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Now that I've played all three routes I shall answer the questions. hehe

1) I LOVED RAMA. Which is why it breaks my heart when I saw his bad ending or anything bad happening to him. Why do I love him so much? Well, he has a lot of similarities with me. It is sad but I can understand his pain so perfectly. T_T Yes he is a tough rock to crack but once you crack that rock, you'll find the purest diamond inside. That is Rama <3 He deserves nothing but love. I'd literally kill for him. I'd do anything to protect him. He's perfect.

Mitra would be second. He is like an angel. I love his positivity and innocent nature. He seems like the type of guy mothers eveywhere would want their daughters to marry. lol but I do not think he would understand the the darkness in my soul. O_O

Reksa is awesome. His story was really nice. He has a great personality and evrything but the depth of Rama's character and the way you get to see his soul opened out to you like that, that overshadows everyone else. Rama's route was the only route that made my heart beat go irregular irl. <3

2) I play a lot of otome games. I chose this one because it seemed so interesting. I love the tribal concept of it. The art was very beautiful and different from other novels. The story was fantastic. 

3) The best element would be the writing. The art needs a bit of touch up but its still very very good! I would love more flirty scenes with the characters but the story is still brilliant without too many of those, so dont worry about it. I am a huge fan of your work now. 

4) I do have one suggestion. Can you do some more Rama drawings? <3 If not, that is fine but my heart longs for them. lol. ^_^

Hi, PrincessSaoriel!
First of all, I'm sorry for the late reply--the notification got buried by other things and I've only noticed it today @@

Still, I'm so happy to see Rama get some good loving! >///< congrats on finishing all the routes!

1. Thank you for your love, Saoriel! Q_Q I'm so relieved and glad--I've been worried about you since the day you told me to put up more warnings and to hear you ended up loving his route so much, I've never been so elated before! Not everyone is able to understand Rama like you do and it means a lot for me to see you able to relate with him :')

and lol, I see Mitra's and Reksa's routes doesn't even compare to Rama in your heart x'D nevertheless, thank you for giving them a try!

2 &3. Thank you! I have a fondness for fantasy genre and yes, I still have rooms for improvement! I'll do my best to level up and make more interesting stories for you to read ^.^)/ I'm really slow at writing though. Have you seen Bermuda? o.o  

lol, lots of people want more flirty scenes, but I'm too shy to write more x'D 

4. Yup! Actually, I have more drawings of Rama in my dA & tumblr (my tumblr is a bit dusty though):

And a fanart!

Thanks again for playing and I hope to see you around!



This game should come with a WARNING! 

If you are suffering from DEPRESSION or are SUICIDAL there are triggers in this game. 

I wish there were more warnings so I would have known before downloading it and playing it. The shock of what happened during certain parts of the story, really messed me up and spiraled me right back into a place I did not want to be. 

Please, to the game creator, YOU HAVE TO PUT MORE WARNINGS UP!

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Hi, PrincessSaoriel! First of all, thank you for playing and I'm sorry if Winged Ones made you remember things you didn't want to remember Q_Q

I did put on warnings on the game page + ingame warning screen, but I suppose they are a bit too brief and vague (I thought it would be counted as spoilers, but you've made me realize I'm gravely mistaken x_x). 

I assume you're playing Rama's route? I hope you find his good ending as a good closure Q_Q if not, I apologize once again *bows*

I've put on more warnings and this time, they all start with capitals + bolds!




Thank you so much! I really am a huge fan of the game. I appreciate you taking the time to put more warnings up. I wish you the best in the future. Keep up the good work. :)

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Which guy did you like the most and why


By the way, if you got any drawings/sketches of Reksa, I would really like to buy them just so I can make him as a desktop wallpaper. I really like his art in particular. Take all my uwus. <3

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Hi, I'mYourSenpai! 
Congrats on finishing the game and thank you for playing!

Lol, as expected, Reksa is still number 1 x'D
I'm not sure with what you can by buying O.O There's a bonus illustration of Reksa in my dA:

Here's the one without watermark:

You can use it for your desktop wallpaper ;) you're welcome!



I made an account just to leave a comment. i'm very picky about stories and art when it comes to finding otome games that I can play until the early hours of the morning but i've heard nothing but great praise about Nusantara. I had always scrolled past it on the Lemma Soft Forums because I just couldn't get used to the art. With that being said, I had just quit halfway through another otome because the story was horrendously boring and I desperately needed a heartfelt story to fill the void that was the deprivation of a good story. I had a special gut feeling that Nusantara was just what I was looking for. 1 Day and 1 route later I can truly say that I LOVE Nusantara. The art isn't your usual commercial visual novel game art but that's exactly what I love about the entire game. The characters fit so well into their dialogue and the art perfectly portrays their personalities. The story is heartwarming though I am greedy and wish that there were more romance scenes. Every single character just made the story all the more easier to be cherished and wow i'm just lost for words. The constant theme of family was fantastically executed and the more I think about it the more I realise how brilliant this game is.

From the one route that I have played (Mitra) (SPOILERS?MAYBE?) the buildup between Tamara and Mitra was so well done but i would have killed for an epilogue. KOMONO tribe just take my crystals and give me all the time in the world with this precious guy. 


Before I just about lose it, I just want to say that I can't wait to play Nusantara: Bermuda Triangle.

I have a folder on my laptop just for my all-time favourite otome games and you can be sure that this is staying there until the day I die.

Hi, nilinx!
First of all, thank you for playing and congratulations on finishing Mitra's route!

I'm very happy and flattered that you love Winged Ones so much until you decide to keep it in your personal folder! >///<

You even made an account just to leave a comment! The more I read it, the more I feel refreshed as if all my fatigue is washed away ^////^ I mean, I know that my art still have a long way to go compared to the big guns--but I'm always happy to hear people say my story is interesting after giving it a try and they had fun reading it! 

As for more epilogue... *cough*

Currently, I've closed the book for Winged Ones >_< I don't want to add or change something because Winged Ones is like my cornerstone; though imperfect, it's a reminder where I started.

However! It opens a chance for people to be creative with their imagination!
If you're finished playing, I can recommend you fanfics ^.^
TamaraxRama (this one by a fan, mature content):
ReksaxOC (this one is by my proofreader, KrystalFlare):

I suggest you don't click those link until you really, really finished playing though >_< they contain spoilers.

Lastly, I hope you have fun with the other two routes and I'll see you around!



Thanks, lulu rose! I can feel your enthusiasm and I'm very happy you like my work! x'D


First, let me say that I truly adore this game. I've played through it entirely 3-4 times since I first played it years ago, and done a single route on its own many times. I've played many visual novels, but this one always manages to stand out as a favorite.

While the character art isn't perfect, the music, sound effects, and backgrounds more than make up for it. The attention to detail is amazing. I do wish the routes were longer,though. Time goes by so quickly in the game, it feels like we don't spend enough time with the love interests. 

Concerning the story itself, I am a huge fan of the way it is played out. While the writing seemed a bit funny at certain spots, the overall idea and story line is wonderful. A completely new spin on a classic "thrown back in time" scenario. One thing I particularly like about the story is the difference in routes. Games with double the love interests than in this game sometimes have less diversity. Mitra and Rama have a few similarities, but their individual scenes are completely different. Reksa's route gives you a nice picture of what's happening on the other side, so that once you've played all the routes, you can clearly see the full story. 

Overall, I can confidently recommend this game. The shorter playtime and number of love interests makes this a great starter visual novel, but seasoned players can enjoy it just the same! I eagerly await the release of Nusantara: Bermuda Triangle 

Now, to answer the questions above.

    1. Which guy did you like the most and why?

Reksa was no contest my favorite. I feel like his route was the most fleshed out, and given the most love. Plus, I'm a sucker for his type of character. Mitra is a close second, though. I personally was not a fan of Rama the character, but I loved his heartbreaking route, and I believe he had the best "Crystal Scene" .

    2. Do you play a lot of otome/visual novels? What made you choose to play Nusantara?
    I have played a ton of visual novels and am always on the lookout for games made by the people rather than companies. I first played Nusantara many years ago when I was browsing these types of games. The story was an attention grabber for sure!

    4. Do you have any other questions, comments or constructive criticism? 
    See everything above :) 

Hi, ticcitaylorr! Thanks for playing and remembering Nusantara for years! QuQ

I'm so happy to hear Winged Ones have a lasting impression on you --it's my first baby and we've come so far until we're finally able to release it on steam!

I agree that I still have many rooms to improve in the art department. If not for my proofreaders, my grammar also won't be as good ><

That's why I'm doing my best to progress step by step and polish my abilities little by little until, hopefully, I reach the big guns' high quality, like otomate for example. I just hope you'll have the patience to wait since my scriptwriting progress is really slow @@ please walk along with me by reading the weekly updates!

and wow, you think Winged Ones is a bit short? o.o then I think you'll like my 2nd project, Bermuda, it's twice as long if not more x'D

and yes, I'm quite picky regarsing music sfx/BGMs. They play a big part in breathing life into my story after all -^.^-

1. I see Reksa is still as popular as ever! I'm so proud of this boy of mine >\\\< thanks again and congrats on finishing all the routes!

2. aww thank you! I was a bit worried when I first started--because the story and the cultures I'm introducing are unusual--but I'm glad that I took that risk now ^///^ 

Bermuda is another risky choice I made by combining west and east elements. In the future, after you've played it, please tell me your thoughts! ><

Nice to meet you and hope to see you again!



I can already see the improvements in the character art for Bermuda triangle, and I am very excited! Please, take your time with the script writing. I am definitely following along with the updates! Absolutely wonderful to be shown progress so often.  I will be sure to give you my thoughts when it is released! Until then, do your best! 

Yes! Thanks again, ticcitaylorr!

Currently, I'm being hammered by my proofreaders :")) but I'll do my best and polish Bermuda until we're satisfied with it before delivering it to you!

The weekly update is the least I could do, seeing how I'm so slow >< I'm also happy if it means I can make you feel involved & reassured with the slowly but surely progress! 

See you at tomorrow's update!



As a mythology buff I had a lot of fun playing something based on a culture's mythology I've never heard before. Thanks for this well-made game.

You're welcome, Wings1075! Glad to hear you enjoyed yourself and thank you for playing! ^.^-

I've got to say this is one of the most expressive VNs I've ever played (and boy I have played A LOT)? Not necessarily in the art itself, but how you chose to use them! In the one route I've played so far most of the CGs had one or two more frams, the portraits moved around a lot, and the liberal use of sound made the world come alive more strongly than other games of his genre. I was honestly enthralled the whole time playing, nice work!

Hi GaHoolianGirl! I'm so glad to hear you enjoyed it! 

My scriptwriting is arduous, but I love breathing life into it through sounds, BGMs, and simple animations ^.^-

Good luck completing all the routes and thanks again for dropping me this warm comment >\\\< *hugs

Hopefully, I'll see you again when my 2nd game, Bermuda, is completed!



great novel.
3 route really good and really different.

Hi idrillkalean! Congrats on finishing all the routes! *throws confetti

I have to say, I thought this was great, while I have only played one of the routes(Mitra), my heart is already filled with joy and aching for more, so I want to say thank you for creating this great visual novel, and thank you for giving me the oppurtunity to explore this world and make my fantasy go wild with possible stories and scenarios. Truly an amazing piece of work. 

You're welcome, casinocas!
I feel great and flattered to know people are still playing Winged Ones >///<
so please, enjoy yourself thoroughly and I hope you have a great time!

I'll do my best to keep improving myself and make more VNs in the future!
See you around,


I'm cRyInGGG... Not actually but my heart is. 

 I played all three routes, but Rama's route just didn't sit right with me. Mitra was adorable, and his route was very innocent. (In my opinion) Reksa's route... was so good! Absolutely my favorite, and I'm in love with their relationship. I only wish I could play to see she and Reksa get married :(

Tamara is one of the best protagonists I've ever had the pleasure of playing as. She's hilarious, and strong. I feel like you don't see that enough in female main characters I love the humor in this game. There was romance, but in my opinion, more spice would've been fun. However, I can see why there wasn't. Different strokes for different folks I guess :)

Anyway, I'm really looking forward to playing your next game! 

Aww *hands a box of tissues to you

Thank you for playing and for boarding on my ship, whiteAugust007! QuQ Congratulations on finishing all the routes!

I understand too well about how you feel >< Rama's route is either good or not your cup your tea--a character with a complicated background is hard to flesh out but I'll do my best and keep trying to become a better creator and author! >:)

I see that Reksa is still our number 1 boy! So proud of him! And glad to hear you like Tamara and Mitra too <3 

I always want to make people smile when they read my stories, so you'll always see humor in my VNs x'D

I also look forward to hear your thoughts when Bermuda is completed! Until then, I hope you don't mind walking with me and read the weekly updates until we reach the goal line! >\\\<



I just finished the game and what a ride! I don't often write reviews on games but I felt I had to after this one. First I loved Tamara from the start, she was a nice change from the typical otome mc, some of her lines had me laughing so hard (well not only hers, a lot of the game made me lol so hard:) She became one of my favourite character to play as very fast, she did a lot of things I wish other main characters would. I also really liked the handling of her past in Mitra's route, I won't give away anything but that made me smile:)

1. Oh man, this is a tough choice as I greatly enjoyed all three routes and it's not all that often I play a game and enjoy all guys as well as their stories. But for me Reksa won out followed closely by Mitra. Reksa was first of all an interesting change since we got to see the differences beteen the komodos and the avians more but his character growth and interactions with Tamara won me over. Tamara's past isn't really mentioned in his route though which is one  downside since I really liked the handling of it in Mitra's. And we also got to see more of Purba in his route which is great because I enjoyed his character a lot:)

2. I do play quite a lot of visual novels, no matter the genre, maybe because I love reading so much:) I do mostly enjoy vn's with a plot that would keep me interested even without the romance and rarely play just fluff otome games, although I have a few exceptions. I saw the thumbnail for Nusantara and became interested as it seemed fantasy oriented and when I read about it the cultural and mythological inclusion sold it for me. Any games with historical/mythological themes will catch my attention since those are big interests for me. So I loved the inclusions of that as well as the encyclopedia with real life info, and the animals the guys were based on were also a very nice addition:)

3. If I had to choose then it would be the story, the humor and the characters, the writing was on point and the grammar errors were not very noticable. The dialogue and characters were all very well done, Tamara was strong and fun to play as, I loved that the side characters were so fleshed out and I especially fell for Asih and Yuda, they were just adorable together:) The fact that the plot took place over almost half a year was also a plus, it made the romance feel more real and natural and is a thing that isn't too common in otome games. The darker themes was also a plus and you handled all of them well in my opinion, it's something I'd like in more games.

4.  Keep up the good work, this was an awesome game and I will play Bermuda Triangle for sure after this gem!

Hi Elflady!
Thanks for coming by and dropping me a review! I just woke up and this put a smile on my face the first thing in the morning x'D

I'm really glad you love Tamara! She's my first heroine and  some of her lines aren't planned >< really, my characters tend to 'rebel' my original plot lines and create a new route for themselves :'))

1. Congrats on finishing all the routes! And yes, while Reksa's route has more content, Tamara's past didn't revealed here. I like to think Reksa occupied Tamara's mind so much, she didn't have time to think about her past x'D

2. High five! Reading is as natural as breathing for me x'D there's not a day I spent without reading light novel/fanfiction, so we're on the same boat! I also really like Fantasy, which is probably because Inuyasha and HunterxHunter were my childhood favorite TV shows :'3 --actually, still are and followed by Narnia, Harry Potter, and Game of Thrones.

So... yup, a lot of fantasy content in my games x'D 

3. Thank you! I still have a lot to learn in the writing department though >< 
The grammar errors are much worse before. It's only thanks to my proofreaders that Winged Ones reached this state QuQ
And lol, glad to hear our sense of humor is the same! I always strive to make fun and interesting scenes, especially for the fillers since I don't want you to get bored halfway >< it's a big concern for me so I always polished and polished until I'm satisfied with them--I usually don't stop polishing until I get into programming and see if they're good when applied or not.

4. I will! I'll do my best and continue improving so I can make more VNs--preferably all my life ^///^ 

Bermuda still has quite a way to go, but I hope you're willing to wait and walk with me while reading the weekly updates ><;

Thanks again for the support!


1. That must be it, Reksa was very good at being distracting xD  But it was a nice variation as well, in a way she dealt with it on her own/with a distraction.

2. That brings back memories, Inu Yasha was the series that got me in to manga/anime and is still a favourite of mine as well :D Fantasy is something you can't get in real life which is why I prefer it to strictly real life settings, why limit yourself to logic when magic is way more interesting:)

3. I can understand that, whenever I write something I go over it so many times until I'm happy with it and then a few more times:) I was a bit curious when it came to the names of the characters though, were they chosen on random or do they have any meanings? It's always something I'm interested in along with cultural stuff.

Don't worry, take the time it needs with Bermuda Triangle, no matter if the game is from an indie developer or a large company I'd rather it takes a bit longer to finish so the game can be as good as it can be instead of being rushed out. I just finished the demo and it was very good, I'll probably get together a review on that as well later when I've explored more of the options, but I really liked Maya and all the guys so far as well as all the references:) 

Purba really intrigues me! Wish there was a way to explore his character more. I wanted to learn more about him, his past and his character and what ultimately led him to his power hunger and genocide.

Hi maason!
Thanks for playing and glad to see you like Purba! x'D

His past is briefly explained in Reksa's route, but yeah, I didn't explain them in great detail ><

I really, really enjoy this! I haven't finished yet (I'm doing Reksa's route currently) but I am very sad about it ending. It's hard to come by a really good VN such as this one! Though I'm definitely going to be here for your future work! Do you think you will make anything else about these particular characters? 

1. Reksa; He's not a big, muscly man and kind of resembles the kind of person that I would like to be (minus the extra aggression lol). Also, his character design is just cool!

2. I usually don't read otome, I'm a otoge guy myself (obviously lol). I originally chose Nusantara because... well, bird boys..? Who doesn't love some Avian and Lizard cuties? 

3. I think the writing is absolutely amazing. How you managed to create this story with the many different routes and outcomes is beyond me. The amoung of effort put into this is visible just from the minute I first started playing. One thing I did find a little off was the stars in the moon. When the moon is in crescent, there are no stars before it or behind it that are visible lol. Though that's a very minor detail. 

4. :D so happy you're creating this kind of stuff! I'll be here to support you! ^W^

Hi, Hobi <3!
Thanks for stopping by and dropping me a review! 

It's rare for a guy to read my VN, so I'm really glad to hear you enjoyed reading Winged Ones! I'm still busy with my second project, Bermuda, so I'll consider making an additional epilogue/short after-story after I'm done with it ^.^

1. Aww thanks! Reksa is one of the early reasons why I decided to try my luck in making VNs, so seeing him getting loved by so many people makes me happy ^///^

2. Lol, I guess we both agree that we need more novels with bird boys/girls? x'D 

3. Thank you so much! It's only through so much polishing and my proofreaders, that I'm able to create this story Q_Q my proofreaders played a big part as I'm having trouble with grammar and unseen plotholes! They're amazing and I doubt Winged Ones will be this good without them >< 

4. Aww thank you for the warm support! *hugs

I still have much to learn but I'll do my best to make more interesting stories for you to read! >:3 
Stay tuned with my weekly updates!


loved it wish there was more ,after if that makes sense

Thanks, otakunoodle! Glad to hear you enjoy it! ^.^-

The title make it sound like an Indonesian game, haven't downloaded it yet, and the characters' name sound so Indonesian

//Peace from Indonesia


Yup, I'm proud to share our culture and other elements  with others ^.^

Hi! I just finished this game today and I absolutely loved it-- that I had to make an account here just so I can share my thoughts. This game has been sitting on my pc files for a while now but didn't have the chance to play. I kind of regret not playing this sooner!! I didn't have internet yesterday so I thought 'eh, why not' and gave it a shot. I chose Rama first since I wasn't aware of the suggested route order (although after I was done with Rama's good end, I realized that I should've played Mitra first based on how things were going so I played him second, and Reksa last)

Anyway, I thought I wouldn't like Mitra at first (or his route in general) since he seemed like the 'perfect guy type' (and well he was-) but I absolutely loved his route, it was so much fun and sweet. I didn't expect that I will enjoy and love it as much as I did in the other routes. I laughed a lot! <3 It was an amazing ride.

Rama, I loved him the moment Tamara met him!! So I had to go through his route first, I thought. I read in one of your responses here that if you were to choose a 'true route', you'd choose Rama, and I'm glad you think so. He's definitely the one that needs "someone" the most. I love that boy so much-- I got shocked and sad when I found out what happens to him if you weren't going for his route :'c As I was playing Mitra and Reksa's route, I had the urge to finish their routes already so I can replay Rama's! lolol but after Reksa's route.. oh man. Reksa got me SHOOKT, his route was so good!! It's like, if I were to have a bias here, it'd be Rama and Reksa would be my bias wrecker!! HAHAHA The ending was so good. It's IMPOSSIBLE not to love Reksa, imo.

1) tl;dr I love Rama, his character in general makes me feel that I just want to give all the love and support to protect this precious boi (or more like he'll protect me instead--)

2) Yes, I do. I'm a student so I try my best to find free visual novels here and there (but I still buy games when I can)

3) I think the best would be the story and overall theme. It's really interesting as I don't know much about different cultures, I like how they were based from actual animals and actual traditions. I liked that I recognized the fruits too (as we have it in the PH as well). The art, sprites, and colors fit the game's atmosphere for me. I don't know much about art but I'm sure you will improve even more in the future! I really love their expressions btw!

4) Will this ever have a sequel/special/story that talks about what happens after the game? (probably not) And will Bermuda Triangle be a free game?

Thanks for the fun adventure! <3 I haven't played the bad endings yet as I'm scared how it'll turn out but I hope I get the courage when I decide to play it again!

Hi stardust! Congrats on getting all the happy endings and thank you for loving all my boys >\\\< also, thank you for giving my VN a chance and I'm really glad to hear you love it! 

It's night over here and your comment just made my day brighter^///^ it's been a long time since Winged Ones is released so to see people still love my boys today means so much to me.

1. Thanks! I still have a lot to learn in grammar department, but I'll always do my best to improve and make good story!

2. Me too--honestly, we need more otome games/translated ones :'3

3.  Yup, I agree! I still have lots of rooms for improvement >< Winged Ones had gone through 3 layers of proofreaders before it reached oday's level and if not for them, I'm sure people will comment about my grammar everywhere x'D as for art well, I'll do my best to reach the level of those big guns! >:D 

The indonesian tradition was a gamble but I'm very happy to see you like it!

4. Hmm I'm afraid there won't be a sequel, but you can find fanfics in wattpad ^.^- one in particular is created by one of my proofreaders: "Nusantara: Taming a Dragon ( ReksaxOC)" or more mature ones like "Anak Manusiaku yang Manis (RamaxTamara)" >< the last one is created by a fan~

As for Bermuda, since the story length is almost triple Winged Ones, it will be commercial :'3 the normal price is $15 but you can still get an early bird package which is $10 if you click that big yellow paypal button on the game page~

Lastly, I also personally don't like to read bad ends, but I've been hearing good things about Winged Ones bad end~ one of them is also one of the best scenes I've ever written!

Thank you for visiting and dropping me this lovwly comment, Stardust! ^.^- I hope to see you around!



Thank you for the fanfic recommendations! <3 I did see some comments expressing their thoughts about grammar, I honestly didn't notice much grammar errors in the game so I didn't mention anything about it (or maybe I was reading too fast to notice). I have the urge to replay the game but I must resist-- the longer I miss it, the more I'll love it even more, haha~ Good luck with Bermuda Triangle! Fighting!

Again, thanks for the adventure~

hello! I've played this game years ago when it was a still a bit new and now I'm replaying it and I'm really still awed at how good this game is! It's been years and yet I'm still ABSOLUTELY in love with Rama. Honestly, I just made an account in here to tell you this because you really did a good job with the story and the characters and even the interactions are all amusing! I really like this game aaaaaAAAAAA it's the right amount of funny and yet tragic at the same time. It makes me FEEL things and gah!! It's so good.

Anyways, I'm really just here to tell you how wonderful Rama is. He's such a sad boy but I'm really glad he's found his own sunshine. Thank you for making him ans bringing him into my world. I really love him. I think about him A LOT and he's one of the main reasons why I'm replaying this game. I already know all the things that are going to happen but somehow it's still really fun to look back! 

Great job!! Looking forward to your new work!! And I'll give you my support once I have the money!! ๐Ÿ’–


Thank you so much Claradeso! It's morning and I saw your comment first thing in the morning >\\\< it made my day~

Thank you for loving Rama and I'm glad to hear you enjoyed yourself thoroughly! Lord knows Rama needs more love and I'm always happy to have more people love him <3

I still have rooms for improvement so I'll definitely work hard in my 2nd project! Hopefully, I'll see you again then ^///^

Thanks again for coming by and see you around!



I really love this storyline. But I also love the soundtrack. I would pay decently for the soundtrack to this. Its really well done. I am looking forward to your second game. When I can I will absolutely donate.

Thanks for dropping by and telling me your thoughts, Risalseri! 

I'm very glad to hear you enjoyed Winged Ones and looking forward to Bermuda!

And yes, I'm very lucky to have met amazing composers ^.^- I'll consider distributing the soundtrack as a DLC pack after I ask their permission~



Hello! I wanted to say that I really enjoyed this game! I'm so picky when it comes to VN and usually, I end up being frustrated by the main character but Tamara was definitely one of the best aspect of the game. More than once I ended up laughing at her antics and reactions. I also loved that you choose an universe that wasn't set in England/European-like country. It was such a nice change! 

Concerning the routes, I loved each one of them but I have to say that Reksa was definitely something! 

Thank you for bringing us such a nice, clever, funny - and much more - game!

Hi frogscollector!
Thanks for coming by and sending me this warm support! >///<
I'm very happy to hear you like Tamara and the Indonesian culture I've applied here! I see that Reksa is still the most popular bachelor out here x'D

Thanks again for dropping by and hope to see you again at Bermuda, my second game!


This was amazing!! You did a really good job with this game,definitely one of my favourite otome games^.^ I gotta say that every route was amazing and each one of them had different aspects that I enjoyed but the truth is that Reksa has won my heart >.< I really liked the way the relationship between him and the MC escalated,I just loved it in general. I can't wait to try your new game as well^_^ <3

(1 edit)

Thamks for coming by and drop me this lovely comment, jimin_trash_here! ^.^-

Congrats on finishing the game and I'm really glad to hear you love all three routes! I see that Reksa is still the crowd's favorite x'D 

My second game is still in progress, but I hope you'd be patient with me as I progress slowly but surely! Thank you for your support and see you around!



Absolutely love this game!! One of my all time favorites next to Cinderella Phenomenon!! The story was amazing, and much much deeper than I had originally anticipated. My favorite was definitely Reksa, but I absolutely adored Rama's ending! I'm so happy that he was able to overcome his dark past and find happiness with the MC! Although in the other routes besides his own, he ended up dying, and I was so sad...Reksa's route was definitely my favorite though! Their relationship development was amazing, and it did not feel rushed at all. I love how protective and caring he was, despite having trust issues at first! This was such an AMAZING quality game! Amazing job:)

(1 edit)

Hi, coconutcreampie!
Congrats on finishing the game and thank you for playing! >///<
I'm really happy to see you love my game! Even more so after I hear you like Rama's ending! 
After all, not many people have the patience to stand Rama's 'unique' behavior ><

I still have rooms for improvement though. For one, I'm very slow at writing scripts and if not for your reviews/enthusiasm, Winged Ones won't be as good as today! 

That's why my team and I would like to thank you for your support!
I hope you'll come again to try our second project after it's finished! ^.^)/



Deleted 1 year ago

That's strange o.o
Have you followed the exact choices? The crucial part is you have to save Reksa, but then Be Honest. << This is a part of requirements to unlock the choice to give him other item besides the explosives.

You also cannot raise the affection of other bachelors ><

Really?  I did that, but still didn't get the choice to give Rama anything else besides the explosives (since I'm guessing that's what you're talking about).  Are you sure you don't have to do anything else? I know there's an ending for Reksa, but I don't know how to get there.

Really! o.o;
There should be no problem with the programming since a lot of people get Rama's good end. 
As for Reksa's route, you need to save him and then lie to him. That way, you'll lead Reksa to a cave. To get into his route, you'll simply have to visit Reksa whenever there's a choice to do that.

Oh, have you taken a look at my old walkthrough? OuO

It's old, but the important points are there~

oh, thanks

Thank you for such a wonderful game! I spend about 2-3 days on it, I didn't really think I'd get too much into it because I'm a modern gal, but GODDESS did I love it! Not only was it extremely lengthy, detailed, and fun; I had fun with every ending!! And that says something because I usually avoid bad endings when it comes to visual novels, but not only did I enjoy the bad endings, even the normal ending was fulfilling! 

I can't wait for your next project, you've got +1 supporter!

Not gonna lie, I'm really gonna miss these boys now that I completed the novel...

Hi Fruity! Congrats on finishing all the routes and thank you for playing! 

I'm so glad to hear you enjoyed yourself thoroughly and spent 2-3 days on my game ^///^ that's quite fast--and yes! Thank you for the support! Nothing makes me happier to see someone love my boys as much if not more than I do!

My 2nd project still has quite some ways to go but I hope you'll walk beside me as we walk step by step to completion!

Stay tuned with the weekly updates and see you around!



Hey SweetChiel, 

I have played and loved your game and I am eager for the new release coming soon, im hoping to either get into animation or 3D animation soon and I was wondering if I could try animating come of your characters or even some scenes from the game, the art style is gorgeous but I would love to see it in a new format,

Seeing this is your baby (which u did a great job on btw) I thought it would be best to ask permission before trying anything, Good luck with any new projects oh and Happy new year btw =)

Reoku <3

Oh btw I forgot to ask which of the guy's route would you consider to be the true canon route thanks again ^_^


Hi Reoku Maurer! Thank you for playing and glad to hear you enjoyed yourself thoroughly!

And yes! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! *blows a horn

Wow, I would be so happy if you decide to animate one of the bachelors or one of the scenes! Thank you for asking for my permission first--and yes you can! Please give me the link to it later so I can boast about my boys in one of my weekly updates >\\\<

As for who I consider the true canon route... hmm, this is a difficult question. Each bachelor is unique and have their own strengths. They are all my babies, but if I have to choose... it would be Rama. He needs Tamara the most ><

You are very welcome, I feel like its always best to ask the original creator when making something new of there work, just a policy of mine =)

As I said tho i'm only just starting to learn so it may take a while, but I hope you look forward to it <3


Hey I'm back and sorry I didn't follow your advice and play yet another 4 hours on this game. I did what you said: Play Reksa route for the last.


I love him and his possessiveness and I love love the 'Chase' at the end. I really love that kind of thing where they do the 'predator and prey' thing. I love it. I love him. I love you and I love this game!


Hi Eddie!
Congratulations on finishing all the routes!

Now you can rest your mind and body in peace lol x'D
Oh and Winged Ones has launched on Steam! We need players and reviews to unlock the Achievement and Trading Cards system so if you don't mind, come by and visit me there :'3

But in any case, thank you for playing and I hope you have a great week!



Absolutely love this game. One of my all time favourites.  A Very detailed and enjoyable world and people.

Is it possible to get a steam key for this? my email is

Hi athenasarah4!
You're lucky 'cause I still have a few steam keys to giveaway!
I've sent it so check your inbox or spam folder!

You are awesome! Thank you very much


this was,,,bRILLIANT!!
+i rlly love the names,,that small touch of making them seem indian,,<3
((also did u mean 'raksa' instead of 'reksa' bc raksha means protection,,or am i just pronouncing it wrong?? idk but Rama is Best Boi

there was a quirky storyline and it was nice to see it not fall into any stereotypical dating sim tropes and just wOW on the character sprites and backgrounds!! (i could never have that much patience to draw anything lolmao)

also -- it's rlly rare to see dark-skinned love interests (in my experience) and i loved that! and though i love the design of the protag,, i think not having a set design for them would be best bc it gives the player an opportunity to imagine themselves there -- but still amazing anyway!! great plotline, cute characters, coolio music, and overall just brilliant to play and replay!! keep up the good work!!

((also,,may I please have a steam key?? my email is

i can't wait to see more of ur work!! 

Thanks kryouma!
In Javanese, Reksa means 'keep' so yeah, I think it's similar to 'protection' or 'guardian' ^.^- and yes! We need more games with dark skinned men! x'D *or maybe it's just my fetish *cough

Patience and effort are the key here, but I'm mainly grateful to my supporters because they have a seemingly endless patience, waiting for my game to complete! >///< I'm honestly a slow writer, so really, thank you for being awesome and waited for me! 

and of course, thank you for suggestion! I also feel it would be great to have a customize-able protagonist, but in terms of work, it's a bit too much since I'll also have to customize the CGs @@ if there's 3 eyes, 3 hair color, 3 hair style, 2 skin, there would be... 18 variations just for 1 CG? *cough* so... for the sake of my sanity, I would put down that idea for now :'))

Lastly, I sent the steam key to your email just now!
Please check your inbox or spam folder! 




just to clarify,,i meant a protag that's NOT SEEN on the screen so the CGs would just be of the romance-able character! i think it also gives you the feeling of actually being there bc it's like a 'complete the scene' kinda thing,,yanno? also,,in terms of work that might be harder bc you'd like to put a lot more detail into just that one character -- but i think its better than two fullbodies (bc those kill me)! just a suggestion -- making it a little more LGBT+ suportive (like choosing pronouns, female/non-bianary/genderfluid love interests as well) would help the game reach larger audiences! also can't wait for the next game -- lmao wish i had enough money rn to support,,but def ask me if ya need any help with beta-ing, ideas for CGs or story-line revision! as always,,love ur work,,and thanks for giving ppl like me a chance to feel loved!! 

(2 edits)

Time to drop my mini-testament here~:

Like, this ones is ones ofe my favorite stories ever, I love it and enjoy it lots! 

Mi first route was Mitra, had to agree it was such a fluffy route mostly but that it's the charm on his route I gotta say. I can recall how many time I was like "Oh my lighhht~ my heart!" and those were many xD. He kind of remind me to a character I know by far but gezz Mitra sure is a sweet.

The it came Reska, I will admit I feel bad lying but I was really wantes to help him, and see what it was like his route. I have sucha a hard time completing otomes since I normaly stick to one route and leave it there once I get over with the one i choose but the story in general was so catching that I need to know! I have such a hard time since I feel bad for Mitra but will sa it: WORTH IT! I end really amaze by Reska's route > <, love the boy I am touched on my tiny heart, [to this day I debate a bit but suprisingly I end loving Reska's route a bit more than Mitra's]

Then Rama came, I have already got 2 routes and I really was curious what was his story, need to know. They may say curiosity kill the cat but they forget how satisfaction brought it back! I was a bit conflicted with his route, I wanted to help him but sure he is a hard one to deal with [Bless guide bc I was kind of lost many times] Was worth it though, I am glad I play his route to end, That answer many of my little questions that I was really curious for a while. It was great know how he get there and why all was as it was for him on his case, really something!

Th characters side the boys were really amazing love how you develop them and chain all, it was really amazing! 

I may talk on how I get some bad endings but I guess I still got some to try and really I guess there is still a bit left for me around [Let's go and hurt my heart~ (will be fine I have to live for more stories) xD]

In resume love the work you did here, is really wonderful thank you for all so far! The art, the story and all is amazing so thank you for you great work!

It may be random but may I get a steam key too? My email is ******* > < [edited just in case but thank you so much! security reasons]

Thanks again and looking forward to any other story you have there for us! 

Take care and see ya!

Hi RomyAkari/Romy350!

Thank you for giving all 3 bachelors a chance and glad to hear you enjoyed all the routes! ^///^ thank you for loving all my boys *hugs*

Nothing makes me happier than hearing people enjoying and completed all 3 routes <3

And yes! Aside from Mitra's route, the other 2 are quite tricky especially Rama's >< Good to hear the walkthrough helped you to get all the good endings though! 

oh and no problem about the steam key! I'm giving away steam keys until Winged Ones is officially released on Steam ^.^- 

I'll send you one now so keep an eye on your inbox/spam folder!




Okay can I just write some things?

1. I freaking love you, your game, your art, your creativity ! I came here from Queen's Crown and I do not regret it!

2. I played a total of 4 hours and got 3 endings, the normal end, Mitra's good end and Rama's Bad End(Why why whyyyy??!)

3. Favourite guy? It's Mitra. And also the first guy I got when I first played. I don't know how to get Rama's good end nor the Komodo Guy. Looking in the comments, I now know his name is Reksa :')

4. You're adding this to Steam!! May I have a steam key please? Here's my email

5. Read no. 1

6. Rama's story is really sad. 

7. Best birb? Sari


Hi, EddieQue!
Thank you for dropping by and write to me!

1. Aww thank you! I'm very glad to hear you like my art and game >///< gosh, I'm nervous about Queen's Crown since it's my first time doing CGs commission, but you'll surely enjoy Agashi's writing! She's an awesome writer! OuO)b

2. Whoa there, it's alright to slow down, you know? x'D Don't forget to take some rest and eat in between!
Oh, and if you're having some trouble with the routes, here's the link for the walkthrough: 

Just click and drag your mouse over the white space ^.^- I hope it helps!

3. Bwahahah! Reksa's name is unusual so it's normal for you to forget x'D people also sometimes mistype his name into Reska, but I can feel their love for him just fine! Thank you for loving my boys and I hope you'll be able to get all the endings!

4. Sure! I've sent the steam key just now so please check your inbox or spam folder!

5. Oh lol x'D thanks!

6. Yes, his psychology is the most complex of all :'D It's to balance Mitra's fluffy route and Reksa is the 'medium' difficulty with some spices here and there. Oh and I recommend you do Reksa's route for last.

7. Lol, thank you! 

Thanks for coming and I hope you'll be with me on Steam later! x'D



Favourite guy was Mitra! I love nice, kind guys <3 plus his route and how he convinces MC that staying in their world is better than the modern world with its stress and anxiety and worry, I related to that because it's exactly what I've been feeling. Now I just need to get magically transported to another world... 

I just wish there was a way of saving Rama in Mitra's route because I want bae to be fully happy. 

Hi theknightedcat! 

Thanks for playing and giving Mitra your love! >\\\\< I'm glad to hear you could relate with Tamara and I hope, by playing, it helps alleviate the stress and worries we've been having daily :'D

Ah, I agree, I wish there's a way to save Rama without having to go to his route, but alas, his psychology wouldn't allow it >< 

Oh but here's a good news for you! Winged Ones is coming to steam! There's going to be a major grammar fix, achievement system, and trading cards later in the future when we've reached certain threshold of reviews/players!

I'm giving away steam keys so drop your email address below if you want one ~

Hey! Of course I need an excuse to replay :p

Here's my email:

YAY! Sent!
Yup, we need to reach a certain threshold to unlock trading cards on Steam so spread the love! ;)

Thank you for the hard work and dedication to work on and improve the game to it is now. It was really a delightful experience while playing this visual novel and I humbly wish to say a few (hopefully, just a few) words about it.

1. My favourite bachelor? Rama. You don't even have to ask, haha. How do I say this? I feel him as a rather more in-depth character although I can't deny I blinked a little at the reason for his agony. Taking a second to digest and step into his shoes, well, it certainly is a painful experience. His gradual character development along the way really came off rather appealing. He feels close as a character, his jester-like nature and the slight twist is  a good touch that I certainly won't mind to see in future games. Drifting off to other bachelors, I didn't regret choosing Mitra to start off this serious, yet light-hearted visual novel. His gentlemanly and rather predictable nature really allowed me to ease into the game and adore him well enough for a start. Changing perspectives slightly from Mitra's and Rama's stories, Reksa really ended the whole experience with a more refreshing insight. His relatively mature handling of different sides and personality really sets him apart to be attractive as well. Regardless, Rama still resonates most with me out of this game.

2. What made me considered this game? I have to admit seeing a new version makes me feel the dedication and passion of the creator's. A skim pass the summary and the pleasant art style and I'm in.

3. I really enjoyed this visual novel. For it to be free is really a gift and blessing. I would say the art is different from my usual preferences but I certainly have a feeling that this game is not one I should passed. Definitely, no regrets. I really like the gallery and the mini encyclopedia. Reviewing them after each playthrough is pretty fun. What stands out the most is really the characters and thank you-a big appreciation-for not stopping after the "romancing" part and forget about the whole war and story. I really like the start-to-end follow through that the game has. Did I mention that Rama's bad end is so heart-wretching and badass? I actually didn't played this oneshot surprisingly, probably because of busy schedules, but picking it up on my first route with Mitra isn't an issue at all, in fact, I simply get more intrigued. I find this little, would I say, immersive aspect really commendable. It feels like there is more to offer, not just romance options or anything, the detailed development really just gives me more to anticipate.

4. I can deal with minor grammar errors and so on. I am rather curious about Purba to be honest. While I get what might happened to him in the end, I do wish for a more in-depth hint for a more proper closure, maybe it's just me. Another thing might be the fact that how Rama just suddenly get back with the village in his route feels a bit too rushed and sudden, while it's fine but I'll certainly welcome more development in this. Oh, can I have a chibi gallery too? Haha, they are so adorable. Mitra could hopefully afford a bad end too, because it's Mitra. Let me just randomly comment that I really like Tamara's CG in the normal end. Yes, Yuda is very entertaining, Granny is also so understanding and-my goodness, my appreciation for this game may never end.

5. Definitely. I really like this one and I do look forward for the next one. I understand that you are currently working on another project so I'm really eagerly looking out and hoping to support or purchase it one day. Not anytime soon but as soon as I get over my student's phase, I look forward to.

Thank you for this wonderful piece of creation. If anything, I hope my humble comments may bring you some useful thoughts or at least, a pleasant read. A few words, indeed, I'm afraid even after all these I still cannot express how much I enjoyed this. Sincerely, thank you.

Wow, so many comments tonight! I feel blessed >////<

Hi, hayashi!
Thanks for dropping by and telling me your thoughts!

1. YAY! Another Rama fan! I'm so happy -this boy really needs more love QuQ
Thank you for taking your time to get into his shoes and finished off all three routes! I didn't post the recommended route playing order here, but you pretty much hit the nail by leaving Reksa's route for last x'D
I'm very glad to hear you picked Rama in the end though! His psychology is the most complex and borderline, if not already tackling the issue of depression. I wanted to convey the message of devotion and patience. Sometimes, when facing our troubles, all we need is someone to stay and sit beside us until we're ready to open ourselves to them >< It's simple but challenging to write, but I'm happy to see more people understand my intention!

2. Aww thank you!
First impression counts after all! x'D

3. Thank you! Gosh, you're making me blush now with all the praises >///<
The encyclopedia is a gamble for my part, since I didn't know whether people will find these things interesting or not --but man, knowing my novel is interesting enough for people to play from start to the end made me so happy!
And yes! I have to admit that Rama's bad end turned out better than I expected! It's one of my favorite scenes in the novel :'3

I still have much to learn though -particularly about grammar since my proofreaders are hammering me down with how many errors are there :'D However! I will definitely do my best to keep up the good work and improve the quality little by little!

4. I agree! Honestly, if not for Tamara, Rama wouldn't want to place a foot back to Loma Village :'D the pain and the awkward misunderstanding are just too much to fix in reality. That's why, I'm thankful for the weekly time skip! *I know, I cheated a bit here ><*
Ah now that you mention it... I forgot to put a chibi gallery here and in my 2nd project *facepalm*
Thank you for mentionin this! I'll see what I can do about that!

5. Yes! Thank you so much for your support and this kind review! Your feelings came through and definitely made my day!
No rush about trying to give me your support though, I understand the difficulties of a student too well :'D this review is enough for now!

Oh, but the good news is Winged Ones is coming to Steam really soon!
I'm giving away free Steam Keys so please drop your email here if you want it ^.^- There will be a major fix on the grammar, an achievement system, and trading cards in the future if the game is doing well and reached certain threshold of good reviews and such!

Thanks again and I hope to see you in the future!


Hello SweetChiel~ Thank you too.

Indeed. I still feel like I can go on and on about the entire, delightful experience. Rama is too unique yet sincere a character to look over in my case. I'm pretty sure he will continue to make his impression on me for a while even after the game. Regardless of the minor errors here and there, I really had a good time with this, so don't push yourself too hard. If anything, I'm really grateful for your best efforts. Rama's bad end is one of my favorites too. The other one will be somewhere in Reksa's route where he just smiled a moment in the cave after warming up to Tamara, I think. I'm truly humbled that my little comment can help you in anyway. Thank you for the kind offer, allow me to just drop my email ( I'll really be happy to be able to play this again with all the trading cards and improvements you made! Once again, thank you. I'll certainly continue to check out your new work(s) and support them in the near future!

(3 edits)

1. The bachelor I liked most was definitely Reksa. While all three of the bachelors' stories were compelling in their own way I liked Reksa in the way he handled both aspects of good and evil (though I could do without him calling Tamara woman all the time). He was good but he wasn't afraid to toe the boundary between the softer and rougher sides of him and that's what I find most intriguing and exciting about him. Because his reactions/emotions were so intense it made the story more exciting for me. That in combination with his moral stance when it came to his character really made me adore the guy - it wasn't just me he protected, he worked to protect the villagers and even in Rama's route he came back to warn Tamara of the oncoming Komodo attack. I felt like Reksa was somebody who gave you the best of both worlds: he would never hurt anyone unless they were a threat and his chracter (outside of where Tamara's concerned) is admirable and interesting independently because of all the different aspects of his personality; at the same time he's not afraid to be rough with Tamara which let us see Tamara's rough side (referring to how Tamara was punching him in his good ending to try and escape loll) and that was really funny to see. I did Reksa's storyline first so even when I played Rama's and Mitra's it was easy to spot the differences and it just made me love Reksa's character even more ^.^

I also really liked how he diverted from the sort of ordinary stereotype of the man being the dominating power and the woman being the meek one  - Mitra was a family man and he was an incredibly good person and he preferred Tamara fulfill the roles of a gentle homemaker and mother rather than her developping the skills of a warrior (which is okay and i understand that he doesn't want to see Tamara getting hurt) but I really wanted to see Tamara being all badass on her own lol even though she really didnt have much fighting skill, its really refreshing seeing an empowered heroine (when seeing her display her CPR skills with Reksa -- i mean even though it didn't work just seeing her out there in the field demonstrating what she was capable of was great and with Reksa it felt more like a team effort when they were taking down the Komodo's).

2. I really love games that dive into the past. Something about history and the lives of those who lived before us has always fascinated me and so this VN's spin on that spiked my interest from the beginning. I also really like the fighting/action that's often woven into stories that dive into the past (i'm a sucker for a good action scene) so that (and of course the romance aspect) kept me interested throughout all the storylines. 

3.  Honestly I really loved it - and I know it's a simple thing to say but what I mean by that is the best stories are those that succeed in creating a new world for you to live in and be a part of as you read the lines of the tale. I was able to step out of my own world and join Reksa, Mitra, Rama, Granny, Asih and Yuda in theirs and it was really fun. Plus I became pretty emotionally invested in the VN - I mean the shock, the horror, the laughs, the sadness - I experienced it all. The art was beautiful and intensified and brought to life the words written for the story so that was definitely something that stood out to me each time Tamara had a moment with one of the characters, but I mean the story and the art went hand in hand for me - neither could be made so wonderful without the other. The endings were really fulfilling, they put a soft end to the story - it wasn't like the characters were ripped away from you and you were rid of the world, instead the stories and the characters kind of stayed with you which I thought was a pretty surprising effect that the story managed to have on me. (The music was fantastic too btw - I have the piano melody playing in the background as I write this - it makes me feel so at peace aha)

The Indonesian aspect of it was really refreshing to see. For me, the books/movies/tv shows I have available to me to read are based in primarily in America so it was great seeing a change in setting and culture. I'm really interested in Indonesian culture too (even though I don't know a whole lot about it) so I was pleasantly surprised when the story drew from there so thank you for including that. It was nice seeing that part of you woven into the story. 

3. I'd really want to know about the process behind the novel - what you were thinking when you decided to create it, how the story came together, what influences in your life influenced how the story turned out, what you love most about your own story and what you're thinking in terms of VN's for the future? (I know these are a lot of questions but i'm really curious!)

Critique wise -hm, I think it would be awesome to see a more skilled female lead (though Tamara was adorable and I loved her lol) it would be cool to see someone more capable and independent (though I did admire Tamara's emotional skill when it came to handling these relationships). That's all I can think of right now! Seriously the story was great :3

4. yES!

(1 edit)

Hi ExcellentDoughnut4!
Glad to see you've finished all the routes and returned here! ^.^-

First of all, thank you for writing this detailed review! From the meticulous writing, I can feel how you poured your passion and love to it -and I couldn't ask for a better review >///<

1. Ah,  Reksa once again claimed the first spot! 
I don't have much to say since you've practically already said everything that needs to be said! You even noticed the moment where Reksa returned to warn Tamara about the oncoming war QuQ I get really happy when players notice those small things! And yes, each route has their own weakness & strength, but I have to admit that Tamara is more badass in Reksa's route. There are soft and rough moments here, a lot more balanced compared to Mitra's easy-soft route or Rama's hard-psychology route. 

Hmm, maybe I'm a little biased? >< Reksa is the first character I created for this novel so... oh, you asked about how the process behind the novel? Let's continue this later on number 3, okay? x'D

2. Me too! Aside from diving into the past, I also love fantasy genre so Winged Ones is kinda like a mix of those two + an experiment whether I can pull this off or not >< fortunately, it worked! I didn't expect the fighting scenes to be so intense though. Maybe because I watched a lot of movies and animes? But overall, I'm very happy to be able to keep the readers interested from the beginning to the end!

3. Okay, so I told you that Reksa is the first character I created, right?
This visual novel is supposed to be my college's final project. I was experimenting about how to mix anime style with Indonesian culture and create an original character design from it. I already liked VNs back then, so I thought it would be nice to have a demo for a representation. 

And so, that's where it all started. 
At that time, the inspiration for the story came from a movie called 'A girl that leapt through time',  'Harry Potter', and my love for Angels/Winged People. After lots of revision, trials, and errors, the demo is done and I posted it on lemmasoft for fun. I didn't expect to have so many people like it though >< as more and more people came and ask when is it going to be completed, I decided to YOLO and finish the project.

 At first, I used Novelty (A free software, easier than Ren'Py  but still in alpha mode). It took me a little more than a year to complete it, but the result is quite bad. This software have bugs in it and there were crashes everywhere. 
With no other choice, I decided to learn Ren'Py from scratch and managed to finish the Ren'Py version in a long year of sweat and blood.

After seeing the positive comments, I decided to walk the path of becoming an indie VN developer x'D


I hope I didn't bore you with my text wall o.o;
But thanks for asking and I hope you get to become a great programmer! If you want to be a game dev, you'll need dedication and commitment, but after that? It's very fulfilling to see our characters came to life :'D

Oh, and here's some good news for you:
Winged Ones is coming to Steam really soon! There's going to be a major fix on the grammar, achievement system, and trading card later in the future if the game is going well and reached certain threshold on reviewers! But because Steam is a commercial platform, I decided to put a price of $4.99 there >< However! I will give away Steam Keys for loyal supporters, so please drop your email down here so I can send it to you later ~

I'm also in the middle developing my 2nd project called 'Nusantara: Bermuda Triangle'. It's not a sequel; it's a new story but the setting is the same yet, much, MUCH, broader than just an island. More info can be seen by clicking my profile and click the game page ^.^-

Last but not least, thank you for your support and warm review! I guess I'll see you around? ;)


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Unfortunately I can't get Reska's happy ending at all since there was no option for me but to give him the explosives. I read on a site i was supposed to click above or below the option (if the alternative didn't appear) so that i hand him the pink crystal instead but sadly it doesn't seem to be working for me. Any idea on how I can fix this?

btw, love the game! i really enjoyed playing it - lol i actually played it nonstop because it was so good ^.^ (rip my sleep schedule)

Hi ExcellentDoughnut4!

Thanks for coming by and I'm sorry to hear you can't seem to unlock Reksa's good ending >< 

The reason could be because you don't have enough affection points. Have you tried following the walkthrough? The link is here: (click and drag your mouse over the white box to see its content).

I hope this could help you to get it and so you can catch up with your rest ^.^-



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Hi SweetChiel!

Thanks for responding! It was my first time playing a game like this - the walkthrough helped a lot aha. I got to experience all 6 endings and man I loved the story. (Reksa's my favourite!) Thanks for you help and for creating this. It must've taken a lot of work and I really did enjoy it. 

(14 edits)

Honestly?? This game was absolutely amazing and though the only problems I saw were ones in grammar, this has been one of the absolute best otome games I have ever played!!

From the encylopedia page to the amazing art and cg's, this game is absolutely of stellar quality! The tiny bits of humor are adorable and I'm just so amazed by how awesome you are as a person- you made this game entirely by yourself and even tackled such a serious issue such as Rama's! More on that later!!

Tip: recommended playing order is Reksa, Mitra, then Rama


1.)  Rama. Rama's absolutely my favorite, but I have to say that ALL of the boys were absolutely fantastic. Reksa will always have a special and soft spot in my heart for being the first man I went after and for being absolutely adorable and caring in his route, and Mitra is honestly so good, though sadly he's a bit overlooked due to his clearly-best-option-boy-next-door personality rip hahaha. I love each and every one of these boys and the characters in the story because of how they really did feel like a family, especially after Rama finally told Tamara about his past. Mitra, Yuda and Rama's bantering is one of the best things ever.

MOVING ON TO ACTUALLY TALKING ABOUT RAMA, Rama absolutely stole my heart in his route. Not to say the other boy's routes aren't as valid, but there are usually 'true' routes in otome games and Rama's route is clearly it. I did Reksa, Mitra, and saved Rama for last and honestly,  it was the best decision I've ever made. It built up the story just so nothing in any of the stories were spoiled for me other than the common automatic events and it set up Rama's story as a real treat.

Rama's a sweet guy and he's so cute and protective of Tamara. I also loved observing the parallels between Mitra's route and Rama's route. I'd say Rama wouldn't be very proud of his wings, so even if the festival for declaring one's intention was placed later into the story, I don't think he'd participate. That, and he was still sorting things out at the part of the story where it might've happened before the final decisive battle.

I saw him taking care of Tamara with food and protection (similar to an adorable wife, I love him so much) as his way of courting her. Not the village's tradition, but Rama's way. He's always been quirky and funny in that way and I'd say you truly did tackle the subject well. Rama's unpredictable, and though he'd started to get better, he still had major doubts about himself and insecurities on whether or not he really did deserve to be happy again. He thinks of himself like a bad charm.

I'd better wrap this section up since it's already five paragraphs long but long story short, Rama's my definite choice above all and I'm so glad he finally allowed himself to be happy in the end. and APPARENTLY he's the only gentleman out of the three since he left the room when Tamara went to sleep! Though I know that was (partly?) because he didn't trust himself and he still didn't sort out his feelings yet hahaha.  He's also super cool, have I mentioned that? He's got a really huge heart, and it's fragile after everything he's been through... I know I can entrust him with Tamara.

Side note: Mitra is the broest of bros and the clear mvp of the game. Best wing (heh) man ever, 100/10, give him the wife he deserves. He and Tamara would make the best parents ever. I'm sad he wasn't really as emphasized as the others :'(

2.) I considered playing this game because poc characters?? Yes. ANTHROPOMORPHIC AWESOME BIRD PEOPLE WITH WINGS??? YES. MYTHOLOGY-ESQUE AND INTERESTING FOREIGN CULTURE???? HELL YES. I'm a sucker for these kinds of things and honestly that was the only reason I needed. The art is also super pretty and when I realized this was based in Indonesia while playing the game, it made me even happier. More representation for Asia ftw!

3.) Absolutely one of the best games I've ever played, period. Some people are grammar nazis and so might have trouble overseeing that, but if they do, I believe they'll find this game very enjoyable, though maybe not as much as I did hahaha. What stood out to me was how loyal the game was to elements of actual Indonesian tradition and that made me really really happy. It wasn't just 'oh it's based in Indonesia, anyway have this American stuff' no. It was loyal in its myths and portrayals and I found the way the traditions were woven into this ancient world very creative.

Also I just have to add that Rama's bird species was especially funny to me because my class held a book fair with an Indonesian theme for Filipino class and we had to translate stories and stuff and I just so happened to have to take charge of the big book we were reading. The folktale of Cendrawasih was one of the stories I read about and may I just say that it was a pretty disturbing and messy story. I mean a woman and her dog eating fruit because the woman wanted to get pregnant? Fun times. Not even scratching the surface. I mean no offense though, so I hope I didn't offend!

The elements that stood out the most was family and friendship. Finding the fault in our actions, revenge, acceptance and forgiveness as well.  One of the scenes that really stand out to me is when Mitra and Yuda speak to the villagers, pinning all the blame on Purba, but Granny immediately put a stop to that and scolded the both of them. This game has a very well thought out story that touches on ideas I believe not a whole lot of people really grasp or understand until a certain moment. Thus, I'd say that this game has rather a lot to offer.

4.) What was the undecipherable look on Purba's face before he leaves in Mitra and Rama's route? Was it interest? Does it point towards what could have possible been if he wasn't a jerk? Ho ho, who knows? Reksa's route seems to point a bit towards that in his route though or maybe it's something completely different.

I also noticed that Mitra wears quite a lot of feathered accessories! In Rama's route, he said that  wearing the feather of your beloved as an earring is their equivalent of a wedding ring. So what does Mitra's accessories signify? Do other feather accessories have particular meanings? Who was the pained person in Tamara's reoccuring dreams? Even after I've played all the routes and all the endings (Reksa should be drawn with his hair down more, btw) it never really becomes clear though I assume this person to be Rama. Another thing I noticed was that Mitra had less cg's than the two others, which is understandable, but I just wanted to ask about it? Is it because he only has one ending? (My poor homeboi :'( )

As for the game itself, the major problem I found were in the grammar as stated before. Other than that, it's been a fantastic game! Oh, and I found a bit of a glitch? After finishing Mitra's route, I went to look at the gallery and when I looked through Rama's, the cg for his good ending was there. Luckily I forgot it by the time I actually did do Rama's route, but it'd be a pretty sad experience to have such a gorgeous and lovely cg spoiled.

Another problem is how Rama's automatic events kind of mess with the stories of the other routes. It's still understandable in Mitra's route since their best friends, but it doesn't make as much sense in Reksa's route because you barely spend time at the village at all. It would be pretty normal if Tamara just came back after a while and found out Rama went missing without knowing why because she's spent all of her time with Reksa. It would also hint more towards Reksa's route being an opening route before doing the others. Hides a bit of the mystery.

5.) Absolutely. If any extra content was made for this game I'd probably buy it, tbh.

That's about it for my super long comment! Apologies for the long rambling, and I'd still like to talk more about the characters, so I'll put a small indication where you can skip right over it.


The parts I loved the most in Rama's route were when he finally made himself face his problems and the ugly truth. The other was how he got a bit bad again towards the ending of the game. Some people might say 'hey, but he was getting better!' but I was actually looking for that part and I'm glad it wasn't overlooked. Issues as deep as Rama's don't go away as easily as that, and I'm glad it was clearly stated that Rama would need lots of time to sort himself and his thoughts and feelings out.

Mitra. Ya homeboi, the true mvp, the guy who would drop his coffee if you ran at him and jumped into his arms. I love him, I really do. I hope he gets the wife he deserves, and he's also absolutely adorable in his route?? I love how it goes into his personality showing he isn't actually perfect. and I get it. The Perfect Guy option in otomes usually have that arc in them. But while that was happening, Mitra's confrontation of this was also very.. down to earth and real.

He was ashamed that he'd shown that side of himself to Tamara especially after he'd declared his intention and of how this would change her opinion of him. Enough for him to want to leave, even for just a bit. It was honest in how Mitra said he wouldn't be opposed to trying to forgive the Komodos so everyone could live in peace but at the same time there was still the bitterness over what the Komodos had done. They'd taken his parents and countless brethren and Mitra loves his people.

He has the perfect image thing down but he's also so very human?? Like he isn't sure if sharing some kinds of personal information is okay because he really doesn't have a lot of people who he's close with and the first one after Asih is Tamara. He kind of views his sensitivity as a negative thing too and I just want to hug him sweetie, don't let toxic masculinity get to you,,,, He's so awkward around girls too, sometimes, and at first he isn't sure what to do with his feelings for Tamara which is adorable...... He isn't used to showing his more personal sides, his 'weaknesses'...... I've noticed that while perfection is the trope for his character, it actually tackles 'perfect images' as a whole and how, at the end, Mitra and Tamara see each other's flaws but still love each other for it... They are similar in how they are afraid the over will stop viewing them favorably after the ugly truths come out but even then they choose to help each other with their respective issues...

Mitra also doesn't like dishonest people, I noticed. Or being manipulated, but who does? I just felt that it was a very human moment in his route, one that was sorely needed. (Also why yall sittin on an absolute Meal like Mitra, it's his boy-next-door personality I know but cmon)

It was also interesting how he was the only love interest who opposed to Tamara going to destroy the blue crystal BUT THEN AGAIN he also wasn't the OTHER TWO LOVE INTERESTS WHO ALMOST GOT THEMSELVES KILLED IN THE ENDING (I'M LOOKING AT YOU, RAMA AND REKSA. YOU GOT LUCKY RAMA, REKSA ACTUALLY DIED FOR A WHILE-)

Moving on, I gotta confess. I thought the woman Rama was referring to as 'her' was Asih and that was why he and Yuda would always fight. Nope. Just a regular case of 'people who are very similar to each other tend to disagree with each other'.

I also found it super interesting how Sari and the other bird actually turned out to be Ayu and Teja! Perhaps they were actually different birds since Sari has a completely different personality than how Ayu was described, but I digress. I immediately realized that the two angels that came to Rama's aid was them. Mainly because of how much his brother actually did look like him rip.  (To be expected since they were identical twins, but still)

y'know, for a person who absolutely loved Reksa after first finishing his route, I surprisingly don't have a lot to say about him. Huh. Reksa's a sweetheart, and I'm sure a lot of people could understand how he constantly looked for validation from his dad. Reksa's not built like the usual Komodo should be because of his mom (whom I assume to be of similar species to human for the time) but even so he pushes himself to be the best he possibly can be, for his village, and for his dad's approval. I'm just really happy that by the end of the story, he found that he was enough. He didn't need anyone else's validation (though he still enjoyed it) to know he was strong. I suppose out of all the characters, I relate to Reksa the most. I'm glad he found a person he could trust and depend on in Tamara. A person he can love and protect and who would do the same back...

Purba was also a very interesting character. I feel that he was misguided along the way, though perhaps not by another person, but by his own emotions. It's a shame that the things that happened occurred but no one can change back time. In the end, I suppose jealousy was his demise.

Asih's great, I love her. Especially how she rears Yuda in when needed and how much of a big sister figure she is to the girls she meets. She's got a huge heart! Though that's kinda needed if you ever have to love someone like Yuda, I suppose, rip.

Yuda.. What an ass lmao. I love this guy, he's a total big brother figure. Kinda reminds me of my own brother. He's got a lot of feelings about the stuff the Komodos have done which is understandable but I'm glad he has Asih. They deserve each other.

I just realized something. The spikier the hair outline of a character, the more jaded/edgy they are.  Rama = ultimate jaded, Asih = an actual marshmallow. 


Thank you so much for creating this game! All of your time and effort haven't gone to waste and I surely hope you never feel this way about your games. It's amazing and beautiful and stellar, definitely one of the best otome games I've ever played. I really love how it tackles the personal issues the characters have, particularly Tamara and Rama's. They're both given time in Mitra and Rama's route respectively to decide what it is they really want in life. The trio (Tamara, Mitra, and Rama in both of the boy's routes) also trust each other enough to share deeply personal and scarring memories and thoughts and it's just so good and healthy I love it... They (depending on the route) were there for each other when one of them really needed it and it's so good how they let themselves feel and look their weakness in the eye...

I can' t say much other than THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS GAME!!! I'm excited about the new game you're working on, especially since it's in the same world as this one! And how Tamara's in the banner of that game hehehe

If Tamara and the boys gets even a little bit of a mention in the game I'd die of happiness, honestly. Keep up the super awesome work! And sorry for all my rambling, this is undoubtedly the longest comment there is, hahah.

Anyway, please accept my humble tributes...

(2 edits)

OMG, I'm so sorry for the late reply!
I have been pretty much drowned by Steam this week so I haven't have the time to check until tonight ><

Thank you for the detailed review, matchmakingdove1028!
Seriously, nothing makes me happier to see someone love my VN and really passionate about it ^.^- Thank you for being an awesome person and sharing your thoughts with me!


1. Rama -aaaaaa, finally! Rama needs more love! >////<
I've never been so happy to read 5 paragraphs about Rama alone!  Thank you for loving this boy so much until you're able to describe him so vividly! You even noticed the small things, like how Rama 'courted' Tamara with his own way. 
Rama is fragile by nature and we need to be extra careful and patient when dealing with him. His psychology is the most complex of all three and depression is a hard theme to tackle, but overall, I wanted to convey the message of devotion or maybe 'just talk and stay beside him in hard times is enough'. Depression is hard to understand, but I think he don't need sympathy or opinions -he just needs someone to be beside him and listen when he's ready to tell you about his troubles/trauma.

And yes, I agree that Mitra is the best wingman ever! x'DD

2. YES! Bird people/angels has been my fetish every since I saw Yue from Cardcaptor Sakura *cough*
Glad to hear we're on the same boat! x'D Fantasy ftw!

3. rofl, what's the story title? Is it Sangkuriang? That one has a dog too and there's another story about a woman somehow gets pregnant after drinking coconut water(?) we have many strange stories like that so no worries x'D

And thank you! Mitra's speech scene is very hard to pull off, I think I spent many days editing it back and forth -I even went to youtube to look for good speech with keywords like 'general speech to soldiers' or 'worldwar speech' lol. So I'm very happy to hear you like it!

4. Aaah, the one in the ending? Who knows what Purba was thinking ;) it could be that he was regretting his decisions, it could be that he regretted that he didn't kill Tamara and the others earlier when he got the chance... or maybe he was just depressed because his plans didn't work as well as he thought it would be. It's up for the readers to decide x'D

Yup, lol, Mitra has the most accessory compared to the others x'D
Komodos usually wear the fangs of their preys on their neck to showoff, but Avians usually wear accessories to attract a mate or just because they like it. But the white marks on his face, hands, and legs are from a reference from New Guinea... I think, if I remember correctly -it's been years so forgive me if I'm wrong ><

As for the dream, that is Sari calling for someone to help Rama. Sari/Ayu felt bad after leaving Rama in that state and after becoming a Servant, she knew that if no one saves him, he will die. She sent dreams about Rama's hallucinations to Tamara then; how Rama thought about the villagers betrayal, how they laughed and tortured him. The CRACK noise is Rama's last attempt at suicide, which resulted in his broken wing.

And yes again! Thank you for telling me about the glitch, I already fixed it so Rama's good ending should be locked now x')
Kii*Anima and I also fixed some of the automatic events. We decided to make the event where Rama was tied down as a compulsory event so people would at least be able to guess why he acted weird and went missing.

5. Thank you -and don't worry about your ramblings! I had one heck of a time reading it and I can't stop smiling now, grinning like a horse x'D
Again, thank you for telling me your thoughts on each and every character here! I'm really flattered you think they're very human and with their own strength & weaknesses... though I laughed so hard when you pointed out how Mitra wasn't like the other 2 who almost got themselves killed x'DD You also hit the nails on their heads about Yuda and Asih! 

Lastly, thank you so much for playing and enjoying this novel thoroughly!
I've never had a livelier review before and I will definitely treasure this QuQ

Ah, and here's a good news for you:
Winged Ones is coming to Steam very soon! There's going to be a major fix on the grammar, achievement system, and even trading cards later if the game is going well and reached certain threshold of reviewers! But because Steam is a commercial platform, I decided to put a price of $4.99 there >< but for loyal supporters, I'm planning to give out free Steam Keys, so please drop your email here in the comments ^.^-

Aww and thank you so much for the memes! *automatic right-click & save* they're so precious and adorable! >////< I will definitely show them in my update next Monday and cherish them!

Hope to see you again!


(1 edit)

Aahh, I'm glad my comment was able to make you so happy! If anything, I'm glad my feelings were able to reach you, hahaha

Hahaha, I don't think it was Sangkuriang, but that was one of the stories I read for the book fair! When I tried to find the story again to see if I was correct, it seems the website for Indonesian stories had already went down.. It was a pretty good site, too.

It's really amazing to hear how much you researched how to write inspirational speeches! Lol
I know the speech I was talking about was the one where Mitra and Yuda pinned all the blame on Purba but can I just say that the speech Mitra gives right before the final battle is also one of my favorites? There's just a really heavy fantasy vibe to it! "May the goddess guide our arrows true" and such?? THAT'S the good stuff.

Ooh, but now the question remains, where do the avians get their feathers for their accessories? lol

I think that's the first explanation I've ever read for Tamara's dream sequence, and that's really interesting! So my guess was right! I thought the person saying "it's alright, at least he's with us now..." after Rama dies in the other two endings was the goddess, but turns out that was Ayu too, hahaha

No problem! It was an honor to play such an enjoyable game!

That's super exciting!!?!!?! I can't wait to replay it there! My email is Truly, thank you for all of your hard work on this game! I know I say you're amazing a lot, but I really do find it outstanding that, two years into the future, you're still working on this game. It's really easy to see the love and dedication you have for this game... Thank you so much..

No problem! I hope to deliver more memes when Bermuda Triangle comes out, so look forward to that! Hahaha

See you around!

Aah, that's a shame >< 

And yes! After all the work, Mitra's speech was one of my favorite scenes -also, after some grammar fixing by Kii*Anima, I think it became better x'D can't wait to hear your thoughts about it later!

As for the feathers... thank you for asking! Avian women usually used the feathers from their last molting. Of course, they will use only the best-looking feathers to make her look prettier. As for Mitra, he's a pretty sentimental man so can you guess where he got his from? ;) *hint: his family photo~

And YAY! X'D e-mail received! I will deliver the steamkeys sometime this week. Today's update will have sneak peeks about the badges/trading cards system. Do come by and take a look since Steam has some requirements to activate those :'3

See you around!



HI I JUST WANNA SAY I LOVE YOU AND THIS GAME SO MUCH <333 I've first played this game like a year ago but I didn't have a itch account then, but I enjoyed it so much I played it again and I had to leave a comment uwu

1) After playing every route I have to choose Reksa. I think he's more my type ? I always tend to go for the "seemingly bad boy that's actually really sweet" lmao. I loved his route and his personality as a whole he's just a cutie. But I do like all of them & I have such a soft spot for Rama (I actually cried during his route but shh don't tell anyone)

2) What struck me first was the character design and I found the story really interesting and refreshing so I decided to play it

3) It's definitely one of my all time faves, I really enjoyed it. The story was compelling, sometimes dark and sometimes really funny, very enjoyable overall. I loved every character as well, including the MC, they were all very lovable. The art & music complimented the story and atmosphere really well, I still fangirl over the CGs. What stood out the most to me was the inclusion of Indonesian culture, which I wasn't too familiar with. I found it really unique for a VN and I'm glad I learned new things about such a wonderful culture thanks to this game :)

4) I would have liked if we could get more interactions and backstory to every character even if we're not on his route, since some scenes (especially Rama's) felt very out of place in the other routes, and kind of disrupted the flow of the story. I don't think I have other critiques than that? I usually get so engrossed in the story I don't notice any "mistakes" and stuff but this stood out. Besides that, I really enjoyed it and I can see you improved in the Bermuda Triangle demo :) 

5) I'm really looking forward to your new game, and while I'm not able to buy it right now (I'm in my last year of high school & I have no money to spend T_T ) , I definitely will when I get my personal card! I understand how hard and time-consuming it is to make a game and I really want to support you as much as I can. Keep up the good work!!

Hi, ๐“๐“ท๐“ท๐“ฒ๐“ฎ! I can't read your name but I'm so glad to hear you love this game until you re-played now even after such a long time! >\\\<

I love you too and thank you for playing my game!

1. Aww thank you! It makes me so happy everytime I hear people got immersed in the story QuQ *you even cried for Rama and that's so sweet of you! I see Reksa is still number 1 in the polling x'D

2. Thank you! I was quite skeptical with my designs since they're not common, but hearing you say this really boosted my confidence >\\\< I'll work hard to make more interesting games in the future!

3. Thank you! I didn't expect so much people will like the Indonesian elements so this is a huge plus for me! And glad to hear you like my art -you made me blush so much first thing in the morning x'D

4. Yup, I notice a lot of people saying Rama's scenes sometimes out of place and disturbed the flow >< I'll try not to make the same blunder in Bermuda so thank you for telling me this! More interactions with the bachelors is also a good idea -which is why Bermuda is twice as long as Winged Ones x'D you got your wish over there!

5. No problem at all! Bermuda still has a long way to go before I could even publish the complete version so take your time~ even so, your commenting here is already a big support for me!

Thank you for coming and telling me your thoughts ^^- I also hope to see you again in the future!



Oh it's Annie but in a weird font haha. I'm a very empathetic person even when it comes to game characters so I tend to cry sometimes lol. Your game was really fun and kept me immersed and I'm sure your next project is gonna be even better. I'm glad I boosted your mood even a little with my comments, thank you for responding and for being so sweet, I'll keep supporting you <33 Have a nice day!

Aah, it looks like boxes from my phone so I can't see the font >< 

Yes! Thank you for your support! *hugs* I'll do my best to meet your expectations and thanks for trusting me! 

You too, I hope you have a great week! ^.^-

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