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Yes, richpaul! OuO)/

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Hmm, so... which character caught your attention?

Guntur is bae, love him already! Always the bad boys catch my heart, dunno. Arya and Kah'lil are pretty charming and adorable too like uggghhh ~ (Yes, just called that cussing machine of a man Arya adorable lol pls don't kill me with a mug) but Guntur is definitely my favorite so far! Heck, those abs sis. I love his character sooo much. Can't wait to capture this fugitive's heart soon. I wonder how it will happen though. How the story will unfold between him and the MC. As always, I am highly impressed! Became a fan the moment I played your first masterpiece, the 'Winged Ones'. You set a very high expectations to me now that IT IS REALLY HARD to find VN's nearly as good as your works. I can't enjoy them as much anymore. (Hey, that's a good thing, I mean well, ily) As much as the anticipation is killing me, we want you to stay healthy so make sure you still able to eat properly! Ne, work hard! :) Going to subscribe to your Patreon bc why not? You deserve it. Love from Korea <3

Aww, thank you, I'mYourSenpai! Glad to hear you played the demo and that you love it! >\\\< you gave me such high praises--I better watch out or my head will bloat x'D

And yes, Guntur and Arya is very close in the popularity vote! Somehow, I'm not surprised? We're always attracted to those with bad boys vibe lol. If you like his abs, you're in for a treat ;) 

Bermuda is going to be twice as long if not more than Winged Ones though. Later, when it's complete, I suggest you don't try to finish in oday or one night, lest you lost sleep or late for work the next day x'D

Last but not least, thank you very much for supporting me by subscribing to my patreon! -^.^)/ I'll definitely do my best to reach your expectations! *hugs 



I'm so excited that you are up to programming now and you were able to redo the demo.  Is the beta for the game up? I would love to beta test it. 

I cant wait I loved ur previous game and I am really looking forward to this one.

Hi, sunkissie!
Thanks for playing my previous game & for patiently waiting for Bermuda! 

Beta for the game is only up for my proofreaders and patrons on my patreon for now >< it's kinda like their special rights *cough*


Omg really? Squeee I'm so excited.  Im so gonna do patreon then. Will I get access right away?

Not now x'D 
I have only finished writing the script for all the bachelors routes so I haven't had any programming done yet except for demo + the minigames.

It will take quite a while until I finish programming for beta testing (considering I still have to draw CGs, figthing pose sprites, & a small number of backgrounds). Of course, if you subscribe to my patreon to help me pay the monthly bills from now on, I'll be very grateful ><

Wow thats a lot, I'm glad you have finished writing the story though.  Thank you for putting so much effort into the game I look forward to when beta is ready.  Btw I subscribed.  my same is different on my patreon though :)

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Hi, servare!
Thanks for coming by!

Yes, some of the character sprites may look blurry due to compressing, especially if zoomed in >< I compressed them to minimize the game's size, so my suggestion would be to play the game in window mode ^.^

I hope this helps!


Deleted 105 days ago
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WOW! I'm looking forward to your progress, you can do it SweetChiel!

We're rooting for you! XD

Thanks, NeruOrdisi! I'll definitely do my best! >:"D

Excuse me, but will the game be released this year or next year? :) I hope to see the game as quick as possible, but at the same time I want you to take your time so it'll be detailed and marvelous! Thank you!


Hi, Steph :)! Thanks for asking!
I'm doing my best and hoping to get Bermuda released sometime at winter this year >< The scriptwriting is a monster, but I assure you, the programming and CG making will go much faster! 

...But like every game developer, I'm horrendous at estimating the release date Q_Q But what I can promise you is that I'm a perfectionist by heart and when the game is released, it will be worth it! 

Hope to see you around,


Well, I finished this demo in one sitting in the middle of the night, I was thinking all the time that I needed to go to sleep but I couldn't stop playing until I was done:) First I have to say that everything from the characters to the environments were so well done, although that was perhaps no surprise since I loved the Winged Ones. I loved Maya from the start, like Tamara she is a breath of fresh air from the naive and bland female mcs that are so common. And lets just say that when the description said she was skilled at dancing that was not what I was expecting xD

I also loved the fairytale/Disney references that were all over the place and the nods to the Winged Ones. When it comes to the characters I actually changed my mind on them throughout the demo, Kha'lil went from like to love, he was just adorable and easy going, a character you can't dislike really. Guntur was interesting, especially seeing how scared Maya was of him despite him seeming to be a really sweet and dependable guy under that gruff exterior :D Arya I changed my mind the most on, at first I didn't quite like him, he was a bit to abrasive and sweary imo, but when they met again to go to the Forgotten Islands he grew on me, he is just hilarious once you get used to his swearing, plus a character with an actual disability that isn't rendered useless/gets healed instantly was great. So once again all enjoyable characters, as for a favourite though I don't know, I change my mind as soon as I pick one xD

When it comes to the gameplay itself I have no complaints, I like the way you can move on the map, the descriptions and the icons/chibi animations when you do things were just adorable. I love learning more of cultures and languages so the inclusion of Indonesian phrases and the ability to check what they mean was also appreciated. The grammar were improved, I don't recall noticing that many mistakes, and the writing itself was great, it drew you in and the humor again was spot on.

Well this became rather long again but in conclusion, a great demo and a game I'm really looking forward to. Keep up the good work and have a great day!

Aww, thank you Elflady!
I'm very glad to hear that Maya and all the bachelors grew on you QuQ honestly speaking, I'm quite worried with Maya. I wanted people to see through a really different perspective but it could either be an epic fail or a success--I'm relieved to see so far so good! x'D 
The bachelors here have their own qualities and unique events, so I also can't pick a favorite in here >///< 

And you got me! Fairytales/Disney have been my constant juice for inspiration! *a bow of acknowledgement for the authors is in order* and I just can't get enough of them (I'm so excited for the new lion king movie!)

The grammar has improved? YAY for that! 
I'm improving little by little thanks to my proofreaders -^.^)/  I don't want your experience to be distracted by grammar errors/typos so the proofreaders and I are editing the script by hand and we'll do our best to reel in every mistakes we could find in the radar! >:)

Thanks again for dropping by and telling me your thoughts! ^///^ I look forward to hear your thoughts again when Bermuda is finished, but for now, stay tuned with the weekly updates and walk with me until we reach that goal!


Once I finish The Winged Ones I'll do this demo! Just wondering, will any of the characters (Tamara, etc.) have an appearence in this ;) 

If you mean random pop ups & cameo, then yes! x'D

On second thought, I haven't had the time to update the demo o.o; thanks for reminding me!

Glad you're still working on this! I've been absent on VN community like....5 years? And I'm glad you're still being productive! Keep up the good work, I'm waiting for the final product ^o^

Hi, NSAID! Welcome back! Wow you had been absent for quite a long time o.o 

and yup, I'm still progressing slowly but surely like usual! Thanks for reading my updates <3

I'm back with new project. Hopefully I don't drop this one =w=

Let's support each other X3

Of course! Let's work hard together! OuO)/

Hi! Do you have a  date for when you think the full game will be released?

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Hi wilting_rose!

Like every other gamedev, I'm horrible at predicting dates --BUT! I assure you it should be some time this year ^.^- for now, please stay tuned to the weekly updates ~ 

P.S. I apologize for my slow scriptwriting QuQ

Thank you, i'm really excited! And don't worry about it, good games take a long time!

Thank you for the understanding wilting_rose! *hug

here's some virtual cookies and hugs so you won't 'wilt' while waiting ><

*cough* excuse my attempt at puns

*Hug* Haha, I love puns don't worry about it! I find the one you made pretty 

s w e e t

I'm so sorry

Rofl! x'D


Aaaahhhh im so hyped! I played through the Winged Ones of yours and saw a year ago you were making a second game! I admittedly forgot about it for a while up to today (because I didnt want to implode from anticipation) and then I come back and theres a demo available! Im so hyped for your next game, and I'd donate only if I could ;o;

Keep up the awesome work! Ill be looking forwards to seeing the progress!! <3 <3

Hi BaiyauFox! I'm so sorry for the late reply! ><

woah--you're from a year ago? o.o; time sure flies! I hope you'll enjoy the demo and take your time! 

The story & scriptwriting had come a long way and I only have to write the bonus antagonist route before I start making CGs and programming >< it will still quite a awhile until Bermuda is finished so please stay tuned with the weekly updates for now~

as always, thank you for your warm support and everlasting patience -^.^)/




Wow! sitting here at 3 am, just finished the demo and I can't wait for the full release! honestly amazing work with the art and the story I was roped in from the start! keep up the good work <3

Hi JoJo19!
Thanks for coming by and telling me you like the demo! x'D

Bermuda has come a long way since its first update and it would be awesome to have you with me (and with my other shy supporters who are waiting in the shadows) for the rest of the journey! Stay tuned and thanks again for your support!



 I just adore this game as well as all its characters and cannot wait for the full release!

Aww thank you OtomeFan!
I hope you'll be patient just a bit longer! Programming and drawing CGs won't take as much time as I write, promise! x'D



Of course I'll be patient! It'll be amazing once done so I really look forward to it! 


It's nice to see an Indonesian VN, keep up the good work.

Thanks, flixwito! I will! ^.^


Hello! So before I ask my question I just want to tell you how much I loved your first game Winged Ones and how much I am excited for Bermuda! :D In Winged Ones, I like how deep and meaningful the routes got, yet still somehow were also lighthearted and funny (Reksa and Rama are still kinda tied for which is my favorite, but I think Reksa might be winning by a little bit :p  But don't worry I also liked Mitra too). And in Bermuda's demo, I liked how the story already seems deeper and more intense, but still has your humor to make us laugh. :) And the art is really good too! I also really appreciate your weekly updates, it's so nice to know what's going on, and how you're progressing. So many other developers don't update frequently or at all and leave us in the dark, so it's nice to actually know what's going on (also, I like reading the little updates about your life ^.^). 

So onto my question. I always tend to play games with a walkthrough. I do like the branching paths and multiple options, I just also like knowing which options lead to which endings. My poor little heart can't take bad endings :( And getting anything other than the best ending leaves me feeling unsatisfied like I could do better, so then I spend way too long and get stressed trying to figure it out myself. Maybe that makes me sound lazy? I don't mean to sound lazy or entitled, it's just having a walkthrough makes me have a much less stressful and anxious time trying to choose the right answers for a certain route, especially if the answers aren't that straightforward, so I can enjoy the experience more. So now my question is, I noticed that you said you'd only give a walkthrough for those that paid the pledge on the indiegogo page, so I was all set to pay it so I could get the walkthrough, but then I noticed that it was closed. D: Is there any other way to pay to get the walkthrough or am I too late? 

But don't worry, even if I am too late and will be sad I can't get the walkthrough, I will definitely still buy and play Bermuda, I'm so excited for it. I guess if I'm too late to get the walkthrough, I'll just have to spend the time figuring it out myself and hope the right choices for the best endings will be obvious. Sorry for the  wall of words... >.< Much love (and anticipation) from the US! <3


Hi ChelseaGaming!
First of all, thank you for coming by and telling me you love both Winged Ones and Bermuda! >///< 
Thank you for your warm support! I'm very happy and flattered to hear you love all my three boys--I still have rooms for improvements, especially in the writing department, but I'm very glad to hear my humor makes you laugh >///< and no problem at all! The updates are win-win for both of us since it helps me getting organized and good for the peace of our minds  -^.^)/ 

And yes, you're right. I don't intend to publish the walkthrough for public, but if you want to pledge, I'm still accepting pledges via Paypal!  The button is right above the Download Now button in the game description--yes, that HUGE yellow image with 'Pledge with Paypal' + paypal logo is a button. When you click it, it should redirect you to my wixsite page. Select the pledge you want within the dropdown menu and click Buy Now. After I confirm the payment, I will archive it ~

Oh and don't hesitate to comment/ask me any questions! Type away! I love reading comments as it's a constant reminder that there are people waiting for my game and it's what drove me to write, progress--and hopefully--quickly deliver it to your arms so I can hear your thoughts about it ^///^ 

Thanks so much for replying! I have now purchased through PayPal the pledge that gets me the walkthrough, so I am one happy girl! :D I can't wait for the game to be released now, thank you! However, don't feel like you have to rush, I'll wait patiently! ^.^ 

It might be fun to make some predictions about who's going to end up being my favorite in Bermuda, based on the demo,  so... here I go! I might totally have a thing for the "jerk with a hidden heart of gold" type that ends up slowly liking and caring about the MC *cough Reksa *cough* so with that in mind, I think I might end up liking Arya the most. So far he's been a jerk and is so moody, I love it and can't wait to see how that plays out. >///< That being said, there was something about Guntur that had me intrigued, and I found myself going for him first in the demo, so I can't wait to see what happens there. He might end up being my second favorite, depending on what happens; we'll see. ;) But I'm also excited to see what's going on with Kah'lil. He's so cute, happy, and different, though you can tell it seems that he's hiding something darker beneath the surface, so that's bound to be interesting. He'll still probably be below Arya and Guntur on my list, but that doesn't mean I won't like him! And who knows, I might get surprised and my list might be different than I think (kinda like Rama, liking him so much that he almost displaced Reksa as my favorite came as a surprise). But the antagonist route... that one is a mystery to me. Depending on how much of an evil jerkface he is in the other routes, I might think I don't like him and find it hard to start his route at first. But I must play all the routes, so I know I'll have to do his route eventually. However, as I might have already mentioned, I do have a thing for jerks with a heart of gold, and he's probably definitely a jerk. I'm just not so sure about the heart of gold part. >.< He's probably the misunderstood jerk that had some trauma and is now taking things to far, and it's up to the MC to make him see the error of his ways, which also sounds like it could be a fun route. haha (I should also mention that I really like the personalities of both the MCs Tamara and Maya. They're so spunky and fun, yet determined to do what's right. I love them. <3)

So as for my list, hmm.... I know that the order I'm going to be playing them in is Guntur, Kah'lil,  then Arya, and then obviously the antagonist last. There's just something about Guntur that makes me want to play him first, and since I think Arya will probably be my favorite, I want to play him last (not counting the antagonist, of course). But as for which I think will be my favorites, in order, I think it will probably be Arya, Guntur, then Kah'lil. And then the antagonist last maybe, depending on how much I like his personality, I'm not really sure about where he'll be. So yeah, that's my predictions. You know now I'm going to have to come back after the game is released after I get a chance to play all the routes to tell you my actual list of favorites and if it was close to my predictions, as well as my thoughts on the story and how much I liked it. So expect my future comment! :D 

Yup, I've received it! Chelsea Riggs, right? Thank you so much for the support! *hugs >\\\<

I think you made the right choice by leaving Arya last. There's a part where they got separated mid-game and it will be quite a refreshing change before you face the antagonist ^.^- your patience will be rewarded! I also have a soft spot in my heart for jerks who has a gold heart/warm once you break his walls >\\\< this is why I sometimes want to skip writing the early parts and jump straight to the juicy parts!


Hmm but for this antagonist of mine... you either love him or hate him @@ he is... I think worse than Rama? I'm not sure, but I got frustrated with him so many times this month--my scriptwriting got thwarted a lot by this antagonist's rebellious character ^^;; in any case, I've decided to add a friendship ending for him (in an easy way too) so if he's not your cup of tea, no worries~

Again, thank you for your support! My proofreaders and I will definitely do our best to polish Bermuda from start to finish! 

See you around,



Yep, that's me! And your welcome! I'm so excited, I'll definitely be back to share my thoughts after it's out. Thanks for all your hard work! <3 

Deleted 1 year ago

Hi tekkonkinkreet, thanks for asking! The retail price will be $15, but we still have Early Bird package if you click the paypal button, which is $10.

Deleted 1 year ago

The walkthrough will be given to those who pledge/buy $45 perk! More info here:

I don't plan to release any walkthrough for this one since it would be a lot more fun for you to figure out the mystery and plot that way ><

Deleted 1 year ago

No worries! The campaign on indiegogo is already over, but the paypal will still be active~
Whoa, I hope you have fun with your new guitar!

When do you think the full game will be released? Im so super excited about it. Alo how much do you think it'll cost to buy it? Im so looking forward to it it's like Im on the edge of my seat.


Hi Okami-chan! Thanks for asking and for the enthusiasm! ^.^-

Currently, the scriptwriting process is at 75-80% with the 3 bachelors main route done! I'm writing the bonus route right now (antagonist route) with a slow but sure pace. After writing the script, I'll have programming and CGs to do next!

I'm notoriously bad at predicting dates, but hopefully it will be finished at next year's summer/early autumn ^^;

No one knows the exact date, however, I update every Monday so stay tuned!



Oh and about how much it will cost, it will be $15, but if you want, you can click the paypal button in this page. I think there's still an early bird in stock, which is $10 ^.^-

Will you put it on Steam? My PayPal currently has only $5...


Yes! When it's finished, Bermuda will be on Steam so don't worry! ^.^-

It still has quite a long way to go though. So stay tuned with the weekly updates!


Since I don't know which part of Indonesia you are in, I heard there was a tsunami. Were you near it? Are you okay? Are you safe?


Yup! The tsunami happened in Selat Sunda, West Banten beach. From the map I'm at East Banten so I'm fine x'D
Thanks for worrying about me, Seraiden! *hugs


No problem! I was checking the temp here because I woke up and it was like 10 degrees cooler inside than normal and saw it on the main page for the website and was all "Crap, is she okay?" was the first thought. I really am so glad you're okay. Hopefully everyone you know and your friends/their families are safe/okay too.


I've been staring at the cover picture you used for this game

It took me A LONG TIME to realized that it's Tamala.

Great to see an old face here XD


Tamara is passing the baton to Maya x'D
You'll see some easter eggs in Bermuda and even some cameos ~


omg omg I can't wait !!!! I'm so hyped!


Hi, I'm just a foreigner who doesn't speak English well, but I used all my knowledge because I want to write how I liked your games. Only a week ago I found Nusantara games and got so carried away with them that I missed classes at the university lol. But it was DEFINITELY worth it. The world is interesting, the characters are lively (I wrote it right?... well), the stories are interesting, CG and BG are just wonderful :)

 Thanks for your projects


Hi Averisa! Don't worry, your english is very good! ^.^- even I still struggle with grammar so don't be shy and come by anytime!

I'm very happy that you come here and tell me how much you like Nusantara until you got carried away >\\\< but I hope you didn't get into much trouble because of that :'D 

Thank you so much for the support! *hugs*



(3 edits) (+2)

I have to admit I keep getting whiplashed between the complete differences Bermuda Triangle has compared to Winged Ones.

Right off the bat, the maturity is amped up (not to mention curses are finally allowed hahaha) and one thing I really enjoyed from the demo was how it gave more information and background about goddess Fate! She was barely there in Winged Ones and it was interesting to hear her side of the story and to know what she's been doing all this time. (The mentions of Winged Ones still makes me super happy. I also really like how, in the one sentence that spoke of Tamara, her end was left completely ambiguous.) Sari also has so much more personality lol. I feel like it's also an indication of how far apart the games are set.

The only things I really noticed that were problems was how the text for Day 1-9 on the calendar isn't centered until it reaches 10. I also have problems assessing whether the fondness meter for the boys went up or down.

The story's really interesting so far though! And the bantering's hilarious, especially since the characters are even more diverse in this one. In fact, I laughed a bit whenever the three boys and the goddess were all on screen because of how rag-tag looking the group is. I also noticed the pretty old memes in the game (gay or european, glomp, etc.) which was surprising to read and see in 2018 lol. (It's pretty bad but I always laugh at Arya's 'im blind' reminders whenever the gang goes off about something)

The idea of having reincarnated gods with animal motifs is interesting too, but I noticed that their designs kind of look Japanese? Granted I know nothing about Indonesian gods and the gods waiting to be reincarnated may well not just be Indonesian gods but it was just something I noticed.  It's also nice to be able to know more about the world of Nusantara, especially since so much time traveling seemed to be involved. I found the bit where the demon claims the name 'Dio' interesting too since it means god in Italian.
Honestly I was surprised at how often you update the development log, which is really nice. Awesome work so far! I hope you continue to be able to do your best and enjoy making games in the future!


Hi matchmakingdove1028!

Thanks for dropping by and making my day better! X'D

And yes, finally the curses are not censored! The text of day 1-9 not centered also bothered me, but I can't seem to apply a 'justified' alignment there so I compromised x.x as for the affection meter... it may have something to do with how small the points you get from the choices in the beginning :"D the total points are somewhere between 300-400 while you only get... 10 or 20 there so the meter progressed very slowly ><

And lol, I'm glad I managed to make you laugh despite how old the jokes are x'D I simply love musical movies so I sneaked some quotes sometimes~

As for the animal motifs... yup! You guessed it ;) in Winged Ones, I tried to combine anime style with Indonesian culture. I have a soft spot for Japan so my style turned out pretty flexibel -even starting to branch out to western culture like Kaiden and Gale, who are White Knights... and more western perks could be seen in the Spring Village later.

It's like I'm trying to balance and combine things to create something original. I just hope I can pull this off and make you guys like this VN >\\\< 

The rag-tag looking group is actually a good presentation of what I'm trying to make! Lol I'm glad to hear it amuse you x'D

Thanks again for dropping by and telling me your thoughts! I can't wait to hear what you think of Bermuda after you play it, bit of course, we still have quite a long way to go so I hope you'll be walking beside me until we reached our goal! ^^-



This is such an intersting concept and I am excited to see where it goes. I can not wait for the full release until then keep up the good work.

Hi gemgoddess! 

Thanks for dropping by -and yes! I'll do my best and progress little by little every day ^.^- Stay tuned with the updates!




I know its been over 200 days but im pumped bro IM READY MUAUAHAHHA

(2 edits)

Hi UrAverageOtaku!

Yes! I also can't wait for you to play and hear your thoughts/review Bermuda!  >< it's just that the script is much longer than I thought so I could only hope you would be patient enough to wait as I write Q_Q 

Fair warning though; at this rate, Bermuda might take until next year so don't hold your breath ><; *forgive this slow-as-snail dev* I'm struggling with the final battle of Chapter 5 :'D and I haven't started writing the 4th route a.k.a the antagonist route.

Antagonist route? <3 Oh heck yes.
Also don't worry I think most of us are totally fine with waiting. You're not all super silent or dead for months on end like some others seem to get, too, which I do think helps it out and help with people's fears.


Thank you, Seraiden!

It's really good to know. I can be rest assured too knowing you don't mind the wait c': it's the heaviest thing weighing my mind every time check the date >< after all, time pass really quickly!

On another note, YAY for antagonist route! X'D 


Hello! I'm not usually someone who comments about games, but on this one I needed to! (I even created an account for this). Well, at first I was looking for new games, found this one, and I immediately downloaded the demo since I liked Arya's concept. I must say: I'm not disappointed! He is my favorite all the way! Even though I may have a thing for Dio, kinda sad I can't pursue him. The art is gorgeous, the storyline is really interesting and I can't wait to play the full game. I think the minigame is pretty cool. You're doing an amazing job! I will talk to you again in the future. Have a good day <3 

Hi, LeSvitlo!
You just made my day with this encouraging comment! >///<

Thank you for giving my game a chance and I'm so glad you liked it! One of my proofreader also like him, so I think you're off to a great ride! x'D I'll do my best to deliver this game to you, but for now, stay tuned with the weekly updates!

Thanks again for coming and see you around!


I really am glad you're still working on this. I adored your other Nusantara game, and wasl eft wanting more, so a game in the same universe is great(plus I agree on the Dio bit, Dio is interesting), but instead of Arya, whom would normally be my type, Guntur was already warming his way in to my heart.

(1 edit)

Yes, Seraiden, I'm still working on the script writing and it has finally entered the building climax :'D there's still antagonist route to write, but we've walked a long way! I may need more time to write a bonus antagonist route, make the CGs, and programming to do, but I hope that you're willing to be patient and walk along with me ><



P.S. Guntur is a great choice too! So far, I'm very satisfied with all 3 routes progress and development! ^.^-

It's okay, I have kids even I know how to be patient when need be. :P I've just been fiddling around in the original and in this one, and thank you so much for sticking with this and creating such a wonderful world for us all to enjoy.Also don't feel stressed/rushed on it, I think most of us understand that it takes so much time and effort and heart and soul to put in to this. Your work is great, so waiting isn't a problem at all. :3

This is an amazing game so far, and the demo is so long! Without skipping anything it took me a day and a bit to finish. The longest demo I have ever played! I loved it, and the artwork and plot was amazing. There are some sentences that don't make sense but only two or three, and they don't add anything important anyway, so it isn't a problem. I love the characters and how they act, and how the main character is very relatable in many ways. I think that the way she acts towards Gunter is annoying though, so it would be pretty cool if we got more of a choice of how we first react to him (I am biased though since someone like Gunter is like almost my ideal guy). Will there ever be any way to get with Dio (I don't remember if that actually is his name but oh well), because so far Dio is my favourite character and he's only in it for like a minute. Also the minigame at the end is pretty cool, so that's a nice touch. I can't wait for the full game. If this demo is anything to go by, the full game is going to be amazing!


Thank you for dropping by and sharing your enthusiasm, Cittycool! 

I'm so happy you enjoyed yourself so thoroughly --and yes! This is the longest demo I've ever made so far and the content is definitely 2 times longer if not more from my previous vn, Winged Ones! So I hope to hear your thoughts later when Bermuda is finished x')

I also hope to give more options/choices to choose! But his reputation and panic didn't really help our Maya :")) if you're bias to Guntur, Maya is bias too at first from fright lol x'D but hey *whispers* don't worry, you'll get more character route oriented events the further you advance into the story so there are definitely more juicy meatloaves waiting for you! 

As for Dio, unfortunately he's not available to pursue >< I like him too, but my brain failed to conjur any idea about how a relationship between a human with a God-slash-Demon-or-??? works. The first thing that came to mind is a tragedy and trust me, Bermuda is already very dark as it is, so... :"))

Oh well, but then again maybe I'll get the idea in the future? ;) 

Thank you for your support and see you around!



Sorry for such a late reply but I can understand why it would be difficult to make Dio  a love interest, but it would be amazing if he were to become one! (Although it would be a lot of extra work and very difficult to do, and like you said, it would be even harder since he's a god/demon thing)


So I haven't even finished the demo, but WOW. And the demo is hella long. I can't wait for the full game.


Hi storyabyss!
Thanks for trying the demo & glad to hear you like it! x'D
I'll do my best to complete Bermuda ASAP, but for now, stay tuned with the weekly updates ~



(1 edit) (+1)

Hey, how it's going? I just want to say thank you for your effort to update the progress. The others just go silent and leave us in the deadzone for who knows how long. But you have taken time to write us a note, every week, and I really appreciate it. Please keep up the good work, you have just earned yourself a fan. :)

Oh wait, I've already been your fan after playing "Legend of The Winged Ones". That time I like your game, now I love your personality.


Hi xxelena! Thanks for dropping by and showing me this the first thing in the morning ^.^-

There are days I wish I could type quicker or be more productive, but overall I think the progress is going nicely >< 

The only thing I worry about is whether all of you can wait patiently or not, so the weekly update is a given x'D

I'm really glad to hear you like it tho! The others are quite content watching over me behind the shadows and bushes, but it's nicw to see some comments every now and then :'3

And gosh, thank you for following me from Winged Ones to Bermuda! >\\\< I'm flattered and hope you'll enjoy this one as much!

Thanks again for the support and hope to see you around~




I just finished the demo and oh man it was so good! I can't wait for the full game to be released :D


Hi and thank you angelinachea!

I'm so glad to hear you like the demo x'D hopefully you'll be around to read the updates every Monday!



Can't wait for December!!!! Soooo excited!!! Hahahaha! It's been a year since I've been here! I'm really excited!!! 💙💙💙 

Hope your doing well! Stay safe! 💙💙💙

(1 edit)

Yup, time passed really fast, eh? x'D 
I'm doing well~ The script writing is especially time consuming so I'm really grateful for you who have been very understanding and still waiting patiently!

Thanks for coming by, KimYuuki! Wish me luck so you can get one more present for Christmas!


(2 edits)

I am so excited for this otome. I played the legend of the winged ones I really liked it. So i looked for more made by you and found this which caught my attention. I too dont like sad/bad endings but try to get them for a cg or achievement. Thats why i liked the legend of the winged ones so much yes there was one bad ending for the three guy but there was also a normal, and happy ending

Thanks, tigerwolf13! 

I'm really happy to hear you like Winged Ones and willing to give Bermuda a chance! QuQ

However, I need to give you an early warning that Bermuda has a darker theme than Winged Ones >< so prepare yourself -especially for the late events ~ 

It'll be quite a while until I finished Bermuda, but I hope you'll be around to check the updates every Monday ^.^-

Thanks again for coming!



I can handle it I think. As long as it has an addictive story line.

Hello~! So I've actually played your other visual novel, "Legend of The Winged Ones" and I really enjoyed it! It was fun to read and pretty to look at, it was also paced out very well! I played it a long time ago, and just recently I came back to this website to find a new visual novel to play. Then I found this gem~!

At first, I didn't even realize this was also made by you, I read what this was about and it interested me. I clicked on your profile and then realized you were the same curator for the other visual name mentioned prior. I went back to the download page, downloaded it and began to play immediately haha.

I played as much as the demo could offer within a day, and of course it ended right when it was getting good XD. I enjoyed each character so much, that whenever I played it over within my head for which I may want to go after first, I seriously couldn't decide. I love each one of their personalities and their character designs (right now Arya and Gunter are winning in my heart, but Kah'lil is still close behind). I also love their names hehe.

I honestly cannot wait for there to be more of the story that I can see haha, I'm definitely staying for the rest of the journey to completion for this one. Keep up the beautiful work~!

Hi Iciio! Thanks for dropping by & leaving a comment!

I'm really flattered to hear my VNs managed to catch your fancy twice >///< and without you knowing lol 
You even came back and made an account just to tell me this! You really made my day x'D 

I still have lots to learn and I have rooms for improvement, but I'll do my best so your wait will be worth it!
And of course, thank you for loving my characters! The bachelors in Bermuda don't have any particular arrangement, so pick whoever you want first and enjoy yourself! x')

Lastly, welcome aboard to the journey!
You can read my update every Monday or maybe join the shy crew that lurks in the shadows/bushes and eat cyber cookies while waiting x'D
Either way, I'm happy to have you! 

Stay tuned & see you around! 


Keren bro


Makasih kak! X'D *postny dobel, jd sy apus 1 y?

Stay tuned!



btw, fullnya kapan ya? :'v

Klo di teaser Winter 2018, jadi pling cepat itu Desember ya kak x)

(1 edit)

Do you have any idea if the game's coming out in the Summer? Not rushing you or anything, take your time :) I loved your first game, can't wait for this one, I know it's going to be amazing! I got my eyes on Arya, he's a precious foul mouthed bean that will beat you with a mug ;3 Just can't stop replaying the Demo, start a little with the other guys but keep going back to Arya >_<

(1 edit)

Unfortunately the scriptwriting is waay slower than I thought it would be :'D I might be able to finish it in December/winter 2018 like the teaser video suggest, but stay tuned! 

I decided to give some compensation in return for being late *more info in my latest update devlog~* but yeah! So far, the mug Arya is thriving and one of my proofreaders is starting to get a bias x'D

Thank you for your support and hope to see you around!



All is fine my child, like I said, take your precious time and don't overwork yourself trying to get it out earlier. I can't blame them for getting a bias towards that mug child, he's just SO precious >///<

Aww, thank you, dear :'D
Don't worry, I'll do my best to make it perfect! 

--Honestly, I think I can be a lazy person if the mood/muse is not present, but if it involves something that I love, I became a perfectionist and stubbornly wade through fire or ice to make sure the progress bar moves forward x'D 

It's just that I sometimes worry for my readers who had been waiting for quite a while now ><
So thank you for being considerate and patiently waiting beside me!




I am so excited for this game! The demo legitimately made my cry (in a good way), I think Maya might by my favorite otome protagonist ever.

I saw a comment from a while ago mentioning a tentative release date of July 2018, I'm assuming that's not still the plan, but was wondering, do you have a current tentative release date? Are we still looking at $15 for the final product, or is it likely to be more since the scope seems to have been expanded?

Hi CassiopeiaSD! Thank you for coming & for your warm support >\\\<

Yes, the scriptwriting is longer than I thought! The game will have a total of 5 Chapter + 1 Antagonist route, and I'm currently at the beginnings of Chapter 5! After that, CGs will be made along with programmig. So... I'm hoping to hit the racks at December/Winter 2018 like the teaser video suggested, but we'll see ^^;

In the meantime, to compensate my lateness, the originally cut down CGs will all be made + I'll add a few more BGs in winter and autumn area! *more info in my last update report~

And yes again! The final product will still be $15! However, there are still early bird packs for paypal users, so if you want to pre-order, click on the 'pledge with paypal' button for $10 early bird pack ^.^

Thanks again and hope to see you around! 



Deleted post

Aah, I never tried putting a save file from demo to the full release so I'm not sure :S

You can try copy+paste the files from the save folder to the full release, but this is not guaranteed. I think the safe option is to play from the beginning again >< I'm sorry about this.

Deleted post

Disclaimer: This is a long comment review I'm sorry rip

Yes!! I’m so excited to play this game! o((*^▽^*))o

I thought the first Nusantara game was good, but this looks 10x better! I really like the minute details, like with the calendar + season, the load/save/status menus, with how they kind of look like a scrapbook or a journal - which would make sense that Maya would document what happens in the year they’re on the island. Also the funny chibi moments and the slow transition of when a character either goes beat red or pale! I also thought the “What she is thinking right now” was a cool touch I haven’t really seen before. And items?? Now I’m really interested to see what we obtain in the game lol.

Plus, the humor hasn’t changed - I laugh my butt off a lot during your games XD. Like. I didn’t have my thinking cap on while playing so when it came to the part that Maya’s like “maybe Guntur reflects the weasel/ferret mirror” I kind of died. Like. Look at him!!! Look at those guns!! That is one beefy ferret-man XDDDD (Also Kahlil reacting to his tails and ears is literally me I relate to him on a spiritual level.)

The art has taken a beautiful upgrade, too. The relationship status meter makes me feel it’s going to be - or at least it gives the illusion of - a longer game, because three hours in and I’ve only raised Arya’s affinity barely past the triangle design on the bottom of the meter??? Like Boiiiiii. Plus the fact that this happens over the course of the year makes a romance much more realistically probable, especially since their in isolation lololol. 

ALSO I’M SO INTERESTED IN WHAT SINS THE BOYS COMMITTED LMAOOO. I kno it’s probably not a joking matter but I’m excited for the juicy gossip (*•̀•́*)و ̑̑

For which character caught my attention… Hm. On my first playthrough of the demo I p much targeted Arya, since I decided to start with him from the getgo (while still being nice to the other characters ofc lol) and his cursing is hilarious - especially his threats with a mug, that was gold (did he bring a mug to the island??? Bc, “please, Oh Great Arya, save us from this monster with your mighty mug!!” <— a scene I need that at the very least occurs in Maya’s dreams XDDD (jk jk)

For Kahlil - I won’t lie, I’m a sucker for his type of character so I’m biased - but he’s just so ADORABLE (ω*) whether it’s a facade he puts on or his legit personality, he’s really fun to interact with in the game lolol. I’m still a bit wary of his character, waiting for the other shoe to drop, though! He kind of reminds me of Rama. 

Then for Guntur, originally I didn’t really like him bc I felt his teasing towards Maya was belittling, but the interactions they have on the island got rid of that dislike. Personally I don’t find smoking all that attractive, but for some reason, I don’t really know why, the way he and Maya interact differently from the other two made me the most interested in him. 

(Still going w Mug Boi first when the game comes out just bc I’m stubborn lmao)


Maya isn’t a pansy; when she has something to protect, she does, like when she protected her mom from Gunter in the beginning. Of course if Guntur really wanted to hurt her it wouldn’t have gone so well, but she didn’t know that, so I thought it was badass how she went all “protect mamma bear” mode. 


Both in this game and the previous one, there have been lines where characters suggested another character might be gay because they showed no interest in the opposite gender, and both times the lines were something like: “I was starting to worry that you were… like that…” and imo it’s kind of ridiculous they treat it in a scandalized matter rather than a normal one? 

Also, this is more of just a question - if it’s not a spoiler ig - I was confused by the mirror choice in the beginning, during Maya’s dream? From a traditional perspective I would assume that’s where you lock on to a route, but from what happened in the demo it didn’t seem so? It didn’t seem like an important choice, at least in the demo, so is it more of an affinity choice? Or?

BUT OVERALL I’M SO HYPED TO PLAY THIS GAME. ()Is this game really going to be free? Bc if it was me, I would totally put a price tag on this kind of quality lol. 

Hi destinycreate!
Thanks for visiting and your review made my day brighter! x'D

I'm really happy that you gave all my boys a chance & you even noticed all the small details! *^.^* I thought I will have to wait until the game is finished for people to understand the features -but you surprised me by guessing all of them correctly x'D

And yay!! I'm so happy when you said I still have my sense of humor --I sometimes doubt myself lol, and yes, there are more surprises about the ferret ;) all three sins are unique and I think you'll like the illustrations I've planned to tell their past later ~  

I can somewhat foreshadow that Arya is going to be popular because of the mug -one of my proofreaders already have a bias toward him :')) Kahlil...well, I think he's better than Rama, more normal and mellower than Arya/Guntur even, but I'll leave the evaluation to you when you're finished with his route x'D 

There's also a 4th route (Antagonist route) that unlocks after you're finished with all 3 routes! Part of the reason why I took so long just to write the script is this >< and because I like your enthusiasm, I'll tell you a small spoiler: to minimize repetition, I made many reaction variations in each route so I hope you enjoy them!

As for the 'characters suggested another character might be gay because they showed no interest in the opposite gender, and both times the lines were something like: “I was starting to worry that you were… like that…” and imo it’s kind of ridiculous they treat it in a scandalized matter rather than a normal one? '...Well, to be honest, I'm also dismayed by this kind of discrimination/Sarah's response, but in Indonesia, the rainbow flag is viewed as such due to the thick blood of traditionalist :( they're not as open as US, or any country that recognized same-sex marriage, but I hope we'll progress toward that future ><

As for the mirror... Aside from adding affection + 5 when you choose a mirror, this scene is an important one! Hint: After you finish all three routes, something will change. Don't forget to save ~

Alright, I'll stop here in case I blabber my big mouth with more spoiler x'D
I hope you'll be patient with me and stay tuned with the updates! See you around!


P.S. I also like Maya in the 'protect mama bear' mode x'D 


I loved your last game. I cant wait for this one and all the others. Keep it up. Much love 

Thank you for the support, Angel253!
It's going to be quite a while to finish Bermuda, but stay tuned! ><




It was going to be 5, but Bermuda sadly didn't reach the stretch goal >< 

Thanks for the energetic support!

Omy! You replied! Crap! Crap! Should we stretch it further!? Or there is no hope for now? T_T

The indiegogo has already ended x'D 

And yes, I reply to every single comment here if I see one ~

Awwww ;_; I'm hoping for Nusantra: The legend of the winged one season 2!? *_*

(2 edits)

Which is the height of the boys ?

Amazing :) I can't wait for the full game to come out, I love all the characters so far :D

Thanks for dropping by, Sugar~!

I'm glad to hear you like it :'D stay tuned!

seems somewhat promising, but it's testing my patience with how much 'fluff' dialogue there is. it's taking what, to me, is an unnecessarily long amount of time, to setup the story and background. i wanna get to the meat of it already!

Hi AlphaGodith! Thanks for visiting and giving me your thoughts~

Yes, I agree that the pace is really slow in Bermuda, but it's necessary and your patience will be rewarded later in the end >< I hope you'll give it a chance and maybe follow a bachelor's route before you give me your final verdict :'3

It's still quite a long way until I released the completed version though x_x;
Either way, I'm glad to hear you tried the demo!



after coming to the end of the demo i'm definitely interested enough to give it another go once it's complete :)

The other game she made was a bit slow so this is even more amazing. Im sure once finished it will be one of the best otome games ever. So looking forward to it.

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