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Genre: Otome Fantasy, Adventure, Romance, Comedy
WARNINGS: Swearing, Blood, Death, Flashing Lights, Mentions of Suicide and Depression. Viewer discretion is advised!

Long ago, when the world was still young and humans had only just learned how to write,
Legends of mythical beings spread over the continents.
Tales of dragons, griffins, unicorns, and many other mythical beings were prevalent in folklore.
Some of these beings even possessed human characteristics, such as the centaurs or Kinara Kinari.
But there is one legend, lost and forgotten...
...for there are none alive today who remember the tale.

This is a story about birth and death, peace, war...and love.

How it all began from the gift of Blue Crystal
Both a blessing and a curse from the Goddess.
And now,
The Legend shall be unfolded by a human girl.

Game Features:

- 3 Love Interests
- 6 Endings
- Strong, Independent Female Lead
- Branching Dialogue Choices
- 20+ CGs
- Original Backgrounds 
- Mini Encyclopedia

Walkthrough link: https://lemmasoft.renai.us/forums/viewtopic.php?f=...

The routes can be played in any order but, for maximum effect in terms of build-up and plot, we recommend playing as follows:
- Mitra
- Rama
- Reksa

Questions for you:
I'm always looking for ways to improve so here are also some optional questions for you to answer! ^.^-

    1. Which guy did you like the most and why?
    2. Do you play a lot of otome/visual novels? What made you choose to play Nusantara?
    3. Which element of the game would you say was the best and which ones would you say need work? Consider story, art, characters, music etc.
    4. Do you have any other questions, comments or constructive criticism? 

Now without further ado, have fun and enjoy the adventure!



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Well, well, well.. I finished this game. I was left a little conflicted after finishing all the routes in the novel and wanted to type out my thoughts. There were things that I enjoyed; things that I didn’t enjoy. While my review might slant more positive than negative, I will also be discussing the stuff that peeved me a little. I'm going to be covering as much as a I can.

*Spoiler Warning*


  • Now for the 3 male leads in the game – I’m going to be starting with Mitra. His route was the most light-hearted one from the three. He’s arguably the healthiest LI for the MC. His route follows a more traditionally romantic one. I found it to be a tad lackluster in terms of story and thrills, as well as Mitra being somewhat one-dimensional in personality. On the other hand, his route was the most complete from beginning to finish. If you like a light, more fluffy and feel-good route, this one is for you.
  • Onto Reska.. his route was my favorite. His route was the perfect blend of angst, steaminess, story, thrills and edge. It just felt really well-balanced and included everything I tend to like/look for in a route. I thoroughly enjoyed their character development. In my honest opinion, it felt the most authentic from the 3. I appreciated how they’d reach common ground and learn to trust each other more, in spite of their differences. I was fond of the fact that even with very minimal conversation at the start, you’d get to witness how their trust would deepen; how Reska would gradually soften to the MC (in his own way) – changing his demeanor with less growling or cold stares. No longer getting on edge or defensive when being approached/touched and having his wounds redressed; signaling him becoming more comfortable and less wary of her presence. The gradual shift felt fairly natural; neither rushed or slow. While I loved his protective side when it came to the MC, and occasional gentleness – I absolutely lived for his low growls and sensual purrs during the more intimate scenes. And the licking and neck nuzzling – aahh… so good. His wild, animalistic side at times was just too hot. Finally wrapping up my fangirling for this character – my favorite part about him was his perseverance. Despite comparatively having a weaker physique to the other Komodos, he encompassed a strong fighting spirit. Even if his success wasn’t secured and he was physically outmatched, he still would not back down – giving everything that he’s got. Not letting past failures get to him, but rather using it as fuel to get better – either to prove himself to his father and tribe, or protect what is his – Tamara. To me, I see that as admirable. If you want an angsty, steamy route with a lovable tsun, then this is for you.
  • Last but not least, Rama. His route was the most lore-heavy, emotional, and least romantic. In Rama’s, we get more insight, not only into who he is, but into Loma’s history and dark secret. It touches on trauma, lost loved ones, and how those things can change a person. As I mentioned, this route isn’t as focused on romance, as it being more focused on healing deep-seated wounds, forgiveness, moving on in life and finding happiness. While, I did enjoy this route, it was clear that throughout it, Rama still harbored intense feelings for Ayu and hated himself for what he failed to do to save her. He also had a difficult time trusting himself – believing himself to be a dangerous person who can pose harm to others. And to add to that, he didn’t easily trust others; convinced that they had nefarious intentions. For the reasons cited, it’s why you can sense this invisible wall he’s established between himself and the MC. He does become closer to her, but that distance is never fully breached. Even on his good end, where their intimacy seems to have increased a bit more – it’s taken 2 years after their prior time together for Rama to finally move past his feelings for Ayu. To be honest, I don’t blame him. He’s gone through a huge deal of pain and it’s obvious how it’s seriously messed him up; leaving him mentally scarred from it all. Deep scars and trauma isn’t something you can swiftly move past. It can take years to heal, and some people never get over it. Nevertheless, their lack of closeness, and the persistent barrier positioned between the two main leads for chiefly the entirety of the story did lessen the enjoyment of this route an adequate amount for me. All in all, if you prefer a more dark, story-focused, emotional route, involving helping a broken LI get through their internal demons whilst they hide behind a playful mask to the public, with limited romance, then this is for you.

Story and writing: 

I think that the writing came off as a bit childish during some moments. In certain scenes, this would negatively reflect on the characters by them every so often talking and behaving in rather juvenile ways, even in grave situations; making it hard for me to take these situations seriously sometimes and creating a more comedic effect instead.

Moreover, for the story, you do have to suspend disbelief a tiny bit. There are some parts that left me questioning about it or that didn’t make sense to me.

One example of this is how Tamara is sent to go back in time to somehow restore peace between the Avians and Komodos; saving humans from extinction. Because, as is revealed, humans were descended from Avians. But here’s the part that’s inconsistent with the rest. If Tamara needs to go back in time to save humans from extinction, then why does she and other humans exist in the future, before she goes back in time? Wouldn’t that mean that peace was restored between the Avians and Komodos, and that the Avians survived long enough for humans to have descended from them, as well as successfully multiply? I mean, somewhere else they do specifically mention they are Tamara’s ancestors. So, am I led to believe that these ancestors who are descendants from the Avians - went extinct, instead of all humans? Then why do they earlier mention about saving humans from extinction? They never do clarify this, and I consider it this game’s biggest plot hole.

Another thing that seemed unrealistic or that didn’t make that much sense to me either was how Tamara became fluent in the language in a matter of 4-5 days. Like how? Especially when she was struggling 3 days prior? My only guess was that her father imparting with her some basic Indonesian, and her encompassing the ability to naturally understand the Avians speak it, somehow aided her in being able to pick up the language faster than the average person. Or.. she’s simply a genius and is being exceptionally modest about it.

Regardless of my criticisms, the story is all in all enjoyable. At least as something good to pass the time. I do believe, though, that the main plot becomes less and less important as you do the following routes after Mitra. I wish the main story wouldn’t have been copy and pasted to each route – save for a few minor changes to the dialogue and relevant added lore for each character. They literally follow the exact same sequence, and purely devolve to background noise/skippable scenes; leaving you only to prize the interactions between the LI and Tamara. Some of the scenes felt kinda draggy and boring, specifically the ones not involving the LI – as they were mostly Tamara doing monotonous, mundane tasks in Loma or having uneventful conversations. I get it, though, It’s a free game and only one writer, so I guess I can’t really complain.

I do commend the effort that was put in exploring Indonesian culture and mythology. I in fact find that to be one of the strongest suits in the game and something that I had genuine fun learning about. I appreciated the encyclopedia and how it expanded on the references to Indonesian customs/traditions in-game. The theme being based on both ancient and modern Indonesia is something I felt made the game unique.

OST and Art:

The soundtrack was okay. It wasn’t anything too exceptional. There were 1-2 tracks that stood out to me, but that was all.

The art style is descent. It’s not the most polished and the characters do look a tad rough at times, but I can tell that there was heart and passion put into it. The design is interesting. It’s more than appealing enough for me to sit and play through the game. Rama’s CGs look the best, tbf.

Final thoughts:

Anywho, Reska is best boi and the hottest overall. You can’t change my mind. Nusantara may not be the best visual novel I’ve ever read, but it was pleasurable enough. Thanks for supporting Linux as a platform!

Score: 7/10

Just finished this jewel and totally loved it! Especially Mitra xD
i was totally surprised and loved every second of his path <3

Thank you for your hard work and would love someday to see our characters after getting married with a small family of their own ^_^

Thank you!

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I played this on steam 3 years ago xD it was really good but  I still can't get the one ending Rama lol the choice isn't visible. but I enjoyed it <3 perhaps there's an old file before that idk where that I haven't deleted lmao


Bro this game is insanely good, stop looking at the reviews and just freaking play it.

Thank you very much for the recommendation, erose_fl ^///^

Of course!!!!


I've absolutely loved this game ever since I found it around 2 years ago! Reksa's route has always been my favorite, and I really like learning a bit more about Indonesian culture, since I knew basically nothing about it before I found this game. Currently playing through it again :)

But there's just one thing that's kinda been bugging me ever since I started playing...
Sorry, I get that this is a nitpick and it's probably gonna sound really rude, but...why does Rama's in-game portrait look so different from the other characters'? I guess I could say it looks a bit less...polished(?) than the other character art, even compared to side characters like Purba or Silva. I love his route, but I guess it just always bugged me a bit. He looks normal on the starting screen, but in-game, it feels like someone flattened him, dipped him in water and he just dried kinda weird??? I'm sorry, I know art is really hard, but I've just been thinking about how he kinda reminds me of a prune ever since I first saw his in-game portrait and I just needed to finally get it out of my system


Hi, Moonyasnow!
Thank you for the love and for finding the time to write me this kind review ^///^

That is a good question!
Rama's sprite is actually... hmm, how do I word this... I drew him deliberately with a less polished look, because I want him to look messy/untidy with less accessory/markings to reflect his inner personality. *spoiler alert* if you've done his route, you'll know that while he acts cheerful, Rama in reality is tired and troubled/haunted with his past. He doesn't care about his appearance, he is unkempt because he could care less about his looks. It's the least of his concerns (which speaks volume if you consider how Avians court *reference to Mitra's event*).

I hope this answers your question and give you some peace of mind :'3

Thanks again for the love and I hope to see you again!



Thanks for making this game!! At this point I think I have gone crazy! Its my 12th time playing it again! O_o Yup totally crazy. I have been playing it for years and I download it again and again whenever I see it again and play it to my heart's content.

 I guess I'm already addicted *sob*

Hope to see more of your good work in future!

Hi, Sweetpopcorn!
I'm really sorry for this long overdue reply >_<; sometimes the notification missed me.
But I'm really happy to see people are still enjoying Winged Ones QuQ 

Thank you for loving my game and yes! I'm doing my best with my 2nd project! 
If you're still interested, I look forward to see you again in the future \(>u<)/


Yayyy!! I'll wait for it! Goodluck!

ღゝ◡╹ )ノ♡


Replayed the game for the 3rd times and it's still as good as ever. The heroine is very related lmao. Just love it.

Aww, thank you, afae! ^///^
I'm always happy to hear people are still reading Winged Ones and having fun <3

Thank you for the love and for visiting me!


    1. Which guy did you like the most and why?  I liked Mitra most, based on my personal taste in characters as a whole. But overall All routes were great and the  characters are incredible.            
    2. Do you play a lot of otome/visual novels? What made you choose to play Nusantara? I do, I was doing my regular Itch deepdive and Nusantara had brilliant as well as interesting art. The wings piqued my interest, and the synopsis was captivating.
     3. Which element of the game would you say was the best and which ones would you say need work? Consider story, art, characters, music etc. I love a lot of your elements in the game, the art was brilliant and dynamic, the music paired well with the scenes(some visual novels struggle with this in my opinion), and the characters are vey interesting. Some points of critique might be to work on the quality of play in the future, an auto save function is very handy, perhaps upgrading the menus to fit more with the novels style. Still even without these the game is brilliant.  
    4. Do you have any other questions, comments or constructive criticism? What inspired you to make  Nusantara? it's very interesting concept for a story and you've clearly researched it well and have shared your research on the traditions used and the animals the love interests were based of off with an encyclopedia function. Other than that all I can say is this game was so much fun to play, I was so invested I finished it a lot faster than I meant to. Well done!

Hi, kaekae!
Thank you for sparing some time to answer my questions ^///^

1. Ah, I'm so happy to see Mitra's fanbase is growing! Thank you for the love and congrats on finishing all the routes!

2. Thank you for giving Nusantara a chance! There is still room for me to improve especially in the art quality control department--I'll do my best to improve! >///<

3. True, I've been struggling with GUI art and to be honest, I don't know how to tinker with the save/load programming ^^;
I think I need to spend more time experimenting with GUI? Hmm, thanks for pointing that out! I'll definitely do more research for my future projects! >:D

4. I'm very glad to hear you enjoyed yourself thoroughly! And to hear you like the encyclopedia feature is a bonus ^///^
I wanted to use this feature to learn about Indonesian culture together and oh boy, the warm welcome I've received is a pleasant surprise!
Overall, thank you for playing and I hope to see you around in the future!




I just wanna drop by and say thankyou for making this game! I've actually tried playing a route 2 years ago but decided to pick it up and play through all the routes.

I really enjoyed playing it- everything abt it is just *chef's kiss* my personal favs are Mitra and Reksa; I can't choose ;; Mitra bc man's literally a fricking gentleman from start to finish and he's very romantic, BUT also Reksa bc um...i have a thing for men with his personality a tsundere  and I find his protectiveness toward Tamara very cute...and very sexy. When I tell you I was giggling and smiling throughout both of their routes... :^)) CAN WE ALSO TALK ABT THE ARTWORK- you're so talented pleasee.

I remember I had a mini heart attack when i saw the title bc NEVER have I seen someone made an otome based on my culture :") it felt like an obligation as an indonesian casual (sorta veteran?) otome player haha. Heck the encyclopedia even gave me more info on culture I didn't even know existed!

Semangat kakak kerjain Bermuda Triangle nya! Keren banget liat budaya sendiri di genre game pelarianku WKWK aku fans sumpah :")) 👍


Hi, clematismoon!
Congrats on finishing the game and thank you for giving it a chance! ^///^

It's always a happy day for me whenever I think about people are still playing Winged Ones and enjoying it <3
I see Reksa is still number one, followed by Mitra and Rama. I can somewhat relate since I also blush whenever I think about their scenes--what was I thinking when I wrote them? x///x it's a bit embarrassing, especially when I see there's a walkthrough dedicated for Reksa on Youtube lol

I'm glad to hear the encyclopedia helps! It's one of the features I'm most proud with--I didn't expect such warm welcome to our culture ^///^
I was worried back then but now I'm glad I took that risk!

Last but not least, makasih ud sempet"in comment kesini & ngasih support >///< jarang" ada org lokal yg dtg kesini~
Stay tuned for my next project, Nusantara: Bermuda Triangle ;)


help i can't open it even after allowing the game to open on my mac's settings djhgasdj

Hi, nique! Yes macOS's security system can be really stubborn ^^; it took me a few tries before I can open it myself. 

I can't help you much besides advising you to keep trying or borrow your family's laptop/computer Q_Q I'm sorry for the inconvenience! *Bows

it's alright!! it's not your fault <33

try right clicking Show package contents>Open folder> open MacOS> click the game's name

This is a trick I use playing visal novel games on mac


OMG, thank you PandaManiac! I forgot about this solution! QuQ 

May I ask what is the difference between paid and free version? The Steam one is paid, but this one is free.

Hi, rekihime!
The difference is not much, the steam version has achievements and I put a price on Steam because it's a paid-platform :'3

Originally, Winged Ones is a free-to-play, so pick whichever you want!
I hope you enjoy yourself!


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maaf mengaganggu bro sebenarny gw pengen mainin game ini tp genrenya :OTOME 

                "u perempuan"

   hmmm apakah ada saran game serupa tp genreny gk OTOME 

   atau kyk hero's harem guild,lessons in love atau seperti quettish no life. ( ad unsur 18+)

   tapi yg buat kreator indo soalny gw seneng klu misalny ad kreator indo yg buat game seperti ini

   dan y sampek sekarang gw bingung cara bayar lewat patreon kyk payment dll gitu ribet asli klu misalny ad ksh tw gw y bro apalagi misalny bs jd member kyk patreon dll bs byr/beli apapun lah istilahny lewat kyk pulsa atau gopay,atau wa yg umum gitu

   dan ya gw minta maaf klu gw mengganggu btw gw dr indo capek jgk klu ngetik komen pke bhs inggris "maklum msh bs dikit2 lah" di tempat lain kadang slh tulislah y kadang "agk sering sich" pke aplikasi penerjemah

   sekali lge gw minta maaf klu misalny gw cuman mampir hanya u bertanya doang "mengganggu" lu bro ntah knp rasanya gw pengen aja gt mainin game kyk gini kreatorny org indo ke pengen rasanya kyk ad yg beda gitu

   sekian sekali lagi maaf mengganggu dan terima kasih...

Hi, smart people!
Waah, makasih ud mampir" kak~ gpp kok pake bhasa indo
sayangny untuk saat ini ak kurang tau & blm ad rekomendasi VN yg buat laki", aplg buatan indo >< (maklum, ak jarang liat"/main yg buat laki")

Klo soal patreon kykny cm bs pake kartu kredit/paypal sih OuO;
Tp gk wajib, ak udah seneng bgt kk dtg & menyampaikan support. Makasih lg y kak~

Maap gk bs bntuin bnyk, tp klo ad pertanyaan lain, monggo post lg dsni~


owh iya sorry bru bru bls "pke bhs indo jgk" makasih udh di bls y :-) hmmm...

emg sich ampek sekarang gw bingung bayar lewat paypal gt tp klu mainin game apalagi dr org indo rasanya kyk nyesek gt klu gratisan bukan sok ato sombong tp mmg senang aj klu bs jd member gt "patreon" khususny dr kreator indo makasih infony thx :-)

sadly i am unable to play this game due to only having chrome browser as my web engine and it makes me sad to know i might never be able to play this due to that issue. i have  always dreamed of playing this game since seeing the youtuber Tiori play reksas route. it was what sparked my love for these games in the first place.

Hi, LynxFlare!
I'm glad to hear you enjoyed Reksa's playthrough from Tiori!
I'm not sure what you mean here though, I mean, Winged Ones doesn't need any particular web engine for you to play OuO; 

I mean, all you need to do is download it, extract it, and choose which version you want (Windows/Linux/MacOS). 

Maybe you can explain your difficulties to me further and I'll try to help? ><


Hi SweetChiel,

So I finished all three routes yesterday and I wanted to talk about it some more, I did not read other peoples comments, so I might say things that have already been discussed and addressed by you... No matter what I say going forward, it's important for me that you know that I liked the game.

1. Which guy did you like the most and why?

I'd have to say Reksa's route was the most interesting and fitting in the plot, where a girl suddenly has to unify/bring peace between two factions - it felt balanced that she was integrated with the Avians but actions/events lead her to empathize and understand the "enemy". That said, Mitra's route was fun, playing the whole "Romancing the Chief" with a gentle giant. Rama's route was a mix - it was a heavier subject (when compared to the other two), but it turned out good in the end (I kinda hoped when he was miraculously cured, that his wings would be too, it would've been like a majestic reborn ark or something).

2. Do you play a lot of otome/visual novels? What made you choose to play Nusantara?

I recently got into it - I used to play more offline single campaigns, preferably with choices that influence the story - this is a lighter version of that, I have been lazy lately, so just reading and choosing is fun right now.

As to why I chose it: Well, I was just browsing you know, opening a bunch that I wanted to try, but yours got my attention because of the setting/story, it stood out from the others, it felt more original (and personal) and not just the "generic-romantic-choose-your-guy" type of thing - I'm in this also for the story/plot and how the characters progress/develop and how they all link together and yours promised that and not just some bland dating story.

3. Which element of the game would you say was the best and which ones would you say need work? Consider story, art, characters, music etc.

Okay so I'll try to break it down as best as I can:

Best of the game: The story/plot, the world building (without being too much, just enough to complement the story), the side characters felt "alive", that is, they had their personalities and sometimes clashed with each other or with the MC and that's cool. I liked how you kept the insignificant, but present, characters like the villagers/warriors dark silhouettes only, but there anyway - the world felt a lot less empty in a very good way. I really liked that all three love interests each had a very different and robust story/personality. I also really liked some musics and CGs (Mitra's Wing Ceremony(?) is my favorite) and both complemented nicely at key moments - to me good music is also important in a game - it doesn't need to be all over the place nor too "high production", sometimes I don't even notice it's there because it's doing its job as complement to background, but other times I like it when it pops and it's catchy with the mood/events.

Things that need work: So, here I'll try to say things that are just my personal opinion, I have little to no idea on what it takes (the effort/work/sometimes money) to implement/execute, and am in no way trying to attack your work, forgive me if I sound disrespectful, it is not my intention:

a. The story itself: While I did enjoy the overall story, sometimes it clashed and made it seem like too much, too soon - that is, I imagine that to make something with a dimension like this, you have to think of the general picture and then break it into main events and since we have three romancing options, fragment it further to feel like three different stories. An issue I had was with the way Tamara shared her traumatic past more or less the same exact way with each guy - it only felt "appropriate" for us to know the full extent in Rama's route (in my opinion at least, in the others it felt more like a dump of information, especially in Mitra's route, right after such an happy scene), it would have been nice to give only hints or small disclosures in the others. Like, we only learn more about Reksa/Mitra/Rama if we spend time with them, it would have had more impact (and it would gradually add dept to Tamara's character, or see her in a different light, and to some details - like, conversations with side characters and the answers she gives or the way she chooses to act). It would've made sense to me to know more about Tamara's family in dept with Mitra's route and in Reksa's give full dept about her own father (it would've been cool to see Tamara and Reksa talk about their fathers throughout that route for example).

b. Another thing that I think I found an issue with was the way we know from the start that the Goddess is going to send us back AND that it'll be like only a minute had passed - I feel like that should've been hidden from the player until the end where we are given the choice to stay or go back, it would have created a bigger indecision for Tamara (or she could've been outright not told and return to find that not only had time not passed but also left wondering if everything had been a dream or something like that). Which leads me to another thing I had an issue with, linked to this: So we have this girl, her life has recently been turned upside down, for the worse, she then finds herself removed from that, and although she had to go through hardships, she always says she found herself a loving and accepting family and someone to love and who loves her back - my question is, in what universe would anyone drop all of that, just to, probably, get back at the people who hurt her in the past and be stuck in their world again? The final choice never made sense to me (and to be fair, I never explored them, because I felt like it was undoing all the progress she had made)...

4. Do you have any other questions, comments or constructive criticism?

I think this about covers my main impressions of the game - I really liked it, I see room for improvement and I'll be looking forward to your next game (take your time, don't feel pressured to give us anything, do things as you like)

Good luck!

Hi fakeshadyemi!
Thanks for sparing your time to write me this review!
I really enjoyed reading your comments and critiques, especially the last part, but let's start from number one!

1. First of all, congrats on finishing all three routes and thank you for giving all my boys a chance ^///^
You've grasped the essence of Reksa and Mitra--as for Rama... wow, you're the first person to suggest a reborn ark/plot! 
I did consider to do a 'make-over' for him when he was miraculously cured, but when I thought about it... hmm... how do I explain this... his scars are a part of him. While it might remind him of the past and put him in pain, it is something that cannot be erased/instantly disappear. He must overcome them and come out stronger than before ><

Still, thank you for the input! 

2. It was a gamble for me back then since I didn't know whether people will like my 'originality' or not x_x
I mean, I was trying to combine Indonesian culture + fantasy + anime, which is a strange combination. But the warm welcome I've received made me have no regrets :'D 

Thank you for giving my VN a chance and I'm glad to hear you had fun! *bows*

3. You noticed the NPCs! *happy dance*
Not many people mentioned them so I'm really happy you took notice of them ^///^ I wholeheartedly agree! While their role is not much, in my heart, they are still as important as the main characters. 

I also agree that good music is important! Sometimes, I spent a long time to find an alternative just because I thought this one music isn't fitting or being repetitive (used too much). 

Last but not least, yes! I do agree that Tamara could've been better at conveying/hinting her traumatic past. It was one of my dilemma--actually, still is. Back then, I didn't know how to tell her story without making it look like a filler or distracting the readers from the bachelors' + the main story. My priority back then was to tell the bachelors' story and the main story, so Tamara's story ended up being... neglected? I'm sorry Tamara Q_Q

"It would've made sense to me to know more about Tamara's family in depth with Mitra's route and in Reksa's give full depth about her own father (it would've been cool to see Tamara and Reksa talk about their fathers throughout that route for example."

Honestly, this hits me hard! If only you were there to make this suggestion back then, I would've definitely tried to implement it!
Alas, I've closed the book for Winged Ones and currently, I have my hands full with Bermuda... 

As for the issue with the Goddess and Her sending Tamara back...
Well, I think it's not easy to pick a new world over the world you grew up in? >< I mean, I get what you're saying. The new world is so beautiful with caring friends and even a lover. Why would I go back to that bleak world? To get back at my uncle? I'm afraid it's not as simple... Tamara grew up in that world, her parents' graves are there (I believe I mentioned this in the game? O_O;), and if she choose to abandon it, it will feel as if she will abandon her past and everything she is familiar with. 

Still, I get what you mean. I think it's my fault for not being able to convey Tamara's story in better words/way QuQ
Thank you for pointing this out! *bows*

I will carry this critiques in my heart and strive to be a better author! Let the Winged Ones stay in its original form, with its strengths, weaknesses, and I shall learn from it.

Again, thank you for dropping by and for telling me how I can become better^///^
Here's hoping to see you again in the future,


Hey, I just want to briefly reply to some things:

1. Nono I totally agree on the "Rama's past and his scars are his to bear and overcome" and his scars shouldn't magically disappear! I guess I just wanted spirit Ayu and Teal (I'm assuming they were the Servants that healed him) to do a Jackie-chan-chyropractice-move on his wings and get them working again so that I'd enjoy a wing wrap with Tamara in that bed or some safe-ish (xD) durian picking with the kids in the end - but I totally respect and agree with the way you handled it (this is just the fangirl in me fangirling)

2/3. Doing something for fun is always the right way to go about things (imo at least) - you nailed it, never lose that, and enjoy making Bermuda, because if you do, we will too!

Also, don't worry about Tamara's backstory (my full attention wasn't on her to begin with, if you know what I mean ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)) - everything you make is a learning experience and moving forward only gets you better and better



(3 edits)

Hi! I have a question! What was that piano song that was being played during Rama's scene (on his route) in the woodland in Month 5 Week 1, and also the scene with Rama during Month 4 Week 4? 

My answers for the review questions are:

Q. Which guy did you like most, and why?

A. Mitra. Hands down, Mitra's route was the cutest, and I loved seeing him playing with Dani, Ares and Puspa! Not gonna lie, his face on the main menu drew me in from the start! I really loved his character, and the fluffy, happy ending with him! I loved how Mitra seemed really tough and strong, but he was still human, and still had weaknesses. I totally agree with Tamara when she said that in her world girls would be throwing themselves at his feet. I can definitely envision Tamara and Mitra with their own happy family! In the end, he would definitely be my no.1 choice out of all of the bachelors. I know it's not that common, but I liked Rama's route almost as much! His character arc was absolutely perfect, and it kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time! I'll admit when I met Rama I was already on Mitra's route, but I really liked him, so I finished Mitra's route, then I tried and tried, and I was one of those lucky people who got Rama's good ending first time around! I understand why people are slightly creeped out about Rama, but, well, I couldn't help but feel really bad for him, especially since most VN characters with mental illnesses don't seem to get as much love as the others. I was really disappointed that Rama couldn't be saved on Mitra and Reksa's routes, especially Mitra's, since I would have loved to see him there on Mitra's route especially, to see their friendship grow again! Reksa was a bit too arrogant for me, because to be honest, I'm not that much of a fan of tsunderes, but I enjoyed his route too! It was really nice to see things not just from the Avians' perspective, but to see what was going on with the Komodos! And also, I know they aren't love interests, but I loved the sweet, funny banter between Asih and Yuda! I burst out laughing all the time, and there was even some heartwarming fluff between them!

Q. Do you play a lot of otome/visual novels? What made you choose to play Nusantara?

A. I haven't played many otome, but I always liked the idea of winged people, even as a child, so when I saw this game, it immediately caught my attention! I also really liked the GUI, and the visuals of this game! Overall, it was a very enjoyable experience! I liked the gallery feature too, especially since I love looking at the CGs from my favourite parts of the game! The encyclopaedia function was also useful, especially when I wanted to know about festivals and ceremonies shown and mentioned in the game!

Q.Which element of the game would you say was the best and which ones would you say need work? Consider story, art, characters, music etc.

I will admit, for most of Rama's route, I kept staring at his eyes, because his eyelashes seemed so thin compared to Mitra and Reksa, so they made his eyes even more unnerving, even when he smiled! The music was great, so was the story, the only problem I had was with Rama's eyelashes XD! I really liked how even the bad ends were really well written, and were truly heartbreaking. There was so much stuff happening at every given moment, that I never felt bored while playing. Loved this game heaps, not gonna lie!

Q.Do you have any other questions, comments or constructive criticism?

A. All in all, Nusantara is definitely my favourite VN so far. I loved everything about it! It was one of the first VNs I played, and even today, I still think it's the best! I have even played it over 6 times, and it still doesn't get old!

Thanks For Reading,

Kairi-chan xx


Hi Kairichan! Thans for dropping by! ^.^)/
For your question, the songs are all by Kevin Macleod: Heartbreaking and Touching Moments Three - DeeperI'm glad to see you love the songs enough to ask about them :'3

Congrats on finishing all three routes! It's always heartwarming to see people enjoying Winged Ones and loving it as much as I do if not more ^///^ Mitra is definitely a sweetheart and a family man to boot, so I can see why he's your first pick (Honestly, compared to the other two bachelors, I think he is the most mature~). I agree, you either love or get creeped out by Rama x'D I'm very glad to hear you like him though! Not many people have the patience to finish his route so a thumbs up for you, who is able to get his happy ending in one try! OuO)b
You might be one of the few people who likes Mitra & Rama--with Reksa being the least one, still, thank you for giving them all a chance!
Just from reading your comment, I can feel how much effort and love you poured into it so I can't help but to feel a bit flattered >///< 
Thank you so much for your support and I hope to see you again in the future! *bows*

*highfive!* I also love the idea of winged people and fantasy creatures--and because there are little to no VN/games featuring them, I decided to jump headfirst, creating this VN despite not knowing anything about programming x'D The effort is definitely worth it though and I can meet lots of people with the same interest like you! I'm a bit slow at making games, but here's hoping you'll check out my new projects in the future ;) I really look forward to hear your thoughts more often!

As for Rama's eyelashes... I admit, I didn't notice this until you mentioned it :'))
I hope it doesn't distract you too much x'D 

Once again, I'd like to thank you for the support and love! 
You don't know how happy I am to hear you like Winged Ones so much, that you played it like 6 times and still not getting bored with it--don't forget to rest and don't skip your meals though! I remember a few people who ended up playing Winged Ones until very late and while I'm happy, I don't want you to get sick :'3

Here's hoping to see you around in the future!



Thanks for the reply! 

Being someone who is currently trying to wrap their head around making VNs, I can appreciate the work you put into it!

I have just noticed Nusantara: Bermuda Triangle, and I love it already! I'm definitely gonna play it when the full version comes out (You can do it, BTW!!      \(^_^)/ ) 

Thanks for letting me know about the BGMs, they were great, and so I wanted to be able to listen to them again!

BTW, don't worry about Rama's eyelashes, I just tend to pick up really minor details XD

Thanks again for making this lovely VN >///<

Kairichan xxx


This game realllyyyy and i mean, reaaaaalllllyyyy stole itself some place in my heart.
The game is absolutely great!

I really like Mitra's route, he look like an awkward-adorable-also badass and absolutely my favorite! i play through his route 5 times now, probably, maybe more, i cant tell, OvO'

Reksa's route is just as good, but he need a little bit too much lying for me, but it's really great and well written! it's interesting to look at the komodo side of the story! not just the avians.

Rama is great character, though i really wish he could be saved in other routes as well, he reminds me of my brooding-also annoying cousin tbh TvT

the story is well made and i also love the arstyle! it has been a while since i found this kind of visual novel, i play through my fair share OuO,

i also love how you made the summary, also the title, like seriously, I feel like it just hook up like, a heck of a lot potential player JUST by the title, can't even consider the artwork in the poster! absolutely beautiful!

I also think that the background is well made! i love how you detail the trees, the light shining from the canopy, etc etc, cant really list them all here, but i appreciate the attention the detail! like- REALLY

Ahhh this is hard to express in words! what i can say is, 
Is that this absolutely wing it!

(no pun intended)

Hi, ArunikaPutri!
Thank you for sparing your time to write this review and I'm really sorry for this late reply--I sometimes missed the notification D:

I'm very happy to hear you enjoyed Winged Ones though! And you even played Mitra's route like 5 times! O_O Wow, I... I have no words! Thank you for loving him and for giving the others bachelors a chance, too! *offers a hug* 

I'm also flattered that you like my art >///< I still have rooms for improvements, like quality-control and such, but I'm very happy to hear you love it! I'll definitely do my best to improve and deliver better VNs to you >:D

Last but not least, congratulations on finishing all the routes and here's hoping I'll see you around in the future ^///^


I also found about your Nusantara:bermuda triangle a week ago, I really like it, and I hope I can go around playing it when it's finished!

As someone who have a friend that complains about coding visual novel and as a person who get around making interactive fiction, Your effort is really amazing! making it would be hard, I assume. My friend complain a lot :)

Wish the best for you in the future, chiel!


Hi again, ArunikaPutri!
I'm glad to hear you tried Bermuda and like it ^///^

Your friend is also coding a VN now? :o 
Whoa, thank you for being a great friend who listens to our woes and nightmares x'D 
Lol, our complaints are probably similar! I can definitely relate to that! It wasn't easy to study from scratch and when the difference between no space and with space results in an error, you'll find yourself with lots of gray hair... but in the end, our efforts will be all worth it! 

Good luck to your friend and thanks again for supporting me <3



Aaaahhhhhh   I really like this game 

I already tried every route, but I got bad ending in Rama's route 🤣 (I will try again)

My favorite route is still Reksa awwww   that gloomy personality of him ❤️❤️❤️ 

And the BGM I

t's beautiful ❤️❤️❤️

Semangat terus buat para team 

Thanks for giving my game a chance, Ruvel! 
I'm glad to hear you're enjoying yourself -^.^- crossing my fingers you get to unlock all endings <3

Terima kasih banyak~


(8 edits)

Hello! First of all, I want to say that I reeeeally appreciated this game! I think it is worth playing ^o^ I loved the overall story and the characters are so nice (love interests and side characters). It felt nice to have a strong and independent female lead (not a whining little damsel in distress). I enjoyed a lot the stubbornness of Tamara, it was both funny and cool. 

I highly recommend this game (it may seem "old " when looking at the pictures but it is shouldn't be a barrier to play this game!!).

1. Which guy did you like the most and why?

I enjoyed both Mitra and Reksa stories (a lot less Rama, he is fricking me out lol). Both have their qualities and defaults. But even though I think Reksa story is the funniest and the more adventurous, I prefered the cute-and-loving-bird that is Mitra (cute and badass, with a big heart <3). 

Tbh I found Reksa's possessive attitude funny, but it disturbed me a bit too xD. Thus, my heart fell for Mitra and not Reksa, but it was tight.

As for Rama, well... I felt empathy for him and understand his actions but he creeps me out too much xD However, his character is very well written and I felt really sad regarding how he evolves in the other routes... 

2. Do you play a lot of otome/visual novels? What made you choose to play Nusantara?

Yeees, I love otome games and visual novels, and I play a lot of them. I'm a demanding person because I hate the whining MC that are just damsels to be saved. Thus, I chose to play Nusantara when I saw the MC was described as an independent girl. I was not disappointed!

3. Which element of the game would you say was the best and which ones would you say need work? Consider story, art, characters, music etc.

The things that this game have in plus are, from my point of view :

1. The animations of the sprites: I loved that in combats, dialogues, actually in every part of the game, the characters' sprites were moving. Even when there was only one line the character was moving (either changing posture or facial expression). Sometimes, it was just a half-second before a new dialogue, and it felt so dynamic! 

It must be such work to do, I was so impressed and so satisfied! It gives a nice "real" aspect to the dialogues and the characters seem much more lively :D 

2. The clearness of the actions: when I played the game, I never wondered 'Is the MC thinking or saying this?'. Indeed, the difference between when a character talks (written "..." or, thinks ( written (...)) or a description is made (no "..." nor (...)), is so clear that following the action is simple. I liked that a lot. 

3. I appreciated discovering bits of Indonesian culture through the game. I'm a curious person and I enjoyed learning about different customs and habits of another population =) Moreover, it adds a sense of "reality" to the game.

4. The relations: the evolution of the relations between the MC and the love interest is soooo well written. It felt like a real relationship (first friends, then lovers). It is not just "oh gosh I have a crush on him at first sight" xD The relationships form and evolve naturally: by spending time together. It felt realistic and nice <3 

Regarding the points that need some work, I would say that the art seems off sometimes. The sprites of the characters seemed different: for example, Mitra sprites are more "finished" than the ones of Purba. I guess that some have been re-done at some point but not the others? It's just a detail that I noticed, it's not flagrant ;-)

Otherwise, I felt like the sprites were worked on a lot: all of the characters have a lot of expressions and different body positions (even fighting sprites for some!). And the backgrounds: OMG, there were beautiful! I think that the backgrounds are an underestimated part of a game: I mean that sometimes you just don't pay attention to them but they can highly immerse you in the game (or not if there are not done well). Thus, for me, the backgrounds and the sprites are a huge plus of this game!

4. Do you have any other questions, comments or constructive criticism? 

I just have a few constructive remarks:

I would have loved to be able to change the MC name. I feel like it would be more immersive ;) I don't know if there is a specific meaning to "Tamara"? Or is it just an arbitrary choice?

The second remark that I have is that the text box seemed too big to me. As I said, the backgrounds are beautiful but they were 1/3 covered by the text box. I think it would be better to have a thinner but longer text box, thus the backgrounds would be more visible ;) Such a waste otherwise!

Finally, I noted that sometimes the music just stopped after a few minutes. It felt strange to play without music all of the sudden xD I don't know if it is recurrent or just my old computer dysfunctioning? 

Just a question: I didn't get about whom was the dream that Tamara had (when she's running after someone that is tortured)... Could you enlight my lantern, please? 

I also want to point out that there are some scenes of "damsel in distress" but they did not feel strange or forced into the story. I mean: the MC is human thus less resistant than Avians and Komodos, so it felt normal to me that she is not able to fight on her own, or that she's asking for help in situations of danger.

My final note is that I really enjoyed playing this game. It was a nice discovery that I highly recommend :D Thank you for this game and I'm looking forward to your next ones!

(and sorry for the mistakes in my review, I'm actually a French speaker ^w^")

Hi, Flionne!
First of all, thank you for giving my game a chance and I'm sorry for this very late reply ><;
Sometimes, I missed a notification or two

1. Congrats on finishing all the routes! And I understand that Rama is not everyone's cup of tea, but hey! I'm glad to see you gave all the bachelors a try -^.^- cheers to Mitra though! 

2. Thank you! As a fellow otome game lover, I agree that the damsel in distress type can be annoying. I did my best with Tamara and boy, I'm glad to hear a lot of you loving her :'3

3. I really appreciate the detailed answer you've written for me QuQ You noticed the smallest things and I feel really flattered! Especially the movements of the sprites--yes, it was a lot of work and effort. I think the testing took a lot more time than the coding itself, but hearing you, I felt it was all worth it <3

And yes! The dialogue small differences matters. I still have a room for improvement, especially when it comes to whether to italic, bold, or color important texts (I sometimes got this mixed up, my quality control is still sub-par so thank goodness I have proofreaders!)

It was a risky move for me to include Indonesian Culture (I was afraid I won't do it justice), but I'm sure glad I did now -^.^- the warm welcome I received was astounding! You guys are awesome and I'm glad we can learn together about Indonesian Culture! 

As for the evolving relationships... phew, it was a relief to hear you like how they developed! I didn't know how many times I went back and forth editing and re-reading the scenes x'D

I also agree and some of my sprites/CGs need quality-control. I'm not the best at it QuQ some can be bad, some can be really good and I'm honestly frustrated at it. I'm doing my best to improve in this department!

4. Yup! The re-naming feature has been implemented to my 2nd project, Bermuda! ^.^ Lots of people have been asking for this, so there you go!

I also agree that the textbox can be better--I'm looking for some GUIs references, but personally, I'd like it if the textbox isn't long OuO; I mean, it might be just me, but reading shorter sentences can deliver better than longer texts. With more 'compact' box, you can easily see the sentence in its entirety with a glance and catch what I wanted to deliver better.

In any case, I've been planning to use bigger resolution later! Let's hope I can find a better solution by then!

The BGM should be played in a loop, but I might made a mistake so let me apologize for that ><;

As for Tamara's dream... *SPOILER ALERT*
It was Sari, she sent a 'vision' through dreams. Hoping for someone to save Rama. In the dream, Rama was suffering and was in the middle of attempting suicide (the loud CRACK was from the time he broke his wings after trying suicide through falling off a cliff). I hope this clears your confusion!

Overall, I'd like to thank you again for the attention and love you've poured into Winged Ones! <3
It's not every day I get to read such a long review and I'm very happy about it ^///^

Here's hoping you'll return once I finish making Bermuda <3



OMG THIS IS JUST UGHHH SO AWESOME, DO YOU HAVE A DISCORD??? I'm sorry I'm overreacting but still. If you make a discord for this game I would 100% enjoy to join. If you can or have the time please contact me on discord my user is Kipo#9407 personally if anyone wants to geek out with me because this game is dope plzzzzz msg me

(1 edit) (+1)

Hi, Kipo! Thanks for the love and congrats on finishing the game!
I've added you on discord but unfortunately, I don't have a server dedicated to Nusantara :'D
The reason being; I'm not familiar with discord so I don't understand how to open a server, how to separate the chats into 'rules', 'announcements', and such @@

But if you want to chat with me, feel free to hit me up! ;)
It might take some time for me to reply tho--ask around and you'll find me replying in days of even weeks if I'm busy x'D it also depends on our time difference~
Again, thanks for the support and I hope to see you around <3



hi why can't i give the pink crystal to rama


Hi, BeaBia! Rama's route is a tricky one so let me give you a hint~

1. When you found Reksa, you have to be honest 

2. You can't be affectionate to other bachelors. Rama is a jealous person ;)

3. Never lie and be patient.

With that said, if you still have some difficulty to get his good end, please take a look at this walkthrough ^.^


Lylat also made a walkthrough on steam:


I hope these helps!

Thank you very much! i got his ending finally


This story is enchanting, captivating and immersive in its storyline, characters art and character growth. 

Mitra's route was quite heartwarming, it was a sweet route.

Reksa's route in my opinion was adventurous, humorous and provided an interesting view of things from the komodo's side. I loved how he warmed up to the character. 

Rama's story was complicated and well written, I loved the depth of the character and the underlying reality behind his facade. 


In the end I grew fond of Reksa, the growth in trust, faith and love between them enamored me, especially the adorable courtship towards the end. 

I loved how you incorporated culture and the sprites, art, music and CG's were greatly appreciated and revered.

Thankyou for making my favorite visual novel!!

years later and I still love this game lol

D'aww, thank you, Sandpixie! >\\\<

    1. Which guy did you like the most and why? 
    I loved all of the love interests, but my favorite had to be Mitra. I'm usually more into the broody boys, but Mitra's developing crush, the precious interactions with the kids and the fact that everyone in town was trying to play matchmaker with Tamara and Mitra during the entire game was so cute to me!!! He was such a sweetheart, I just love him.
     2. Do you play a lot of otome/visual novels? What made you choose to play Nusantara?
    I do play a lot of otome/visual novels! It is one of my favorite game genres. I actually started playing Bermuda Triangle demo and realized that this game came first! I love the setting and the characters were very compelling. 
     3. Which element of the game would you say was the best and which ones would you say need work? Consider story, art, characters, music etc.
    I loved the art, especially the CGs and the backgrounds. They were really lovely. I also really enjoyed the side characters! They were well developed and I really cared about their storylines. I also loved the dialogue and of course, the main characters and their development. The music was good too! It added to the tension of the scenes but was never distracting or too loud. 
     4. Do you have any other questions, comments or constructive criticism?
    Questions: I was a bit confused about why the Komodos were eating Avians and why Tamara could understand the Avians but couldn't speak their language at the beginning. Also, although the chibis of Tamara doing various tasks were cute, I wasn't sure if they had implications in game- the sound made it seem like Tamara failed or was successful with a task, but I wasn't sure if there were stats connected to it? Also, was there something deeper going on with Purba? I understand that his dad was the previous chief and that motivated his actions, but he seemed to know something that the rest of the characters didn't. Am I reading too much into that? 
    Comments: I really, really wish there had been a way to save Rama in the other routes, ESPECIALLY Mitra's route! It made every other route a bit bittersweet, knowing that Rama would die no matter what I did. His story broke my heart, and I wish Tamara could have still helped Rama through his pain as a good friend while still romancing the other boys. 
    Overall, this was a great game. The characters and story lines were so memorable. You are really talented, and I can't wait for the next update if Bermuda Triangle!   

Hi, thatkraken! Congrats on finishing the game, thank you for taking the time to answer my questions, and leaving me this warm review! :'3

1. Oooh, this is awesome! Mitra's fans are increasing and I couldn't be more happier! *happydance
I'm very happy to hear you enjoyed your time with him ^///^ 

2. That's new O-O usually, people would play Winged Ones' first before noticing Bermuda but it's the other way around with you x'D I'm not complaining tho!

3. D'aww, thank you! >///< please excuse me while I look for a needle to deflate my big head--jokes aside, I'm really flattered and happy you like the overall game ^///^ I'll do my best to improve and reach your expectations!

4. okay, first, let me put up this *SPOILER ALERT* sign before I answer your question:

*SPOILER ALERT! Continue at your own volition!*








- For your first question, the Komodos are naturally carnivorous. Due to the war (them fighting for the Goddess' Blessing a.k.a the Blue Crystal), things escalated and the Komodos got exiled to the other side of the forest, where resources were less abundant. Usually, they won't resort to eating Avians due to hunger but the Purple Crystal plays a part in this. As you may already know, the Komodo Village is divided into two; one that supports Reksa and one that supports Purba. Purba distributes Purple Crystal amongst his followers and... yep, the effects are not pretty. They became more wild and unrestrained in their actions.

- As for why Tamara understands the Avians, it's partly because of the Goddess' help and partly because they're talking in Bahasa Indonesia. Her father is half-indonesian you see :3 it's like, you're watching something with subtitles. You understand them but you can't exactly speak that language.

- Nope, the chibi animations/working animations are just there for your entertainment~ it's not until Bermuda that I applied status points x'D

- As for Purba... I think you're probably reading too much into it :'3

- As for your last question... yes, I get that a lot! Lots of people want to save Rama in other routes, but sadly, his psychology wouldn't allow me OTL he was deeply hurt and without someone always there for him (literally) and accept him as a whole, he can't recover. In Rama's route, I think we can all agree and we need to be very patient with him. When he secludes himself/separates himself from the others, he needs someone to be there for him. Someone who is patient, who listens, who is be able to get past his rough exterior.

What I was trying to say is; compared to other bachelors, Rama needs Tamara the most. Without her, Rama's complex psychology didn't allow me to think about other way out--I hope you can forgive me m(_ _)m *bows

I hope I answered your questions and I hope to see you around!


1.) I would have originally said Mitra, but I think I ended up liking Reksa the most (though I still have a soft spot for him!)

2.) I've played them for years. I was originally following this game back on Lemmasoft while it was still being developed but I didn't get around to playing it in full until now.

3.) I would have liked to know more about the Goddess and Purba (such as his desire for power, and the reason he gives up so easily at the end. I was expecting him to react more differently when he was defeated during Reksa's good ending).

4.) I wish there was a way to help Rama even if you aren't currently on his route. As someone who deals with some of the issues he has, it's a little disheartening. I still really enjoyed the game, and am looking forward to seeing your future projects!

Hi, kunzite! Congrats on finishing the game and thank you for sparing some time to answer my questions! ^///^

1. Ahh, the exact opposites attracts you, huh? x'D I can understand that tho! While Reksa have a special spot in my heart for being the first character I made and inspired me to make the game, Mitra and Rama will always be my babies, too!

2. Omg, since the lemmasoft days? Thank you for giving my game a chance and I'm glad to hear you enjoyed it! >////<

3. I thought I already made Purba's motivation and story quite clear at Reksa's route but I guess you want more OuO; I can understand why tho! Purba has potential! I wish I have more time to develop him but I admit, I got a little impatient >< (I mean, at that time Winged Ones have been going for three years and I thought it's time to release it).

4. Thank you! Yes, a lot of people said they wish there's a way to help Rama in other routes, but somehow, when I think about it, Rama... is a bit... how do I say this--when he secluded himself/separated himself from the others, he needed someone to be there for him. Someone who was patient, who listened, who would be able to accept him to get past his rough exterior.

What I was trying to say is; compared to other bachelors, Rama needs Tamara the most :'D
Without her, Rama's complex psychology didn't allow me to think about other way out--I hope you can forgive me m(_ _)m *bows

Hope to see you around~


1. Reksa. I don't really know why, I guess I'm drawn to the broody ones. 

2. I do. Nusantara drew me in, I feel. The characters are very well written and its not often that I will absolutely binge play a new game just so I can see all the endings in two days. 

3. I absolutely love the story, the lore, the relationships the people have with each other. It's really enchanting. 

4. NO criticism from me, but I am curious whether or not you might make more games like this. I will definitely play, download and recommend to as many people as I can. 

Hi, unseeliesiren! Congrats for finishing the game and thank you for taking the time to answer my questions! \(-^.^-)/
1. Ikr? Somehow, I'm also always attracted to the gloomy/bad ones x'D 

2. Whoa, you finished in 2 days? O_O; I'm flattered but I hope you rest well! Don't sleep late like me, your body will thank you for it :'3

3. D'aww thank you! >////< *sends a virtual hug* I will do my best to keep it up and improve in many ways! 

4. Actually, I'm making my second game now! The title is Nusantara: Bermuda Triangle, it's not a sequel of Winged Ones, but it's set in the same universe and has the same Goddess. It's still in progress tho :'3

Once again, thank you for playing and for the love! I'll be here if you have anymore questions~
Hope to see you around,


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I played a time ago,but i really like the game,and i'll answer the questions now XD:

    1. Which guy did you like the most and why?
    R:Mitra,cause i he is calm,cute and a character who use to care a lot for other(and with the bonus that there's no bad ending or a big drama in his ending)
     2. Do you play a lot of otome/visual novels? What made you choose to play Nusantara?
    Yes,i like those games a lot.I got captivated by the art and the theme,i like fantasy themes a lot.(I play mxm,mxf,and even fxf if i find one XD)
    3. Which element of the game would you say was the best and which ones would you say need work? Consider story, art, characters, music etc.
    I liked everything,They story is really cool(The Rama is really Deep,and i cried a bit),character are well made and the music is we timed.
     4. Do you have any other questions, comments or constructive criticism? 
    Well,looking foward to play your next game,i don't have anything to complain and thank you

Hi, Omega! Thank you for playing and taking the time to write a review! 

1. Wow, Mitra doesn't get chosen often so I'm really glad to hear this news OuO)b
Yes, I agree that his route is the fluffiest amongst all three--I mean, no unnecessary drama, only sweetness <3

2. *high five*! Fantasy genre ftw! I'm also quite open to pairings, a few of my fave VNs are actually one that focuses heavily on mxm; Dramatical Murder and Lamento. I wonder if you've heard of them OuO

3. D'aww *offers a box of tissues* thank you! I can't ask for a better compliment >///<

4. Thank YOU for your continued support and for being so patient with me--I'll do my best to work hard and reach your expectations! ^///^

Hope to see you around,

SweetChiel <3

(1 edit)

Sooooo, after 3 days playing non-stop I can finally answer your questions ! 

    1. Which guy did you like the most and why? 
    My heart is between Mitra and Reksa. Mitra was the first I played so maybe I was biased but I really like bear-like character and I enjoyed him because he was the opposite of the MC : calm (or almost) and tender. Reksa was really nicely written and, yeah I confess, I liked his rough attitude. A bit too much but hey, I can't resist ... ^^'. I think both of them were what I like in a male character : complexe, calm and not too pushy with the MC.
    For Rama ... well it's not your fault but it rub a lot on my insecurities. I have anxiety and some depression crisis so a lot of things were too real to be nice to read. ^^' He was nicely written too and I think I can like him if I was not broken too. ^^
     2. Do you play a lot of otome/visual novels? What made you choose to play Nusantara? 
    I'm in a VN phase but I don't play a lot of otome. I don't have the time and most importantly, I want some peace when playing and it's challenging. I wanted to play Nusantara for two main reasons : the art was really nice (yes I checked your deviantart =p) and because it was set with Indonesian background. It's a nice thing because all the VN I played was ine Europe or USA-like. And the wolrd is not all about caucasian ! A lot of others cultures can be use to do VN and so we can embrace the difference ! (yes sorry I'm a little bit in fire on this subject x) )
     3. Which element of the game would you say was the best and which ones would you say need work? Consider story, art, characters, music etc. 
    The best ? Probably all the lore and the script. Seriously I want more like, can you please write a book ? XD 
    I really love the music, I confess that I run the game only to be on the Menu and listen the music. Soooo nice.
    I don't really know what you can improve because it was awsome ! Yeah really, it's so far the best otome I played !
     4. Do you have any other questions, comments or constructive criticism? 
    I saw that you loved making this game, it's so obvious. And so, I loved playing it. Right now I missed them a lot but in the same time I enjoyed learn bout them and the little trivia you had put in it. Really really, so far so good ! Thank you for your game =D

Hi, foliana! Thank you for sparing your time to write this wonderful review! ^///^

1. Ah, opposites attract, eh? x'D
This is new! People usually only like one of them so this is a pleasant surprise <3 thank you for loving my boys and for giving all of them a chance!

As for Rama... I... I'm sorry if his story hurt you Q_Q I feel a bit happy at 'a lot of things were too real to be nice'--I mean, I did a good job, right? But if it hurts you/makes you uncomfortable, I'm really sorry! QAQ

2. 'I want some peace when playing and it's challenging'--my dear, I feel you on a personal level! It's so hard to get some nice, quiet evening these days. My neighbour is renovating her house and oh man, I'd be lucky if I can get an hour without hammer knocking or something getting chopped QuQ

I'm very glad to hear you like my art and the Indonesian culture tho >///<

3. D'aww thank you! *huggs
You've just given me the best compliment I could ever ask! I'll do my best to improve and meet your expectations -^.^-

4. Actually, thank YOU for the warm support and for being so patient with me! I mean it when I said I'm lucky to have such understanding supporters guarding my back ^///^ I'm also happy to hear the you enjoy the trivia! If you have any questions for the bachelors, please, don't hesitate and type away!

Hope to see you around,

SweetChiel <3

I woke up this morning with a urge to redo Reksa's route. When I launched the game, I thought "Why not Mitra too, since I'm here ...". 

I wanted to say to you that your game was really striking, I think about it sometimes. But also ... you inspire me to write my own novel about winged people. And I wanted to say once again : thank you for your amazing game, your amazing writing ... you are amazing, thank you so much !

Aww, you're welcome, foliana! <3
Thank you for being such a warm supporter and for being here ^///^ 
You say I'm amazing? For me, you're the one who is amazing! I mean, I'm still here and working on my 2nd project because you and the others gave me the courage to!

*cough* getting embarassed
In any case, I'm glad to hear my work inspires you and I'm crossing my fingers for your novel! We can do it! Let's work hard together!


I wanted to let you know that you've inspired so much that I've finished my novel about Winged People. My MC is a Mitra-style, but more grumpy. The bear-style is the best !
Be assured that IF (yeah if ...) I publish it, I will credit you for my  main source of inspiration. When it will be totally finished (correction and so), I wish I can send it to you, even if it's in french. You're so inspiring !

OMG, congrats, foliana! I'm so excited for you! >///<
It is truly an honor to be your inspiration <3
I'd love to read it--do you have any plans to publish it in english? If it's in french... maybe I can use google translate? x'D

I'll just leave my email here, just in case~

eehhh??? do we need to play as a female? why cant we play as a male too???


Hi, Leon_Skylark! Unfortunately, you can't change/select a gender for the MC in my otome games :'D 

Personally, the genre that I'm focusing is straight romance with female centered. I do not give the option to choose a gender because romance stories between FxM and MxM usually have different 'plot'/'depth'. They have different concerns and it may result in more programming/branching endings/CGs that I'd prefer. 

I mean, I'm already a slow programmer. I don't think I have the energy to add a gender option with all the add ons 😂

Thank you for your understanding!



Is the "nusantara" name from the country indonesia? If not, I was just asking. tbh good looking game (haven't played it yet, but i'm going to :>)

Hi, 3rr0rM1dn1ght!
Yes, 'Nusantara' means Archipelago! It's a popular Indonesian word--or at least I think so x'D  

Thank you for the compliment and for giving my game a chance :'3
I hope you're having a good time!


(1 edit)

Adding to this every time I finish a route/finish a day of playing.

routes finished: Mitra

Routes to finish: Rama and Reksa

1. Which guy did you like the most and why?

After playing Mitra's route, I've made the decision that I absolutely adore him and I can't wait to see if my opinion changes or not as I finish each route. He seems so sweet and like a gentle giant. I enjoyed the bonding time he and the main character had and he definitely made me smile 90% of the time he was on screen.

2. Do you play a lot of otome/visual novels? What made you choose to play Nusantara?

I play a LOT of VN's and otome games, its a hobby of mine. I found this game through your currently developing Bermuda Triangle game actually, and it captured my attention a lot, I've always loved a good otome game with a great plot and a fantasy theme.

3. Which element of the game would you say was the best and which ones would you say need work? Consider story, art, characters, music etc.

Hmmmm, I'd have to say my favorite part of the game was the characters, closely followed by the storyline. I'd have loved to have seen a bit more character development behind the antagonist, he mentioned he wanted to right a wrong and I was curious as to what he considered that to be? That the Komodo tribe wasn't in control of the island and the blessing? Or was it something else? I'd have loved to seen where that could've gone but the game was still absolutely captivating!

4. Do you have any other questions, comments or constructive criticism?

My only question is above and I'd like to say again, I absolutely love this game and I can definitely see myself playing it over and over on a rainy day. Its amazing and I can't wait to see where the other two routes take me and how my views on the characters change!

(1 edit)

Hi, FinchTheBinch!
I'm so sorry for the late reply! I read your comment a long time ago but I was out of the house back then, I intended to reply as soon as I get back but I forgot D:

1. I'm very glad to hear you enjoyed Mitra's route! He really is a gentle giant and he is one of the first characters I designed so he has a special place in my heart :'3

2. D'aww thank you for giving my game a chance! *huggs
Fantasy is also my fave genre and this is my first VN, so when I heard you had a good time and liking the story, I couldn't be happier ^///^ 

3. Thank you! Don't worry, you'll get to know more about the Komodo Tribe when you're in Reksa's route! This is why I recommend playing his route for last <3

4. I look forward to hear your thoughts to the other two routes! But take your time, I hope you can enjoy yourself thoroughly~




That's quite alright haha! I've hardly had any time to play since I've been very busy :'D but I have an update now!

I'm currently playing Rama's route and although Mitra is still my current favourite, I love Rama's character from what I've seen so far! I'm currently on Month 3, Week 2 and he's made me laugh quite a few times. His character has a slight air of mystery about him that only grows the more I play and I'm enjoying the steady build of character from him a lot, he's not who he seems at first and that's really playing to my curious nature hehe. I'm planning on playing more today since its a bank holiday tomorrow so I have more time and I really look forward to seeing how his route progresses!

(1 edit)

Preliminary Review (?)

Hello, lol. I have yet to play through everyone's route because I love Mitra's route too much (lol), but I'll update this once I have. I really enjoyed how tough and cool he was, that was very fun to see, in addition to the really beautiful CGs and menu, SweetChiel! I really liked the music and prologue too, it feels so natural and Tamara as a lead felt very real! 

I didn't know much of Indonesian culture, so it was very fun to be exposed to something completely different from those visual novels based on Japanese culture and so on. 

Mitra is officially one of my favorite characters, he's so nice. I'll update this once I finish everyone else's routes!


Sorry I've been gone, lol, life has been really wild. I'll be going back through Mitra's route and then through Reksa and Rama. The quality of Nusantara is so timeless, lol.


Hi, wagamama keimochi!
Don't worry and take your time x'D

I also didn't expect to get such warm welcome--I mean, there's not much VN with Indonesian culture out there but I'm glad I took the risk! Also, thank you for giving my game a chance ^///^

I hope you're having a great time but don't forget to rest! Take care~



I will always be in love with this VN, phenomally made

Thank you, chocoholic.keyah! >////<
*offers a plate of cookies and hugs*

Hi, I am a little unsure of how to download and open this file. I have a MacBook but I am unable to get Winrar. I downloaded The Unarchiver but it too did not work. Is there anyway I can play this? I really want to as it looks like a fantastic game.

Hi, Popfizz731!
Aah, I'm sorry to hear about your difficulties ><; I'm not that familiar with MacBook and I've used Winrar for a long time (practically the only software I know which can be used to compress files), so...

Can I suggest you borrow your friend's laptop maybe? I think you can only open winrar with Windows. After that, you can copy the content to your USB/HDD. I'm afraid that's all I can think of x_x;

Aw thank you so much for your response! I still struggled a bit but it may just be my macbook. I know that I would be able to download it on my home windows computer but I know I use my macbook for almost everything and my whole family uses the windows computer. I'm sure its just user error; I'm not the best with electronics >-<. Thank you again for your help, I may just download this and play on my family computer.

I was replaying this today and I loved it! I always come back to play this game like every six months for some reason. I was curious though when I played Reksa's route. Tamara mentioned him possibly being younger than us, how old are we and the love interests if i may ask?


Hi, Txara!
I'm really sorry for the late reply Q^Q I somehow missed the notification and only noticed it today!

Nevertheless, I'm always happy to hear people are still replaying Winged Ones and loving it >////<

To answer your question; Tamara is 19 yo, Reksa and Rama are 20 yo, while Mitra is 22 yo -^.^-

(1 edit) (+1)


I've always been fascinated by the concept of winged humans, so this novel was moderately interesting. However, those who want to try this novel out should be aware that there is, if I assumed right, a character that does technically commit suicide at some point (Rama). When this happened it left a grim impression through out the rest of the story, at least for me it did. Similarly, there are not so many options, which is fine by me and just depends on the gusto of the reader. All in all, it was a very interesting game and it exposes the player to a bit of Indonesian culture, which I appreciated!


Hi, Silver Empress!
Thanks for dropping by and for warning the others before playing Winged Ones ^.^
(don't forget to put #SPOILER tag though, some might not want be spoiled ><)

I did put up warnings in bold on the game page: Swearing, Blood, Death, Flashing Lights, Mentions of Suicide and Depression.
But yes, if the player doesn't enter Rama's route, something terrible will happen Q_Q he is my first most complicated character I've ever created and I did so in order to increase the awareness for people who has depression and suicidal thoughts.

So... if you persisted and finished all 3 routes, congratulations!
I hope you had a great time and I know it's not perfect but I'll do my best to improve every day as an author! >:D


Yes, sorry for not placing the tag earlier. I had seen the "suicide" mention warning, but I did not expect for it to fully happen since it's not something that has occurred in previous VNs I have played @>@. I apologize if I sounded somewhat hostile by the way ಠ_ಠ . But I do want to thank you for including such a well developed character and appreciate the time and effort you put in this story. I enjoyed all routes and hope to see more work from you soon. Good wishes!   ʕ-ᴥ-ʔ


I undestand, many are also surprised/shocked that Rama turned that way ><; and don't worry! You don't sound hostile at all, I just hope I cleared any misunderstanding(?) that we may have ~ I always appreciate honesty--you can also be blunt/point out any loopholes/grammar mistakes like my proofreaders did and I'll gladly accept them with open arms! (My proofreaders are turning me into a masochist ROFL it hurts but I'll grow that way they said x"D)

Thank you again and I hope to see you around!



(1 edit) (+3)

I've played the OG version of the game a couple times, as well as the new version. It's one of my absolute favorites, so I'm sliding in here to leave a comment for you!

    1. Which guy did you like the most and why? 
    Definitely Reksa. I'm a sucker for edgy boys, for one, but also liked the progression of stranger-to-ally-to-love. Made the bond between MC and Reksa feel real. That being said, Rama was also excellent in terms of trauma and recovery. The MC being patient with him, I think, was well done.
    2. Do you play a lot of otome/visual novels? What made you choose to play Nusantara? 
    Yes, I play tons of otome games. I chose Nusanatara because I enjoy fantasy elements, and this seemed to fit the bill for sure. I definitely was new to Indonesian culture, so seeing those elements was a welcome surprise as well.
    3. Which element of the game would you say was the best and which ones would you say need work? Consider story, art, characters, music etc. 
    I think the best aspect of the game was how realistically the MC bonded with each love interest. The slow-ish accumulation of language and cultural elements, the fact that most of the time there was a natural relationship progression.. both of those things made for a better romance game, in my opinion. Also, while not the longest or most gameplay-complex otome game out there, I think there's a place for ones that focus in on story with very little to distract from it. If you wanted to add more complexity to the gameplay (such as elements that would sort of "change the MC's personality" via certain actions, choices, or character creation options), that could be a good addition.
    4. Do you have any other questions, comments or constructive criticism? 
    Definitely loved the Indonesian cultural elements. If, in a future endeavor, you continued to delve into your native culture, please expand upon that so those of us unfamiliar with it can learn more! I'm really glad in the new version you added an encyclopedia/codex!

Thank you so much for making this game! I'm planning on making my own game, myself, and Nusantara is one of the games that encouraged me to give it a try! :)

Hi, TaroTarot!
Thank you for playing and dropping by! I'm so touched to hear you played Winged Ones over and over again QuQ

1. Reksa, my boy. I'm so proud of you! Also, thank you for being patient with Rama ^.^-
Not many people likes his route--I understand why, but still--thank you for giving him a chance and I'm glad to hear you think his route is well done!

2. I also enjoy fantasy elements~ I guess we're in the same boat :'3
The Indonesian element was a wild card I hesitated to play, but I glad I did! The warm welcome still surprises me until now ><

3. Yes, I try my best to let relationships develop as naturally as possible--but while this should count as one of my 'strengths', it's also a weakness because I always ended up putting too much time in polishing/programming :'D 
Hence, the slow progress I made with my 2nd project OTL
I'll do my best to improve! 

4. Definitely! In addition to Indonesian Culture, I also started to dip my fingers into Medieval Western Culture for the sake of my 2nd project -^.^)/ it's a slow process and as I try to expand my world, I might make some mistakes--but if you don't mind, let's learn together!

Thanks again for dropping by and I'm so glad to hear my work inspired you!
Good luck, take your time, and I hope to hear from you again~


(1 edit)

I haven't played the games.. But i'm planning to finish the game soon.
Btw, I'm from Indonesia, and I'm learning how to make VN at the moment, seeing someone/creator from the same country triggers me to do my best, your works inspire me ^^

(1 edit)

Hi, shytomato!
No worries, take your time and you can tell me your thoughts once you're finished -^.^-

Good luck  with your VN! I hope your study is doing well and thank you! I'm flattered to hear my work inspired you >///<


(1 edit) (+1)
  1. I like Mitra the most. I love giant soft boi who is good children lmao. I kinda like Rama too tho, kinda can relate to him. And Reksa is lowkey remind me of that one vine that goes “is that a mini dinasour?” “you dumb bish thats a komodo dragon” lmaooo sorry
  2. I played a lot of otome game ngl (I’m lonely af). I’m actually Indonesian tho, when I saw this game title, I know I had to download this. And the cover is hella pretty.
  3. Love the plot, the art, and the music. But the sound is little bit too loud in my opinion :/
  4. No, not really. I love this game sm ♡ (lmao my english is a mess sorry)

Hi, Kay! Congrats on finishing all the routes!
Thanks for dropping by and taking the time to write me a review! ^.^ 

1. D'aww I'm glad to hear that! Same here, I also have a soft spot for men who are good with kids >///< 
Thank you for loving the boys and lol, I had to check 'is that a mini dinasour' vine to know what you mean and... lol, let's just say I'm amused x'D

2. Thank you! I used to play a lot of otome games too, but now, I read lots of novel/translations online because I don't have time to play ;u;
And hi, to fellow Indonesian! I feel you kak, sy kerja d rmh + mls keluar jdny klo lg gk kerja biasany baca novel/komik *lonely too, but as an introverted person, going out is like... eh x-x

3. I see, thank you for pointing that out! I'll try my best to adjust the sound ><; I know I have some problem with that, because the sound/BGM volume varies depending whether you use headphone or speaker QuQ 

4. You're welcome and thank YOU for giving my game a chance >///< your english is fine~ don't worry too much about it--we're both learning, my grammar is not the best/proffesor-level either. My proofreaders can attest to it x'D

Thanks ^^ Rama’s route is hella hard. And sorry I just noticed that you replied to my review >< I’m kinda shy to check it tho

  1. IKR and sometimes some of my friends find it weird that I liked soft guy that have soft spot for a child. Lmao I’m sorry I watched too many vines lmao. Anyway I told my friend about this game and she’s been simping over Reksa now lol.

  2. No problem! Ah please jangan panggil aku kak T-T aku masih SMA. Yea apalagi lagi quarantine ya kan u-u. Kalo ga negerjain tugas ya gatau mau ngapain. Omg yeah as an introvert person I found going out is a bother tho ngl.

  3. Ah okay! I used speaker tho.

  4. Don’t mention it! I really enjoyed playing this game ^^. Anyway, semangat kak!ᕙ(`▿´)ᕗ

No problem at all! You don't have to feel obligated to reply to me, Kay x'D
1. lol, I understand your love to vines. There's this one vines about Mystic Messenger that always makes me laugh and I always come back to it when I need some cheering up! 
Tell your friend I say thank you for playing and for loving my boy, Reksa! I give them my blessings~

2. Aah, iya bener, skrg lg bnyk #stayhome #quarantine *kykny otomatis mls ngapa"in yah 
 _(:3 」∠ )_ untungny sbg introvert kita gk knp" gk kluar jg x'D

Let's keep working hard together!
semangat belajarny~ nanti klo km ud kuliah/kerja pusingny beda lg~

(1 edit)

1. Which guy did you like the most and why?

Personally, I liked Rama the best out of all of them. Pretty boy with a tragic past? Sign me the heck up. Seriously though, I liked how complex he was and how we genuinely had to work to get him to open up to us. He's a complicated character. I tend to enjoy complicated characters because they feel more... real (?) to me. They feel more nuanced, more in-depth. There's just something about his character that I really, really like.He was definitely my favourite by a large margin. His design was really nice, and it was my second favourite character design in the game.

Second, I would probably say Reksa. Again, another character we had to work for. We had to work to gain his trust, and that is always something I appreciate. I also do sometimes like a good old 'forbidden' love story. His character design was probably my favourite though.

Finally, there's Mitra. That isn't to say he's a bad character at all - he's just not necessarily my favourite. I did like him and it was kind of nice to find that he has no Bad End so I didn't have to worry too much about messing things up. Though Mitra's character design is very pretty and I like it a lot, I personally just preferred the designs of the other two.

2. Do you play a lot of otome/visual novels? What made you choose to play Nusantara?

A few years back, yeah, I played a lot of otome games and visual novels. Recently, though, I've not payed that many besides a few of the mobile ones (Obey Me, Mystic Messenger etc.). Entirely on a whim, I felt like playing one so I decided to see what was out there that I hadn't come across before, and then I saw the art for this game. That was what drew my eye at first. The cover art is very pretty. Then I realised it was a fantasy setting and I was immediately ready to play. I absolutely adore anything fantasy related.

3. Which element of the game would you say was the best and which ones would you say need work? Consider story, art, characters, music etc.

First of all, I just want to say this game is an absolute delight. I love, love, loved playing it. Thank you for blessing us with such a wonderful game.

The characters, I felt, are all incredibly solid. They were not only likeable but felt genuine. The Love Interests were all very interesting. I appreciate they all had some sort of depth to them. Whether that be Rama's incredibly painful past being the cause for him pushing people away, Reksa's struggles to trust people having good intentions, or Mitra not only being the incredibly sweet gentleman but also able to take charge and command as the leader he is. As I mentioned when talking about Rama, I do really love characters that are a little bit more on the complicated side. It gives their motivations, beliefs, actions etc. more meaning. So, I did like that none of the Love Interest's felt like they didn't have any depth. As much as I'm obviously here for the Love Interests, I also found myself becoming incredibly attached to the side characters (especially Asih and the triplets). It's always really nice when otome games have side characters that compliment the story and I actually enjoy seeing on screen. It made it more worrying for me whenever anything bad happened to the characters.Like with the Granny Sukma situation, for example, I was genuinely as concerned and frustrated as Tamara in that moment. You did a very good job of creating a cast of characters that not only felt realistic but very likeable, and watching their interactions made me very happy. Also, your humour is so good. The characters mad me laughing silly at some points.

The art is so, so pretty. Honestly, that was the first thing to draw me to Nusantara and then it continued to be brilliant. The character designs were all very interesting, the backgrounds were very pretty, and overall the game is just very aesthetically pleasing. Something I want to point out that I found both amusing and endearing is the difference in blushing for Tamra and the Love Interest's. The boys get a soft, subtle blush (which is absolutely adorable, anytime it happened my heart went all squishy xD) whereas Tamara's whole face just instantly flames up. Like, I'm sorry, girl, but there is no way you are hiding that from them. You think looking away is going to stop them from seeing your fire-red cheeks? Lmao, think again, sweetie. It was super sweet.

Speaking of super sweet, I also want to mention the little animations between days were very nice additions. I especially liked how in the early weeks Tamara makes mistakes such as dropping the egg but as time goes on she doesn't make them anymore. That's a very nice, subtle touch to show the passage of time and how Tamara is learning. It shows how she's slowly starting to truly integrate into this tribal life, which I just found very neat. Also, the animation of her and Reksa when they first meet? It had me giggling like mad. It was very cute.

In terms of sound, I would say that the sound effects were pretty good while some of the music was a little bit too generic. That's probably due to having to use royalty free music so it's understandable. It definitely wasn't an issue. It didn't detract from how much I enjoyed the game at all. I just thought I should mention it.

Finally, speaking of story, it was very interesting. I really enjoyed the story line and all the possible routes. Oh! I also liked the fact that you wove Indonesian culture into the story because it meant I was able to learn as well as play.
4. Do you have any other questions, comments or constructive criticism?

For my first otome/visual novel in a long while, it has set the bar rather high for others that I play because it was wonderfully done. You created such a wonderful game which I had a lot of fun playing. Thank you again for taking the time to craft such a lovely story.


Hi, Hatchyc! Thanks for coming and telling me your thoughts! ^.^
I'm really glad to see people are still coming to give me a review >///<

First of all, congrats on finishing all the routes! Now then, without further ado, here we go!

1. Rama? Rama! Finally! It's been a while since someone said they loved Rama the most, so forgive me for the big reaction x'D

I try my best to make my characters feel real, that's why I'm slow at programming ^^; the script often changed greatly to better suit them and I fuss a lot about the story pacing, so... *cough*
Oops, better stop there before I began to ramble! ><

I agree! I also like Reksa's design the most. He's one of the earliest characters I designed so maybe I have developed some bias towards him? But yup, all my children are beautiful~

2. Me too! I haven't played otome games these days. Now, I spent most of my time reading chinese/korean novels or even manga/manhwa. I still go back to old otomes though :3 like... The House in Fata Morgana or Dandelion: Wishes Brought to You. Ah, good days!

I'm really happy to hear you like my art >///< I still have rooms for improvements and I'll definitely do my best to level up! >:)

I also have a soft spot for Fantasy stories, so I think we're on the same boat x'D
Do you have a favorite movie/book? My all time favorite is still Harry Potter series and Narnia~

3. My... oh my...!
You're spoiling me with four paragraphs of praise! >///< Aaaah! *proceeds to cover my face, which is currently grinning like a horse*
I... don't know what to say. Um, I have to give some credits to my awesome proofreaders though! They worked hard editing and polishing the script for me! Especially when there's a loophole/strange timelines popping up here and there.

I'm glad to hear you like my sense of humor though! x'D 
Sometimes it worked, sometimes it doesn't lol. But I'm always happy to bring joy to my readers--imagining them smiling makes me smile too lol, does that make sense?

And yes! The chibi animations contributes greatly to managing the story pacing, which is why I'm keeping them at 'Nusantara: Bermuda Triangle'~ In the beginning, I didn't plan to make so much chibis, but they worked so well, I just have to make more lol

I understand about the generic BGM >< I also noticed that many gamedevs used the same source as me. It's kinda amusing but it can't be helped since there are not much website offering royalty music. Thank you for your considerate words and for pointing this out to me! ^.^~

4. D'aww... you're welcome! Actually, I'm the lucky one because I have many supporters despite my slow progress at writing/programming @@ 
They're the reason I can keep going and now, you're added to my list of 'dearest supporters', which I will keep close to my heart ^.^~ 


Well! Thanks again for coming and I hope to see you around!


Hi :)

1. Yeah, I can understand why he's not everyone's favourite but I definitely loved him. He just takes a little bit to open up.

You did a wonderful job at making them feel real! I can understand though how that can cause delays. Even if it takes longer, it makes the end result more worth it :)

2. I've been re-reading the Fruits Basket and InuYasha mangas. I've not read any new manga or manhwa recently though. I've also not visited any old otome games. I was mostly looking for new otome games but I might do that, thanks for reminding me. I also quite like Harry Potter and Narnia (honestly, Narnia is one of my all time favourite series ever as well!) . In terms of books, I also really like the Inkheart trilogy by Cornelia Funke and the Keys to the Kingdom series by Garth Nix though.

3/4. You and your proofreaders absolutely deserve all of the praise :)

I definitely plan to keep my eye out for when Nusantara Bermuda is released. I'm excited for that and any of your other future works. And the chibis are some of my favourite things. They're just so adorable, and a really nice yet subtle way to keep track of pacing. I'm happy to hear you decided to keep them for Bermuda.  It's nice that you have supporters like that; obviously they know that no matter how long it takes the end product is more than worth it :)

1. You flatter me >///< thank you for being so patient and supportive! 

2. InuYasha? Did I hear InuYasha?
Gosh! Sesshomaru is my first crush! x'D my mother also read it with me sometimes and I keep the anime close to my heart--some episodes are hilarious! Especially that one where Kagome is having a school festival and she tried so hard to keep it together rofl

I haven't seen Fruits Basket though I saw the post that it's getting a polished anime episodes, right? o.o I'll keep my eyes on it and watch it when I have the time~

I watched the movie Inkheart but I didn't know it also have a novel! :o 
Haven't heard about the Keys to the Kingdom--thank you for the recommendation!
I see we share the same likings~ so happy! x'D

3/4. I'll keep working hard to meet your expectations! ^///^

My personal fav was actually Reksa, though I have a serious weakness for how bashful and shy Mitra can be :

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