UPDATE 6/20/2022 Face Reveal?

Hi, guys! What's up?
I've finally settled down a bit from the festivity and I'm really astounded by the amount of support/love/blessings I've received these days >///<

Before writing this post, I considered to censor my face since... I don't know, I'm happy with our current relationship and I don't want to destroy what image you have about me, but then again, you guys have been sticking with me for years. Therefore, I think it's safe to say I want to be even more transparent with you all ^///^

So without further ado, here I go!

I was really nervous, like, I couldn't really sleep in my hotel back then and ended up only 'resting' my eyes until 2AM where I'm supposed to wake up and wait for my make up artist to arrive. I was in a daze for a while then, it hadn't sunk in until I see my mother fully dressed and it was my turn to wear my gown.

Then, the photo session began. Here's one of them with my cousins:

My mother took it x'D
There are lots of photos but I won't get them for 2-3 months until the photographer is finished retouching them all.

Anyways, it was a long happy day for me. We took lots of photos, went through many chinese wedding ceremonies (Like kneeling/bowing to the ancestors shrine, or Teppai, a tea ceremony where I bow to my husband's family elders and offer them tea. They'll give me red envelopes/gold in return to welcome me into the family). 

While I smiled and laughed a lot, I also... cried a lot :'D
Especially when it was time for the church wedding ceremony where we pay respect to our parents... I also cried during the following reception when it was time for my husband to bow and do Teppai for my deceased elders (I'm really close with them, so... I'm always sad whenever I'm reminded of the dead QuQ)

But overall, it was a happy event and one of the elders is 97 years old!

My husband said there will be a big, BIG celebration for his 100th birthday, so let's all wish him health for years to come <3

For those who are interested to see more photos of my wedding, you can add me on my facebook: Cecilia Sabrina SusantoIt's also fine if you want to stalk me lol I still owe you a visual novel x'D

So yeah, I think I'm good now. I still have lots of personal items to pack and unpack in my new house, but I think I can start doing some programming on Saturday & Sunday--just in case, let me apologize in advance if I ended up doing less than you expected or if the progress is becoming slower because I'm going to help around the house now that I'm a wife and I'm sure my mother-in-law will keep an eye on me or keep me busy Q_Q

But no matter what, I will always write a report on Monday! 
I hope I can provide you with more reassurance--if you have any questions, feel free to comment below and I'll do my best to answer them!
I'm always happy to see you read my post and while I'm not the fastest I hope to do my best for you ><

That's it for now and I hope all of you are in good health!
Don't skip your meals, drink lots, and stay safe everyone~!



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Happy marriage!!! i rarely open this website so i just comment today. bless your wedding ! dont know what should i said but i hope for the best!!

Thank you, sherene aurely! >///<
I'm really happy to be able to meet a lot of new people in this update log ^///^ really, thank you for all the blessings! I feel like a really lucky person <3

Thank you for your trust in us and the pictures. :)

You looked stunning in that dress, like a princess. :) How wonderful that you were able to spend a day full of joy, excitement, tears and laughter with your whole family. Once again all the best for this new stage of your life. :)

Thank you for sharing your life with us all this time. This transparency makes you absolutely lovely. I hope you realize that! :)

Since I find your traditions totally intressing, I have a question.

Is there a "standard procedure" with the handling of the family name (surname)?

Here in Germany, until the 1970s, it was still the case (according to marriage law) that the man's family name became the marriage name by default. 

<3 Yanonako

Awww, thank you and you're welcome, Yanonako ^///^
As a Disney fan, I wanted to try wearing a ball gown once--and voila! It became my wedding dress! I can't ask for a better time to wear it <3

As for the handling of the family name... our future children will usually inherit my husband's last name. I will still keep my last name though, different from Japanese culture where the wife's last name will be changed to her husband's last name.

Now that you mention it, it's really interesting to see different cultures all over the world \(->u<-)/

Oh my gosh congratulations!!!! You look absolutely beautiful and I love your dress. I hope you and your husband have a happy and long marriage, and please take as much time off as you need!!


Thank youuu, LainyBug! Q///Q
I also hope we'll be husband and wife till our hairs are white, and death do us apart, like our wedding vow--speaking of which, my husband stuttered and spoke really fast because he's nervous x'D so cute!

And thank you for being so understanding <3

omggg congrats! you look amazing! wishing you a happy marriage!!!

Amen and thank you, Dragoning! >///<
Gosh, I never thought so many people will gather here--thank you everyone!

 Congratulations, You look beautiful !!  I wish you both a happy and long marriage!


Thank you for the wishes, CreamofthecropX! ^///^
Here's hoping you also had a great week and wherever you are, I wish you're healthy and happy!


You look fantastic! Everything fits you very well! I wish you the best for all the years ahead~

And don't pressure yourself to do too much! None of us mind if you take it easy for a while~

Thank you, Shiawase! 
I'll definitely be happy, just like your nickname x'D

You're all too kind and I'm the luckiest person to have you all involved here in my life QuQ

Congratulations! Wishing you nothing but the best for the years ahead!

Amen and thank you, Terpsikeri! Q///Q



Thank you for the wishes, El.Seth! Q__Q
You're such a positive energy and I love it! 

Here's hoping you also had a great week <3

I'm a bit late, but congrats!

I hope you two have a happy and satisfied marriage.

Thank you and no problem at all, Amberbaum <3
I'm also known to be late at replying x'D

We definitely had a wonderful time and I'm more than happy to share it with you~ 

OMG your festivities looked so beautiful!! Congratulations on having such a happy day surrounded by family :) you looked stunning, thank you for sharing this slice of your life with us! :)

You're welcome and thank you as always, ro-ses! ^///^
It's definitely a day I'll remember for the rest of my life <3 I'm so happy that I can share this with you all!

Congratulations! You are gorgeous. I did not know the details of a Chinese wedding ceremony, and so, thank you for sharing with us :)

Also, wishing your grandpa healthy and happy years, and you a healthy and happy marriage! <3

Thank you for the wishes, OctopusLigament!
And you're welcome! It's a pleasure to share Chinese culture with all of you ^///^

Congratulations! you are so beautiful, the dress makes you look like a princess <3

Stop it~ You're making me blush >////<
I've always been a disney princess fan, so this is something off my bucket list~
Thanks, InvaderZero!

OMG congrats!

Thanks, Banh! >///<

Congratulations, Cik/Ci/Cece/Jiejie Chiel ;_; We never met but let me call you that just once 馃槀

Do you not have honeymoon? Or is it postponed?

I wish the both of you happiness!

Awww, thank you, Kris Akane! ^///^
Actually, feel free to call me however you want! We never met but it feels refreshing (?) somehow x'D

For now, we're saving up and still planning for our honeymoon~ I wanted to go to Japan but I have a feeling we'll both look like children in a toy store instead of a couple going on a honeymoon rofl

(1 edit)

You look so beautiful!! Everyone just looks so gorgeous! I'm so happy for you that you were able to have your special day, especially after everything you went through to get there. I wish you and your husband happiness and health, and of course a home filled with love! Please take your time as you get to know your new home dynamic. :) And thank you for sharing your pictures and journey with us! We will continue look forward to your updates, as always!

Thank you so much, scriptomancer! ^///^
You're welcome too! It's the least I can do for you and the others who have been supporting me for years Q_Q 

And while I have many changes in the real life, I've never been so optimistic before! I felt healthier and more productive than ever before--it's just that my stamina needs more time to catch up with my enthusiasm x'D

Also, here's hoping you're okay and doing great over there! I look forward to see you again, scriptomancer <3

YAY! It's finally happened without further delays, or freak global disasters to push things back again! I'm super happy for you and your family, and wish your elder a lifetime more of happy, healthy years!

Please, be sure to take your time and relax! No doubt you has lots to do as is, so don't feel pressured to work if you're not feeling up to it. Health is wealth, and stress is like an angry loanshark who will take it away!

all that aside, you and your family all look gorgeous and happy! It's a great pleasure to get to see such an important moment. so thank you, and enjoy this time! ^_^


Aww, thanks, Tathalia!
It felt like only yesterday I thought, 'I'm getting married in a year'--then BOOM, the Big Day happened x'D

It was as tiring and happier than I expected <3 I cried both tears of joy and sadness during the Teppai event, I easily got sad when I remember those who have passed, but yep, definitely a day to remember <3

I also have many changes happening in real life, fortunately, all in a positive way! I became healthier thanks to helping around the house--I think I've walked more than I ever did last year in just a week x'D

Here's hoping you also had a great week <3

Congrats and I wish you nothing but joy and love for your future years. :)


Amen! Thank you so much, Neneka! >///<

Congratulations on your wedding!  

P.S. Your dress is gorgeous! You look like a princess from a fairytale. 馃槉


Thank you, RumblyCoronet21! QuQ
You hit the bull's head! It was a dream come true lol, I wanted to at least wear a princess dress once in my life x'D


You look stunning, and everyone in the wedding looks spiffy too! I'm glad everyone had a wonderful time! May you know love, joy, happiness, and peace in your union. And wishing good health to the oldest elder - his birthday celebration will be so lit LOL


Amen and thank you AgehaButterfly! >///<
Yes, everyone was happy, I cried a lot lol but it was really a day to remember <3

Awwwh you look amazing, and I am so glad you all had a wonderful time! ^^ I hope you also can have some good rests.


I definitely had a good rest afterwards x'D
Thanks as always, Seraiden~

NP! I'm always lurking even when I don't comment ,but I'm glad you seem to be doing good. :3

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