UPDATE 7/11/2022!

Hi, guys! What's up?
How did your week go? Mine was very peaceful :3
Do you know? Cooking feels like healing for me these days. It's calming and eating something I successfully cook definitely feels more yummy than usual! Of course, I need to take responsibility for any fails lol.

- Finished coloring 2 CGs for chapter 4 part 2!
I spent most of my time drawing & coloring, but I still need to find references for 1 or 2 CGs ^^; (can't make up my mind about whether to make 2 or just 1 more, I'm also thinking about polishing some scenes). Unfortunately, I can't show you a sneak peek without spoiler... 

However, for my $5 patrons on Patreon, do you remember the last full-preview CG sketch I've showed you? For those who have seen it/doesn't mind the spoiler, I'm posting another full-preview of the CG again today so I hope you like it! (fully-colored) ^///^

My only concern is my pitiful quality-control 😂 6 years of development is showing its toll now. While I'm glad the CGs are getting better, if you put a CG side by side, you can definitely see the difference in quality-control so... please forgive me *bows* m(_ _)m

There are still 1 or 2 CGs to go, so let's keep the spirit up! >:)
That's it for now and see you again next week! Take care, drink lots, and don't skip your meals, okay?



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I've been waiting patiently for this game since the initial release of the demo, and have played through Winged Ones countless times. No matter what critiques you may see within your own work, I'm sure every aspect of this game will be fantastic and filled with the passion you so clearly present in your work. Although I haven't kept up on all of your updates as I've been busy with my personal life, it's reassuring to see you continue to strive for a well-developed visual novel for us loyal fans to enjoy. I shall continue to wait patiently and excitedly for further updates for this game. Thank you for keeping at it despite all of the challenges life has thrown at you <3

Hi, Soph_8698!
I thank you for the patience and support, it means a lot to me that you're still here Q_Q
I know that I'm slow, but I always told myself one step at a time--and when I see people dropping by now and then despite how long it has been or how busy they've been, it's what keeps me going ^///^

Thank you for coming and I hope I can meet your expectations!
I hope you're doing awesome no matter where you are <3


Glad to know you are doing okay sis! i love your games, especially Nusantara: Legend of The Winged Ones thank you for such wonderful games! and take care sis, lots of love.

Thanks, lonerwolfnanz! ^///^
I'm really glad to hear people are still reading Winged Ones and loving it. Really, there's no better compliment than that. I will definitely do my best to meet your expectations with Bermuda! >:)