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The Ren'Py version is finally here! Gods, I'm so excited! x'D

Also, Thank you for the 20k downloads! Here's the last bonus picture I promised <3 From here on, I'll focus on a new long-term project ;) see you again!

Genre: Otome Fantasy, Adventure, Romance, Comedy
WARNINGS: swearing, blood, death, and a little psychological

Long ago, when the world was still young and humans have just learned how to write,
Legends of mythical beings traveled over the continents.
Mysteries about the existence of Dragons, Griffins, Unicorns, and many other myths were told in folklores and heritages.
Some even has human characteristics such as Centaurs, Lamias, Anubis, and Kinara Kinari.
But there was one legend.
Lost and much of it is forgotten.
For none now lived to remember it.
A legend about humans with wings and humans with skin tougher than steel.
How they prospered and how they vanished without a trace.
This is a story about...
And Love
How it all began from the gift of Blue Crystal
Both a blessing and a curse from the Goddess.
And now,
The Legend shall be unfolded by a human girl.

Game Features:

- 3 love interests
- 6 endings
- 20+ CGs
- Auto save, toggle, Mini encyclopedia
- Unfortunately, Nusantara won't have any mini games due to my lack of understanding in programming.

There's about 1-5% of changes in the characters dialogues, but the story/plot is the same with the Novelty version. I want to keep it as it is to remind me of my first baby :')

But sadly, there's no status function in this version so you can't check how much in love the bachelors are with Tamara xD


-The walkthrough is available in Lemmasoft xD *I'm not including it in this .rar files, since I think it will be more fun if you try to woo the guys yourself at first ;)

Walkthrough link: https://lemmasoft.renai.us/forums/viewtopic.php?f=...

Questions for you:
There are also some question I'd like you to answer after playing this to improve my skills:

  1. Which bachelor you like the most? and why?
  2. What makes you consider to play this game?
  3. Overall, what do you think about this visual novel? and what element stands out the most? (art? story? character?)
  4. Do you have any question or constructive critiques? I will read all the comments and reply to them like I do in Lemmasoft.
  5. Last but not least, if I make another visual novel, will you consider buying it? via patreon or kickstarter that is (since I need to eat, electricity, and such things when I make VNs xD)

It's optional to answer those questions btw :'3

Now without further ado, ENJOY!


- Fixed Setting screen's error

- Inserted SweetChiel's new logo


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After so much delay in my life, I recently just finished Mitra's route (UPDATE! I had gone through all the routes and my first forever love is still Mitra!!! xD  Boy how unexpected that I got him while my early intention is pursuing Rama, oh well at least I have a really a cute-gentle-badass-husband anyway :'D ), so here they go :

  1. How can I choose between those gorgeous men? HOW??? Although my forever husband is Mitra (he has the sweetest story.... Do I smell favoritism from the developers? ;) ), I adore Rama; as I... had been through certain phase of trauma and depression like him and feel more connected to him, somehow motivated by his character development... (especially the childish and sarcastic nature... is that a bliss or an oddness ^^"). Besides the 3 main bachelors, I like Yuda very much. He truly is a dependable big brother.... but I am also eager to be his second wife if he is one of LI routes ;) *slaps by Asih*
  2. An otome built with my homeland legend and culture + badass heroine? Bring me in!
  3.  Although the plot is a bit mainstream, but how the story is written and unfold with neat culture infuse, characters with well-built backstory, great choice of BGM, and proper graphics effect; those covers the little flaw.
  4. As long as I played, I found an error around the begining of chapter II : in which Asih's figure is blank for one scene (the picture) and it's a bit inconvenient when Rama's Happy End CG is revealed long before I achieve his route ^^:
  5. Well, pardon me as a poor college student now and can't contribute anything but my love and admiration to your Bermuda work + that one collaboration project.... but I'll definitely save some money so I could regard you in your future project!

     Keep up the excellent work (>.<)/

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    Hello, there.
    I finished your game with the three characters in 24 hours, so here I am...
    To begin with, you have to know that I'm french and that we don't have many otome games in our language (and excuse the faults in this message haha). That's why I first came here and looked for a good game, without waiting time to play.

    I LOVED it. My god, just addictive.

    1. Which bachelor you like the most? and why?
    I support... MITRA !! Yay, Mitra is my looover ! <3 <3 <3 Oh my god, really, at first I was not interested in him, he was too « good-guy » and, frankly, I'm not a fan of kids, while he's always talking about family, projecting himself, etc.... That's the only negative point about his character, to me. The fact is, I totally fucked up with the Reska's route the first time (I couldn't even get to know him, haha, because I chose to be honest) and I always picked up the good choices so I would meet Mitra, without especially wanting it. Hehe, that's the proof I was meant to be his lover. Gradually, I learned to like him. He's sooo sweet (with his little feathers in his hair, aaawh <3), caring, kind, protective without being annoying, comprehensive. Oh, and I find that most of the romantic scenes were in his route, like the wing's performance (<3 !!) and the discussion in the burnt forest, you know after the first attack. Besides, after playing with all the guys, I feel a lot more close to everyone in Mitra's route, because we spent time with Avians, with Yuda, Asih, etc... since Mitra is a chief.

    On the contrary, in Reska's route, I really felt like we didn't give a shit about Avians, we never spent time with them, we lied to them, we stole, ... that was too bad. I have to say, I was a little decieved by the story with Reska. I read so many commentaries which sayed that they loved Mitra before meeting with Reska ! He's cute too but nah. Maybe to possessive and that attitude annoys me. I mean, we're free to do what we want... However the love story is a bit more « mature » in his route, when we can't have that with Mitra (grr).

    Then, there is Rama. Rama was a good surprise too. His background is really sad and coherent, I didn't expect that (and I didn't expect his fate in others guys'route ! I was like « What. No way, whaaaat »:O when Mitra came back with a piece of his loincloth.

    2. Overall, what do you think about this visual novel? and what element stands out the most? (art? story? character?)

    Ah, I don't know what to begin with ! This was really good ! I NEED to say it : the Avians are beautiful ! Asih is magnificient as hell ! I fell in love with her the minute she appeared on the screen.
    I didn't like Tamara's design, with blue hair (yurk) and the colors of her clothes that didn't match. Besides, her pony tail and her scarf which were flotting in the air... I know that you probably wanted to make her like a manga heroin, but it's just that I don't like mangas anymore, so it's personnal. :) But if we compare with Asih, her design seems less worked.
    The bachelors were great, especially Mitra (omg, his wings !! Omg, his eyes ! Mitraaa <3). Howerer I found them a little slim, even Mitra, who is supposed to be a warrior.

    The writing was surprisingly good. No offense but in France, we don't find a game with this quality very often. I was so immersed in the story ! Sometimes I laughed, I shivered, my eyes got wet, I was chocked, I fangirled, ... That's a very good point, to manage to reach the fellings of your players by your work. Bravo ! What else... ? The story is addictive. A little simple but addictive. Simple because I think that the « war » goes too quick and is simply resolved. Tamara didn't do miracles by her own. At the end, we don't understand WHY the goddess chose her. She just threw a rock, what anyone could have done, and yet this is in Mitra's story ; with Reksa or Rama, her intervention is a little more useless.

    Last but not least, the MUSICS were magic ! The game wouldn't be what is it, if the soundtrack wasn’t there. It really created an ambiance and fitted with the scenes. I have shivers when I rethink to some moments with Mitra... Maybe I'll download them later, if I can find them.

    3. Do you have any question or constructive critiques? I will read all the comments and reply to them like I do in Lemmasoft.

    Yeah, it's a fact that french people are known to complain a lot. So here are my questions and critics to maybe help you to improve your work in the future :)

    I noticed some incoherences or mysteries unsolved. What with the dream in which Tamara hears someone being tortured ?! When I was with Mitra, I thought that maybe this was part of Reska or Rama's route, but no.
    Then, there is the past of Tamara. She confesses it with Mitra and Rama but this is completely forgotten in Reska's story. Is that normal ?
    Something else : when I played with Reska, Tamara didn't give a shit about Rama, and then we end up helping him and bringing him meat. That was strange. ^^
    On this matter, it's a shame that we can't have some informations if we're not playing with the right bachelor. For example, the explanations around Rama's death. Rama is forgotten some days after it, and we can never discover why he wanted so much death. It would be great to speak about it, but not entirely of course...

    I have nevertheless a last critique. So, here, I don't know if I react like that because I'm french (and annoying) or not, because no one spoke about the following subject until me xD One thing bothered me in your story : the women's condition. God, we really have an image so that the wife is here to cook, to do laundries, etc... Each time we saw Asih, she talked about house chores : « dinner is almost ready », « ah ! come one, breakfast is ready ! » like she does nothing else, and she's so weak, not physically but in her personality too... I hated that. I felt sometimes some observations from our protagonist, with a little irony (« it was like she taught me to be a good wife »), but it wasn't enough. Maybe it's their society to live this way – traditionally - , but Tamara seemed not really bothered. And the guys are sooo paternalist !

    I finish this part on this : in my mind, the love story is too « cuty ». I mean the sexuality seems a taboo, when all the blood, the fights, the deaths and the war subject are for a mature public, so I don't understand this choice x)

    I hope that my last remarks will not upset you. I really loved your game and I just wish that my commentary will help you for – maybe – another project.

    4. Last but not least, if I make another visual novel, will you consider buying it? via patreon or kickstarter that is (since I need to eat, electricity, and such things when I make VNs xD)

    Yeah, of course, if I have time to. I discovered english otome games ;)

    THANK YOU for your work. Really. I lived a great adventure, which I won't forget and I'm sad to think that my commentary will conclude your wonderful story ! (I already miss Mitra :( hehe, I'll replay it one day)

    Bye. :)

    Hi Kioku! 

    Thanks for visiting and giving me your honest comment! I'm really happy when I read it ^.^- now, I will do my best to answer your questions -*SPOILER ALERT*- 

    1. I'm always glad to hear people giving their effort & time to read all the routes, so thank you -and WOW, just 24 hours? O.o you read fast! Did you skip sleep? Take care of your health! ><

    2. Hahahah, glad to hear Mitra grew on you, dear <3 his omoed-omoedan event is also one of my favourites! It was so much fun writing it ^^- and yes,  in Reksa's route we are encouraged to break some rules since the circumstance is the Komodos are the Avians' enemy and Tamara couldn't afford to tell anyone that she is helping the said enemy >< and yep, Rama's story managed to shock the majority of readers *happy dance* 

    As for the slim proportion, I'm sad to say that I haven't seen any real-life Indonesian guy who is buff/at least lithe with enough muscles to use as references... OTL a lot of the guys over here is skinny so it might affect my art even though I have photos references by my side.

    I'm flattered to hear you think my writing-style is good >\\\< I still have a lot to learn though since I still have loopholes here and there -which you pointed out some x'D I will definitely work hard to improve it!

    3. And thank you for liking Asih's design! She is one of the first designs I finished. As for Tamara's I was trying to make her pop up with her blue hair *cough* but I learned my lesson since some of my friends also said she looked unnatural ><

    As for her dream, it was a dream sent by Ayu. She was illsutrating Rama's past mentality, where he was suffering & in his mind, people were laughing & ridiculibg him. In the last sequence where there is a loud CRACK, it was the time where he attempted his last suicide. Yep, I got a lot of questions about this & I took notes that I need to be more clear about this ><

    Ah and of course, the timeline issue where some event about another bachelor pop out when you're inside another bachelor's route. I'm still trying to figure this out to be honest. I sometimes mixed them ><;; I thought it would be okay to get people read more about Rama since; Tamara basically lived in the village, so she would spend some time with him. At least, she would feel the need to try and help Rama out when he suddenly 'caged' himself and not eating. Welp, at least that was what I thought but then again, yeah, if might be weird to do that if you're not close to him. So this is an error from me maybe? Hmm... I will be more careful next time!

    As for the women condition... in Indonesian past tradition (still is actually depending on which area where you live), women tend to be a housewife where the one who work and has a career is the husband. Despite Tamara's heritage(half British, half Indonesian), she grew and live in Indonesia since birth so she already knew about this and thought it is normal since she doesn't really have any ambition besides getting away from her uncle. This past about her and her uncle's family is not pretty, hence she grabbed at the first chance she got to move away. At Mitra & Rama's routes, the circumstances & mood affect her to tell them about it. In Reksa's route, she simply locked the memory deep within her heart & moved on because she felt like she doesn't need to tell him about it since she has decided to stay. She was also too busy helping him, keeping him a secret, following him to the village, war, etc so I think it's logical to say the thought never occured to her? X'D hahahh at least that was what I think.

    Ah and about the story too 'cuty' despite the mature theme... *cough* Indonesian tradition is about keeping your virtue until wedding night so.... yup, not gonna go too far from kissing x'D hahahah (I'm also too embarassed to write them *cough*)

    5. Thank you for your support! 

    I hope my answers satisfy you? >\\\< I really enjoyed reading your comment & replying them -sorry for the text wall though O.O; 

    This will greatly help me to revise & polish my 2nd project! timeline & managing the small events are my deepest concern besides the programming, but I will do my best to improve!

    Hope to see you again,



    Ah I almost forgot *SPOILER ALERT* 

    As for why the Goddess chose Tamara... hmm... this actually will be explained later in my 2nd project; Nusantara: Bermuda Triangle, but I'll do my best to explain while keeping it spoiler-less as much as I could.  

    It has something to do with her personality, traits -everything that defines her and most importantly, She chose her because she is an outsider -someone who doesn't have a real link to Her 'world'; who can change the future posibilities & fix the problem the Goddess created Herself. No one is able to touch the Pink Crystal besides Tamara and her chosen one remember? Because She cannot directly interfere with fate and that's why She needs some help from 'outside'. 

    Um... do I explain well? I sometimes have a hard time with how to explain this particular element ^^;; as I said, more information will be explained in my 2nd project; Nusantara: Bermuda Triangle. It will explain the whole island's history & I think you will understand better after you play it in the future. I'm in the middle of making it now ~

    Hey ! Thanks for answering, it's a really cute attention that we don't see everywhere ! Yep, I slept 3 hours but it worthed it, hehe. I read more comments since yesterday and I see that I'm not the only one who was such attracted by your story to play aaaall the night.

    Oh, I'm really sorry if I offended you. I didn't know that you were Indonesian (or almost), and everything makes sense now. I really didn't replace the story in the right context and, well, when I finally read the encyclopedia given with the game, I felt a little embarrassed for saying what I said. And I didn't know either Tamara was from the same culture >< So, excuse me.

    I saw that you worked on an other project more or less linked with "the Winged Ones". I don't want to play the demo since the game isn't finished yet and I'm afraid to become a big fan too early haha (and to live with furious impatience until it's out). But I'm so glad that there will be some informations about "the Winged Ones" ! I admire your universe and  I want to learn more and more.

    I wish you to succeed in your projects. All of the critics are throwing to improve it, but it's an amazing job for a game meant to be free. By the way, I wanted to really thank you for making it free ! It was such an adventure, you deserve to be known and to have some contributions (I'll talk about you with some of my acquaintances but I don't promise you a new public if they don't like playing in english :P)

    So, see you again. :)


    Whoa thanks for the enthusiasm, Thenamesfamous x'D

    I use Ren'Py; it's free and there are lots of tutorial about it in lemmasoft forum

    Sadly this game is very difficult for me to play because there is no way to turn off the flashing background images. The flashing backgrounds are very bad for people with epilepsy and other neurological conditions. Can you add an option in the settings to turn off the background flashes? Or, please limit them to 3-4 flashes instead of having them last 10-15 clicks. That way I can read your VN without becoming physically ill. What I've managed is very good so far. :)

    Ah, you mean the fade in & fade out effect? O.O;

    I didn't know that background flashes are bad for epilepsy or other neurological conditions >< I'm very sorry for the discomfort you experienced u.u; sadly, I haven't learned how to make a button to turn it of yet.

    My tip is that maybe you can click it fast when the background started to flash? It will skip it immediately and if you miss something, you can roll back with your mouse >< that's the best I can say for now, sorry Yukiko!



    Yes, that is the one I speak of! Thank you for caring! >//< I do enjoy the affect, it was thoughtful of you to put in for immersion. If it is repeated too often at one time it can become harmful though.  Please keep it in mind for future games! I asked my friend to read the screens I could not. It was embarassing but worth it! hehe. Of course I'd prefer to read your words with my own eyes!  I did finish Mitra's route and it was super cute and a little epic! It helped me be excited for the other routes. Good job :D 

    Oh! And thanks for making the characters shake when they laugh loudly. It helped me to laugh out loud too, otherwise I would have just smiled. ^-^

    I was super impressed.  I really loved the writing, may I may not have cried a little bit with the Rama ending. I'm glad that the main character was able to be an active story participant, not just a side character.  A lot of female characters don't get to be a badass in romance stories. I really enjoyed the artstyle and character designs, I thought the use of color was AWESOME. A couple nits: Question A: What program did you use? I was curious, as I'm only proficient in HTML and CSS. Question B: If you make another VN, do you think it will be similar in tone? I loved the humor, but the psychological bit really stood out as well. Lastly, I would probably buy the next one (fingers crossed), and I wish I could now. I'm broke af atm.

    Hi CazCatra! Thanks for visiting and telling me your thoughts! ^.^- I'm very happy to hear you like ny writing & art-style -and yes! I already started my 2nd project called; Nusantara: Bermuda Triangle. It's a brand new story but set in the same world, albeit with a wider horizon. Fair warning, this one has darker theme than Winged Ones >< It's also going to be A LOT longer so I decided it to be commercial.

    The campaign has ended but you can still pre-order via my paypal shop :"3 (see game page for more info ~)

    As for your other question:

    At first, I use Novelty, it's a great software for beginner programmer because it's more like drag and click rather than typing the program, but sadly, it's still in beta version and I think the creator dropped it u.u

    Next, I use Ren'Py and although it's more difficult, it's free and it's like a magic item once you understand its functions x')

    And take your time buying it if you want to ~ the completion of Bermuda is still far in the future :"D until then, maybe keep up with the weekly update!

    Hope to see you around~



    Is this made by Indonesian people~?!

    Cuz I'm from Indonesia(some other countries call it Nusantara tho~!) XD

    Yes! I'm chinese but born and grew up in Indonesia :"3

    (Edited 2 times)

    How do you get Reksa  endings

    Hi AstralNova!

    Here's the complete walkthrough for Winged Ones! 
    >>>> https://lemmasoft.renai.us/for... (click and drag to uncover the text ^.^)

    Other than that, I suggest you to visit Reksa as much as possible!

    .....Well....I did it, I went through and I played all the routes In a day. Do I regret it? Absolutly, I shouldnt have been so greedy, I should have savoured how amazing this game was. I absolutly adored the art, the music, and of course the characters and I experianced them all in a day.....But I can redeem myself, with the sequel...That I just found and have downloaded and am going to start now soooooooo yeah. :D Really love your work.

    Hi Anira! 

    Thanks for playing and telling me your thoughts! Whoa, you're a fast reader O_O finished them all in one day! I hope you didn't sacrifice your sleep hours >< of course, I'm very happy to hear you love my work, but don't push yourself too hard, ok? X'D

    Bermuda is not really a sequel, but yup, there are tid bits of Winged Ones in it lol. 

    Have fun and don't forget to take a rest! X'D



    I didnt loose any sleep lol( iusually stay up to 4am my time but i finished around 1am my time) and yeah I read really fast XD Bermuda Game Talk: I saw in the bermuda game its not really a sequel but its none the less interesting lol I started it last night and finished a chapter before going to bed trying to take it a bit slower though in the beginning of it all i can say is my favorite color: blue, favorite animal: wolf. I didnt have to think twice on what I chose XD

    (Edited 2 times) (+1)

    Which bachelor you like the most? and why?

    I...I cant pick at all. All three of them are amazing , I played in this order: Mitra, Reksa and Rama. Tba I just went with my own knowledge with Mitra using every choice in the game to go bother him (and at the time I dident like Rama). When there was no choice about Mitra, I'd just pick whatever and go with it. So, basically with Reksa, *bam!* walkthrough. (yes my abilities with picking are useless). I loved Reksa because how he was, his primative nature was so adorable, TBH i love possesive people like Reksa but just not to the point where It becomes yandere and kills all my friends like in anime! :D . Anyway, with Rama...I found out I actually liked his char when I was heartbroken when he died in Mitra's route. I was all like TTTTTTTTTTT>TTTTT. I know, im sensitive! Even then IM STILL FIGRURING OUT HIS ROUTE RIGHT NOW! I keep getting the option for ONLY the explosives and im just like determed AF to get his good route. EVEN THE FREAKING WALKTHROUGH HAS ME CONFUSED. In the Walkthrough it says:

    Ask Rama about his action. In game it says: Ask Mitra about his action. So, I picked that and I think thats my mistake. Im going back RN to pick the other one. At this point I've memorized almost everypart of the Walkthrough.

    What makes you consider to play this game?

    TBH I was on a spree on finding stories like this one in itch.io that has some element of dating in it. (I was mostly looking for gay ones shhh)

    Overall, what do you think about this visual novel? and what element stands out the most?

    Oh. My GOSH!  The most thing that stood out for me was this ONE WORD in one of the choices, I cant even rember what choice at this point! (damn you rama) It says: suppsed or somethng along thoes lines but it bothered me. But I LOVED this novel regardless! My daydreams are filled with Mitra, Reksa and Rama! I blame it on my love for reading.

    Do you have any question or constructive critiques? I will read all the comments and reply to them like I do in Lemmasoft.

    All I ask: Help me with Rama.  The freaking walkthrough confuses me. And I dont think Im the greatest person to ask for critiques , I'm blinder than a blind person.  I love everything in this novel

    Last but not least, if I make another visual novel, will you consider buying it? via patreon or kickstarter that is (since I need to eat, electricity, and such things when I make VNs xD)

    Yes, FRACK yes. Either one, IDK.  I dont have a credit card and Im not going up to my parents and be like :  "hey can I buy a visual novel" parents: "whats it about" me:" NEVER MIND"

    I just Need help with Rama. Its bothering the heeeck otta me. I hope you make a series otta this!


    https://www.indiegogo.com/proj...Hi Sixtynine -and whoa, I feel your struggle with Rama's route x'D
    I was preparing to post the walkthrough here, but I guess you already found his happy ending? O.O Ah but I'll post the important points here just in case >< 

    *SPOILER ALERT*Rama's walkthrough:

    1. - Learn Language w/ Granny Sukma

    - Poke/Knock/Throw
    - When you first time meet Mitra, Rama, & Reksa:
    >Mitra: Choose anything
    >Rama: Be friendly
    >Reksa: To unlock Rama's good end you have to choose >>> Don't leave him >>> Be honest or just don't save Reksa at all :'D You have to focus all your affection to Rama or you'll get the bad ending. Yep, he is jealous very easily & very possessive.
    - Choose everything 
    - Spend time with Asih
    - Spend some time with the kids
    - Spend some time with Rama
    - Go to the Herb forest >>> Try it
    - Spend some time with Rama
    - Take a rest in Herb forest >>> Ask Rama about his action
    - Spend some time with Rama
    - Take a walk
    - Talk with Asih about Rama
    - Ask the villagers about Rama
    - Automatic event >>> Don't avert your eyes
    - Go help Granny
    - Automatic event 
    - Visit Rama
    - Visit Rama

    GOOD END: Give him the Pink Chrystal
    Bad End: Give him the explosives

    I read that this walkthrough gets you confused O.O; hmm, but the important note is: Avoid other bachelor as much as you can and spend time with Rama as much as you can!

    And yes, one mistake will end up with Rama's bad end :'D I know it's harsh, but that's they way Rama is hahah -please forgive this creator ><

    2. lol, it always when I see people stumble upon my 'baby' & ended up loving them x'D

    3. ...Which word? lol, now you're making me curious x'D nevertheless, I'm happy you like the story & Rama so much! I was worried at how people will take my story since it's entirely new and not-so-mainstream, but I'm glad you like it!

    4. I hope this problem is already resolved ><

    5. Don't worry, your enthusiasm & support is already more than enough at this point QuQ I do have a new project that is now LIVE in Indiegogo though >>> https://www.indiegogo.com/proj... 
    I know your difficulties since I also don't have a credit card until recently :'D but just help me spread the words & I'll be very happy <3

    Once again, thank you for playing & showing me how much you love Winged Ones! I hope you get to see all the scenes/endings & hope to see you again!


    Played this game again after playing the old version a few years ago. I still love Reksa's route and ending the most and Mitra's is a close second. I like Rama but his ending just feels incomplete to me. I love how you've used your own country's stories to create your own, kudos to that.  And yes, I would I would consider buying another VN you make if the story interests me enough. :D

    Hi tangerineWhimsy!
    Thanks for playing & telling me your thoughts! I'm sorry for this late reply though ><

    First, I'd like to thank you for giving all my 3 boys a chance & loving them in return :'D
    I have to admit that I feel like I can do better with his route -some people commented that some scenes were a bit vague & that's where I need to polish my writing-skill! I will definitely try to do better next time! >:) 

    and yes, I love to add Indonesia elements! x'D the mini-encyclopedia will stay forever in my feature.

    As for my other project, currently I have another VN on Indiegogo >>> https://www.indiegogo.com/proj...
    Come & try the demo! :3

    (Edited 4 times)

    I made an account just to post on the comments, because this game was. freaking. AWESOME.

    MY HEART. *grips chest and keels over dramatically*

    This is one of the best games I've EVER played!! I'm so glad I was bored enough to look for otome vn's for three consecutive days because I would've regretted not knowing that Nusantara existed. I stayed up till 4 AM for two days straight just to play and replay all the routes!

    Edit: I just realised my post is unnecessarily and excessively long... Sorry in advance!

    1. Which bachelor you like the most? and why?

    Gah! Choices, choices... 

    Mitra is kind, considerate, and sweet, but he's also freakin' HOT when he shows his fierce side (i.e. when fighting to protect Tamara.) He also has a great physique. O.o
    Also an all-round easygoing guy. Reksa is adorable in his contrasting childishness and maturity, and working past his wildness to the subtle softness (and passion!) underneath is exceptionally satisfying. And Rama.... Whew! He is somethin' else altogether. There's so much pain beneath his cavalier actions, but there's also, in a way, so much love. I wish we could save him outside of his route, but sigh. It's so hard to see his sincere side and genuine smile, so his last CG is... *sniff*

    Really. I love all three of them. I wish there were more guys like them in real life. Well, maybe less Rama's, or there would be suicidal maniacs all over, but... :P If I really had to choose.... ... .... hm... probably Mitra. While I love Reksa's devotion and wildness and Rama's indifferent-to-all-but-you personality, Mitra's budding/blooming feelings and how he expresses them (that Wings Ceremony? *swoons*) win me over in the end ... Also, can't hurt to mention that I'm a sucker for "tall, dark, handsome" guys. xD

    2. What makes you consider to play this game?

    I was bored and looking for free Mac games online (it is surprisingly difficult to find otome games for mac that have good visuals), and, the moment I saw the profile picture for Nusantara, I knew I wanted a closer look. Not only were there three love interests, the graphics looked great. I hate to say it, but, for otome games, appearances are everything, because what's the point of playing visual novels if guys aren't handsome?  :P   Also, the description? "Birth, Death, Peace, War, Love"? Plus guys with wings? Hook, line,and  sinker.

    3. Overall, what do you think about this visual novel? and what element stands out the most? (art? story? character?)

    Totally gameworthy. You really get involved in the game and bond with the characters. The soundtrack is amazing, and I especially love the art, because I'm a very sight oriented person, and Nusantara really seemed like a believable place (great background, portrayals of people, etc.). Also, LOVE THE CG's.  :'-) (Even the bad endings were beautiful. Oh, Rama!)  Thank you for taking the time to flesh out the guys and making them realistic enough to be lovable. The tiny details you invest in their characters are very much appreciated. I loved how the story is atypical, in other words, not at the workplace and not at school. The guys also don't show interest in you right of the bat, so it's authentic, too. And did I mention that I'm a huge fan of fantasy? Huge, huge fan. 

    4. Do you have any question or constructive critiques? I will read all the comments and reply to them like I do in Lemmasoft.

    As some other people have mentioned, there are times when the grammar is off.  :) I also think that while the art is great, it could be polished a bit more because, for example, Rama and CG Rama don't really look alike (CG Rama is HOT; normal Rama... less), and Rama looks like he's flickering around the edges.
    Just me being picky, but I would've loved for some final strings to be tied off, because while I can guess that Rama is the one in Tamara's nightmares, we don't really get complete closure. Also, Yuda's earring seems to change sides depending on his pose... and Mitra doesn't always have white paint on his face in his CG's. 
    An insignificant thought: While playing Mitra's route, before being told the significance of Asih and Yuda's earrings, I had already guessed their purpose (also proof of how good the art/details are), so I was expecting some kind of similar exchange between Mitra and Tamara, because Mitra seems like the kind of guy who would stick with tradition (he did, after all, participate in Omed-Omedan, the Wings Ceremony, and officially invite Mitra to his house). I figured that since Tamara didn't have wings, she could exchange bits of her hair made into an earring with his feathers, since her hair is a unique color and all. But that's just a thought. :) 
    Also (sorry for the many add-ons!), I totally wouldn't mind bonus paths/extras, for example having some kind of extra path once you've finished all the possible existing routes. 

    In the scene where Tamara and Mitra are grooming his wings, what were the implications of Mitra's wings moving without his knowledge? What was he muttering before he ran off? 
    How did Rama break his wings? We know that he tried to commit suicide plenty of times, but what are the specifics?
    Is there any way I could find a picture of Mitra with his wings spread open during the wings ceremony? It's like an itch I can't scratch. The CG is wonderful, but I'm trying to picture what Asih described - him showing his power, his size, his everything. Ahhh. 

    I think I had a few other questions, but I can't remember them right now... T_T

    5. Last but not least, if I make another visual novel, will you consider buying it? via patreon or kickstarter that is (since I need to eat, electricity, and such things when I make VNs xD)

    HELL YES! Please tell me you're making another one. <3 I have to confess, though, that I've gotten used to finding games for free, so I probably wouldn't pay more than $15 for one. (: but YES! I would pay, because Nusantara was totally worth it. I'll probably be daydreaming about Mitra and Reksa for the following days...   

    Now that I've finished Nusantara, what am I going to do with my free time?? *sniff*

    Hi jordanyak! Thanks for taking your time writing this very long review! I enjoyed reading it bery much x'D

    I'm happy to hear you love my VN so much until you sleep so late for 2 days straight but... please take care of yourself more >< I don't want you to get sick/tired when there is work/school tomorrow! We all need our beauty sleep ~ but still, I'm flattered :"))

    1. Awww, thank you for giving all three of them a chance! And yes, I agree that the wing ceremony + omed-omedan is one of the very romantic scenes in game <3 >\\\< it's one of my favourites and I'm glad you think so too! 

    Ah I'm also happy to read how you describe the other bachelors. You sound like you've thoroughly enjoyed yourself and there's nothing makes me happier than to hear that :")

    2. Yup, I agree that first impression is very important x'D heck, I also usually get interested in a game if there's a handsome guy I like in there lol. We're on the same boat!

    3. Me too! I love fantasy genre; I think it has something to do with Inuyasha since it was the first anime I watch. Not to mention Hayao Miyazaki's movies are probably my forever favourites ><

    4. Yuup... I noticed that Rama's CG is the most different ones than the others x_x I think it's because I leave CGs production  last and I forgot a little how to draw Rama and I even forgot the white lines on Mitra's face in some CGs! //shame on me

    Also, thanks for pointing out Winged Ones' flaws! I have quite a lot of people say the dream is very ambigue >< it's a dream about Rama's mentality. In the dream Rama thought that the villagers were laughing and mocking him. It drove him to the edge and it pictured the scene where he broke his wings (the loud CRACK noise). As for how he broke them, I think I mentioned it in the scene where Rama got his legs tied down by Mitra? O.o He jumped off a cliff as a last resort but instead of dying, he just broke his wings & one of them didn't heal properly because Rama could care less bout himself in the past.

    As for Mitra's wings acting by itself... well I was trying to say that the wings leaning toward Tamara means that he likes her touch & unconciously asked her for more x'D Mitra was embarassed and ran away after realizing that lol. That was when he realized his feelings for her too. He was muttering something along the lines of"I had no idea...", cursed himself, & 'scolding' his own wings lol.

    As for Mitra spreading his wings picture... you see, I was cheating a bit in that scene :")) I used Mitra's fighting sprite. The best picture I can point out is at the CG where his wings are folding around Tamara and the half spread one in his happy end CG

    5. I do! My 2nd project's demo is out now along with its Indiegogo campaign <3


    Thank you for the support and love you gave me! I know I still have lots to learn, but I'll do my best to improve! It will be baby steps I think, but I hope you'll be patient with me ><

    Hope to see you again!



    I adore this game and ive spent the last two days telling everyone i know about it and i think theyre getting sick of it but! oh well!

    • Which bachelor you like the most? and why?

    Hm its a tossup between Mitra and Reksa honestly, dont get me wrong i love Rama too its just, some of his actions and how he views the world hits a little too close to home for my liking ;;. Anyway back to Mitra and Reksa, i adore them both but I think my heart will always belong to Mitra with reksa being a very close second. 

    • What makes you consider to play this game?

    The artwork and the story! The artwork is lovely and the story is unique and exciting, i keep a pack of screenshots with me (nothing like to use for profit i just like showing my frends the games i play so i take out of context screenshots so they dont get spoiled for the story but can gush with me about it). The story itself i feel is unique! How its handled, going for the peacable route instead of going all out and destroying the Komodos and trying to live in peace and I loved it!

    • Overall, what do you think about this visual novel? and what element stands out the most? (art? story? character?)

    Lord I dont have the words to describe how this VN made me feel. Like by the end all the characters felt Real, like Yuda, Asih, and Sukma were actually my family, Mitra was like my favorite older brother (when i wasnt romancing him) and Rama... I was sad that we couldn't save him outside his route. His deaths would always hit me hard. I'm also sad (but understanding) when we couldn't interact with Reksa outside of his route. I guess its the characters and their interactions that really sold me, they all felt like family and tried to bring the MC in with them and I believe it was one of the stronger aspects of this story.

    • Do you have any question or constructive critiques? I will read all the comments and reply to them like I do in Lemmasoft.

    The only thing I can think of is getting a beta reader for your text lol there were a few grammatical mistakes throughout the game (nothing that made it unplayable, just a bit confusing when my brain stuttered over one)

    As for questions, well I really loved seeing Rama's and Mitra's reactions and reassurances to Tamara about her past and her own trauma, and was a little disappointed that it wasnt addressed by Reksa? I mean i get it there really wasnt a good place or time to talk about themselves like that within the games timeline but still id have liked to see how he'd have handled it

    • Last but not least, if I make another visual novel, will you consider buying it? via patreon or kickstarter that is (since I need to eat, electricity, and such things when I make VNs xD)

    *slams hands on table* Y E S

    Hi sheanio! Thanks for visiting and reviewing :'3 I see this first thing in the morning and it made me laugh when I hear you spent the last 2 days telling people about how much you love this game x'D 

    What a great way to start the day <3

    1. I can understand that x') thanks for giving all three of them a chance though! And awww, more people are loving Mitra! Does this mean his time has finally come!?


    Anyways ~ I will deliver your love to Mitra & Reksa for you.

    2. It touched me to hear you're bringing some screenshots with you! Maybe not all the time but I'm happy to hear you love it enough to do that >\\\< 

    I'm also glad you like the art & story! Thanks! :'D I still have lots to learn though but I'll do my best to improve and make you happier >< 

    3. That's the best thing you can say to me about my characters! Q_Q thank you! 

    4. Yep, grammar is likely to be my nemesis in my next game too :")) I have 2 proofreaders in my 2nd project now, but if there are still some grammar errors in it, I apologize in advance >< my raw script is... quite a challenge to edit for them I think O.O; 

    As for why Tamara's trauma is not mentioned in Reksa's route: *SPOILER ALERT*

    To be honest, I was trying different approaches:

    In Mitra's route, her trauma was solved nicely and calmly. In Rama's route, her trauma was solved a bit forcefully *she throws them at Rama's face lol*.

    In Reksa's route, Tamara doesn't feel the need to tell him about it. She moves on and left it in the past when she decided to stay.

    However, thanks for pointing this out! I will take note and it's definitely a good idea for my next project about how each bachelor will react about the MC's special circumstances :"3

    5. I love how forward you are x'D YAY! Thanks for your support! <3

    I hope to see you again in the near future~



    I love this game! I actually first played it a while ago but swapped computers and though I could remember the game I could never remember the name of it until a couple of days ago. I'm so glad I found it again! :D

    1. Which bachelor you like the most? and why?

    Ahhhh start with the hardest question ;_; It's a toss up between Mitra and Reksa - it depends which route I'm doing at the time :p Mitra would prooobably steal my heart like 0.01% more than Reksa. Rama's...his mood shifts are little too uncomfortably familiar for me to really like him that much.

    2. What makes you consider to play this game?

    Pretty boys with wings! It's rare to find a VN with winged people and even rarer to find one where they're not angels (i was raised kind of small-town catholic so flirting with angels is suuuuper uncomfy for me so im extra glad to find a game where they're not angels). Also, the art samples are gorgeous and I really wanted to see how the whole game looked.

    3. Overall, what do you think about this visual novel? and what elements stand out the most? (art? story? character?)

    The art is absolutely beautiful, I mean genuinely breathtaking. The characters were very well-written; Not only the bachelors but Granny Sukma, Asih, and Yuda also all felt like family members by the end.
    4. Do you have any question or constructive critiques? I will read all the comments and reply to them like I do in Lemmasoft.
    Tamara's comments about Ayu being weak for committing suicide were a bit...um, they touched a raw spot? I don't really know to phrase it? It seemed very harsh given the nature of it?
    5. Last but not least, if I make another visual novel, will you consider buying it? via patreon or kickstarter that is (since I need to eat, electricity, and such things when I make VNs xD)
    Absolutely! I'm really looking forward to Bermuda Triangle!

    Hi, keystring! Thanks for visiting and reviewing! Glad to hear you found this page after swapping computers x'D

    1. Ah yes, I can understand that. His mood swings also a challenge and made me uncomfortable at times :"D -and finally! Another Mitra lover <3 he needs more love since the majority of girls chose Reksa x'D

    I'll deliver your love to them ~

    2. Yup, I agree that we need more fantasy VNs :"3 I'm also a catholic and flirting with an angel will be... *coigh* awkward *cough*

    3. Awww thanks! I'm glad you like my art >\\\< I still have rooms for improvement though! I'll do my best to keep taking your breath away x'D

    4. Yes, I agree about that. *SPOILER ALERT*

    However, Rama has to face the harsh reality -even by force since the easy/soft way has failed. Granny Sukma, Mitra, and the others spent years to try convincing him but to no avail :'( if this continues, Rama will keep walking on a wrong path. I also think it's better to be blunt about it than having to say it in a roundabout/white lie since Rama will think you're lying/unsure about it and he will keep making excuses later.

    *ahem, but I'll admit that I have no experience in this field (psychology). So this is all based on my logic and from reading various fictions ><*

    5. Yay! Me too! I feel both excited and scared for Bermuda's campaign later lol x'D

    I hope to see you around ~

    Okay so I finally finished playing all the routes, I had a glitch that meant I didn't have a visible option to give Rama the crystal and therefore couldn't find his good ending for ages, but I got there eventually :)

    This was so great, I am actually a little sad that it's finished now, kind of like the first time you read Tolkein's The Hobbit, and you want to stop reading it because you don't want it to be over.

    The artwork was absolutely beautiful, the characters are very well written, plausible and engaging. The attention to detail in even the small aspects of their daily lives, their costumes was wonderful.

    1.Which bachelor you like the most? and why?

    First off they were all wonderful, Ah Mitra, so adorable, so warm. I'd have to say Reksa was probably my favourite though, there is just something about his possessiveness while still accepting Tamara will do whatever she wants anyway is very cute and also he is probably the most passionate character which I liked about him......though like I said they are all great in their own way, I can kind of tell how much you care about each of them.

    2.What makes you consider to play this game?

    Chance really that I stumbled across it, I am pretty new to this genre, but the image of the beautiful boys with wings......sold.

    3.Overall, what do you think about this visual novel? and what element stands out the most? (art? story? character?)

    It is absolutely beautiful! honestly I am in awe of your talent for both the character design, art and story writing.

    4.Do you have any question or constructive critiques? I will read all the comments and reply to them like I do in Lemmasoft.

    I actually liked that the characters don't speak at all like some otome games, frankly when they do if you don't like the voice they use for a character it can put you off a bit, whereas when they don't have a predetermined voice each player can imagine them to sound how ever they would like, it's more relate able that way.

    As for questions I have 3, How old is Reksa? I couldn't work it out though you hint he may be a bit younger.

    Who was the person Tamara kept dreaming about being tortured?

    And lastly were you a part of the Ball Jointed Doll community? your name SweetChiel seems familiar somewhere in the back of my mind.

    5.Last but not least, if I make another visual novel, will you consider buying it?

    Absolutely I would. Where can I stalk you? ;)

    Hi raewhitewolf04!

    Welcome back and I'm so glad to hear you managed to finish all routes :'D


    Rama's route is the most tricky of all three >< if you pick false things in the begining, his good route will be locked (yup, it's not a glitch but intentional, sorry :"D)

    The things are:

    - if you pick to save Reksa, you have to be honest. Never lie since Rama hates liars.

    - you have to meet Rama a lot (pick the choices that ends up with Tamara meeting him and ignore other bachelors) since you needs a lot of affection points to fulfill another of his good end requirement.

    I have to say that I'm surprised you managed to find his good end without a walkthrough x'D

    1. Aww thank you! :"D they are like my babies and hearing how you like all of them makes me all warm and soft inside x'D

    And yup, Reksa is the most passionate than the others :")) it's a bit surprising for me too... I sometimes still blush whenever I reread his route hahah

    2. Yay! I notice that not a lot of VNs have boys with wings in them x'D glad to see you like them -and welcome to the visual novel world!

    3. Now you're making me blush O///O

    I still have lots of room to improve compared to all the big guns up there, but I'll do my best to be better in my next project ><

    4. I agree! Even if I want to add voice acting, it's very hard to find a voice that truly clicks with the characters!

    As to how old Reksa is, he is 20 years old. 7 months younger than Rama while Mitra is the oldest, 22 years old. Tamara is 19 :"3

    As to who the one in Tamara's dream is; Rama. It's visualizing the moment of Rama's mental torture. In his mind, everyone is laughing and mocking him. It also pictures the moment of his last attempt of suicide (the loud CRACK is the sound of bones breaking)

    Aand nope, I'm not in a joint-doll community :"3 maybe similar nicknames?

    5. Yay! Thanks for your support! x'D you can stalk me on my facebook fanpage or patreon!

    Thanks again for visiting & reviewing! I hope I answered your questions ^,^



    It keeps jamming and closing on the part where tamara is talking to mitra about the picture of his parents. Is there something I can do to fix this? or will I have to download it again?

    Hi raewhitewolf04!

    Hmm... this is new o.o the renpy version shouldn't have this bug... I suggest to re-download and try playing it in window mode not full-screen mode. It should make it lighter for our computer's RAM ><

    I'm sorry for the discomfort!



    Thank you, I was playing it in the smaller window, but I will give your suggestion a go. Thank you by the way, it is beautiful :)

    (Edited 1 time)
    Please provide language Indonesia (original language)
    So we know this game is locally made
    And adds to the notion that the local game is interesting

    My formal bahasa indonesia sucks to be honest :"D I intentionally chose foreigners as my market so I can share Indonesian unique traditions with them.

    Also, I work alone; I don't know how to localize it except from programming it again from scratch after translating. It will consume too much time and I prefer to use that time to make a new story.

    (Edited 1 time)

    Omg, this visual novel is just amazing, especially how you mixed the Indonesian culture with ancient and modern. It's just SO beautiful. No words can describe how much I've loved it.

    Oh, can I know what piece you used for the title screen? I really love the music, it's very soothing~

    *I haven't read Reksa's route yet so I'll be editing this as soon as I'm done, I promise. xD*

    Which bachelor you like the most? and why?

    Hm.. I can't say for sure seeing as I've only read two routes. There's some other decision I want to try on Rama's as well to see what will happen. If I had to just pick from those two, I'd probably say Rama's? I'm not quite sure why. Mitra is very much someone I've always looked up to as a man seeing that he's the ideal life partner and all but there's something about Rama that makes him really special.

    What makes you consider to play this game?

    The first thing that drew me in was the aesthetics, so basically the beautiful drawings. That's the big picture. Then there were these small intricate details that were linked to the culture that drew me in even more. I'm really clueless about it but I think I've learned quite a lot about the culture through this VN and I'm glad I know now. It's really amazing. Then the plot. When I read it on the website, I was interested almost immediately.

    Overall, what do you think about this visual novel? and what element stands out the most? (art? story? character?)

    Overall, I think it's definitely something you could even sell with a pricetag on it. The whole experience was very immersive with the background music and noises, making it seem like you were really experiencing it in the moment. I think what stands out the most is the story. Each character has their own story to tell and I feel that Rama's is the one that's most interesting to me so far. (I have yet to read Reksa's. :P)

    Do you have any question or constructive critiques? I will read all the comments and reply to them like I do in Lemmasoft.

    Hm.. I can't say I do. This novel was a package. Sure, it lacked voice acting since most novels introduce in their pieces to make them stand out more but to be completely honest, I doubt this VN even needed it. It's perfect. It didn't need anything extra to make it anymore perfect than it already is.

    Last but not least, if I make another visual novel, will you consider buying it? via patreon or kickstarter that is (since I need to eat, electricity, and such things when I make VNs xD)


    Very big yes!

    Hi Arisa ~!

    I'm happy to know you enjoyed the Winged Ones very much! ^///^ The title screen's music is from soundimage.org titled "RPG Theme". The title is very creative isn't it :"))

    1. Aah I see o.o Mitra does based on an image of ideal partner we've always wanted though so you're right :'3 I'll look forward to hear which one is your favourite after you've read them all! >\\\<

    2. Aww thanks! I'm glad to hear you like my art :"3 but I do have a lot more to learn and improve -the Fantasy genre is flexible and there are lots to explore! However, I'm planning to have the mini encyclopedia permanently and will always apply some indonesian element if possible x')

    3. Thank you :"D you noticed the small details! I'll do my best to make more interesting VNs in the future to meet your expectations! My 2nd project is a lot longer and complicated than the Winged Ones, so I hope you'll give it a chance later ><

    And yup, I believe that every character will have their own stories to tell and roles to fill. That's why NPCs deserves at least a silhouette :"D Rama has the heaviest story from the other two and some people don't have the patience with him so I'm glad you like him! X'D

    4. ... I'm touched you call my baby perfect QuQ I did my best, but to be objective, there are still some loopholes and things I can to improve! Do wait for my 2nd project and see if I've lvl-ed up or not!

    5. YAY! *hugs* I'll be counting on you to share the love when my 2nd project's IndieGoGo campaign come to life! :"D

    Thanks for visiting and see you in the near future!



    So I finally managed to finish all the routes, I can't seem to get 3 CG's from Tamara, Rama and Reksa. No idea what I'm doing wrong, lul. Anyway! I read Reksa's route and I think I've finally decided who I love the most. Reksa~ xD He's just extremely adorable. Rama has this tendency to push you away before finally giving in whereas Reksa draws you in from the getgo and doesn't let you go after that. (/ *0*)/ That's really sweet. He's my fave, woo. >///< 'MINE!' xD (I still love Rama too but Reksa more, haha)

    Thanks for letting me know about the music too~

    Welcome back Arisa! Wow you're quite fast x'D and you're welcome. The musics in soundimage.org are free so feel free to download them but credit the creator ~

    The 3 CGs are probably the sad endings. I know that all of you want only the happy ends but if you want to complete the CGs, try and read the sad ends x'D

    Aaand Reksa got himself another fan! Hahahah, I'll deliver your love to him :'3

    Thanks for playing and hope to see you again in the future!

    I love it so much, so far i've only been able to play Mitra but the feels in his route got to me. The art is gorgeuos too, I love all the characters ,and am living for Tamara's hair. Spoiler alert but does Rama die no matter what in Mitras route? Because when I played I was like damn I killed him , what did I do wrong.

    There's a couple of Grammatical errors, and I'm usually very picky about them ,but I loved the story so much It was easy to ignore. Also there's some issues for I assume the Mac version. I am unable to click options without it bugging out ,and bringing to an programming looking window . I also cannot fast foward.

    I may be jumping the gun a little to soon, for i've only played one route so far. But when you finish your other Visual Novel if the price is reasonable! Heck yes I will buy it.

    Thanks TheRosetteWolf! I'm flattered you love the story enough to ignore the flaws :"D really, that's so sweet of you. Even to the point you support me by wanting to buy my 2nd VN >< I'll do my best to improve my programming skill!

    I'll also look forward to hear your thoughts after finishing all 3 routes! ^,^

    As for Rama's route...


    Yes, he will die except if you managed to get into his route >< his route is the trickiest of all 3 so I suggest you save often or see a walkthrough.

    As for the option error... nope, that error also appeared in PC & Linux version just because I forgot to download a font and put it into the 'game' file ^^;

    If you want to fix it, read the error message and look at what file is missing (I'm sorry, I'm ashamed to say I forgot which font it is since it's a long time ago OTL...), download the font, rename it like the error's file name wanted, put it in 'game' file, and it should run.

    Again, I'm sorry for such amateur-ish mistakes ^^;

    As for the cannot fast forward... it should be automatically fast forward when you press CTRL in PC version so it should be either pressing CTRL or CMD. I can fast forward using CTRL in my mac though O.O; pls inform me again if you still can't fast forward when you pressed those buttons.

    Oh okay the ctrl will solve the problem :) Also no problem I give credit when its due.

    Ah, glad that one is solved! I know how annoying it is if we can't skip some of the scenes we already know ><

    (Edited 1 time)

    Okay i've played all the routes ,and gosh i'm at a lost for words. I enjoyed and loved playing it so much! I wanna start by saying I loved all the guys ,but I do have favorites.

    While I did love Rama (his little 'stalking' escapades warmed my heart.) I'd have to say my favorites are Mitra ,and Reksa.

    Mitra: This guy right here! Just like described is like a big ole teddy bear, he is such a precious cinnamon roll, and despite his giant stature is the most gentle of characters. He's also very easy on the eyes XD I was shocked at how sweet ,amiable, and understanding he was , especially in Reska's route.

    Reska: I legitimately squealed near the end of his route , it was slightly more mature of an ending than the others (which if you want to make it even more mature you know ;) i'm not complaining). I loved how possessive he was of mc , and it never came off as being creepy or rude which is good considering Tamara's traumatic past. It just made my heart flutter even more when he would huskily growl "mine" at Tamara ahhh boy did I enjoy his route.

    Rama: Omg poor baby, seriously there's only one thing that made me like the other guys route a little more than his ,and it wasn't too big of a deal. Because I mean at least he told her he loved her in the end ,and they shared a few super sweet kisses. Also he got closure which his also a nice touch ,and i'm a huge fan of unrequited love being reciprocated. So his route would of been right up my ally ,however this is just me being picky; Near the end of his route, I was craving a strong establishment of a relationship between him and Tamara. Because, In Mitra's route he "courts" her , and in Reska's route he makes her his "mate" perhaps I just expected it. With Rama we surmise-no wrong word- we know that they will end up together. However, ugh i'm just so persnickety about certain things, and I wanted him to court her just like Mitra. Or exchange something that would promise themselves to each other, like he gives her one of his feathers and she gives him a lock of her pretty blue hair. For Rama because his route is sad ,and extra sad in the others route, omg i'm so bad with tragedy, but because of this I wanted and extra happy ending. I know he has circumstances that probably make him reluctant to court Tamara, he mentions all the time being unworthy of her. But, its the fact that his route is so sad, that I wanted to see him super happy, with some cute blue haired kiddos , with brown wings, and icy-blue eyes. Okay sorry I went a little overboard, but honestly I still really enjoyed his route. It was still a very happy ending which always makes a game worth it. Also I loved how tsunderish he was at times, refusing to admit he has feelings for Tamara, but when someone tries to flirt or court her he's ready to rip their wings out XD

    Also the side characters, we also so lovable, Granny Sukma, Asih , and Yuda. I loved them so much too!

    Ahh I would love sequels , or epilogues for this game. Ugh just blue haired babies with cute little wings, or mask on their heads. I know it's not possible , but just so you know the fact that I'm asking just shows how much I loved your game.

    Thank you so much for giving us the wonderful game to play for free. I can't wait for your next game.

    Oh also you already know how much I like your art, but I'll mention it again here. The whole game was beautiful, also when I have time I don't mind helping you with any grammatical errors, only if you want. I'm not 100% confident that i'll be able to make every thing correct, but i'm not too terrible at finding grammatical mistakes.

    YAY! You came back so fast! X'D I thought it will need another day or two for you to finish lol.

    Your review made me smile first thing in the morning! Thanks! :'D

    Aww, I'm so happy you gave the three of them a chance and loved every one of them :'D and yes, Mitra is the most fluffy-sweet route compared to the others! I enjoyed writing them too, but somewhat sad when he got overshadowed by the other bachelors. I'm happy that you noticed his worth :'D

    While Reksa... *cough* I often asked myself how did his scenes became so... more mature than the others x'D I sometimes became embarassed when I read his scenes hahahah. I'm glad that a lot of people like this tho :'3

    And Rama... I think I know exactly how you feel!

    Even I sometimes wanted to pull my hair off whenever Rama became so nitpicky/standoff-ish with Tamara. Heck, she was probably a saint at how patient she was in Rama's route :")) if she didn't relate so much with Rama, I think she will pull off HIS hair hahah x'D his stalkering scene was also one of my favorites <3

    Anyways... I'm also a fan of making fluffy/romantic scenes, especially strong ones, but sadly, Rama's psychology won't allow him to be able to accept another person in his heart so fast and he will need a lot of time to get out of his self-depreciating mentality :'( but thanks for the input in this one! You didn't go overboard at all, I'll take note and consider a longer epilogue/extra scene if I create another bachelor with similar circumtances.

    Lastly, thanks for liking my art and even offered to be a proofreader >\\\< Currently, I have 2 active proofreaders in my 2nd project. I'll let you know if I decide to get another one/for my next project in the future ^///^

    I hope to see you again in the future!



    Haha omg i'm laughing because you are so right! I loved the game so much I played through it all night ,and when I got back home from class played it again. I was a zombie in class today XD but it was worth it. Also i'm glad I made you smile, can't wait for your next game.

    (Edited 2 times)
    1. Which bachelor you like the most? and why? (spoilers)

    After playing through all 3, Mitra is still my favourite (I chose him first). Reksa and Rama each have their own appeals, but I feel the deciding point was when Mitra was the only one who helped Tamara to let go of her past. In this way, the relationship had felt more equal in a sense. (Not to mention, Mitra is a huge cuddly cinnamon roll that makes me laugh at his courting attempts) In addition, from the stand point of Tamara being almost raped, Reksa and the Komodo's culture might not be so suitable for her. I'm pretty sure Reksa would never intentionally hurt her or force her into anything, just that I feel Tamara and him have a few hurdles to go through before 'that' happens.

    The crazy amount of patience Tamara shows with Rama doesn't seem very realistic. Though I feel sympathetic towards Rama, ultimately that's all I feel there is. Pity. Which Rama also pointed it out in the game and I thought it was pretty ironic. There wasn't enough moments between Rama and Tamara that make me feel their connection is real.

    I also notice Rama has the most amount of CGs in the game and Mitra has the least! Being a Mitra (and Reksa) fan, maybe in the next game, you may want to consider balancing it?

    2. What makes you consider to play this game?

    Art. And I'm aiming to play every VN offered in Itch.io. The beautiful cover art of Reksa definitely helped too.

    3. Overall, what do you think about this visual novel? and what element stands out the most? (art? story? character?)

    The real life tradition references. This is one part that I feel no other VNs have managed to convey very well. The story telling is pretty amazing either, I honest to good burst out laughing when the aunties and even the guards were speculating on the relationship between Mitra and Tamara. This buildup make the final part of Omed-omedan very believable that the 2 villages are all in it to matchmake them to be together. I thought it was also important that Asih, Yuda and Granny are extremely likable and realistic. As I have a few Indonesian friends, and based on their stories, this is exactly how their family works, very loving and cohesive. Their local community is also very close-knitted and warm, and my friends had also draw parallels how Jarkarta with its lack of trees, frequent heavy traffic congestion and how modern it is, had lack the 'soul' or the 'kampong' spirit. Your VN is a very beautiful callback to Indonesia's old ways (though of course it still exist in modern times), and it's an absolute delight for an non-Indonesian to see it. Good work!

    4. Do you have any question or constructive critiques? I will read all the comments and reply to them like I do in Lemmasoft.

    Answer as per point 1. But I need to mention this is an amazing game (this is the only game in itch.io that I review and that says a lot), one that I truly appreciate as a fellow South East Asian, especially because the traditions are real that makes it even more relatable and give an extra depth to the story. I hope in the next VN you are making, has real world references too! It really make your game 'pop out' in the sea of VNs out there.

    Finally, it may be a bit misleading but based on the prologue, I had thought there is more to it between the distance conveyed between Tamara's parents. How her mother grew cold, but it only ended with a footnote that her father died and her mother died later (out of depression?). This isn't very well-explained.

    5. Last but not least, if I make another visual novel, will you consider buying it? via patreon or kickstarter that is (since I need to eat, electricity, and such things when I make VNs xD)

    Of course! Just not exorbitant crazy prices. :p Your players also need to eat, for electricity to play your VN, etc)

    Hi sakuracream!

    Your review really made my day! You pointed out the flaws I've been itching to know and this is definitely constructive for my future projects :"D

    1. Congrats! You're the first person to notice and tell what's differences in Mitra's route compared to others! It was a hard topic for Tamara, but she did mention it in Rama's route, remember? X') Hmm... I'll discuss Rama's route more in answer number 4.

    Yes, thanks for reminding me! I did want to balance it, but unexpected things happened in editing Rama's route and before I knew it, the numbers grew O.O; I'll do my best to balance the numbers in the future but no promises >< I edit the script very often and the characers sometimes act on their own *is this makes sense to you? :'D if not, don't worry, I'm surprised too about how this happen*. But usually, I'll always make CGs for important scenes/moments.

    2. Yay! Thanks for liking my art ^///^

    3. Yes, I agree! I believe that every character in a VN have their own purpose, and their relationships with each other are one of the elements which will make our VN 'alive', yes?

    I also thought that traditional Indonesia has the most 'charm' compared to modern indonesia now >< the beautiful nature, simple life style, close knitted community, how they 'work together' with nature, etc etc... when I went to a mountain/beach/Tidung island for vacation, I always thought; how wonderful it would be if I live there. That's what I want to convey in Nusantara and I'm very glad you caught it!

    4. Yes, thank you! I also want to keep having the mini encyclopedia feature in every of my VNs :") my 2nd project will try a mixture of modern-traditional-cross-country next, so i hope you can try it and see if I pulled it off or not ><

    As for Rama's route... yep, I agree that Rama is so frustrating and sometimes, I just want to wring his neck or pull his hair until he is bald :")) Tamara is probably a saint to be able to bear it. But the major factor is that she has 'related' herself and Rama. Their past are like heaven and earth and she was dumbfounded at how Rama could just throw it all away when there was a chance/hope that it was all a misunderstanding. I hope this helps? X'D as for Reksa's route, she didn't reveal it because there was no need for it and she left it in the past along with her world when she decided to stay there.

    Wow this is very enlightening O.O I think my story-telling skill needs to be polished until I can convey all that in paragraphs x.x

    Thanks again for pointing this out! <3

    5. Good point x'D thanks for the support and the price I'm thinking of is kinda in the middle area and there will be early birds in he IndieGoGo so... I hope you can get it! X')

    I hope to see you around!

    Have some cyber cookies and free hugs!



    Thanks for replying! :) If you see this, as a small bonus to a Mitra fan, I hope you can answer this.

    When Tamara and Mitra get married, what will Mitra wear on his ear since Tamara has no feathers?

    No problem! x)

    There are two ideas regarding this; Tamara could use her hair by braiding a small amount of it and made it into an earring OR she could make the earring herself by choosing the materials herself. The important thing is that the earring should symbolize 'TAKEN' and the people who see it should roughly be able to guess who is his/her spouse.

    In my mind, the bachelors would first suggest the braided hair since it's simple and the most obvious choice since she is the only bluenette there (Rama would be the most enthusiastic about this lol x'D).

    1. I thought Rama would be my favorite, but then I played Reska's route, and now I am so torn.. I guess Rama has me on a most emotional level, but Reska was my overall favorite in terms of route. I like jerks who become soft around the right people.. (though Mitra is ultimate husband material....... / aka all of them were great)

    2. I saw if was a free-to-play, visual novel, where you could date cute boys. That's all it takes. I also liked what I saw in terms of screenshots, so I decided to play it.

    3. I like the art, and overall look of it the most. The characters are really amazing, though I wish the MC was a bit more.. well... toned down in term of colors (aesthetic reasons) - also the concept/story is pretty great.

    // Skipped question four because I don't have any questions. My only "critique" is kinda mentioned in number four, but that is just my own visual preferences setting in.

    5. I would definitely consider buying a visual novel done by you.

    This game is just AWESOME!!>< As an Indonesian I'm very proud of it and you are basically introduce Indonesian culture in a good way to everyone who played this game :) You deserve my deepest gratitude lol ^.^

    Hi zlfxx09!

    Thanks for visiting and tried my VN :"D

    I'm also glad that I successfully combined the indonesian elements here <3 there will be more in my 2nd project so stay tuned! ><

    Oh god, this was good. I just...wow. It felt like a journey. I laughed at parts, I cried at parts, and I even fangirled at others. This game was just amazing.

    NOW ONTO THE QUESTIONS (warning- possible spoilers):

    • Which bachelor you like the most? and why?

    This was a bit hard to choose, but my favorite would definitely be Reksa. I think it was mostly because of his character development. Witnessing him turn from an unapproachable jerk to reluctant friend and then to possessive boyfriend was really nice. It felt realistic and was paced perfectly.

    • What makes you consider to play this game?

    I saw this on my recommended list on this site, and after reading some of the reviews, I decided to try it out.

    • Overall, what do you think about this visual novel? and what element stands out the most? (art? story? character?)

    Um, I LOVED it??? :DDD It was just amazing. I felt a lot of things. Honestly, I haven't played through the bad endings yet because I just got attached to all of the bachelors.

    Specifically though, I loved the characters and character development of all of the characters, not just the bachelors. It makes it feel like I could meet people like them in real life. I also liked how Tamara had her own story too, unlike the other heroines from other otome games. The overall plot I thought was very creative. This game also teaches valuable life lessons, like to strive for peace instead of war (some people really need to know this if you know what I mean).

    • Do you have any question or constructive critiques? I will read all the comments and reply to them like I do in Lemmasoft.

    How long did it take you to make this?

    • Last but not least, if I make another visual novel, will you consider buying it? via patreon or kickstarter that is (since I need to eat, electricity, and such things when I make VNs xD)

    Probably? It really depends on the cost. Also, I haven't played your other games, so I don't have a really good idea of your style yet.



    Overall: 5 stars

    (Edited 1 time)

    Hi mshen19!

    Thanks for visiting and your kind review :"D I'm so happy to hear you enjoyed my VN and got immersed until you laugh and cry along with it ><

    1. Aww thank you :"D a lot of people love Reksa hahahah, but I'm so relieved when you say the pace is perfect! I'm quite worried about it ><

    2. Oh gosh, my baby is on someone's recommendation list! *bounceonthewallinhappiness*

    Ah I'm so glad to know there are people still giving this a try, enjoyed it, and share it to others ^///^ it's all I ask and more!

    3. I don't think I can smile any wider now lol x'D

    Characters development is very fun and if I can help it, I want to make colored NPCs and not just their silhouettes but unfortunately, I only have a pair of hands :'(

    I'm also happy to know you like the story! I like stories with some meaningful values in it, like Hayao Miyazaki's movies >< of course, mine is still not perfect and I still have a lot to learn but wait and see! I will try my best to make more interesting stories in the future ^///^

    4. I made the demo during college for my final exam and then continue making it alongside college... I think around 2 years? Take and give some months since I re-make it using ren'py too hahah. The novelty version has too many bugs ><

    5. So far, Winged Ones is my only completed VN x'D my second one is called Nusantara: Bermuda Triangle and currently in progress! Take a look if you can, but fair warning, if you've saw Winged Ones bad endings and thought it's scary, Bermuda Triangle will be... much darker so... :"D

    Last but not least, thanks for visiting and your warm support!

    Here, take some cyber cookies! <3




    1. Which bachelor you like the most? and why? okay, so I've only played once so Mitra is currently my fav, but Rama and Reksa both seem pretty interesting so it's subject to change lol but Mitra will always be first bae
    2. What makes you consider to play this game? What got me interested at first was the artwork. It looked really cool.
    3. Overall, what do you think about this visual novel? and what element stands out the most? (art? story? character?) After one play through, definitely characters. They're the strongest element, but story is a very close second. I fell in love with this and got attached soooo quick. (Slight spoilers! And I was attached enough that I cried when Rama died. I was like, Mitra's lying, he's going to pop up later, maybe he was just captured but darn it he's not dead! I was sad to find out he really was. And I felt mildly guilty for it.)
    4. Do you have any question or constructive critiques? I will read all the comments and reply to them like I do in Lemmasoft. I can't really think of any critiques, no xD It was really good, and not chock full of cliches like a lot of VNs. I will admit that I'm curious about your inspiration for it. I assume some of it comes from Southeast Asian folklore since you mentioned Malin Kundang in the beginning?
    5. Last but not least, if I make another visual novel, will you consider buying it? via patreon or kickstarter that is (since I need to eat, electricity, and such things when I make VNs xD) Probably lol this one was great. Color me impressed! And good job!

    Hi olivegarden87!

    Thanks for visiting and wow, I can feel your love and enthusiasm all the way from there x'D

    1. Ah, I'm so proud that Mitra finally got another fan! Hahah, he needs more love x'D things will get milder when you go to Rama's and Reksa's route though so prepare yourself! :')

    2. Aww you flatter me! Thank you >\\\<

    3. I'm a but touched when I hear this ^///^ at first you got attracted by my art but then the story hooked you -there's nothing I can ask for more <3

    *and yes, Rama's route made me so sad when I first write it :'( I thought I can find another way, but Rama's psychology simply won't allow it T_T

    4. Yuuup, I'm a chinese-Indonesian and I love the various cultures here even though I havent experience the majority of them ><

    I got inspired whenever my brain decided to go to lala land and popped an idea or two lol. It's usually late at night or at inappropriate places such as the toilet x'D

    5. Aww thank you! Look forward to my next project called Nusantara: Bermuda Triangle! ^///^

    Here's some cyber cookies and hope to see you around :"D



    (Edited 1 time)


    First off...
    I literally almost started crying like .5 minutes ago because I realized that I just finished nearly all of the routes and I really don't know what I'm going to do with my life now because NUSANTARA! >.<

    -Which bachelor you like the most? and why?
    So, first off...your characters. Absolutely beautiful, I loved them all, from the MC and her spunky quirkiness - I personally connected with the MC on a spiritual level lol xD - to the side characters to the bachelors. Frick, I wanted more, so much more, because they were all so frickin amazing! If I had to choose one bachelor, however...I would have to settle with Mitra.
    *Mitra :: 12.521343/10 Overall my absolute favorite, and that's saying something. I'm usually all over the tsundere or cold, aloof types, definitely not one for the sweet, loving gentleman. And to be honest, I was really surprised that not many liked him as much - Reksa and Rama ranking the highest, although Reksa looked like he took gold with Rama a close second xD He had both weaknesses and strengths that came across to me as I was playing, whether you intended them to or not, and a lot of those strengths were also some of his weaknesses. I'd keep going, but being a writer, I could write my fingers raw discussing these points and all the character development. Also, his story was light, sweet, and engaging, I literally played it for like...2+ hours straight?
    *Reksa :: 8/10 Really enjoyed Reksa's story, probably my favorite route due to the story itself and the insight we got on the Komodo tribe and culture. I really loved your Avians and fell more in love with learning about the Komodos too. I wasn't the biggest fan of Reksa himself - although the level of sexuality in this route was considerably higher than the other ones, I didn't mind that c: -, as I thought he was a little too forceful and pushy, too bossy. He also felt a little sexist, constantly calling you woman when he was irritated you or stressed or whatever, and I wasn't all over that. Although I did think I got a sort of feel that the Komodo tribe seems to value men over women, so that sort of sexist behavior could be explained through that sort of cultural outlook? Maybe?? Lol maybe I just imagined it????? xD (Again, it's that author thing, I read too in between the lines sometimes) Again, I loved Reksa's route a ton, and his possessiveness of the MC might/kind of/sorta/maybe have been hot. Maybe. :> Plus, I keep forgetting to mention, your CG's and GUI's and every other piece of artwork is simply beautiful~
    *Rama :: 5/10 *shiver* Oh my Rama. Rama, Rama, Rama...I love dark and heavy material, it makes one think and it takes one to the edge of feeling but...holy crap Rama was messed. I found his character to be incredibly intriguing, although mentally unstable and unpredictable. His route terrified me, mostly because I accidentally got the bad ending at 11 at night and just stared, mouth agape with a high-pitched whine, as he...did...what he...did...in that bad ending. *double shiver* He was incredibly interesting though, and I'd love to know more about him. I'm sure he has an incredibly intriguing backstory; lol like I keep saying, I'd love to know more about him - and now I can't stop wondering what Ayu and his twin look like, or at least, how you'd design them.

    OVERALL, YOUR BACHELORS WERE 15/5, THEY WERE SO FRICKIN AMAZING, I APPLAUD YOU!! *cue raucous applauding and fangirl screaming*

    -What makes you consider to play this game?
    The art interested me. The art and the 10,000 downloads I saw when I clicked on this game's synopsis. I was like, 'Well, it can't be all that bad then'.
    And then.
    The wings.
    I've got a thing for shirtless men with wings and skirts. xD
    And then at some point, it became the bachelors and story that hooked me, and I've been addicted ever since.

    -Overall, what do you think about this visual novel? and what element stands out the most?
    I still can't believe it's over. Sigh.
    This VN was phenomenal, and believe me, I've played quite a few. Absolutely wonderful, a 5/5, 10/10, 5 stars, two thumbs up, a Nobel Peace prize winner and a candidate for the Grammys.
    The elements that stand out the most...frick, all of them. The artwork was fantastic and simply marvelous, what more can I say there? The characters were so real for me, that I actually felt for a brief second that, yeah, they're like a 2d virtual family, what the heck? And the story? Wonderfully unique and intriguing. The Indonesian culture was a very nice way to spice it up, really added some wonderful cultural aspects that I just ate up. Also, your design of their distinct societies - the Komodos and Avians - was incredibly innovative, I just loved it! I was disappointed that there weren't anymore bachelors because honestly, you wrote everything so well, I wanted more to play through~ xD Plus, the music. THE MUSIC.

    -Do you have any question or constructive critiques?
    What are your plans for coming back to this world? Will you be making a sequel, or are you considering it? Because I'd be all over that. Also...epilogues or spin-off stories or...or something for our feathery bachelor friends, you've gotta have more in the works. Right??? :)
    Regarding constructive critiques...I'd simply have someone go over the text one more time. :) You did a fantastic job, though, there were only a few grammatical and verb conjugation errors.

    -Last but not least, if I make another visual novel, will you consider buying it?

    P.S I may or may not want to create a tumblr for headcanons now?? You've literally ruined my life, but thank you, thank you for doing so c:

    Hi, <error-404>found!

    Lol your nickname made me thought there's something wrong with itch.io for a sec x'D

    First of all, Thank you for your warm support and appreciation! <3 >\\\< your post today made my day and I think will help me with today's progress ^///^

    1. Wow you evem made a rating for each of them! I'm even more humbled when I knew that both of us are writers ><

    - Mitra: Yup, the girls here likes bad boys the most but we have to admit that Mitra would be the one we'd likely to choose irl, right? X'D *cough*

    And yes! His route is exactly as you described *light, sweet, and engaging*. I kind of stacking the fluff there >< both intended and not. Whenever I write a bachelor's route, the dialogues often changes and adapts by itself.

    - Reksa: yes! I'm a bit sad myself that I can't write more about the Komodo's daily life like in Avians >< they're interesting by itself.

    And yes lol. Indonesian tend to be traditionalists especially the older generations x'D even now, there might still a belief where women just need to work at home and care for children or 'the more children we have, the more wealth' lol. Ah it depends on each individual and certain places but the culture is very thick over here!

    Rama: oh lol I get this a lot x'DD

    Rama is definitely scary and the most roller-coaster route from all 3! A pat to your shoulder who played his route late in the night :")

    I, myself, often question his character and laughed in embarrassment when the music changes a lot like a PMS-ing girl in some scenes (why and how did I write it :"D).

    His route is the most challenging too but the result is better than I thougt though o.o

    oh, but fair warning; if you got scared by his route, be warned that my next project; especially the Antagonist's route, will be darker than Rama's route >< there will be some... gorey details and actions *cough*

    And aww, you flatter me too much with that 15/10 rate >\\\\< I still have much to learn and it was certainly not easy to polish their character and scenes x_x you can definitely do it too with enough time!

    2. Lol we're on the same boat! I like anything that involves fantasy... especially wings and topless... and I remember in the past where men still wear *Sarung* or skirt tied to their waist at night and went out with other men to play cards. The skirt apparently longer than it seems, could be untied, and wrapped around their bodies instead when they're cold O.o

    3. Aww you flatter me so much to the point I'm grinning myself like a fool x'DD I need my needle to deflate my big head later *cough*

    4. Hmm I'm not sure about spin-offs but I'm considering more epilogues in the future since a lot of people asked for that :"D as for new project... check my account! My 2nd project is called Nusantara: Bermuda Triangle <3 I update every Monday in lemmasoft and facebook fanpage~

    5. Last but not least, thanks for your warm support! >\\\\< this definitely made my day early in the morning ~

    And feel free with the headcannons! Maybe more people will get to enjoy Nusantara if you do that ^////^

    Xoxo and cyber cookies,


    (Edited 1 time)

    lolol I get that a lot about my username xD

    lol I was so worried for a second that you'd be rolling your eyes at my humongous post and be all like, 'Man, another critic,' because unfortunately I tend to get a little wordy lol :>

    I'm actually so pumped for your next game (gore and all lol c:); also about those epilogues you mentioned *cue fangirl squealing*. I'm going to try to go for Rama's good route later this week, because intense and as 'feels'y as he is, I have to see some sort of happiness for the little rascal. ^^" (He is kinda PMSy, but like in the good way. xD ...Maybe all he needs is a good chocolate bar and everything will be better).

    I know I hashed this enough, but thank you again for this game, your characters are already finding their way in my sketchbooks lol :) I'm glad I was able to make your day all those days ago with my review lol, we writers need that sort of boost!! (*level up*) :D If you need anyone for editing or testing or any sort of writing brainstorm ideas or anything, please feel free to shoot me a message or anything. :) I'd love to help your beautiful masterpieces come to life somehow - since I'm clueless myself to programming and can't bring my own ideas into VN form, might as well help others, right? :D :D


    Thank you again for bringing this into the world. :D

    Now go have a fantastic day~ xD


    Naww, I like critiques~ Gimme moreeee *u* lol. I'm pretty masochistic about this *cough*

    Ohhh! I look forward to hear what you think about Rama's good end >< 50:50 percentage of people saying it's satisying and not so far :"D

    If you get stuck, check out the walkthrough in lemmasoft forum! His route is the most tricky of them all.

    Also, thanks for your offer <3 I'll message you if I need someone to proofread my script :"3 it will need a certain lv of commitment though.

    And you're very welcome! <3



    • Which bachelor you like the most? and why?
      • Oh god, Reksa. Definitely Reksa. From the work it took to gain his affection, to the intensity of his romantic scenes. His playthrough was a goldmine for giggles and awkward blushing. (hard to play nonchalantly in public)
    • What makes you consider to play this game?
      • Honestly, the art is what interested me to begin with. As I read about it though, the story really intrigued me and I just HAD to know more. Wasn't disappointed either.
    • Overall, what do you think about this visual novel? and what element stands out the most? (art? story? character?)
      • With gorgeous art and a fantastically written story, this game was a winner. The characters have wonderfully complex backstories that only add to the charm of the game. 12/10. I played every route to experience all the game had to offer and am far from dissapointed!! The character depth definitely stood out the most to me. I need more Reksa to go on living, though.
    • Do you have any question or constructive critiques?
      • I have nothing to complain about. Nothing at all. Questions? hmm... could you supply more Reksa at some point? maybe standalone epilogues of the good routes?
    • Last but not least, if I make another visual novel, will you consider buying it?
      • Yes. I am an independent white woman who don't need no man (besides Reksa). I am totally willing to pay for these wonderful works of art. $10? $20? bring it on. Your'e worth it! I'll donate to and buy whatever you throw my way. For real though. Standalone epilogues. Hell, make em 99 cents a piece and bring in some money on the deal. It'll add up before you know it.

    Hi Autumn Fawn! I love your nickname and profile pic! >\\\\< so adorable... *I'm so weak to cute things lol*

    1. Thanks! I'm starting to think I might be a bit bias with Reksa's story looking at how steep the popularity difference now x'D

    2. Aww glad to hear you like both my art and story! :"D I'm still have a lot to learn and improve though!

    3. You give me too much credit, my head is going to bloat lol x'D *prepares a sharp stick to deflate it later*

    Thanks! I'll do my best in my 2nd project too for you :"D

    4 & 5. Lol a lot of people asked me this, I'm starting to think that maybe it's a good idea to make anothes set of epilogues for them x'D at least I have all the assets ready so I just need to do the writing.... hmm... I'll think about it :"D

    Thanks for visiting! Also for the love and chance you gave to my boys!

    I hope to see you again in the future!



    I'm copying this from the other review I left on the older post, mostly because I think everyone should play this game and really give it a try.

    (Some mild spoilers below)

    Which bachelor you like the most? and why?

    Which one I liked best.. Its such a match between Reska and Rama..

    Mitra was kind and caring though I felt like the game wanted me to choose his route so much it made going after him feel expected. Those little old aunties are persistent!! I also wish Mitra had been a little more flawed. Loosing ones temper really isn't a flaw when you're running a whole tribe! Rama had issues, real issues, and Reska made us work for his friendship and trust, my only complaint with Mitra is that I feel like, not that he threw himself at Tamara, but just that she didn't have to do anything, or really try, to win over his affections. I guess it just felt like he liked us for being different, you know.. falling out of the sky and all, and less so for us earning his affection. But the whole reliable husband/future father attitude he has was really nice and refreshing <3

    I liked Rama's because it was emotional and very heartfelt, the loss of a loved one and learning to let go of your anger. I felt a little frustrated with how often he got stupid ideas in his head though (I won't say so I don't spoil anything though). He made me love him in an exasperated kind of way that was both endearing but also very frustrating when he wouldn't believe the things I'd say. He was the easiest for me to sympathize with but it took me longer to really fall for him, he was just a little too good at holding Tamara at arms length.

    I think thats why it makes me like Reska the best, he was a good combination of a hard won friendship, commitment and approval. He didn't trust us, and we had to earn his friendship, it was also nice that he actively pursued Tamara when he liked her in a straight forward way. He didn't dance around the subject or push us away without reason. He also seemed the most human, isn't that odd? I guess Mitra felt a little too... adultish, he is very responsible which I love but he didn't go out of his way to be affectionate in the way Reska did (If you can't read between the lines of what I'm saying, I just mean that Reska seemed a lot more sexually interested in Tamara than Mitra did). He also wasn't perfect in the sense that he wasn't really powerful, he worked and trained hard, he didn't seem as strong as Mitra or Rama, but he still risked life and limb to achieve his goals.

    What makes you consider to play this game?

    Honestly, the artwork caught my eye first, I was looking for visual novels to play, and the story seemed alright, not exciting, but alright (Boy was I wrong!) I actually played it last out of a series of three others and I don't regret waiting, but it was the best of the three hands down! Honestly it was the story and the culture and the myth and legend that you wove into it. Having not experienced these cultures first hand, hearing about them in a novel was fantastical and engaging. I absolutely loved that about this game, it wasn't just surface level ethnicity, you took elements from history and culture and blended them nicely into an entirely new world!

    Overall, what do you think about this visual novel? and what element stands out the most? (art? story? character?)

    I loved it, the art was nice (There is one CG where Tamara's eye is too close to the edge of her face and it kind of weirds me out) but overall I think the storytelling was strong and engaging, the characters and their development won me over and made me love each and every single one of them. (And I played Rama's route first and it made the other two so much harder to watch!) If you're reading this and haven't played yet, play in the order you like but don't be surprised when it tears your heart out!

    The next best thing aside from the characters was the music score, honestly I don't know if it was free, done by friends, or what, but it was put together in such an amazing way! It really ramped up the tension or brought down the mood into something far more somber.

    Do you have any question or constructive critiques? I will read all the comments and reply to them like I do in Lemmasoft.

    Woo, questions... you're going to make more games right?? Honestly, that was one of the best VN games I've played in a really really long time and I've been playing VNs for about 10 years now. The replayability was fantastic, though I think having the fast forward and rewind as actual buttons on the screen would be better because not many folks new to VNs will know which buttons usually do what or know to look in the ReadMe file for instructions.

    Constructive critisms... hm.. there honestly wasn't much I didn't like about the game, you gave each suitor great character and depth, my only advice would be with the art (I'm sorry the eye thing really creeped me out!) Although I realize not everyone is a world famous painter, I think just a tiny but more work there would have made this game the best (not that it isn't incredible already)!

    Last but not least, if I make another visual novel, will you consider buying it? via patreon or kickstarter that is (since I need to eat, electricity, and such things when I make VNs xD)

    You're making one right??? :D And Yes! I would totally support a kickstarter or patreon account if you made another!!! I plan on buying the free game since I played it and loved it as soon as I get paid, it was worth it, and honestly if I saw that you sold games I would totally pay for those. O////O oh gosh... if you made extended cuts for the suitors on this game, like a little add on chapter or as its own little chapter or even a spin off chapter where when you go back to your world and have your suitor turn up there, I would really buy that!!! >/////< Hehe, I loved this game a lot!


    Oh gosh, I feel so guilty now that it's been forever since I last visited my itch.io page and found so many kind reviews in here >///<

    Sorry guys! I've been away since I'm focused on doing my job as CG artist at a VN kickstarter called Queen's Crown and my new VN in progress; Nusantara: Bermuda Triangle. I updated every Monday in Lemmasoft and my Facebook Fanpage if you're curious ><

    Ahem, so here I go with replying the comment section; again, I'm really sorry for these super late reply Q_Q

    Hi Artemis!

    Wow, I'm blown away by your enthusiasm and love :'D
    This made my day a lot brighter and motivated me to do better + faster progress in my next VN! I can't wait to show it to you guys, really x'D

    1. Ah, someone that understands Rama's complex and bitter-sweet story!
    A lot of people chose Reksa for the reasons you listed but the majority of them didn't like the 'darkness' of Rama's story, so this is great! -and yes, Mitra is a lot 'mellow'er than Rama or Reksa :'3
    You see, I was kinda experimenting with 'light-hearted/easy' story + 'medium' story + 'hard' story and see if my audience will like them or not. So far, 'medium' (Reksa) wins!
    I have to admit that his story developed better than I thought it would be; especially the sexual theme. I didn't expect it to be that... intense? x'DD Gosh, I'm still blushing whenever I read his romantic scenes... What was I thinking when I write those? Hahahah, anyway! Sometimes, things that I didn't plan to happen, happened by itself when I write/program his story. The same also happened with the other's routes!

    All in all, thank you for giving all three of them a chance!

    2. Yes! I love indonesian culture and hope to insert them into my VNs as much as I could. I'm flattered to hear you like the story though :'D there are still so much to learn and I hope to write more interesting stories in the future. I just hope you're patient with me since I write slow ><

    3. Hahahah, yes I noticed that the art is problematic -Oh, don't get me started with the quality control :'D I've always have been unstable with it and it have just improved a bit last year when I started working as CG artist in Queen's Crown. Gods, I owe a big one for my boss since she helped me breakthrough the quality control thing x'D

    But hey! Thanks for reminding me and I'll do my best to keep up the good story-telling :'3 credits are to the awesome BGMs and the bloody SFXs though x'D I'm a bit of a perfectionist and irritated myself with them lol. That's why it took a long time for me to program them to be honest :'D

    4. Yep, my next project is Nusantara: Bermuda Triangle. I always update on Mondays in Lemmasoft or my facebook fanpage if you're curious about it! xD Stalk me if you want. I love my stalkers! *cough*

    5. Aww you made me blush, saying my game is good enough to be sold >///< I'm really hoping Bermuda can make it in IndieGoGo but it's still a bit far in the future. I'll be depending on you to share it later :'3

    It's been really fun reading your comment, Artemis. But the most important thing that moves me is... as I read your review, I can't help but to grin like an idiot over here :'D

    There's nothing I can add since you know my babies so well like they're yours and there's nothing I can ask for more. This is the best thing a developer could ask for; players understanding my 'baby', had fun with it, immersed in it, and loving it; if not more than I do.

    I hope to see you again in the future!



    I played this game a few months back and I daresay this is one of the best otome games I have ever played, If not the best. I absolutely loved the characters and their personalities, the plot is so good and the story folds out perfectly. Right now I'm downloading this version even if it's almost the same as the first one, but I have to play one more time. Great job on this one! I hope you keep up with your work and that I'll be seeing some new stuff from you soon. Best wishes and merry Christmas! :)

    Okay, I just saw the new game you are working on and I'm SO PUMPED! It looks absolutely incredible. I'm not really up to date what with the school and stuft but I'm so excited to see you're working on something new :D I'm looking forward to it!

    Hi Alice! Thanks for your continuing warm support! :'D
    I'm really glad you think my game is one of the best >////< I still have a lot to learn but I promise to keep up the story's quality! I want to get better and write more interesting stories for you guys :'3

    Come visit my lemmasoft page or Facebook fanpage for weekly updates every Monday!



    I fell for Mitra INSTANTLY!! >//m//< Love him so much! It won't let me skip (I don't know how to skip.) I died when I followed Granny into the woods, when I think I was going to marry Mitra? Maybe. He proposed (I think). I CRIED when Rama died OmG. Love this game. I'm replaying it now hoping, not to get a 'Bad End' hopefully .

    Hi xAkiChanx!

    Thanks for playing and glad to hear you likr the boys x'D to skip just press 'ctrl'! And it will stop automatically when the texts are new ones you haven't read. I hope this helps :"3

    I dont know if this has happened to anyone else but when I exit and enter the game all my save files are GONE! I can't play it! It says in the begging "invalid zip file" or something like that. And I was almost done with Mitra's route too, and I dont know if ill ever be able to play this game if this keeps happening!! \(>o<)ノ

    And I really wanna play it, cuz its wonderful so far!


    Hi Moomoo!

    Now this is the first time someone reported such bug O.o if in the beginning it said 'invalid zip file', how did you manage to play it? @@

    I suggest to re-download the file, but if the problem still exist then I really don't know what is wrong with it ^^;

    Ah thank god it worked! I think its because now I somehow dowloaded the one with renpy, even though I clicked the same link that I dowloaded the first time... i think?

    And that bug message I just closed it and it let me play the game O.o

    But now that all is well, its time to play the game and enjoy that beautiful story!^^

    Yay! Glad to hear it worked! OuO

    Take your time and I hope you don't meet the same problem again >.<

    Which bachelor you like the most? and why?

    THIS... is hard lmfao, I really like all of them to be honest? cause they are all well written characters, I ended up falling for all of them, Rama worried me at first but nope, loved him to. First was Mitra so FIRST LOVE <3 but then Rama needed a hug and someone then dear god, Reska. I seriously can't pick, good job!

    What makes you consider to play this game?

    I passed it by at first cause I wasn't into otome games but boy am I glad I came back to actually click on it, looking at the pictures of the wonderful backgrounds and characters made me hope it was really good writing too, I was not disappointed.

    Overall, what do you think about this visual novel? and what element stands out the most? (art? story? character?)

    Again, this is hard. I like all of it, I admit at some point i was kinda wondering what was gonna happen so I'll say the plot/story kept me hooked (other than the hotties with the bodies)

    Do you have any question or constructive critiques? I will read all the comments and reply to them like I do in Lemmasoft.

    I actually don't? I mean some parts felt like it dragged on but not really anything that was like OH GOD FIX IT so, thumbs up!

    Last but not least, if I make another visual novel, will you consider buying it? via patreon or kickstarter that is (since I need to eat, electricity, and such things when I make VNs xD)

    I WILL PAY FOR THIS WHEN I CAN cause I want to support your games and this one <3 I really loved it and it left a mark on me, so thank you and everyone who worked on this, may you have a good day!

    Hi Statdrops! thanks for visiting and reviewing! ^.^

    1. Aww, thank you for giving them all a chanve and loving them in return QuQ this is the best answer you could give me!

    2. YAY! happy to hear you enjoy the story that much >\\\< I still have lots to learn, but I'll do my best to lvl up in my next project and hope to see what you think of it >:'D

    3. Amen! You have no idea how much you've made my day by saying that QuQ I tried my best to keep a story interesting -I don't want you guys to fall asleep mid-way x'D

    4. lololol, I know how you feel! Sometimes, I really want to skip it and went straight for the beef, but character development is like building a house so we need to build a strong base first :"3 but hey, thanks for pointing it out!

    5. Aww, thank you very much for your support! Here, have a cyber cookie :'D and thank YOU for playing and reviewing!

    I hope to see you again in the future ~



    Which bachelor you like the most? and why?

    I don't know if I can even put into words how much I love Rama. I did not expect to get so attached to him as the sample images didn't paint him as a character that I would normally like. But the first meeting changed that. "Maybe trying to figure him out will be quite interesting in the future." My thoughts were practically the exact same as Tamura's. God, I love characters like that, who hide their true selves under a mask of endless cheer. And his backstory - 👌👀 good shit go౦ԁ sHit👌 thats ✔ some good👌👌shit right👌👌th👌ere. Ever since I learned about the Sati ceremony, never knew it was also used in Indonesia though, I've always wanted to meet a character with that incorporated in his/her backstory. Thank you so much for creating Rama.

    What makes you consider to play this game?

    I clicked on this game because of the art was up to my standards. I downloaded it because the summary and characters seemed interesting.

    Overall, what do you think about this visual novel? and what element stands out the most? (art? story? character?)

    I'd say it's one of the better otome games I've played. The plot is well written, with both serious and comedic moments. The combat scenes are not boring to read, and most of all, while there is a healthy sprinkling romance - it is an otome game after all - it never drowns out the other aspects of the story. While they can be sorted into standard groups, the characters all have distinctive characteristics and are developed to the point that you can tell who is speaking just by the dialogue.

    Do you have any question or constructive critiques? I will read all the comments and reply to them like I do in Lemmasoft.

    For someone who has only just recently learned a language, Tamura uses quite a lot of slang and complex words when speaking. And there are also a few modern terms that I didn't expect to find in an ancient setting that are used pretty often. Those two were the main things that bothered me, preventing me from being able to completely settle in the story. And as for questions, is that recurring dream about Rama when he when he went over to the Komodo's territory? It's the most resonable explaination I can think of, but it still doesn't seem right. Please enlighten me.

    Last but not least, if I make another visual novel, will you consider buying it? via patreon or kickstarter that is (since I need to eat, electricity, and such things when I make VNs xD)

    Oh, definitely. As long as it's $20 or less and I'm not strapped for money at the time, you can count me in.

    tldr; you've got the basics of otome games/visual novels down, but be careful with the small things: they can make or break a creation.

    also just know that i've only cried twice over a character's death and this is one of them. i hope you're happy

    Welcome back and thanks for reviewing ktensei <3

    1. You're welcome and thank YOU for loving Rama :'D Many people said he is a character you either love or hate :')
    He was a challenge to write and I sometimes wanted to pull my hair in frustration when writing his scenes but even so, I love him very much. His backstory is the most complicated than my other babies and tbh, I'm still learning how to potray them better >.<;

    I'm relieved to hear you like his story and I will do my best to make more interesting stories in the future! >:'D

    2. Amen for first impressions!

    While we're on it, what do you think about my new project; "Nusantara: Bermuda Triangle"? O.O Is the art and synopsis interesting?

    3. Thanks :'D I want to do my best to not let the readers get bored. You flatter my writer's ego so much here >///< I think I'll need a needle to deflate it hahah~ *cough* but I still have rooms for improvements so I'll do my best to lvl up!

    4. Ah yes, language barrier is one of the awkward/loopholes I still try to fix so thank you for pointing it out! As for the recurring dreams; *SPOILER*

    Sari is the one who showed it to Tamara. It was an immersive image of Rama's mental condition; he felt betrayed and felt like many people were laughing, mocking at him, and the pain for losing Ayu was killing him slowly in the inside. It also potrayed one of his suicide attempts; falling and breaking his wings. Remember the crunchy sound effect? I was trying to find a broken bone SFX with a little 'splat' and that is the closest I can find :'D did it make you cringe? I hope so x'D *cough*

    I hope this answer your questions? o.o I'll try to do better in potraying things in my next project! >:'D

    5. YAY!! Thank you for your support and your suggestion! :'D Yes I agree that small details needs more attention than most -elements can break or make a story depending how you execute it so I'll try to be more patient with it and take my time constructing the story ~

    and wow -you just gave me the most flattering praise :'D I made you cry *sobs* thank you for liking my story so much! I will definitely deliver your love to Rama <3

    If I may ask, what is the other character death that made you cry? o.o

    (Edited 1 time)

    While we're on it, what do you think about my new project; "Nusantara: Bermuda Triangle"? O.O Is the art and synopsis interesting?

    Part of the reason I'm so hyped about it is because the art is gorgeous. You seemed to have improved in that field, and I'm really looking forward to the CGs. I think the summary is fine? It's not convoluted but it doesn't give away too many plot points either. But if I can assume that the italic text is the prologue, I think that that portion needs more work. I understand that there will be art to go along with it, but the words along can apply to half a million works and to me, isn't half as interesting as LotWO's prologue. But as you haven't finished developing BT's plot, it's safe to assume that it'll just develop on it's own in time. What I really like about it, though, is the protagonist. She's so different from most otome games' protagonists in how she clearly doesn't excel at everything, has a completely different appearance (short hair!? what a travesty!). That, and her quote speaks to what's left of my soul.

    About the dream.

    oh god that hurts my heart more;; While the sound effect didn't make me cringe, I did start because I wasn't expecting something like that to happen at all. And I think you did really well portraying things in the dream! This is the sort of thing that fandoms spend too much time agonizing over and creating theories before the creator takes pity on them and gives an explanation. The mysteriousness of the dream adds to the build of tension.

    If I may ask, what is the other character death that made you cry? o.o

    It's not animated yet, so if you watched Rokka no Yuusha and don't want to be spoiled, please ignore this. Pardon my language, but I fucking lost it when Hans Humpty died in the LN. But unlike when Rama died, those were mostly angry tears, not sad tears. Anyways, he got better. He died a little, but he got better.

    also can you plsplspls tell me who the fourth love interest is-

    1. Which bachelor you like the most? and why? Reksa. He made a lot more sacrifices than the other characters in the plot; I liked how much he had to struggle, especially with Purba which you don't get to see as much with the other two. You can't stop worrying about him, and you can't not trust him after your trust in him has been tested (and rewarded) so many times. Well, he did break a promise at the end, but I guess it...was un-broken?? When he screamed out in pain, I felt pure horror and was completely immersed. Maybe it's because I played him first, but I didn't feel that with Mitra (although I may have admittedly swooned some more with him haha). I'm honestly not all that sure why Reksa was so memorable for me, but he is definitely the character that has really stuck to me more than any character from any other game, including popular commercial ones. He seems like a real person, so I end up thinking of him as one.
    2. What makes you consider to play this game? The art made me curious, me being an art hobbyist, but what really made me want to play was the cultural aspect. I wasn't disappointed, plus some of the terms have actually stuck with me. I liked the mini encyclopedia. As a person who's naturally inclined to academics, it was interesting to see the real life roots of things that happened in the visual novel, in addition to your inspirations.
    3. Overall, what do you think about this visual novel? and what element stands out the most? (art? story? character?) The art, story, and character was all amazing. xD I wasn't sure about the writing style when I first began playing the game, but the way you build up relationships between characters is magical. The characters actually have a deep, non-shallow relationship (cough Amnesia cough) where they "KNOW" know each other. The conversation with Mitra about his life's ambitions, the conversation where Reksa reveals a very personal weakness (self-consciousness about his figure lol), and the conversation with Rama where both his own well-hid and personal background and Tamara's are revealed were some of my favorite moments. I loved that the side characters also played a major role in the story and had a fleshed out personality. I loved that it felt like there was a reason you wrote this story other than purely for romance (cough Amnesia cough), as it largely irks me when writers do that. I was very pleasantly surprised during Rama's route when I discovered the heroine had a backstory of her own. It really made me think they were a good match for each other, as they could relate.
    4. Do you have any question or constructive critiques? I will read all the comments and reply to them like I do in Lemmasoft. For Rama's route, there's no option to give him the crystal. I tried clicking above and below the button furiously, but nothing happened. Also, the random events in Mitra and Reksa's routes with Rama in it were kinda spoiler-ey. I didn't do Rama's route first, so it was a little confusing when the main character suddenly knew Rama really well when I didn't.
    5. Last but not least, if I make another visual novel, will you consider buying it? via patreon or kickstarter that is (since I need to eat, electricity, and such things when I make VNs xD) Yes. I'm shocked this game was free, I actually feel guilty because it feels like I cheated you out of at least ten bucks that you should have gotten. xD I've played commercial VNs before, but none of them had stuck in my head for long (with an exception for Anon from X-Note).

    Hi melocule!

    Thanks for visiting and wow I'm so happy to read your review! :'D

    1. Yes I agree that Reksa's route has more content; that's why I suggested to play his route last x'D but hey! I'm really flattered that you thought Reksa feels like a real person and immersed yourself in his story enough to share his pain/happiness :'D

    2. Ah, sweet 1st impression <3

    Glad you like the mini encyclopedia! Indonesia has so many cultures that I sometimes have a hard time to choose :")) I want to introduce them little by little so you can expect another mini-encyclopedia in my next game as well x'D

    3.Aw you're going to spoil me rotten with all those praises :"D I still have rooms for improvements (like, I need to be more patient and I should hint at Tamara's past better in the other routes) so I will try my hardest to do better next time!

    And yes, I also think relationships and roles between minor characters are important -communication is the key!

    4. As for Rama's route; he is a little tricky to please x'D

    - You can't lie. Ever. So when you meet Reksa for the first time, you have to be honest; not pretend to be some spy. If this condition is not fullfilled, the option to give him the crystal is locked.

    - you have to focus on him, don't increase other bachelors affection x'D

    And yes, I think I need to make more small events to cover it so it wont be spoiler-ey x'D

    5. YAY! Thanks for your support! :'3 you seriously make me blush >\\\< to think it's better than commercial ones are just... QuQ no words can tell you how grateful and flattered I am to hear that.

    I hope with this you can unlock Rama's good end and see you around ~



    Thank you for the advice on Rama's route, I know the ending to his route is going to be good as well! :3
    I'm looking forward to Nusantara: Bermuda Triangle-- Arya's character design looks like something that could be from Zeiva Games, if you've ever heard of them.

    Thank you for your support! x'D Ah, I can't wait to make the demo to see if you'll still love Arya after meeting him :'))
    and yes, I know about zeiva games ~ I played X-Note, Area-X, and still waiting with bated breath the moment Dragon Essence is going to be released! >.<;


    I just finished the game at this very moment and I must admit I'm crying while writing this. Thank you so much for creating such a masterpiece - my emotions are simply overflowing right now. I'll leave the spoilers about that for the end, and I'll answer your questions, for now

    Which bachelor you like the most? and why?

    It's a very difficult question, actually... I felt attracted to both Reksa and Rama since t he very moment I saw them. Usually I can define my number one favorite easily in otome games, and logically it should be Reksa here - he's exactly my type of character, both personnality and physically. And I really loved him and his route beyond words, even more than expected! But, I also have a soft spot for disabled or mentally ill characters, and Rama is both, because of his wings and his mental state - I didn't know about that before meeting him in-game. As I said before, I loved Reksa and his route beyond words, but Rama's route just blew my mind. So... if I really have to choose between the two of them, I guess it would be Rama. (sorry Mitra, you're not my type haha!)

    What makes you consider to play this game?

    I was looking for otome games, and I directly noticed Reksa and Rama when stumbling upon this game. After seeing them, I wanted to know what is the game about, and the story seemed nice too, so I've just decided to play.

    Overall, what do you think about this visual novel? and what element stands out the most? (art? story? character?)

    I loved it. I loved every tiny bit of it. I did the three routes, with both bad and good endings when I managed to find both (I didn't get any bad for Mitra). Each route I did, I liked it even more than the previous one (Mitra - Reksa - Rama). What stands out the most... well, obviously, the characters, the pretty art, the engaging story... all of that is very good. But to be honest, if I had to pick ONE thing... I'd be back at Rama, again. Why? Because including a character like him is something... I don't think I've ever seen a character like him being included in the romance options of any dating sim ever. In some games you have characters with issues... but issues so heavy... this is my first time seeing that. So... for the originality, the boldness, and the amount of emotions it brings, including him is the best thing about the game in my opinion.

    Do you have any question or constructive critiques? I will read all the comments and reply to them like I do in Lemmasoft.

    Well, the game has some typos and weird phrasing sometimes so it would be good to check things like that even more often (well, I shouldn't say that since English isn't my language and my phrasing is often wrong too). But I think the one thing you should be really careful about are the sound effects. The falling sounds made me cringe every single times, because it was a very comical sound, in sometimes very serious scenes. Also, I've noticed that Tamara's sprite looks different (the art style) compared to the other characters, and it looks a bit weird because of that. It isn't too bothersome, but still weird. On the bright side, it was very nice to see a game use inspiration sources most people don't know about - it was very original thanks to that! You should kee making these kind of stories, and also using really nice characters like the ones from this game.

    Last but not least, if I make another visual novel, will you consider buying it?

    I tend to forget about kickstarters, unfortunately, but if I'm reminded of it, I'd be glad to help. The same way, I could totally buy a visual novel like this one! The only reason I didn't pay for this one is that I don't have the money right now, but I strongly consider paying at least 15$ once I'll get some money to spare, even if I finished the game.

    Now, I want to tell a couple of things about the routes, that are a bit spoilery... so yeah... -----SPOILERS AHEAD-----

    Both Reksa's and Rama's routes made me cry. In Reksa's, I had a bad feeling about giving him the bombs, so I did it first. I wanted to see the bad ending too, and since it was more plausible in my mind of this leading to a disaster, I tried that. His bad ending was heartbreaking. But then, I did the good one, and wow, somehow it was worse. The bad ending, well, at some point it gets obvious you got the bad one, so you KNOW the characters will die. But when Reksa died in the good one, it really made me panic - I didn't know if the game had more than one bad ending per character, so I really freaked out about getting another one. But at the same time, that battle was great, and what happened at the end only added to the awesome and powerful moment.

    As for Rama's route... well, obviously the route is SAD AS HELL. One thing I did notice is that in both Reksa's and Mitra's routes, Tamara managed to get closer to them and to awaken their feelings long before the festival. It was fast and obvious with Mitra, slow and with a lot of denial with Reksa, but still there. In Rama's route, they weren't really that closer than in the other routes, until the moment Rama ran away and ended up talking about his past. I really like that touch - it's interesting to see how hard it is to break his shell. When he died in Mitra's route, I directly understood he was one of those characters who only can be saved in their own route, so I did Reksa second on purpose. I didn't want to deal with Rama dying after doing his own route once. As for his endings, the choice was obvious for wich one is good and wich one is bad, so I did the bad first too and wow, it was hellish, but at the same time VERY well done, in my opinion. Maybe one of the better scenes of the game - doing it from Rama's perspective, and showing him fall into the depts of madness was so horrible. But his good ending was as beautiful as his bad ending was horrible. It was a perfect conclusion, so warm and powerful - and the last CG was magnificent. It was long, painful, full of tears, but the fact they managed to reach happiness was heartwarming. The funny thing is I didn't learn from my mistakes - after what happens at the end of the battle in Reksa's route, I should have known it would be okay somehow... but no, I freaked out again, because with how tragic is the character, I was almost sure it couldn't end well!

    I'm very sorry for the lenghty comment, I hope you had the patience to read it! What I want to say with that whole spoilery addendum is that you really played with my emotions all along. Usually I can predict quite well how things turn out in otome games, but not this one, except for Mitra's route. Mitra is a cute and great character, and his route is very good. I would have loved it in another game, I think, But the two other routes (and characters) were so awesome and perfect that they outshined poor Mitra.

    Well, again, thank you for this game, and if you ever do another visual novel, I'd be delighted to play it!

    Hi Konoi!

    You're welcome and thank YOU for visiting and reviewing! :'D Here's some tissue.

    Your heartfelt review blew me away with how long it is -but I definitely enjoy every second of it! x'D

    1. I agree; both of them are intense in their own ways. Rama's route was very challenging for me to write >.< it was like riding a roller coaster; with me trying to control where and when will the roller coaster go 'up' or 'down' without crashing it.

    I have to say that his bad ending is probably one of the most emotional scenes I've ever wrote :")

    However, the story has a dark-element and people tend to avoid such topic so I worry about Rama a lot -but now that I read your review; I gained more confidence to write more stories like Rama's :'D Thank you!

    2. Glad you tumbled upon my VN and gave it a try! x'D

    3. YAY! Thanks for giving all 3 bachelors a chance! xD

    I was making a small experiment with this VN: Mitra is 'Easy', Reksa is 'Medium', and Rama is 'Hard' to see people's reaction. I'm happy to hear you think the complication & boldness is the best thing in Winged Ones x') My next project is... a bit heavier than this one ><

    4. Yes, I know that my grammar is very delightful x'D Multiple people keeps reminding me of this -but fear not! I have 3 proofreaders for my next project!

    Oh and about Tamara looks different with other characters: Is it because of her blue hair? O.O; I was trying to make her easy to notice so I went and gambled with blue hair :'))

    I will take note of it and try to make my next MC character have more similar physical qualities with other characters ~

    5. Aww, thank you for the warm support! *hugs*

    Now onto the Spoiler Stage:


    *evil chuckles* so my plot to make you anxious in his good end is a success! x'D

    At first, I was not planning to make it like that. But as I write, characters tend to change his/her mind; one thing led to another and then VOILA!

    Hahahah, that battle scene took a lot of me though. I grinded my brain to make each battle as interesting as they can since I don't want it to be repetitive. Very happy to see such appreciation from you QuQ

    For Rama... his route is very slow-paced and he is hard to open up due to his psychology -I often find myself in a headache since he pushed the MC again and again x_x; I'm happy to hear it's well-done from you since other people tend to get impatient with him x'D As I said, his bad route is probably one of the saddest and angsty chapter that I've ever wrote :'( I don't like angst but I can't deny that they're good and sometimes needed at some right moments!

    I also agree that Mitra's route is not as intense as the other two x') it was supposed to be a very light story; but now I noticed that I can't make it too light or it will get overshadowed with other routes. Thank you for reminding me of this!

    -And don't worry about lengthy review! I enjoy reading them and they always made my day brighter! x'D

    See you again in my next project!



    Hey! Sorry for not answering before - itch.io didn't notify me of you answer...

    Yeah, you shouldn't be worried about using characters like Rama - dating sims of all sorts are full of characters with lighter stories and less tortured minds. While a character like him is uncommon and I understand the doubts you may have felt before the release, I think it's nice to have such a change of pace from the usual formula, and all of my friends I talked to about the game liked the concept of that character.

    Angst isn't a bad thing in a VN game about romance - it's nice to see it taken really seriously. The only thing that should, in my opinion, be avoided is not allowing a character to have a good ending. I mean, in a game where the whole point is to reach a happy ending, it's always very sad if one or more character doesn't get that. A good example is the BL game Kuro no Tsuki - it isn't a very good game to be honest, even if I like it because of fond memories related to it. But one character in the game dies if you do his ending, while he lives in every other route. That's the kind of things that shouldn't be done haha!

    I kinda understand why some people would think Rama's route is too "slow", but I think it's necessary for a character like him, and his route doesn't lack events - the only thing that is slow paced is the romance progression itself, not the amount of encounters with the character. So yeah, in that case I'd rather say it was not a route suited for the people who said that rather than a weakness in the route itself - I'm fairly sure lots of people like it as much as I do! It would have been very "random" if suddenly the romance appeared at the moment when he may die in the forest after not progressing much before. But even at that moment, while he opened up a bit, it wasn't quite there - it was subtle enough to make it a logical progression. At the same time, I actually did see Tamara's feeling growing stronger and stronger before that point, wich is some kind of progression, even if Rama wasn't showing the same things. I think some people discard the MC a bit too much and focus only on the love interst they're pursuing. I think the MC's feelings are important too for the progression of a story.

    Hi Konoi, and no problem! I'm often late at replying too ><

    As for Rama, I'm glad to hear you like his concept! In the future, there will be more uncommon characters -I read and watch a lot of genres, but somehow, the ones that stuck in my head are always either angst/fluff :") you can expect a strangely angst but also fluffy stories from me lol

    Oh, and don't worry, I won't make tragedy stories like in your example, Kuro no Tsuki. That is just a big NO o.o; If there is, I will definitely make an U-Turn and make it a happy end ASAP X'D

    But to be honest, Rama's route made me impatient as well hahah >< the process is slow and we want to hurry in order to get to the good stuff, yeah? :")) however, his psychology didn't allow it ~

    This is one of the reasons why my second VN will be a lot more longer x'D

    This is suchhh a great game! I love it to bits! Like, the story was great, the art was amazing and I had such a blast playing it.

    Which bachelor you like the most? and why?

    I like all of them for different reasons, but my favorite has to be Reksa, His grumpiness is too cute and his protective streak is something that I really like. His possessiveness at the end of the epilogue was something I found attractive. I was amazed at how much more there was to him, too. He had insecurities, which was a very nice surprise and his obivous love and care for his people gave him even more depth. His animal like qualities where also something I really liked about him.

    What makes you consider to play this game?

    Well, the fact that this game features a winged race and a reptile like race had my interested. It also helped that the three love interests had my attention with there designs.

    Overall, what do you think about this visual novel? and what element stands out the most? (art? story? character?)

    Overall, this visual novel was great! I had such a fun time playing it and learning more about the characters. The art was amazing and looked so well done, a lot of love and care was put into it.

    The story was something else, each route had emotions in it, though I must say my favorite story had to be Rama's, with how much raw emotion there was and the fact that you touched on such heavy topics without weighting down the story was just amazing. Though, I still feel sad that Rama could only be saved in his route.

    Tamara was so great. She's strong and independent, her kindness was something I immediately latched on to. The fact that she had flaws also made me like her even more.

    Do you have any question or constructive critiques?

    Nothing, really. The only thing I can think of was how after each route (expect Mitra's, his route ending where I think it should have) I felt like there should be more but I guess that goes to show how much I enjoyed the game. I did miss a few CGs in the gallery and I really want to go back and find them but I don't even know where to begin.

    Last but not least, if I make another visual novel, will you consider buying it?

    Oh, yes definitely. Judging from what I just played through, I'm sure any of your other works would be just as amazing!

    Such an amazing game! I hope this helps you with future games!

    Hi AbigailsDomain!

    Thanks for visiting and reviewing! :'D I'm sorry for the late reply tho; I was busy preparing my next project >.<;

    1. Thank you! I'm glad so many people loves and understands his character so well x'D he is a very lucky man indeed ~

    2. Ah, sweet first impression *u*

    3. You're making me blush >///<; I do my best to apply emotions into each chapter; it's my way to keep people from getting bored quickly. I still have rooms to improve in grammar and details tho! I'll do my best too next time >:'D

    4. Oh, did you skip the epilogue or bad ending? o.o The epilogue should play automatically once you passed the credits. For bad endings, you just have to give each bachelors the bombs :'3

    5. Thank you for your warm support! x'D the next project is near but I still have some preparations to make.

    See you again!




    **Warning** This contains minor spoilers! *Warning**

    I am absolutely in LOVE with this game~! It took my breath away and made me really FEEL the stories!

    Which bachelor you like the most? and why?

    You know after reading a lot of the comments below, I was surprised to see that not many people were fond of Rama. But actually he is my favorite! He intrigued me with his personality and background story more than the other guys, and even in Mitra and Reksa's routes I was devastated at his suicide. So i saved him for last and damn, he is so amazing. I love the complexity of his past and character, and even his drawn out epilogue (poor Tamara, three years?!). But it was so worth it! His route made me feel the strongest and the epilogue literally had me crying along with Tamara out of happiness. Happy endings always get me~! <3

    I especially enjoyed how raw and emotional his route was, while still remaining realistic (well as much as it can for a fantasy visual novel). I thought how he grieved, his pain, his reactions to Tamara, and how long it took him to get over Ayu (but he finally did hehe, i ship RamaXTamara SO HARD) were all very REAL and I appreciated that so much. I connected with him in a lot of ways!

    I could go on all day about that fine piece of man meat but I won't. X'D

    What makes you consider to play this game?

    Well I mean, it's a very interesting premise! You sold it on this page really well too, the description got me hooked and then reading people's comments and seeing how much they loved it? I knew I had to try and DAMN am I glad I did! So many sexy men. X'D

    Overall, what do you think about this visual novel? and what element stands out the most?

    Overall, I am simply amazed at the detail and love that went into this visual novel. I'm still stunned that this is free! Holy cow, I am so lucky lol. The characters were all very different and complex, each with their own unique backstory. But they all managed to be woven together perfectly. The amount of creativity and dedication that obviously went into this is why I wanted to comment so badly, something I rarely do. You deserve to know that you are amazing.

    The art was beautiful, once again details are KEY here. And you sure know how to make attractive characters, hot damn. X'D

    I think my favorite part is definitely the stories. I admire you for being able to touch on such heavy topics such as suicide and rape without it weighing down the stories, in fact, in my opinion it added to them! Because once again that brings in the emotions, this visual novel made me feel for the characters (including even minor characters and the MC!) like no other visual novel has done before, and I don't say that lightly. Especially Rama, and yes I loved Tamara. Sometimes it can be hard to like the character you're playing, in fact a lot of visual novels suffer from poor MC depth and characterization. I don't know how many times I've come across an MC who is weak and wimpy and pathetic or on the other spectrum, so amazing in every way. =.=

    Tamara was very refreshing. She was weak in body yes, but she had her moments where she kicked ass. Her spirit was strong, she was kind and everyone loved her and YET she definitely had flaws. I think her kindness is what i loved the most about her (aside from her sense of humor and not taking anybody's shit lololol), especially in Rama's route. *Squeal* I absolutely adore them, I know I'm gonna replay this game~!

    Reksa was the first one I played and I liked him a lot, gotta say there's just something about a manly man that gets me all hot and bothered. X'DD But normally I actually don't go for the brooding bad boy type so I was pleasantly surprised when his character turned out to be MUCH more. His past, the fact that not all Komodo's were bad, the truth behind the war that really shocked me (that's another thing i must applaud you on, i love me some drama!). And during his epilogue when he was all possessive ('you're mine!') I nearly died, god so sexy~! <3

    Mitra was my least favorite, though that in no way means I disliked him! He is an amazing character like the rest, I suppose he was just a little too predictable for me. I still thoroughly enjoyed playing his route, so sweet and charming (and hot!). <3

    And you already know I'm head over heels for Rama LOL. XD <3

    I love how much detail went into the minor characters too though! Asih and her husband Yuda, both of whom I adore, and Yuda is just downright hilarious. Granny, and the triplets and I think my favorite, Reksa's fellow Komodo, Purba. Purba has to be all time favorite villain (and oh my god he's sexy~!) in a visual novel lol, yeah he's horrible and I love him. XD I love how his defeat in each route kind of implied that there was more to him then meets the eye and I feel like there could have been a great opportunity to explore his depth. I totally would have played his route if that were, you know, a thing. XD But that would probably be really hard to do, so he'll just stay mysterious~

    Looks wise, i at first thought Reksa was the best looking but Rama's CG's were SPOT ON and ugh, I have never been so attracted to blonde hair before LOL. Especially the epilogue CG where he's sleeping? Oh, so cute~! <3 Overall though, all very attractive characters and that is in part due to the amazing art. :)

    Do you have any question or constructive critiques?

    Honestly, not much! When I say this game is one of my favorite ever and I'm in love with it, that's the truth! I read over the comments before I started the game and so I was expecting the shaking. At first it was a little hard to get used to I admit, especially because it was just a constant thing even in instances where I thought it wasn't really necessary. However, as I played the visual novel more I became used to it and in fact, in certain ways I think it really enhances the story and I can definitely see what you were going for. I just think that maybe there should be an option in the menu to turn off the shaking? That way for people who don't care or enjoy it like me, they can just play through but those who don't like it, they can turn it off without it affecting their game play, and hence, their opinion on the game. But other than that, nope I loved this visual novel, 10/10!

    Last but not least, if I make another visual novel, will you consider buying it?

    Oh HELL yes! Like i mentioned earlier, I'm still shocked at the fact that this was free! Simply because of the amount of work and dedication I can clearly see went into this. You could have easily charged money for it and it would have been so, so worth it! But then again, when I first found this I was strapped for cash (LOL couple days ago, haven't stopped playing since I installed it) so super glad it was free lol. But yes, because I have seen what you are capable of, if you come out with another visual novel that obviously interests me (demo included), then I would definitely buy it because I know you won't let me down. :D

    This game is so original and beautiful and sexy and amazing. XD Thank you so much, and I hope this helps~! <3

    (Edited 1 time)

    Hi Jeelyn!

    Thanks for visiting and reviewing! I enjoyed reading this very much :'3 I apologize for the late reply; I was busy preparing my next project you see >.<;;

    1. Aww, I agree that Rama needs more love :'3 but it's okay since everyone has their own tastes ~

    But I'm very happy to hear how you immersed yourself in Rama's route! It was a challenge writing his story -but I'm glad I did! Even though it involves me playing lots of angst songs/instrumentals to get my muse :'))

    But seriously, his bad end is probably one of the most emotional scenes I've ever written Q_Q

    Thank you for loving this little child of mine <3 I'll make sure to deliver your love ~

    2. Thanks! I tried my best x'D

    3. You're spoiling me rotten *cough* but I'm not complaining! I'm very happy to see all my boys are being loved >////<

    I think I have more room for improvements; the details are a bit unclear at some events (like, Tamara's past). I think I got a bit impatient in the middle of the story and skipped some important things; much to my dismay; but I'll definitely do better next time to make you and other readers happy :'3

    Though... it will involve a lot of waiting in your part >.<; I hope you'll be patient with me :'3

    As for Purba... lol, I know that feeling! I love antagonist characters too and wish to date them in some games; like Kuja and Sephiroth from Final Fantasy Series? x'D They sometimes attracts me more than the MC/protagonist *swoons

    4. Thank you~ I'll do my best to meet your expectation in my next game :'3

    5. YAY! thank you so much for the support! x'D

    see you around!



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