off that way to me. He, like Rama but perhaps not to his level, was a tough nut to crack. Underneath that though is a boy who would do anything to keep Tamara safe and someone who he could over time grow to trust – which is something he doesn't give to just anyone on a silver platter, thus making it all the more valuable.

        And can we take a moment to appreciate the whole recurring gag with the "why are you squinting?" ordeal... like that just made me laugh. Every single time. I really enjoyed the whole process of Reksa slowly warming up to Tamara the more she visits their cave hideout. Their relationship development is gradual but let me say one of my favorite parts of the game is their scenes together in their cave. They were cute and/or comedic in its own sense. Reksa had his own insecurities about his body as well, and that is something I can relate to.

        Overall, I really liked the chemistry between Reksa and Tamara. He's probably more of a "sexy" sort of route, haha. A certain line he pulled off when the two of them were in Liang Ndara along with some of his other actions (eg. wound licking) made me blush! Also, when I really stopped to think about it, their romance wouldn't have ever happened if Tamara hadn't chosen to stay when he was unconscious and injured. It's funny but amazing how such a relationship can develop to that of a romantic one just from an incident of a failed hunt on Reksa's part and a single, conscious decision on Tamara's part.

        I know Mitra tends to get overlooked, maybe because of his perfect personality. But the thing is, for anyone who reads it, they will realize that he is far from perfect – in fact, a theme in his route is arguably being able to show imperfect sides even given his position. A thing to note is that Mitra is the most "otome" route in the entire game. His route is probably the best one to play first to ease in, because it is the most romantic one out of the three, in my opinion, and I promise anyone who plays it that Rama and Reksa's routes are one hell of a ride. They cover darker issues; they are more intense; they have bad ends; they are more plot-heavy. Mitra's route may feel a bit underwhelming in comparison to Rama and Reksa, but he also has his cute moments: he's awkward with girls and overall that type of person who anyone would want as a big brother. I really found it touching when Tamara felt like she could open up to him about his past.

        As a final remark, as one of the proofreaders for Bermuda Triangle, I can assure that the new cast of characters, while different from Legend of the Winged Ones, are equally hilarious. Man, the boys and their antics. Maya, too! I hope you all will look forward to the final game for another adventure in Nusantara!

        Oh my... I didn't expect you to drop this bomb of a review here, crystal!
        I'm always happy to see people are still replaying Winged Ones and you even dropped by to leave this for me QuQ 
        You didn't have to, but you did and I LOVE IT!

        1. It warmed my heart to see Rama getting more popular these days -^.^-
        Yes, every bachelor have their own charming qualities and don't worry about your long ramble! I'm glad to see you love the characters enough to write so much about them!

        2. It's been a while since I last play a mobile game, but currently, I'm quite addicted to Tales of Crestoria >< it's not quite an otome/visual novel game, but the story is amazing! You might want to give it a try! (1) Thank you! honestly, I still can't believe that the Indonesian culture I mixed in got such a warm welcome, but I'm glad I tried! (2) Same here lol, I always have a tender spot for fantasy genre... and I don't think it'll go away anytime soon. (3) I still have lots to learn but thank you! I'm really happy you like my art >///<

        3 & 4. I... don't know what to say.
        Every sentence, every word you write caught the essence of Winged Ones. Of the story that I'm trying to tell.
        No one is perfect. We have our strengths, we have our weaknesses, and it's up to us whether we'll have a good or bad end. Everyone have their own trouble to face, struggling to live their life or just to get by. Some need help from others, some don't. Like Tamara, she might open up to Mitra about her past in his route, but she didn't in others because there's no need to. 

        For me, as a writer, I'm still learning about how to write a 'good story' about relationships.
        Yes, there are simpler otome games out there where the romance is much more straight forward than mine, but I always found myself writing more words than I should--because for me, relationships are not simple (this is probably why Bermuda ended up a lot longer than it should OTL). Especially for those with special circumstances. Over here at my place, people are still not knowledgeable about psychology stuff. Depression and such is an alien thing to them, which is one of the reason why I try to tackle it with Rama's route. My greatest wish is that I hope in the future, people will have more compassion, tolerance, and less talking bad/assuming about other people when they have 'special circumstances' and such.

        And yes, I feel that I can/should write more scenes about Ayu and Teja. But just like I didn't write much about how Asih and Yuda fell in love and get married, I didn't write much about Ayu and Teja because I'm afraid they'll get too intense and distract you from the main story ^^; 
        So many things to write, so little time, and so much to consider~ I try to write the right amount so you can imagine what happened though!

        Here, I'll try to answer as much as your question as I can~ *SPOILER ALERT*
        - When Purba met Rama in his route, Purba mostly felt like meeting someone with the same making as him. Twisted.
        - As for the birds' identity... the two of them cares about Rama a lot more than Reksa, which is why they spent a lot of effort protecting Rama than they do for Reksa. Their 'appearance' was also a symbol that they're still with Rama in spirits, even when he can't see them. At the epilogue, there's a hint that Tamara will eventually tell Rama about it ^.^
        - And yes, I agree that the ending music could've been done with better microphone ><; 

        On a lighter note, lol, people didn't expect that Reksa's route turned out to be the 'sexy' one. I think they thought it would be Mitra's? x'D
        It's a pleasant surprise though, right? I also still laugh at the recurring gag--like, what was I thinking when I wrote that? Not everyday I wrote a gag and it worked!

        Um, I guess that's it? I don't have anything else to say because you pretty much caught the essence of Winged Ones and wrote everything that's in my mind lol.

        And for those who is reading this, yes! crystal was--still is--my proofreader! 
        Man, it's been hard for her, reading my messy script and trying to make sense of it x'D

        Thanks again for dropping me this pleasant surprise, crystal! *huggs
        Take care over there and stay safe!


        Super late reply, but I want to reply to this!

        1. Is Rama getting more popular? I hadn't noticed, but I'm glad! I always felt he was under-appreciated, but given just how complex he was and his... eccentricities, I can also understand why he may not click with quite a bit of people. He's such a sweetheart though - it just takes a while to open that shell of his. A long while at that, haha. I can't really deny there were times I felt frustrated at how he would just push Tamara away when she was simply trying to help. But oh my gosh, the frustration has never been more worth it. I need to protect that smile! He may be an adult and a warrior, but in my eyes, he'll always be that child I want to hug because he's been through way too much and needs lots of love.

        2. Truth be told, this was the first game I ever played with any sign of Indonesian culture. I never really would have delved into it on my own. It's not that I'm not interested in learning about other cultures, just that it doesn't really occur to me to sit down and search up Indonesian culture, haha (and if I searched that up, I would have no clue where to start). This was such a fun way to expose that and bring awareness to it, since I know Indonesia has a rich culture! I'm not surprised it got such a nice welcome, including from me.

        3 & 4. Oh yeah, I really liked how human Tamara is. I recognized the borderline flashback scenes, and that's something that's not super big, but nonetheless a negative nuance that's present in people who struggle with traumatic experiences. Overall though, I think there's more awareness of mental health and its symptoms. And yeah, I feel like it's not only a problem in one country or another, though some countries are... less accepting than others. Is Indonesia really repulsive against people with "special circumstances"? Depression's not a very easy topic to wrap your head around for anyone who doesn't struggle with it themself, really. Anything with mental health! There's a reason why there's a Mental Health Awareness Month OML

        Bermuda was longer than it should be? Was it supposed to be a smaller project but just ended up growing because of the characters? Well, I wouldn't complain. I do enjoy straightforward romances, but just as much as that, I really like complex relationships as well! Even in Winged Ones, the relationships are definitely on the complex side, especially throwing Rama into the mix, haha. Even in Rama's good end, I kinda felt their relationship was sort of like... 75% romantic? Like, yes, they love each other. But again, Rama's not super open about this stuff, it seems, though 2 years with him appears to have sparked a bit of change since for once he initiated a kiss. There are also the relationships that don't always change people, necessarily, but the air is different - like Tamara and Yuda's relationship. His sharp talk never left him, though the two definitely grew more relaxed and friendly over time.

        True true, I feel like especially Asih and Yuda's love story would be better off as a separate story. I know there was a bit of the story of Ayu, Teja, and Rama, though most of it was Rama's telling of the past though rather than real-time. It could be like a nice sort of prequel! Maybe get to know Rama more before a certain incident caused him to break and snap. He couldn't have always been as psychologically broken as he was in the present storyline. But I completely understand not adding them to the main game here! I agree they'd be distracting and it would blow up the game's length unnecessarily, haha.

        Thanks for answering the questions! Spoiler alert here:
        – Wow, really? I feel like Rama and Purba are really different though. They may have felt some hatred or vengeance against some people, but even then, Rama has talked with Sukma and the others and got their side of the story. Unless he was very petty, I don't think Rama would have held as strong of a vengeance as before against Loma, but like. Other than that, they're pretty opposite? Like Purba's actively thirsting for power and the right to rule the island, while Rama just wants to protect Tamara and end this war.
        – Oh yeah! I remember that reference in the epilogue. Poor Tamara got jealous of Ayu so she decided not to tell Rama about it in the epilogue, haha. But that makes sense! I'm assuming the Servants helped Reksa then because that was Tamara's wish, and she had completed her mission?
        – I mean, the voice just came out soft and a little fuzzy, and I struggled to make out the lyrics sometimes. The tune and everything else was great! Maybe the piano could have been a bit lower in volume? But I think a microphone and pop filter upgrade? But it's a free game. People could probably let it slide!

        Haha! I had a hunch Reksa would be the "sexy" one (though I didn't think it would be as sexy as how I initially thought since I thought it would be like... him kissing Tamara a little bit roughly and that's about it), though I can see why people would think Mitra. But in the game, Mitra's like a big, sweet teddy bear. He's more like a cuddler? Reksa, on the other hand... yeah. The stuff he does and the things he says. Damn. And I love recurring gags! I mean, as long as they're not way too overused or too in-your-face, y'know. But those are just really nice to see and they have their charm! If done right, they can add surprisingly quite a bit to a story, even the minor and small ones. Like do you know Avatar: The Last Airbender? They have that whole recurring gag of that cabbage merchant screaming "My cabbages!" when his stall gets destroyed by the Gaang, and though they weren't like a huge moments when they came up in ATLA, it worked like a charm.

        And the one about the rats. Tamara growling and then that "..." "......" moment and then Reksa saying, "You sounded like a dying rat." I laughed so hard, like that was just pure gold! (When I read that though, I lowkey thought about that Rats, we're rats; we're the rats song, please save me LMAO) There was another time when he said, "Rats are scarier than you." Not exactly a recurring gag but like, what's it to him and rats? Haha.

        Speaking of Reksa, just one more question - sometime near the beginning, Yuda ended up shooting and chasing away a Komodo, I believe. Or reports came in that a Komodo had been hunting too close for the Avians' comfort. Was that referring to Reksa?

        I'm glad I could give a pleasant surprise (๑˃ᴗ˂)
        You take care too! ♡


        Whoa, I didn't expect to get a reply lol x'D
        I basically already told you everything I want to say about Winged Ones but lol--yes, I watched The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra! I even have their art book so I know exactly what you mean rofl. The squinting thing with Reksa wasn't on purpose tho, it just happened! *You might notice the same thing happening with Arya lol*

        I'm also a bit sad to see there are not many games with Indonesian culture--I mean, I can remember 1 or 2 games made by Mojiken Studio which contains Indonesian elements (I forgot their titles ><) but I almost never see a visual novel with blatant culture mix like mine ^^; Sometimes, I think I'm a bit too daring--but hey, here I am! And I'm always grateful for the warm welcome! I never expect I would become a gamedev who works at home!

        Yes, well, people over here essentially don't really understand why young people can get depression u.u; 
        Like, 'what is there not to be happy about?', 'going to a psychologist? pah, what a waste of money. you can speak to your mom if you have any problems', etc... and people who went to a psychologist is often given the stigma that 'they must be crazy/have problems with their head. stay away from them', etc... no one really try to understand where and why it happens so it's really sad. 

        The funny thing about the rats... it's actually a recommendation from a friend because I had a difficult time trying to describe Tamara's growling sound and it works! x'D

        As for your last question--yes! You're so awesome to even notice that lol. The Komodo Yuda shot down is exactly Reksa~

          1. i... honestly cannot choose. every character had something about them that i loved and adored
          2. i play quite a lot of otome/vn's to cope with the fact that the men irl disappoint me LMFAO, i decided to play Nusantara cuz of the art and the storyline (both certainly did not disappoint)
          3. i really enjoyed this game, the art is pretty, the story is interesting, the guys are beautiful (physically and mentally), my only takeaway is the few grammar mistakes that i caught (didn't bother me that much though).
          4. i don't have anything else to say, other than I CAN'T WAIT FOR YOUR NEXT WORK HEHEHE

        Hi, jasmiiineteaaa!
        Congrats on finishing all the routes and thanks for visiting and dropping me a review! 

        1. Whoa... not every day I hear someone saying they love all characters QuQ thank you so much for the love!

        2. lol, you're not alone, jasmine! x'D don't worry though, someday, you'll meet someone you like ;)
        I'm glad to hear you like my art and story!

        3. Yup, grammar is my nemesis from the beginning of time o(-(
        No surprises there, even my proofreaders are sometimes overwhelmed with the script ^^; we're doing our best to improve though!

        4. Thank you! I also can't wait to deliver my next baby to hear your thoughts!

        Hope to see you around,


        1. Which guy did you like the most and why? -Reksa I am always love that kind characters he looks cold but inner he is a cinnamon roll

        2. Do you play a lot of otome/visual novels? What made you choose to play Nusantara --well ı really play a lot ı think ı choose nusantara cause ı like fantastic things and this cover picture looks really good

        3. Which element of the game would you say was the best and which ones would you say need work? Consider story, art, characters, music etc. --ı have to say ı loved all music especially the music at the end characters is really good maybe you can improve your arts and maybe we can have some girl character to choose ı dont know what you think about it  

        4. Do you have any other questions, comments or constructive criticism? --thank you so much for this beautiful game ı will play it over again again  ı hope you just keep make more game (and ı am really sorry for my bad english it isnt my native language )

        Hi, sora_carmel!
        Congrats on finishing the game!
        Thanks for taking the time to write me a review and don't worry! Your english is just fine, I understand it very well~ ^.^ 
        You're not alone though, I keep stumbling on grammar and such, my proofreaders are working hard editing the script for me x_x

        1. Ah, Reksa, my boy, how many hearts are you going to steal? x'D
        2. You mean fantasy? Yes, me too! I'm a sucker for fantasy genre--especially the ones with magic and mystical creatures~ I just hope I did them justice >< 
        3. Thank you! I'm also very happy to have found those music, which are available to use for free :'3 
        And yes, I have rooms for improvement! I'm doing my best to get better and better each day!
        4. You're welcome and thank YOU for giving my game a chance -^.^-

        1) It's funny; I just saw the recommended play order but followed the exact same one during  my playthrough! As for my favorite guy, I'd have to say Reksa by a long shot! Adorable possessive aggressive tsunderes and all.  That aside, he was also the most visually appealing for me.  I loved his character progression and also the underlying mystery.  Then again, bad-boy tsundere appeal and all, I may just be biased.  Regardless, I was actually extremely impressed with Rama and his story,  Mitra was sweet and while I enjoyed him as well the latter two were just that much more awesome.  

        2) I play quite a few otome games and visual novels and this one would have been on my playlist one way or the other.  I adore the art style and the guys are gorgeous! And I do adore strong female leads.  Everything about this game sounded great and playing it was a treat.  

        3) Choosing one aspect as the best would be difficult, because a good game has a wonderful combination of everything.  The game was visually gorgeous and the guys were perfect.  The characters would have to be my favorite aspect- ALL of them were so interesting and engaging.  The individual character-traits of the guys were so unique and lovable.  The story was also interesting- and I adored seeing different sides to the same story and nothing seemed redundant.  Reksa was definitely the character to be played last though....

        4)  Besides Bermuda Triangle, are there any others in progress?  I would love to try more of your games! Keep up the great work! I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of it!

        Hi, tash777!
        Congrats on finishing all the routes and thank you for taking some time to write me a review! -^.^)/

        1. You're not alone lol, many people seem to like the tsundere type--heck, in Bermuda, Arya is currently the most popular one despite his foul mouth :')) I'm very happy to hear you like all of the bachelors tho! 

        2 & 3. Thank you! I also loved playing otome games, still is, but due to the lack of time, I find myself only reading novels these days QuQ
        I do realize that I still need to improve though. Especially in the quality-control department! I'll do my best to become better and better>:D 

        4. Sadly, no. I only have those two for now >_<;
        My hands are already full with Bermuda and I'm a bit slow at programming OTL
        BUT! I'll definitely complete it one day! We're already halfway there! Slowly but surely, and I'm posting weekly updates at Monday so you'll know where we're at :'3

        Thanks again for dropping by and I hope to see you around!


        1. Which guy did you like the most and why?
        Mitra is such a soft human being that needs to be protected <3
        2. Do you play a lot of otome/visual novels? What made you choose to play Nusantara?
        Yeah, I have a ton of favorites! Including Nusantra: Legend of the Winged Ones and Nusantara: Bermuda Triangle! ^^
        3. Which element of the game would you say was the best and which ones would you say need work? Consider story, art, characters, music etc.
        Story and Art overall is amazing! maybe some minor fix here and there might fix it!
        4. Do you have any other questions, comments or constructive criticism?
        I think i'll be just fine!

        Congrats on finishing all the routes, EveningTea! And thank you for dropping by! -^.^)/

        1. Now this is a pleasant surprise! Mitra didn't get picked often so I'm happy for him~
        2. Oh my, you have played Bermuda's demo too? O.O I'm very glad to hear you also like it >///<
        It'll take some time for me to complete it, but stay tuned with the weekly updates~
        3 & 4.  Thank you! QuQ I will definitely keep improving!

        Thanks again for coming and see you around!


        This is a pretty solid game and I just adore everything about it. All of the characters are lovable and they all have their own motivations for their actions. I'm quite surprised that a lot of people do not like Rama because I absolutely loved him. I truly cared for him, felt for him, and I feared FOR him instead OF him. Mitra is adorable and Reksa is hot ngl but everything about Rama was just...hauntingly beautiful. I loved all of the endings, and yes even the bad ones, because they were all realistic. The go home ending was also heart-warming.

        I play a lot of otome games and I can definitely say that this is a stand out and one that I'll remember. I was curious about the culture since I live in Southeast Asia myself and was delighted when I recognized the fruits and some of the traditions. The only minor thing that I had problems with were the sound effects since some tend to be loud while some were faint. Other than that, this is a really good game with beautiful art and exceptional writing! Thank you for this and I hope you continue to make more! Much love <3

        Thank you for the love and congrats on finishing Winged Ones, z00na!
        Rama definitely needs more love. His route is the most complicated of all three so not many people can be patient/understand his complicated psychology--but when someone does, I'm always happy to see them gaining a better understanding/knowledge about Rama and his troubles! 

        And yes, I'm a little struggling with sound effect quality-control because the sound volume is different when I compare using headphone with speakers. My laptop's speaker is a bit on the low side so maybe that's why? Sometimes, things that you can only vaguely hear on speaker is loud/normal with headphones--so if I increased the volume, it'll be normal at speakers but loud with headphones ^^; honestly, I have no idea how to fix this.

        Sorry for the late reply! I understand what you mean because some of the sounds were a bit faint when I played it on my laptop speakers too. I think it would be better to focus on the headphones though so all of the sounds would be equal and won't hurt the ears because of the loud sounds. I'll try and see what are other solutions for this issue because I would honestly love to help. I love your works and I'll be waiting patiently for Bermuda Triangle. I am sure it will be amazing too. Hugs and kisses <333

        This game was the first otome game i played here on itch io and it did not dissapoint! It is absolutely amazing how you can build this atmospheric indian folklore <3. I looooove Reksaa \\\>_<\\\, besides his looks, he’s got that possessive tsundere attitude not to mention I’m a sucker for forbidden romance tropes. Looking forward to play your other games <3

        (1 edit)

        D'aww, thank you, Mei030!
        It's an honor for Winged Ones to be your first played otome game on ^///^ you'll be surprised to find many good otomes here! 

        I see that Reksa's popularity is still as high as ever lol.
        I'm happy to hear you enjoyed yourself and, um, the cultural reference I used is from Indonesia, not India x'D and yup! I'm working on my second one, Bermuda, as we speak! The development is a bit on the slow side though---but I update every week at Monday so I hope you'll bear with me as I slowly but surely polish it until I'm ready to present it to you!

        (1 edit)

        That was a rollercoaster of emotions. I'm not gonna lie I'm really picky with VNs a lot of the time and I've been hesitant on starting ones from this site because of that but after completely finishing this game just... wow. I loved the ENTIRE cast which is honestly so hard for me? I usually don't like players like Rama so I did his last and got BLOWN AWAY by how loveable and complex he was. I Loved the art style, I adore how this was stylized, and I adore 'moving' CGs so I was super happy with those. I loved the world you put us in, the idea was new and refreshing and I wanted to help however I could just making all these precious children stop hurting.Your writing was amazing and gave me the kind of attachment to characters in a game that I haven't felt since Hakuoki or like... Dragon Age if we aren't sticking to just VNs. I was crying throughout the entire game bar Mitra's route(I feel like I have questions on whether or not I'm having his babies), I'm crying now that it's over. I'm gonna go stalk your other game's demo now because i love your work ;-;

        (1 edit)

        Congrats on finishing the routes and thank you so much for giving my VN a chance, LuminousSidhe! I'm very glad to hear you enjoyed yourself! ^///^

        There's no better compliment than hearing you love the entire cast! They're my babies and while I know I still have rooms for improvement, it makes me feel warm to see people are still playing my VN and loving it <3 my only regret is that I'm slow at completing a VN so you'll need to wait a bit more before you can play Bermuda ^^; I update every week at Monday though so I hope you can walk with me step by step to completion!

        Once again, thank you for dropping by and showing me your support! I hope to see you around!


        I still love this game ciel XD gods dammit. 

        <.< also question for yah i require help in doing backgrounds

        You don't know how happy I am to hear people are still loving my game, MariaDarkchild--so thank YOU! QuQ

        and, oh? Are you also making a VN? OuO
        What help do you require? If you have any question about backgrounds, ask away! I'll answer as best as I can.
        But if it's something else, maybe try adding me on facebook so we can chat?

        yeeee im trying to make a visual novel based on markipliers date with markiplier videos and turn it into a game. Its mainly a fan game. I know how to code the engine its just making the sprites and CGs XD 

        and mine aint that good so yee ill make a facebook account and add yah on it x3

        Okay! Looking forward to it! 
        Ah, for the sprites and CGs... all I can say is look for style references that you like and use them as quality-control/goal >< it took days for me to be satisfied with a sketch and even then, I still go back to polish them now and then--but that might be just me :'D
        Will your facebook name have 'Maria' in it? 

        i normally use Discord to chat with ppl but i havent set up a facebook yet lmao XD yeah im dumb


        1. you will be surprised, in shock even, at this most unexpected response, for the one to have won me over is... okay, it's Reksa, i surrender. what can i say, i love pissing off angry boys <3 . ahem. he's honestly such meme material,,,, every time he growled?? i was laughing so hard because all i could see was one of those really tiny, really soft and really fluffy cats/dogs with a >:( face,, AND HE'S ESPECIALLY CUTE WHEN HE GETS ALL POSSESSIVE AND CLINGY, as someone who is also clingy and loves being touchy, i am literally so weak for that. which is why thou shalt not worry, for i very much love the other guys as well!! Mitra was super nice, i'm really happy he kept his word about confessing and that he waited for Tamara to sort out her feelings, i was: 🥺🥺. he is most definitely a big teddy bear and i am most certainly soft for it. and Rama... i love him too but he's a huge idiot and i wanted to choke him on more than one occasion, but as my friend said, he probably would have liked that; so i resorted to rooting for Tamara whenever she scolded him ! hell yeah!! and did i mention i love pissing off angry boys? sure, it... would've gotten me killed, probably, maybe, but it's worth it if i can smack some sense into that boy.

        2. uhh Nusantara marks my 140th otome thus far, so i'd say yes, yes i play a lot of otome. am i obsessed? perhaps. we shall never know. and to answer the second part of the question, well, i've noticed the game whenever i scrolled through the otome tag and wanted to try it someday buuut kept putting it off because i?? am really lazy???? why was i scrolling through the tag for new games if i wasn't planning to play any, you say? i . don't know???? why does my answer have more question marks than the question?? ANYWAY, i found myself having some free time these days (like... most other people... stay safe btw!!) and a friend (the one i mentioned earlier, in fact) highly recommended it, so i decided to finally play it. which i did. in one go. well ALMOST one go, because it was 2 am and i was sobbing over Reksa's route, i wasn't prepared be sad buddies with Rama. 😔

        3. i really loved the characters!! all of them are unique in their own way - even the NPCs. it was super funny when the whole village (well, most people from it) was rooting for Mitra and Tamara to be a thing, lol. and i absolutely loved Asih and Yuda as side characters!! it's not often you get to see those types of characters getting their own lovers, much less with such a nice dynamic, so i was really happy to see them! i also liked the art (i am soft for the soft coloring and thicker outline style), and the fact that the game is set in Indonesia, and the music too - it may be royalty free, but i found it fit the scenes well, especially when it came to the quirky ones, hehe.

        4. Tamara's dad is hot (...and i will show myself out the door)

        Hi, Purrple Bun!
        Congrats on finishing Winged Ones and I'm so sorry for this late reply! >< 

        1. Ah, Reksa, my boy. How many girl's hearts you need to steal until you're satisfied? 
        And you're not alone, my dear. I also love to piss off angry boys--otherwise, why would I create Arya for Bermuda? //runs away


        I agree that Mitra is a big teddy bear, but lol, I laughed so much when you mentioned Rama x'D I imagine many people want to grab him by the collar and shake him/strangle him--but yup, you're right, he'll like that rofl.

        2. I understand that too well!
        I also have a long list of otome games that I haven't played yet. I found myself re-playing my favourite ones, like the House of Fata Morgana, Dandelion: Wishes brought to you... oh and don't even mention how many rom-com novels/korea drama I keep putting off ^^;; there are so many things to do but so little time! OTL

        And wow... I feel flattered but somewhat concerned when you tell me you kept playing until 2 AM--you're not supposed to finish it in one day but on the other hand, I'm happy to hear Winged Ones got you hooked x'D 

        Please give your friend my thanks and hugs for recommending my game!

        3. Thank you! I really enjoy designing the characters!
        Sometimes, a scene can change when I program it. It's like the characters are driving me to a certain direction >< this is the reason why I keep going back and forth between scenes, polishing them until nothing feels odd--I could've sworn the characters have the minds of their own x_x

        4. *cough* I know :'D

        Thanks again for visiting and dropping me this sweet review! I hope to see you around, Purrple Bun!


        no worries about it!! and thank you too, for making such an amazing game and replying nevertheless. :D💕

        glad to hear that we managed to make you laugh and that you relate, hehe. and oho, is that so? now i'm really excited to get started on Bermuda. 👀

        omggg, now that's a whole mood!! there's so many animes and k-dramas i have yet to finish or even start on top of my huge otome list aaaaaaaa,,,,, yet i keep coming back to those i've already gone through (cried for Nightshade just the other day,, again,,). and judging by the titles you mentioned, may i be as bold as to assume you like crying as well? 😳 both The House of Fata Morgana and Dandelion are SO GOOD, i enjoyed them so much (translation: i shed so many tears), i can definitely see why you can't help but want to replay them.

        ...i should replay them sometime...

        sorry sorry, the time kind of just,, slipped,,,,,? ehehe i can be quite the marathonist when it doesn't involve actual running. Winged Ones got me hooked and it got me . real good.

        thanks and hugs have been successfully given! she said, and i quote (because i do love embarrassing her) "theyre so cute i love sweetchiel" (¬‿¬ )✨

        i can relate to that on a spiritual level. one second you feel like you've got everything planned, the next you find yourself changing the smallest details. 😔

        you're most welcome!! i will certainly stick around. ٩(◕‿◕。)۶

          1. Which guy did you like the most and why?
          Definitely Reksa. I'm a big sucker for those aggressively overprotective cute types. I just wanted to pat Reksa on the head for being so adorable hngh. Additionally, I got to experience what it's like in the Komodo tribe, which was something the other 2 routes lacked. But I mostly liked Reksa because he had the cutest scenes with Tamara. Also the good ending with him made me bust all of my uwus. I liked Mitra second because he has that gentle and kind vibe and you feel secure just by being with him. I liked Rama's route the least because he was so unpredictable and hard to deal with, though I understand that it was kinda the point with his dark back story and all. Still, I really didn't like him that much even when Tamara started liking him and vice versa. 

          2. Do you play a lot of otome/visual novels? What made you choose to play Nusantara? 
          Yep! I have an unhealthy obsession with visual novels lol. At first glance, Nusantara seemed to have great art which is why I was drawn to it. Upon finding out that it also had fantasy themes, I was sold. Not to mention it also features half-naked bishounens.
          3. Which element of the game would you say was the best and which ones would you say need work? Consider story, art, characters, music etc. 
          For me, the characters would be the best element. I really love how fleshed out they are. Each of them has their own quirks which made me fall in love with them. I could even relate to Tamara when she said that the people she met felt like her actual family, because I got attached to the characters just like she did. Second best would be a tie between the story and art. I loved the special art scenes!! I also loved the backgrounds which made me even more engrossed in the well-written story. Also, the characters' dialogues fit so perfectly with their personality. I even laughed several times because of how adorable some of the exchanges/conversations between the characters are. My favorite dialogue would be this just because I giggled so much when I read through this part. '
          4. Do you have any other questions, comments or constructive criticism?
          I guess one thing in the story that put me off would be the confrontation scene between Rama and Tamara in Rama's route. Rama was having an episode and Tamara started to get angry and yelled at him, telling him how lucky he is to have people around him who love him. While I understand that she was only frustrated because she cared so much for Rama, something about being angry at someone who's in a dire condition doesn't sit right with me. It kinda felt off that she started to rant about her own life problems. I know it wasn't your intention, but it came across like she was trying to tell Rama that his problems doesn't compare with hers or he has it easier than her. Again, this was just how it came across for me, and others might have a different understanding/perception of that scene. 
        (3 edits)

        1. Ah, Reksa, our champ. I'm not surprised anymore you picked him and that's why I recommend to do his route last x'D Congrats on finishing all three routes and thank you for giving them all a chance <3 and I understand~ Rama is not everyone's cup a tea but I'm still happy you read through his story to the end!

        2. All hail half-naked bishounens! I mean, we need more otome games with fantasy elements! >< I'm glad that my VN caught your eyes~ at first, I was not sure whether people will like my game or not, because it's rare to have novels with Indonesian cuclture in it--not to mention the addition of animal characteristics but I'm glad I took the risk! ^.^

        3. Thank you! I try my best to make all characters unique. Even the NPCs, so I'm glad to hear you can relate to the characters :'3 

        and lol, Reksa's route was so much fun to write x'D I have so many fave moments there and that's one of them!

        There's still room for me to improve though... I'll do my best!

        4. Ah, I'm glad you bring it up, my friend! And that's exactly what I wanted to potray. Tamara is not an adult, not mature, and not perfect--just like any of us--and in my opinion, most people in the world starts like that. We have our weaknesses, we are selfish, and we would rather 'talk' than 'listen'. We think our lives are not as fortunate as others, but the truth is each of us have our own problems to tackle.


        And that's why Tamara needs to learn about 'tolerance' and 'patience'. In Rama's route, I make a lot of options where the correct answer would often result in Tamara having to wait upon Rama. What I wanted to say/the lesson I'm trying to teach is... if you truly want to understand about someone or if you want someone to open up to you, we need time and patience. 

        You don't need to talk, just stay by his side. In Rama's case, you need to put in extra effort because he is mentally weak and he's at his limit, at the end of a 'cliff' if I must say. Just a slight push and... you know the rest >< 

        Um... I'm not sure what else I can explain @@ it's a bit hard for me because I've already half forgotten about the events' timeline and order, but in any case! Tamara's efforts after the outburst contributes in a way. At least Rama knows that she's being sincere ^.^ it's one step at a time~ life is all about learning and with time, we'll become wise... this is what I call character development!

        I hope I answered your question o.o; I'm sorry about the text wall though ><;; Hope to see you around! 



        I'm so happy you took the time to reply!! About the Indonesian culture bit, I forgot to mention but I was actually pleasantly surprised that the game was set in Indonesia! I'm always interested in learning about other cultures, especially those of fellow southeast asian countries (hi from the Philippines lol). And about Tamara's personality, it does make a lot of sense now that you've explained it. Often, we do make the mistake of 'talking' rather than 'listening,' and it's so refreshing for that to be shown in the main character of an otome. I can see the amount of effort you've made into creating a well-balanced game, and I'm glad I was able to enjoy it! Again, thank you so much! I'm looking forward to more of your works <3 

        can i just say that i laughed so hard when i got rama's good ending because i got the bad ending thrice before finally getting the good ending and then it turns out that the title of the ending is "finally!" lol really made my day

        Hi, miminana and lol, I know that feeling!
        Rama's route is the most tricky compared to the others so it's not a surprise that the good end is hard to get ('s kinda intentional, don't hurt me x'D) 

        Congrats on getting his good end! I hope you had a good time <3

        yay thank you! i just finished all of the endings and wrote my answers for the questions hehe thank you for letting us experience such a great game!! <3

        (1 edit)

        I played this game a while back ago and thought to revisit it for the feels <3

        1. Reksa for the win; I usually go for the flirty type, but Reksa is so adorable to tease/ poke with all his growling. Made me all fluster-fied with his possessiveness and I loved it when he hid his embarrasment with his gruff exterior. >_< Second best, Rama cuz of his playful; yet, completely off-kilter nature. There was never a dull moment with him lol. His also happened to be the most emotional. Not to be outdone, Mitra happened to have the cutest route with the shyness, bear personality, and helpfulness despite what route you chose. On another note, Puspa was so adorable in Mas Mitra's route and the women flocking him while he had no idea how to deal with them, amusing. He's not necessarily "my type" compared to a combination of the other two though :P

        2. I play otome games too often for my heart. Stupid heart palpitations! Some think me obsessed. Not true. I just love the squiggly feels I get when reading romance, makes me feel like soul mates exist somewhere far, far away xD I initially chose Nusantara mostly for the demi-humans (the shirtless guys on the cover helped, kidding). Plus, I have really always liked the "dropped into another world" storyline. My recent fave being all the new reincarnated into a villainess mangas/ anime. 

        3.The best characterists of the game are how emotional some of the harder themes are such as death, war, rape, suicide etc.. It can be really hard to write those scenes and you managed to convey such potent emotions behind them. I'm a writer myself and as one I've found it hard to go dark without being overly dramatic and to balance/ write realistically certain emotions. The graphics looked really stunning, as well. As far as what I would like more of would be romance/ more courting/ passion, but I am a romance addict ^_^;

        4. I've heard about Nusantara: Bermuda Triangle, so the demo is definitely on my play next list. Thank you for all your hard work and wishing you luck on all future endeavors, cheering you on :3

        Hi, castonovia44!
        Thank you so much for taking the time to write me your review ^.^~

        1. Congrats on finishing all three routes! Ah, Reksa is our reigning champion as usual~
        I'm also pleasantly surprised you enjoyed Rama's route! He is the most complex character in the story and people tend to be impatient with him so I'm very glad when you said 'there's never a dull moment with him' x'D

        2. Me too! I've always been a lover to romance/fantasy novels so imagine my happiness when I discovered otome games lol *highfive* 

        And yes! Recently, I've been reading chinese/korea novel translations about villainess, for example; the Abandoned Empress, Transmigrator vs Reincarnator, Doomed to be Cannon Fodder, etc--*cough* I recommend to give them a try, especially when you have a lot of time in hand ^.^

        3. I try my best >< those dark themes are certainly not easy to write so I often find myself going back and forth, editing the script again and again until I'm satisfied. You can do it! The secret is to read more manga/novels and screenshot or take notes of the lines that you like >:3

        Of course, I'd rather avoid reading angst stories if I can Q_Q they always make me cry but heck, sometimes they're so good, I think I'm turning into a masochist OTL

        4. Thank you and feel free to take your time! Bermuda still has quite a long way to go before it's completed! Let's work hard together! ^.^)/




        Alrighty! Now that I have finished playing, I am going to be happy to answer these questions. 

          1. Which guy did you like the most and why?: Reksa. I like his route the most because I felt I had the most information about both sides of the war. Plus, I found it to have the most romance while also giving both points of view. My second favorite was Mitra since he was just a marshmellow and such a treat to talk to. Rama is my least favorite simply because he was just a jerk and his personality switches were a bit scary (though his route does make sense and was still fun to play).
          2. Do you play a lot of otome/visual novels? What made you choose to play Nusantara? I do play a bunch of otome/visual novels. I play them frequently becase I like the interactiveness of it. I decided to play Nusantara because of the unique themes, plus I had never seen a "lizard man" interest before. I also greatly enjoyed the art style. All the guys also felt like they had personalities beyond sterotypes which is always refreshing. 
          3. Which element of the game would you say was the best and which ones would you say need work? Consider story, art, characters, music etc.: I would say the best are the art, characters, and music. These aspects had a great harmony and the world was also built very well (thank you for the map graphic!). I think the only thing that needs work is fleshing out Rama's route. His route had a lot of overlap with Mitra's so it felt that he was a little forgotten. Overall though, I found this to be a pleasant experience and the play time was perfect.
          4. Do you have any other questions, comments or constructive criticism?: Keep up the good work! I love finding new developers and seeing them flourish and I think you are doing a great job. Now I have to go find Nusantara: Bermuda Triangle to play it as well! :D

        Hi, MermaidVictory!
        Thank you for dropping by and answering my questions! -^.^-

        1. Congrats on finishing all three routes! Thank you for giving them all a chance and I'm glad to hear you enjoyed yourself~ I see that Reksa is still our number 1 bachelor x'D and yes, his route gives you a lot more information compared to the other ones, which is why I recommend to play his route last~
        And I agree with your opinion about Mitra and Rama! Rama's route turned out to be darker than I expected--and oh, if you're planning to play Bermuda next, fair warning; the bad endings darker than Winged Ones >< 

        2. Thank you! I try my best to make my boys unique--if you ask me, we need more otome games with demi human bachelors! I'm planning to stick around with fantasy genre. 
        Hopefully, I will be able to make lighthearted stories with a fairy tale quality in the future~

        3. Thank you! I'm really happy to hear you like my art!
        I still have space for improvement though, especially in the quality control department ><; 

        4. I will! Thanks again for taking the time to answer my questions!
        I'll look forward to hear your thoughts about Bermuda ^.^)/


        Hello SweetChiel!

        I appreciate the heads up and I will most definitely keep your warning in mind for Bermuda. I did finish the demo the other day and was genuinely sad when the demo ended. I wanted more!

        OH! Speaking of Bermuda, while I was playing I noticed that if you rename the character and then look at the status in the menu, it still shows the default character name (Maya).

        Looking forward to the next Bermuda update - and if there is somewhere better to bring up these things, please let me know!

        Have a good day,


        Aah! I didn't notice! O.O 
        Thanks for telling me, Mermaid Victory! I'll change it ASAP to 'Your Status' ^.^

        You can keep telling me about these via comment or go to my facebook and chat with me~

        I really appreciate the help and I'm very happy to hear you like Bermuda's demo!


        I had a sudden thought as I was replaying this game today that Chop Suey by System of a Down is practically Rama's theme song xD

        (1 edit)

        Lol, hi, GayTree!
        I mostly use royalty free background musics, so yup, you might find those musics used by other game devs~

        However, in my 2nd game, Bermuda, I do my best not to use the same musics as Winged Ones and with what little budget I have, I donated to a talented composer(alcaknight) to use her song and I also commissioned someone for a few original BGMs like the one I used for the trailer so look forward to it! ^.^

        You are doing great work and I know that many of us apperciate it! Thank you for doing what you do. 

        You're welcome and thank you for dropping by, MermaidVictory! -^.^-
        You guys are awesome--your support is what keeping me going~

        Hello there! :)

        I just basically spent the whole day playing the game and I can really recommend it :3 

        I had some issues though, I could not finish the route of Reksa's as the option never appeared to me even though I (in desperation) followed the walk-through :( However, I am able to reply to your questions!

        1. Which guy did you like the most and why? 

        Well, I totally love Reksa (even though  I could not finish the route :( ) I tend to like the characters that are a little bit grumpy and difficult to approach in the beginning. The fact that little by little you get his trust and the feeling of accomplishment  like "Oh, he is being more open to me" is really nice. Besides that, he is always trying to be a better person and even though he does not like something he still checks something before deciding. He is also pretty much forward, what I really appreciate in a relationship as I know where I am standing :3 He is also playful and cares a lot about the people he loves :3 Totally my type! Also I laughed the most in his route :D
        BUT, believe it or not was the most difficult route of the three of them. I do not like lying nor stealing, even for a good cause- I would have tried fishing the fish in the waterfall than stealing them... so it was kinda harder for me to get all the cute moments :3 (Even though I still haven't finished his route due to the bug ;____;) 
        Mitra's story was kind of like- whatever you do, you will end with him and Rama's story is basically the same story I have with my boyfriend, so it was really easy as I have already passed through it once in real life ;p 

        2. Do you play a lot of otome/visual novels? What made you choose to play Nusantara?

        I used to play more like 4 years ago, but due to some personal circumstances I had to stop doing things that makes me REALLY happy or are fictional. Now that for a while I've been doing great I came back to my nerdy-otome self and I am checking the list I did before the long pause in otome games. Nusantara was one of them, so I tried it yesterday and it was a good choice. I love it! :) I used to played in phones, in PC and that's all :D it really varies and I tend to choose all kinds of VN. I actually prefer the most otome, but I also like some criminals ones, or warm heart stories (not necessarily partner love)...I even have tried some eroge games, so you can say I really like VN :D

        3. Which element of the game would you say was the best and which ones would you say need work? Consider story, art, characters, music etc.

        - The characters were loving, all of them really, even Purba at the very end had this honor or how can I say it... some values that nowadays are not frequently seen.
        - The world was also really lovely and beautiful, and even though there was war in there, I found it a really peaceful place to be :D
        - The idea of the characters (that they were birds, komodos) was also nice. How each of them had some characteristics was cool.
        - The humor of Yuda and Reksa made my day... I was laughing a lot!
        - The battles- some of them were really exciting. I really enjoyed them.
        - All of the men were gorgeous and even Asih was really pretty :3

        - Mitra story was kinda boring to be honest. It was like whatever I would have chosen, he would still have loved me, what kinda make it more like "my fate" instead of like "playing the game" (do you understand what I mean? I am bad at explaining myself ;__;)
        - The sounds were sometimes too loud in comparison to the background music. I had to lower the music when there were battles for example.

        4. Do you have any other questions, comments or constructive criticism? 

        Can you please help me finishing the route of Reksa with a happy ending? I really try doing the walk-trough and I still only got one choice. I even tried clicking everywhere just in case :(

        Overall I really enjoyed the game :) Worth paying for it (will do so soon) :)

        Hi Bea! Thank you for playing and I'm sorry to hear you're havung difficulties with Reksa's route! o.o; That's quite a rare case--I mean, people usually come to me when they can't finish Rama's route, not Reksa x'D

        Well now, let's see...


        1.For Reksa's route, the first thing you need to do is to 'save him' then 'lie to him' because otherwise, you'll be locked out of his route. After stealing some fish, you need to pick choices that increases his affection points. He is similar with Rama, you need to focus on him and not other bachelors ><

        After you raised Reksa's affection, you'll go to his village automatically at some point. If you get this, congrats! You're halfway through his route! Lastly, to get his good ending, you need to 'give him the pink crystal', not the explosives. 

        I hope this helps! If it still fails, try click on 'new game' maybe? As far as I know, Reksa's route shouldn't have any bugs >_<  my official walkthrough is at lemmasoft or you can follow another one made by someone at steam forum~

        2. I see! I also love to play otome the most--I'm a romantic person who can't get enoyhh romcom x'D but lately, I've been exploring other genres and gotta say I enjoy almost everything now--but I tend to avoid angst and sad endings Q_Q 

        Oh! If you like mystery/criminals, I recommend you to take a look at Phoenix Wright! It's a game from japan with mindblowing plots! Their characters are interesting and sometimes, they serve us wih with simple but hilarious 2D animations x'D

        3. I agree with your list lol x'D

        Mitra's route is the easiest of them all and I get with what you mean by 'more like my fate'. 

        Hmm... how do I say this... 

        You can still choose to go back instead of ending with him, but when I created Winged Ones, I want to make Mitra as the guy we'd love to end up irl :'3 I mean, he courted you like a champ lol--and it's hard not to be flattered unless you have another guy in mind~ and... I was really soft hearted back then, which is why I didn't make any bad end for him @@ 

        4. Of course! How far are you with Reksa? o.o Did you enter his village? Did you get the 'give explosive' or 'give the pink crystal' options? You should get his good end by picking 'give the pink crystal' >< but if the option doesn't appear after you follow the walkthrough, maybe try a 'new game' and try fast forwarding? There's often a case where we missed a choice and the option will be locked out. Unlike Rama, Reksa's route shouldn't be locked out as long as you saved him.

        Hope to hear good news from you soon!



        Hello SweetChiel!

        Thank you for your quick reply! :)

        1. I managed to finish the route (finally :')) but I do not know why, when I tried doing it in my laptop it did not work. I had to play in my boyfriend's laptop and then it appeared (weird thing, but my computer has many issues and many times breaks games :D ). Anyway, I really like that Reksa is really possesive and sweet....I'm loving him <3

        2. Oh, will search for the game and give it a try! Thank you for the recommendation ^^ I also do not like that much drama nor sad endings. I tend to become really attached to the characters, so any kind of really sad and dramatic games tend to kill me in many emotional and existencial ways ;p 

        3. Well, I also really like Mitra and I even called him Mr. Perfect, but as you said- I wanted to have Reksa no matter what, so it might have been why I was not that much into him :) Anyway, to be honest a love all the guys and the stories in each of them <3

        4. As mentioned above, I managed! :3  Eaeaea.... My laptop just wants me to be miserable, so I can only enjoy Reksa's Happy Ending in another laptop ;p 

        Thank you very much for your help and for making the game!  I really enjoy it a lot! <3 
        Right now my plan is to play your second game "Nusantara: Bermuda Triangle". So you will be hearing from me pretty soon once again :D 

        One more question though, if I want to help you as to buy the games or something like that, does the option here in itch,  is okay or you'd rather I send it in a different way? I really want to help you as a thank you! :)

        Looking forward your reply! ^3^)/

        Ah, I'm relieved to hear your problem is solved x'D congrats on finishing the game! *throws confetti

        And you're welcome! Um, actually, Thank YOU for giving my game a chance and for loving it ^.^-  Reksa gained another fan and today, he's still our number 1 boy <3

        I look forward to hear your thoughts about Bermuda--it's still in progress and I've been working on it slowly but surely >< but if you want to show your support by buying the game, there's a paypal icon on the game page~ just click on it and you'll be directed to buy with paypal, or maybe donate directly through when you're downloading the demo and buy the game later? It's up to you! OuO

        Thanks again for coming!


        Finally i finished the game and i'm pretty excited to the next one. I can tell that you're working harder on Bermuda Triangle. Tbh, i think Mitra's route was a little boring, i'm not against the shy ones but he was waaaay too shy. Rama kind of scares me but i still love him and Reksa... well, not much to say except GODDAMN HOW HOT CAN HE BE? My favorite route is definitely his.


        Hi, Lossy!
        Thanks for playing and for dropping by! ^///^

        Yup, in terms of difficulty, Mitra's route is the easiest and most easy going one while Rama's would be the hardest and testing your patience + endurance. On the other hand, Reksa's route prevails once more lol x'D I'm very glad to hear you enjoyed yourself to the fullest by completing all the routes!

        Congratulations and stay tuned for Bermuda! There will be a cameo of Mitra, Rama, and Reksa appearing on the Autumn Village ;)


        (1 edit)

        I replay the game again because it brings me nostalgia. I did answer the questions on DeviantArt but that was 3 years ago. I guess let's freshen up a bit and have bigger wall of text!

          1. Which guy did you like the most and why?

        It's between Mitra and Reksa. But my pick is Reksa and with Mitra, very close behind. If he's real, I would choose Mitra, he's a husband material. But in the game, I really love Reksa and his route so much. His route shows how the Komodos lives and more about them. In Rama's route, he warned the MC about the attack and it shows that he cares about her and how her actions affected him. I love him, not just by design-wise but also his personality. His type of character is usually my type in VN games. I like that the MC have to earn his trust to get his ending.

        I don't have any issues with Rama at all. I'm neutral on him. His behavior is very PSM-ing though. I like his behavior towards the kids and it's just fun to see. It's kinda sad that in other routes, you can't save him. I wish there were. It felt hurt that to properly save him is to play his route and that's it. 

        But overall, the characters, I like them, they have very diverse traits that make them lovable. Mitra with him being a big softie, Reksa being the bad boy, Tsundere-ish personality and Rama being emotionally engaging(and relatablity) and sweet on his own way.

          2. Do you play a lot of otome/visual novels? What made you choose to play Nusantara? 

        I don't play a lot of VNs as of right now, I'm very picky, in fact the only game I'm waiting to come out is Cinderella Phenomenon Fan Disk, Magical Paws 2 and of course, your current project, Bermuda Triangle but 13 year old me is thristy for some actions and played anything romantic VN related. What makes me play the game is the title, one VERY specific word. Nusantara. That word pique my interest, it's very Malay sounding word and I never saw any words like that in a game title.

        It made me download the game. I'm from Malaysia and it's very rare to see a VN that has Southeast asia, specifically Indonesia culture into it. (I have an Indonesian mother but she doesn't really talk about the tradition and history behind them.) Usually, they would have East Asia and Western culture. Not that it's wrong, it's just the usual. So seeing something SO different is interesting and make me excited. The only games that I know that was released in Malaysia are Sara is Missing and The Simulacra.

          3. Which element of the game would you say was the best and which ones would you say need work? Consider story, art, characters, music etc.

        The best elements are the characters both in design department and personalities. They are so lovable! Asih, Yuda, the triplets, Granny Sukma, and the bachelors are great! The story is also interesting and engaging! 

        As for the cons, at the time when you released the game, some of the CG art pieces are iffy. Like Tamara seeing Rama(?) getting shot by arrows that wasn't a good piece not gonna lie but the majority of it are fine, same goes for the background, the Herb forest, it doesn't feel the same as other locations, that's that. But seeing the Bermuda Triangle sneak peak, you definitely improved from those!

          4. Do you have any other questions, comments or constructive criticism? 

        I don't have a question for the game, I feel like I understand them but maybe a little criticism on the story. There is a text cut scene where Rama said something along the lines of "it's her fault, why does she needs to involve herself in my personal business" It doesn't sit quite right on Mitra and Reksa's route but on his route it would make sense. Because the MC is literally involve with his personal business but the MC isn't up and involve herself in his personal business when she is on other routes, especially Reksa. I don't think there is one time where she goes to check on Rama, at least not on my playthrough.

        I feel like it wasn't needed when the player isn't paying attention to him. That sounds so mean but you know what I mean. Another thing is that the endings, the good ones, feel so short. I don't know if they are shorter than the bad endings but they feel short.

        I think that's all...? I just can't wait for Bermuda Triangle, aahh! I'm gonna snatch them up once they are on Steam! I want to see the antagonist and know more about the bachelors. Speaking of antagonist, I see that some people want this game to have Purba route, which I'm not gonna lie, I lowkey kinda want that too.

        My reaction when Bermuda Triangle comes out

        Hi, Mishira!
        And wow, it's been a while since I received such a passionate and detailed review QuQ thank you very much!

        1. Here, I'm very happy to say that you've caught the essence of every bachelor ^.^- thank you for giving all three of them a chance and congratulations on finishing the game! 

        I agree, Rama's route is the most complicated of all three and it tested your endurance and patience. You either love him, hate him, or sad... but that's what I wanted to convey. In life, sometimes, you can't save everyone. Rama's psychology won't allow it. He's at the end of his wits and sadly, you won't be able to save him if you don't give him all of your attention :')

        Reksa's route might be the one that have most changes though. When I programmed in his script, his lines often changes, especially when he fight. I didn't expect it to be so popular o.o; but yeah, it almost as if he had his own mind so I'm glad to see him well loved ^.^

        And yup! I agree. If there's someone like Mitra in real world, I'll choose him in a heart beat lol. He's such a sweetheart and well-rounded in every aspect... *cough* >///<

        2. I can recommend you some VNs to play if you want to? OuO
        One of them is a korean visual novel called Dandelion: Wishes brought to you, it has full voice acting and fluffy but deep stories! Another one is my all time favourite; The House in Fata Morgana. If you want to have an idea how long Bermuda will be, play it x'D its semi-realism style is unique, but again, it grows on you! I love their music and each and every sentence is written with so much care, it seeps into your heart.

        And yes, we don't have many Asian game titles out there, right? For me, I think it's fun to show that we have many interesting cultures and in Bermuda, I'll also show some of our most interesting/daring food~ *hint*hint 

        Overall, I'm so happy that our culture is well received ^///^

        3. Once again, I agree! I still have some difficulty maintaining CG quality control Q_Q even in Bermuda, you'll notice some CGs are better than the other... I hope it won't affect your immersion too much ><; I'm working on improving and polishing them!

        However, I'm still glad to hear you like the characters ^///^ They're like my children~

        4. Aaah, yes, I know what you mean O-O; some scenes will look strange when you're on other bachelor's routes and yup, I learned from my mistakes! ><; It's a bit too late to fix them now though, so... m(_ _)m *bows I hope you'll excuse me, but currently, my stance is to keep Winged Ones as it is--to remind me where I started and to improve from there.

        As for how the good endings feels shorter than bad endings... you might be right? o.o; 
        Personally, I don't like to read/write bad endings, but once I get into them, it's hard to stop x_x; Rama's bad end is one of my personal fave though. It turned out better than I expected, but thanks for the heads up! I'll make sure Bermuda's good ends will have some extra 'oof' to it! >:D

        As for Purba... lol, I didn't have any plan to make a route for him before, but now, I can see why we want the antagonist's route x'D 

        It's not easy to write them tho! Especially the early scenes, but I'll work hard on Bermuda and hopefully, it'll turn out alright for my first antagonist route ><

        Lastly but not least, thanks again for dropping by and giving me your support, Mishira ^.^-
        I hope to see you around!


        Thank you for the recommendations! I will probably buy them when they are on sale, a bit expensive for my usual budget for games. But when they are, I probably buy Dandelion: Wishes brought to you first since it is made by Cheritz, the same developer that made Mystic Messenger. I enjoy playing that game. Couldn't finish all of the route because it's very time sensitive and I can't help but wanted to get all of the days chatroom to 100%  but I very much enjoy YooSung and Zen's routes.

        The House In Fata Morgana seems interesting. I don't know if I will buy it. Usually I went for really cute and romantic VN, very rarely stepping out of that cute genre. So, the game will be a first for me. Thank you again for the recommendations!

        No problem at all! You played Nystic Messenger too? Man, it messed up my sleeping schedule but it's awesome x'D I really like their idea of making it look like we're chatting on phone! Their characters are all interesting too ~ especially Zen and 707.

        Take a look at this video, I hope it brings you a smile and joy for the day x'D

        And yep, when I first saw House in Fata Morgana, I never thought I'll like it as much as I do now ><

        Yep! Sadly I couldn't play the rest because it kinda stop sending me chat room notifications. So I ended up missing a lot of them. I was going to go on Jaehee's route when that happened and I was on a vacation in Indonesia and I couldn't spend time on her route, so I postponed it until I get home and realize that happened. That often happens to me when I don't use certain apps for a certain time.

        Mystic Messenger is a pretty good game, great story lines, characters and overall stuff. It isn't pay to win. Unlike other games, *cough* *cough* Shall We Date?: recent games *cough* *cough* The only thing you have to pay is DLCs which is optional and if you want to get a 100% on every day, Hourglass cost some money but again optional.

        Mystic Messenger is like once in a lifetime type of game, at least on mobile. It's very hard to find Otome games that are free to play and not forcing you to pay to win. I remember calculating how much does it cost for me to win one of the characters route with all premium pictures and outfits on Shall We Date?: game, it was around 80 ringgit. Imagine being an American and pay 80 dollars for ONE character. Their earliest games aren't even that expensive, at most around 20 ringgit and get everything.

        Got side tracked there. I'm very passionate when it comes to Otome games on mobile because that's where I play a lot of the Otome games. I watched the video and GOD! It brings so much memories! I watch those type of videos when I was very early on the fandom. It's just amazing to watch.

        It bothers me that Rama dies in every route except his own


        Me too, but his psychology wont let me write another way :')


        Honestly it's not fair that Purba is so hot like damn.

        I know x'D 

        (1 edit)

        Like I know my heart is going Reksa, Mitra or Rama, but damn my hormones. It's like this little voice in the back of my head going "you could lick those defined abs right up." 

        Edit: I just finished Reksa's route and no matter how lickable Purba's abs are he's a first class a-hole.

        Actually, I have half the mind to make Purba's route when I've finished the 3 bachelors routes... but I think I'm kinda lazy to make/write one because I'm really late from the planned release date x_x;

        and lol! congrats on finishing Reksa's route! x'D

        So i'm here to replay since i'm dying for Nusantara : bermuda triangle lol. I must say I haven't tried the demo for the second game, since I feel like it'd make me even more impatient haha! Anyways I really loved this game when I played it years ago and it's excellent quality for an indie game (and i'm a picky person with otome! I usually just play the good japanese otoge lol) also thanks for giving the characters some melanin haha as an arab girl I must say I prefer tan men or dark skinned men! hahaha 

        Good luck for the second game, and thanks for the first one :) 

        Hi, mimi777!

        Thank you for dropping by, giving me your support, and for patiently waiting for Bermuda >\\\< I'm really flattered and happy to hear you still remember Winged Ones even as the years go by ^///^ 

        And yes! You're welcome! We need more games with dark skinned men x'D you'll get a surprise when you arrived at the winter area though. It has something to do with Guntur's animal trait *hint*hint...*cough*

        I'll look forward to the day I deliver Bermuda's completed game to you and hearing your thoughts! 




        You're welcome, I'm glad to be encouraging. As I'm replaying I've been wondering : is the game based on an actual real-life ethnicity or culture? If so, is it indonesian? I'm not sure if I can ask but is the game based on your own background? I'm very curious, as I know absolutely no indonesian lol. What I can say for sure is I love the design for the characters with their clothes and the beautiful earthly colors.  I love learning about cultures and countries so I'd be happy to know more about how you created the word in this game!

        That's right ^.^ the events in the game often based on indonesian culture! Omoed-omoed exists! You can read the details in the mini encyclopedia~ of course, some things are adjusted. *SPOILER ALERT* Like how Mitra showed off his wings--it doesn't apply to the real Omoed-omoed lol.

        We also have a lot of version for Batik. Every province has their own Batik patterns so it's a bit complicated but I'm glad to see people are enjoying this tid bits ^///^

        (1 edit)


        Is there a way where Rama survives while I follow the other routes? He's so important to Mitra and gaaaahhhhh. Also how did Rama's wings get injured?  love this game btw. 

        Mitra is a straight daddy. Husband material right here. Where can I find one?

        (1 edit)

        Look at all these people coming back to replay! You know your game is good when people replay it after years and years ^^ Also played it some years ago, and I just thought of it out of the blue today. Can't wait to replay it myself in a few days. Wanted to leave my regards and thanks!


        Hi, midichats!
        And yes, Winged Ones is very lucky to have people replay it over the years QuQ
        I can't say enough about how grateful I am to you guys for your continuous support <3 *gives a bear hug


        I'm glad to see others are around replaying the same game. ^.^ I hope you enjoy your play, I'm getting back to Nusantara as well. *w* Chiel did such a great job on everything.

        (2 edits)

        I can't wait to play this game again, Chiel. I still remember my favorite guy ^.^ I hope you're doing well! See you around. :)

        Hi, Anh!
        OMG, I can't believe I missed your comment for 2 months! D:
        I'm really sorry--I must've missed the notification Q_Q 

        As always thank you so much for your support, Anh! You've been with me for a long time now! >////< *hugg

        My pleasure, Chiel! ^.^

        I just so admire your talent and patience, watching your progresses makes me super happy. And I can't wait to support NUSANTARA when it comes out. ^O^/

        Keep being YOU and much love,


        D'aww thank you! >\\\<

        You give me too much credit--I mean, I can go so far only because there are people like you supporting me from behind QuQ *and also because there are supporters lurking/hiding behind the bushes, watching me with silent support lol*

        I'll definitely keep working hard! I look forward to hear your thoughts once Bermuda is completed and distributed ^///^


        I played this game a few years ago and remember being absolutely in love with it. I came across it again while looking through cause I was feeling pretty bored (I should be doing my midterm essays but lmao) and I got really excited! I'm so ready and happy to play this game again; I remember I played it during my high school years and I was feeling pretty lowly, and found happiness playing this! It's definitely going to bring back some good nostalgic feelings. Thank you for making this game, and keep up the amazing work <3

        Aww, thank you ct_amy! *hugg
        I'm really glad to hear Winged Ones helped you to smile when you were on the low side QuQ 
        You too, thank YOU for playing and loving Winged Ones! I couldn't ask for a better compliment! 
        Good luck with your midterm essays! 


        i've already played this like, years back, but i'm about it play it again, i really loved it (and i'm totally gonna choose the same dude again but whatever!) also gonna see the updates on bermuda as well

        Aww thank you for your love, Boo!*hugg
        I'm really happy to hear people are still playing Winged Ones ^///^

        It's my favorite game out of all the visual novels i've seen on this website. I just love Reska.

        (1 edit)

        >.< I feel like I'm WAY too addicted to this game. XD I love the story so much that I've played through it several times. I can't wait for your next game too! The Demo for the Bermuda Triangle is looking good! I hope you keep up the awesome games! 

        Aww, thank you PurpleMysteria QuQ *hugg*
        I just woke up and you made my day! I'll definitely do my best for Bermuda and I assure you it's gonna be worth it, considering its word count is double--no, triple Winged Ones ^.^~


        O.O You just made me so excited!!! I can hardly contain myself! :D

        How i can get Rama's good ending? I try to many ways i i cant still do good ending, (if it written somewhere i can't see it 7w7, and sorry for my english)

        Hint: focus on only Rama, he gets jealous easily and don't lie.
        Have you tried the walkthrough on lemmasoft? OuO click and drag over the white space~ good luck!

        (1 edit) (+1)

        I love Rama so much!! He's really an interesting character with such a realistic backstory that I feel makes him seem so lifelike and complex. 

        And while I haven't played the Reksa storyline yet, I think I can say that Mitra is my least favorite. Not at all because he's a flawed character,  he's very much a huge sweetheart.. I just feel like his storyline is so PG; I kept wanting more to happen between him and the MC. more passion, yaknow? it just felt very children's storybook-esque, which.. I guess isn't bad but it isn't necessarily the most compelling thing to read. 

        I really love this otome, tho!! Major props, it's so well made and the art is amazing! 


        Hi, Rina!
        I'm so glad to see Rama getting lots of love these days! 
        *cough* yup, Mitra's route is the easiest and PG-rated x'D if you want more passion, I recommend Reksa's route! I'm still a bit too shy to write anything too passionate though >///< I usually stick with cuddling/kissing *cough*

        I still have a lot to learn but I'll always do my best to improve! >:D

        Thank you so much for playing! And I hope you had a great time!

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