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Ahh! I just downloaded this a few days ago and at first, I was hesitating on downloading this, but after I did, I def did not regret it. The artwork, story, and characters are beautifully done, plus the guys are.....*cough cough* very cute. My favorite must be Mitra >////<, My second fav would be Reksa, and my third favorite would be Rama xD. I am very excited for your other game, I've already played the demo and I can't wait for more! 

Please update soon <3 I love your works so much

Hi again, Sugar~! 

Aww thank you for giving it a try and loving it in return >\\\< congrats on finishing and I'm so happy to hear you enjoyed yourself thoroughly! 

Another Mitra fan! Yay! X'D he often got overshadowed by Reksa so I'm happy you picked him! Thank you for giving all three of them a try tho :'3 

I update every Monday, but I write scripts very slowly so I hope you'll be patient with me :'D



Hey! I played this a few months ago and I can't believe I forgot to leave a review on this masterpiece ;-;

1.  I love how you integrate Indonesian culture! I'm not Indonesian myself, but Filipino culture has quite a few similarities from what I know so those aspects of the game were still quite relatable!

2. The art, music, writing, e v e r y t h i n g-- the game was absolutely beautiful! This was one of the few free games I played where most characters had their own story. Though some scenes were a little out of place such as the one where Tamara suddenly decided to visit Rama only to find him bounded by Mitra. It was especially out of place when playing Reksa's route. Also, I think someone mentioned this but it was also something I noticed. There weren't a lot of references to Rama's past other than the fact that there was "tragedy". Other than those two, it's all good. 

3. The routes themselves were wonderful! Though I had a lot of trouble on Rama's since I couldn't get his good ending for awhile. Reksa was my favorite haha. He was so protective of Tamara and I felt so guilty when he seemed betrayed by Tamara's "I'm a komodo from the north" lie. His protectiveness is just so adorable-- Reksa is just adorable. I remember his route the most because of how sweet he was. Don't get me wrong, all them were hella sweet but damn, Reksa was sweet in his own way. The way he seemed so panicked by the images from the pink crystal made my heart go dokidoki.

Rama and Mitra were great too. Rama kept pushing Tamara away at first but when he accepted her, the boy would have done everything for her. Rama's bad end was especially heart breaking as in. He suffered so much in the past and when Tamara died he just b r o k e. Poor dear, I really felt bad for him. As for Mitra, he was just so sweet. So sweet, I could've gotten cavities. His endings were great and super fluffy but I wonder how a bad end would gone. Pretty cruel, but I really do love my angst haha.

4. I heard about your upcoming game Bermuda and would like to ask when you think it would be completed. I know these VNs take a lot of time and effort to make so I'm willing to wait. I would just like to know when to check back because I don't really like being left hanging in demos haha.

Love your work! Keep it up :)

Hi, MegHazBottlz! 

Thanks for visiting and telling me your thoughts >\\\< 

First of all, thank you for playing and congrats for finishing all 3 routes! You made me blush and I smile from beginning to end ^^-

1. Thank you! It was a challenge, but I'm glad to see it all worked out in the end >< I don't know much about Filipino culture, but to hear there are some similarties and you enjoy how I write it is a honor! 

2 & 3. Ah, Reksa's fanbase is growing everyday lol why am I not surprised? X'D

You might've guessed it, but I'm a sucker for fluffs lol I hope you don't get diabetes when you finished all the routes x'D 

I'm also glad that you don't mind the 'dark' elements I slipped here and there :'3 I've been... attracted to dark fantasy these days and I think it will stay that way *cough* 

And yes, I see that Rama's events could be somewhat strange especially if you're not in his route o.o I'll take note of this so I can improve myself!

4. Hmm... this is a difficult question >< the script is around 65% finished (progress is at Winter Arc right now, still need to write Spring & Antagonist Route) so taking  account of making CGs, programming, and other small details, I'm hoping it will be finished at winter 2018. I'm a slow writer tho (slower than expected) so... unfortunately, I can't say for sure :'(

However, I do update every week at Monday so you might want to check it out now and then to see the progress ;)

Thanks for asking and thanks again for the warm support!



Now that I finally had an account, I need to review this game! Played without walkthrough at first, then I decided to use one when I can't get Rama's happy ending no matter how much I replay it urgh >///<

1. MITRA IS LOVE MITRA IS LYFE honestly I'm so betrayed whenever I play the rest of the game because he's too nice to me why can't boys be like Mitra aaahh~ and why kissing people at the chin is way more attractive than the lips? Sweetchiel please cure me :( Reksa came closely as the second place, though! His character slightly reminded me of Hak from Akatsuki no Yona. And although Rama's story is the most interesting, I somehow can't really love him like the rest of the boys, sorry! I consider him as the little brother I would like to protect with my life and along with Mitra (although Rama's bad ending is my favorite!)

2. My lecturer joined the Indonesian VN creator FB group and mentioned your game in the class. Since I need references to finish my project, I decided to look up your game to enjoy Mitra's godly bod, and I reallllyyy wish I could integrate Indonesian culture as good as yours, like, dang gurl the culture integration was well done! Not a cringe-fest! Yay!

3. the art, since there's so many six packs and glorious wings i wish angels in heaven look like this the story! I thought Mitra's was already good but the more I play, the more I got captivated! basically I only played Rama because of the story I'm sorry

4. Just like your next game Nusantara: Bermuda, I dislike the UI design (too clutter-y?) and the crowd's animation (too crowded!). There's also some serious problem with the game flow. For example, since I played Mitra first, I wonder when did I agree to look out for Rama ...? Turns out it was a Rama-oriented event.

5. After playing the last demo, and considering how you write Rama's route, YES. I'lll give you my money (preferably if you sell it in Steam because the price in Indo market will be cheaper? I'm still a broke college student and saving 3 bucks means a lot T_T)

Hi chocochino! Thanks for coming by and reviewing!

1. Yay! A new chin fetish is created! I'm really glad to hear Mitra is getting more love from you :'D and thank you for giving all 3 bachelors a try! I haven't read/watch akatsuki no yona yet, but I'll take note to look for the similarties -And wow, quite a lot of people is liking Rama's bad end x'D 

2. This. Just this sentence from you is making my day :"D I never thought a lecturer would mention my game! It's such an honor and thank you for choosing mine as a reference! 

Hahah, I was really worried, y'know? I also experiment a lot in Winged Ones and sometimes I wing it, I'm really relieved with the warm welcome you guys give me ^^- thank you!

3. Hahah, you flatter me >\\\< I know that I still have lots to learn as a writer and I have rooms for development, but I'll do my best to lv up for you!

4. Yeah, I agree u.u I sometimes wonder how to not make the UI so clutter-y (I think I have no self control :"D like a squirrel stacking up nuts?)

As for the crowd... hmm, would it be better not to animate them and let the sillhouette stay still in the background? O.o I notice the animation could be confusing, but I thought it would make readers focus more on the colored characters x'D

Thanks for pointing this out! I'll try to decrease the crowd animation (make it slower) or maybe just make them stay still!

And yes, a reader told me that Rama would sometimes pop up by himself x'D I was trying to integrate Rama into the main story, but I guess making him pop when you're not in his route is not natural. I'll take note of this!

5. Thank you for your support! And yes, I'm planning to try steam for Bermuda. But I'll have to learn how to upload it over there and write many papers. So it will probably take more time instead of uploading it in

Thanks again for coming, chocochino! Nothing makes me happier than the return of a satisfied reader :")



Played this over a year ago, I think, so now that I have an account, I'm making sure to comment on my favorite visual novels!

I really like the worlding and lore of this game, along with the visuals. It's difficult for me to choose which among the three is my favorite, as they all strike me in different ways. Even the non-romanceable characters are captivating, and most everyone there was really like family. (I forgot their names and don't have enough data to re-download right now but) I find it adorable when the couple with whom Tamara stays bicker. The story is also funny in just the right places, as I remember the brother figure being protective of his wife when things got bad.

In terms of areas for improvement, I think other comments have already brought up Rama's characterization. I guess something that could be done to help us empathize with Rama more is to spread out more hints of his former love throughout the other routes, or in the general route. Think of something as small as villagers comparing Tamara to a girl "who used to live here" or a child wondering "why does Rama wear a feather when he's not married?"

I suppose right now your focus is on your new game, but just in case this suggestion ends up worth something one day. :) 

I also played the demo for Nusantara: Bermuda and the art is as amazing as ever, if not better. It's definitely funding-worthy. :) Good luck, SweetChiel!

I forgot to mention: an appeal of your VNs is how they're both family-oriented. It's seen in Nusantara: Bermuda, but it's also present in the first Nusantara, it just so happens Tamara's family isn't the uncle(?) but her parents and the people she met after being sent to another world. I personally like this orientation because it's true to life, it's realistic. I'm not against individualism exactly but sometimes when we write stories, we tend to focus on the character journeying out that building their family's story becomes forgotten or a burden. I once scoured the entirety of the games listed on Ren'Py's site and most of them lacked this balance. I'm hoping that the MC in Nusantara: Bermuda stays true to her original motivation, despite her family being out of picture for most of the story, but since that was the reason why she agreed to Fate in the first place, I think you'll do fine and she'll follow through it eventually.

Hi there, DiskartetHaraya! 

Wow, a returnee from a year ago! QuQ I feel special and touched that you still remember this game and came by to drop me your review >\\\<

I'm really happy to hear and see that you enjoyed Nusantara thoroughly despite its unique elements -and you flatter me >\\\< I still have much to learn in order to make a good story, but yes, I believe that no minor character is unimportant. Everything have their purposes and they weave the story -no, breathes life into the story.

Ah and I agree that I should put more hints regarding Rama's feather! It just hits me that I only remember the old man that only said 'it was a tragedy' and your idea about making innocent question coming from a child idea really could be included in the scene to strengthen the impact -gah! 

I'll take care to re-examine my current script so I won't make the same mistake, and thank you for the insight! m(_ _)m

I'll do my best, but just in case -I'll apologise in advance if I do make the same blunder :"D especially the thing about the grammar. My proofreaders and I are apparently getting a bit 'numb' due to my textwall-like-script *cough

Oh and I'm so glad to hear you like Bermuda too! ^///^ some people dislike the slow paced opening about Maya's family so it cheers me up to see new people enjoying and understanding the appeal I was trying to convey. 

Lastly, thank you for the warm support! It had been rough lately so your encouragement just made my day...!



I have played through all of the routes already and have dubbed the nicknames for the bois XD

Reska = Loki because hell it works XD

Rama: SPN Lucifer 

Mitra = Thor because honestly he is a giant teddy bear. 

Now out of all of them Reska is still meh favorite. God damn that snake is a possessive flirt ahhhhhhhhh XD be still my beating heart. The part were he licks the main characters would i died. Like actually fell off my chair and passed out lol XD

I do have a few questions to ask though. 

One why is it that in Rama's route the main villian (forget his name sorry) calls him a brother? ???? 0-0 That is what was curious about all of this. 

Secondly I think the only thing that would make this game even better is being able to insert  your name into the story itself. Aside from that this game is amazing. I loved it.

Hi MariaDarkchild! 

Thank you for playing and glad to hear you enjoyed yourself thoroughly >\\\< I'm very happy to hear you played all three routes!

Reksa is still the most popular I see ;) hahah, I sometimes blush when I remember what I've written... (what was I thinking when I write those scenes? *squirm)

As for your questions:

1. Purba doesn't literally mean Brother x'D he meant that he felt a connection with Rama. Therefore, he calls him Brother, it's half to provocate him and half happy that he met the same kin. 

I mean, Rama is pretty dark. Rama explains this in his Happy End epilogue, remember? ;)

2. Yes, some people also gave me the same advice as yours, that's why I made the name change-able in my 2nd project, Bermuda! X'D

Thanks again for the love and hope to see you around! (Hopefully in my 2nd game!)



More games YASSSSS XD also don't worry about the Reska route to much. He was a well built character and I applaud your team for not only the artwork but the game itself. 

Rama is dark and i can agree xD hence the reason the nickname Lucy fits but he is such a sweet cinnamon bun deep down (admin cried when Rama Senpai died)

In any case I can't wait to see the next game you come out with I am sure it will be as great and as romantic as the first Nusantara. x3 Anyway Forever a fan and hopefully now Friend 

Maria Darkchild x3

Yuup, the script is half-finished right now x'D 
The demo for Bermuda is also up in my page if you're interested <3 but it's still a long way to go for the complete ver. *I'm working on Script + programming + CG/BG with the exception of sfx/bgm, so the progress is slow but sure~ you're really too kind with the compliments >////< you made me blush *cough*

Oh and all of my dear readers -plus the ones that are lurking behind the shadows & bushes -are my friends already the moment they decided to give Nusantara a try x'D 

See you around, MariaDarkchild! 
You're free to come and go, but a visit always brighten my days, so thanks!



Heh No problem SweetChiel I am happy to give input on your games. x3 Its kinda what makes gaming visual novels fun yah know? Being able to talk with your followers.  So you use Script+ instead of Renpy to code this game? 0-0 I have never heard of it though -.- To be honest I have been trying to make a fan game based on a famous actor known as hiddleston but sadly my art is not as good as my writing. XD But yeah. Again I love your games so continue doing great. x3 Anywho. If I can ever be of any other help let me know. x3 

Hmm? I'm using python in Ren'Py to code/program it later x'D I also don't know what script+ is lol what I mean by 'script + programming + CG...etc' is that I'm doing lots of work now *cry

I never heard of Hiddleston ><; -or honestly, I don't know many famous actor's names due to my ignorance. I only remember about Johny Deep and Benedict due to their unique characters lol 

I usually dont watch tv often so forgive me that I didnt know of him :"D 

But I'm sure you can do it! Keep on practicing and do it little by little ans it will be done befor you know it! 

Let's do our best together :'3



(3 edits)

I have been so excited to finally finish the game and write this! This was such an amazing, interesting, and captivating story. I'm so glad I found it! The visuals were beautiful, the characters were beautiful, it's all beautiful. 

I'm so in love with every guy, they all have their own unique personalities and traits. But, I think Reksa is my favorite (I do love reptiles a lot lol). I especially love how you used Indonesia as an inspiration! I loved learning about their customs.

Besides the grammatical errors, the writing was spectacular. Honestly, I'd love to play a sequel to the game, maybe, where we get to revisit Loma Village and the characters!

I would definitely pay for the next game you decide to make. I loved it so much. Have you considered putting it on Steam? I don't know what's all involved, but I know it would get a lot of attention there. 

(Rama reminds me of Natsu from Fairy Tail!)

Hi Eilonwy! Thanks for visiting and reviewing! I'm so glad to hear you enjoyed Winged Ones thoroughly >\\\<

I see Reksa is still the champ of the popularity poll x'D yes, I think most of my games will have Indonesia elements in it -I was a bit worried about it at first,but I'm so glad you like it!

The grammar error is certainly my eternal nemesis :"D I've been fighting it with my proofreaders since forever, but plese excuse us if some escaped our radar >< 

And yes! I've been thinking about adding this game to Steam along with Bermuda. But we'll see, I'm focusing on finishing Bermuda first ~

I don't know about revisiting Loma village, but there is a cameo of Rama/Mitra/Reksa in Bermuda ;) 

Thank you for your support and hope to see you again in the future!



P.S. Lol really? X'D I don't read/watch Fairy Tail, but Natsu is the one with red hair, right? I think I'll check it out in my free time :'3 

I do have something to ask, though. Is it okay if I message you on tumblr and ask there?

Hmm, how about via my facebook fanpage?

I haven't opened my tumblr for a long time because of internet problem (takes forever to load tumblr!) and I'm usually very active in facebook x')

Heya there, SweetChiel! 

I've played this game over three months ago but the characters and plot are so memorable that they stay in my mind! This game is the epitome of pure awesomeness and I can't help myself but to (at last) write a comment! I love every part of it and some people might deem me as weird but I love Rama's route- both the bad and good ending, followed by Reksa and Mitra. Reksa's route was great as well, but Rama's route stayed fresh in my mind probably because I played his last. Your art is super and the plot is so good. I like the moral lessons that you put in, and I think it will inspire a lot of people to not abuse power. (Especially our country's corruption...)    Oops.

It's amazing how you put in Indonesian cultures in there! (Yes, aku orang Indonesia juga, haha) Somehow it makes me feel the Indonesian pride. But honestly, though, I think you should be recognized by President Jokowi for spreading Indonesia's culture to the world in such a beautiful game. Well, in the end, I don't know if it's just me or your perfection, but I don't have any complaints about the game.

And I will definitely buy your next game when I am old enough to work and get my own money! Your game will be the first thing I'll buy!

Thank you for creating such a wonderful game! God bless you and keep up the awesome work!

Hi El.Seth! Thanks for visiting and for the kind review! You made me blush >\\\<

I'm very glad to hear fellow Indonesian played this! (Banyak orang indo yang malas main soalnya bahasa english >_<;) at first I was not so confident with my story/plot though -because it's a high-end fantasy and you know how rare VNs with Batik or other traditional elements -but I'm glad I decided to take the risk! Thank you for enjoying this game thoroughly :"D nothing makes me happier than this.

And no -I don't dare to hope meeting the president x'D 

But I do hope our country will develop more respect and love toward art though.

And thank you for your support! Bernuda still has a long way to go so I hope you'll walk beside me as I post the progreas updates every week :"3

Thanks again and I hope to see you again in the future!



Saya sangat suka game ini!

Seriously, apart from some grammar, continuity,  and spelling issues (which I can forgive) I really love the characters, their development, growth, mysteries and Reksa!

Some other commentators have talked about the role of the woman being very stereotypically feminine in this game - but to be honest, this is the past, and this is war - the men fight, the women feed the men and look after all domestic chores.

I haven't tried Rama or Mitra's route yet - I had my eyes set on Reksa from the word 'go', and his route exceeded my expectations.  The MC is spunky, spirited, human and quite relatable. Even the professional Japanese otome game (Amnesia, I'm looking at you) did not come close to having this sort of meaningful content.

I can't wait to see more from you! If this was your first game - your story was so good, that it has set a very high bar for the next one.

I'll be happy to help proofread your next game for free if you like :)

Much love from Malaysia!

Hi and thanks for visiting, Ilyiashah!

I'll definitely work hard to meet your expectations >///<
I have two proofreaders now, but I hope you'll forgive me if there are still grammar problems in it :'D
I think it's because I edited the script a lot and I sometimes forget to tell them about it *cough* but maybe it's also because we read too much texts and our eyes dulled over time x_x I dunno, but I appreciate every readers that point out some grammar problems/typos every now and then :'3

Thank you for your offer! I'll keep it in mind and I hope to see you again in the future when Bermuda is finished!


Gan , sekedar saran mungkin bisa mereview game buatan indonesia. Aku saranin review deh game ini , bagus banget . Game genrenya Rpg dengan sistem dan bahasanya indonesia . Ceritanya lumayan seru , menceritakan sejarah kerajaan indonesia . dengan karakter khas indonesia. Gamenya bisa dimainkan di PC dsn android. Mungkin dengan agan mereview game ini bisa mengangkat dan mempopulerkan karya anak bangsa sehingga makin di segani oleh masyarakat indonesia

Follow akunku ya , kita sesama developer indonesia harus saling support

Makasih ya

Ini link gamenya :

Hi gingersun, 

Sebelumnya mohon maaf, tapi market kita berbeda. Saya genre visual novel dan market saya itu orang luar jadi mereka tidak akan mengerti jika gamenya berbahasa indonesia. Game saya berbahasa inggris dengan elemen adat indonesia karena goal saya adalah mengenalkan budaya indonesia sedikit demi sedikit ke mereka. Jadi mungkin kita tidak nyambung jika saya coba mempromosikan game anda disini.

Saya sarankan untuk post game anda di komunitas RPG game atau grup FB. Kalau gamenya bagus, otomatis orang pasti akan comment/review. Tapi coba tambahkan review/pertanyaan macam apa yang anda ingin mereka jawab. Apakah soal cerita, karakter favorit,dll?

Kita memang sesama dev indonesia, tapi sayangnya kita berbeda jalan. Saya doakan market indonesia makin luas dan game anda sukses.

Salam hangat,


Minta bantuannya aja untuk follow akun gameku dan kalau bisa di beri comment atau pendapat agan , Setelah selesai beri rating untuk game ku ya , makasih sebelumnya. Supaya bisa membantuku untuk menaikkan rating gameku

Ini Linknya :

maaf, saya tidak main RPG maker jadi tidak bisa memberi rating jujur. Tunggu saja ya ginger, rating itu butuh waktu tidak bisa cepat-cepat.




Hi I really need help getting Rama's and reska's ending I could only choose the explosives to give to him.....Please help me the link didn't show up any information.....

Wait what does the new version include? 

Hi Maria! So sorry for this late reply >< 

The Ren'Py version has less bugs and crashes compared to the old Novelty version. The story line isn't different tho 

Excuse me but I cant get Rama or Reksa happy ending no matter what I do........I would very much like help and I commented.....It only gives me the option to give explosives why?!?!?!?!?!?!? I've been playing the game for 2 days now 

Hi, OkamiChan! Have you tried following the walkthrough?

I hope with this you will be able to get the happy endings!

Nothing pops up besides the comments unfortunately.....I cant see any written instructions..

Aah, that's because the text is hidden x'D

Try click + drag your mouse over the whites

I played this for one day non-stop, 9 hours to be exact! I totes love your stories!

Hi JKJessica!
I hope I didn't disturb your sleeping schedule much x'D

I'm very happy to hear you loved it until you can't stop playing! Thank you for enjoying it thoroughly and I hope to see you again in my next game!

No, Thank you! I love your novels, I hope you continue your hard work!>.< 

I'm about to give up on Rama...I loved him so much, but finding his good ending gives me headaches TT TT

(2 edits)

You're not alone Andrea00842 x'D
Quite a lot of people get stuck trying to get Rama's Good End!

The trick is to save Reksa & 'Be honest' , later you will have to be careful; focus on Rama's scenes and don't see Mitra's scenes at all. Rama is very insecure & hate liars.

I hope it helps!


also anyone else concerned that Rama was called brother in the game by evil lizard face whose name i forget? HELP MEH! XD

x'D lol I feel your concern! 

Um i played through all the routes and to be honest my favorite bachleor is Reska. GOD DAMMIT THAT LIZARD IS HOT FOR BEING COLD BLOODED XD lol But i did get salty at Rama's death though

Thanks for playing & enjoying it thoroughly MariaDarkchild!
Ahhh, nothing beats the feeling when I heard another person have read all 3 routes of my children QuQ 

It's also interesting to see so many people have typo on Reksa's name though x'D 
I hope to see you again in my next game!


(1 edit)

1. Which bachelor you like the most? and why?

     I absolutely adored Mitra and knew that I would right from the start. He is just that honorable, sweet, loving man every woman deserves. The way he courts Tamara is so beautiful. Everything about him is just awesome. I loved the other two as well, just not quite as much. Reksa is passionate and possessive, but not overly so, just enough to make him hot. I also thought Rama's story was beautifully written and executed. He was someone that I felt an instant connection with and also someone that I could relate to. I did his path first and that made it much harder for me when he died in later paths. I may have cried a few times.

2. What makes you consider to play this game?

     I was looking for a visual novel I knew I wouldn't want to immediately put down and this one caught my eye. The artwork stood out right away, but I think the description sold it for me. I got the impression that the story would be engaging enough to keep me interested and I was not disappointed. From the very bottom of my heart, thank you for being original.

3. Overall, what do you think about this visual novel? and what element stands out the most? (art? story? character?)

    This VN is a masterpiece. The thing that stood out the most for me were the characters, all of them. I fell in love with Asih and Yuda very early on and Sukma felt like family. I was really invested in trying to make their world better for them. It says a lot about your story-telling abilities that I cared so much about them. The avians will forever hold a special place in my heart.

4. Do you have any question or constructive critiques? I will read all the comments and reply to them like I do in Lemmasoft.

     I know others have already stated as much, but the grammar is off in parts and it took me a minute to understand what was being stated sometimes. It isn't the spelling, just the way things are worded that threw me a bit. It's not off enough for it to affect the way I feel about the story or characters, just enough that I noticed it was a problem. Also, I don't think I enjoyed Reksa's path quite as much as I should have simply because I didn't get as much interaction with the other characters and I felt wrong lying to and stealing from people who were genuinely good to me. I understand the reasoning behind it, it just made me feel so guilty that I found it difficult to really invest in his route the way I would have wanted.

5. Last but not least, if I make another visual novel, will you consider buying it? via patreon or kickstarter that is (since I need to eat, electricity, and such things when I make VNs xD)

     Absolutely, I would buy it. You deserve to be paid just like any other game creator. I am aware of your Bermuda Triangle project and am keeping a close eye on the development of that game:) That being said, thanks so much for making this one free so that I could discover you and your talents.

Edit:  Spelling error.

Hi luvmyboyz!
Thanks for spraing some time to review! 

1. First of all, I'm sorry for this long overdue reply and thank you for giving all three bachelors a chance!
I'm happy to see Mitra getting popular lately, but I agree that the way he courted Tamara was very beautiful! It was very fun to write and I sometimes blushed whenever I re-read that particular event... *sigh* and thank you! There's nothing that can make me happier to hear my story managed to touch your heart until you cry :') thanks for playing & thanks for enjoying this game thoroughly from beginning until end!

2. You're welcome! I was pretty skeptical at first but I'm glad to see many people welcoming my concept with open arms!

3. You flatter me >< I still have lots to learn and there are rooms for improvement -however, I do believe that every character is important. After all, everyone has a story to tell and their relationships with each other are one of the elements that will make my VN feels 'alive'.  Thank you for giving so much love to Yuda, Asih, and Sukma :'D 

4. Yuup, my nemesis from the past years until now is still grammar x_x I have proofreaders and despite the multiple checking, there're always some things we fail to notice. I just hope it's not too awkward/disturb your experience ^^; 

and yes, I noticed that Reksa's route is much more 'desolate' compared to the others >< and sorry for making you feel guilty but the situation demands it u.u

5. Thanks for your support luvmyboyz! I progress much slower compared to other teams though so I hope you can be patient and walk beside me until it's finished :'3

Thanks again and see you again in the future!


(2 edits)


So...I was replaying Reksa's route and I found this while almost falling out of the tree with Rama..

Nice. I re-found the typo.

Edit: When I got to the Reksa vs Puba scene I found a minor thing, but its a line that moved above Reksa when he moved and it vanished a couple of times. Im going to the Good End btw too. Lol It kinda looks like a bird or cloud. While Im watching them fight, it might follow Puba instead? No clue. 

Oh, my! Thank you 69;)!
Hahah, I keep missing small things like these x'D 

That thing above Reksa's head is a colour in his sprite that I forgot to erase. So yup, it's from the sprite file x_x 
Thanks for telling me about it & I'm sorry about my clumsiness >< 


(1 edit)

Lol its okay! We are all human we make mistakes! I was amused when I found it too 

Im also excited about your new game. Too bad it aint a sequel, I really would enjoy one! 

Edit: I was looking at your typo and laughed. You have the word pun in there . Thats a great pun too! Haha.

(1 edit)

I loved this game SO much! Also, what is the music on the main menu screen called? Also, Reksa is amazing and HOOOOOOTTT!!

Thanks Frostfire175!
The title of the music on main menu is RPGTheme_v001 by Eric Matyas! He made a lot of free musics in!



i would love to see a sequel of this game.You have done an incredible job on this Sweet! Keep up the great work ☺

Thanks rebelxpure!
Lots of people suggested it but I'm still somewhat skeptical >< let's just see in the future whether I will get a vision or inspiration to write small sequels for the boys ~

no problem, and if there is no sequel and I am looking forward to the new games you create.

I did have a question would you ever consider hearing ideas from your gamer fans. ^^

no problem, and if there is no sequel and I am looking forward to the new games you create.

I did have a question would you ever consider hearing ideas from your gamer fans. ^^

Do you have any plans to have the characters be voiced? And if so, would I be able to audition?

(1 edit)

I have clocked so many hours into this game since owning it for..... months (so long I don't honestly remember). I have played each route at least 5 times each (especially Reksa because DAMN he is a brilliant specimen ;3). HOWEVER. EACH TIME I PLAY I HAVE BUT ONE QUESTION. I have gone insane trying to piece this puzzle together, so now I am finally asking: what is supposed to be rhyming in the line spoken month 5 week 2?

No disrespect by the way. This is in my top 5 favorite otomes (I've played a great many of them >.>). I just have this overwhelming desire to know what exactly was meant here, or maybe I'm just dumb.

lol no problem at all ivyThesaurus x'D thanks for dropping by and ask!

That is just Tamara and her awful sense of rhyme. Really :"))  she thought 'no strength to figHT because of an empty stomaCH" those two sounds similar in a forced way lol. 


Finished all three routes yesterday and I have to say, I'm really impressed with how well done this visual novel is. What I love the most is how it is based on Indonesian culture (including the character design of the bachelors) and I learned quite a bit about it. I'd love to see more games with non-white characters and real world cultures. Also Reksa is best guy, don't even try to convince me otherwise.

Hi triquester! Thanks for visiting and telling me your thought!

I'm really happy to hear you finished all routes & enjoyed yourself ^///^ I was quite worried since I'm still learning how to mix Indonesian cultures with Fantasy, but gosh, I was so relieved by your warm welcome!

My next project (Nusantara: Bermuda Triangle) also have Indonesian cultures, but this one will be more complex since I'm assimilating it with fantasy AND another culture. If you're still interested in the future, please give it a try and tell me if I'm doing good or not. 

Thanks again and hope to see you again!


I didn't think you would reply omg I'm- (O//A//O)

I think you did a great job with mixing Indonesian culture with fantasy and I already have your next project on my watch list! <3 

(The part below this contains spoilers, read at your own discretion)

I forgot to mention in my last comment that I also really liked Rama's route (but Reksa is still my waifu) because of your depiction of mental illnesses. I liked that it took him long to accept his feelings for the MC and that she didn't pressure him into anything and stayed by his side. As a person who has a mental illness, it made me really happy because these kind of things aren't a joke and what we need is not advice, but love and support from the people who mean most to us.

(end of spoiler)

Anyway, great game and you'd best be sure that I'll play every single one that you churn out because you are AWESOME :D

AAHH! This is,by far,my favourite visual novel ever. ^^ And keep in mind,I've yet to complete the entire game,having done only one of the routes.The thing that caught my eye was definitely the story,it's a really cool,and I also like the art style.Haven't seen anything like it before,so I like it a lot.All in all,a good game.

P.s. Reksa is bae. :3

(1 edit)

Hi vnlover! Thanks for your enthusiasm x'D I see Reksa strikes again hahah

I still have a lot to learn and improve but I'm very happy to hear you like my art & story QuQ
Take your time finishing it & I hope you enjoy it thoroughly until the end! 

Hope to see you again,


Let me say this first. Greetings from Planet Bekasi! XD

I'm SOOO GLAD I finally found another Indonesian VN creator!! ^_^ Now I have more motivation to actually write my own VN. Thank you soooooo much for daring to brave the (non-urban) fantasy genre! You give me hope as a fantasy would-be writer! 

I also love how you're not using Wayang as primary inspiration. Not that there's anything wrong with that - it's just that... it's been done like, *forever*, and I'm reaaally tired of seeing Ramayana-Mahabarata characters being recycled in Indonesian fantasy fiction. Like, our country is rich with history and mythology! Wayang isn't the only good source of inspiration, surely XP Thank your for being innovative!

I'll answer your questions once I've finished Rama and Reksa's routes. I chose Mitra first because he's such a sweetheart! I'm a sucker for sweet, gentle guys. I don't know, I feel really... safe around him. He's probably the kind of guy I'd want to marry IRL lol.

On a side note, one of my leading characters' name is Yuda, so it's quite funny to see your Yuda! My Yuda is probably your Yuda's polar opposite lol (he's more like Mitra in terms of personality). And somehow both their lady's names begin with A and only consist of 4 letters (well, at least the nickname). XP Asih and Yuda are sooo cute together, I won't even dare to want Yuda as love interest, heheheh.

Waaah, so sorry for this late reply ><; 

Hi CuriousCat and Planet Bekasi! *high five* 
I'm so excited to see fellow Indonesian creator! -and yes, you have no idea how much I worried about how people will receive my story x'D After all, there is little to no visual novels that implements Indonesian cultures. But thankfully, the people here have big hearts and the warm welcome astounds me! Be confident with your own story and just do it! x'D yes, people will give you critiques/comments, but as long as it's interesting & you did your best, there will be no regrets!

And lol, Yuda is certainly a good name x'D I spent quite a lot of time browsing javanese names + asking my friends lol

As for Wayang... sadly, I haven't had the chance to watch Wayang so I have no idea what it is about :')) if I do and find something good, I might try and implement it lol -but of course, we must find a good way to tell the readers!

I'm really interested to hear your thoughts so l'lll wait patiently until you finish all the routes :'3 

See you again!


Wow. I played this game quite a long, long time ago and just noticed that i actually never left a comment about it even though i could have sworn that i did. To be honest, i don't remember much of the details anymore but i just wanted to thank you for creating such a great game. Cuz even though i may not be able to talk about small details, i remember how much work you obviously put into this game and how much i loved all of the characters, especially Reska since he's still one of my fav characters out of all the hundred otome games i've played so far. The story or at least the choiches that you, as the maincharacter, could make didn't always make sense since i was obviously just interested in Reska but still had to go trough many useless conversations with the other boys and missed out opportunites to talk to Reska, but this may be just my fault cause i could have made one wrong choice and caused these unneccesary events though this. Still, this really is a great game and i'm so gonna play it again these days to fresh up my love for Reska, haha. Thanks for creating this game, seriously! :)

You're welcome komaekabane!
I'm so happy to hear you remembered about WInged Ones even though you played it a long time ago!

Reksa's route is pretty quiet when you first meet him so I understand your 'frustration' about not interacting enough with him & wanting to talk to him more than to the other characters x'D 

Again, you're welcome & I'm so very happy to see people still coming & dropping a few comments here and there giving me your support & warm encouragements! It's what pushing me to go forward :'3

(4 edits)

After so much delay in my life, I recently just finished Mitra's route (UPDATE! I had gone through all the routes and my first forever love is still Mitra!!! xD  Boy how unexpected that I got him while my early intention is pursuing Rama, oh well at least I have a really a cute-gentle-badass-husband anyway :'D ), so here they go :

  1. How can I choose between those gorgeous men? HOW??? Although my forever husband is Mitra (he has the sweetest story.... Do I smell favoritism from the developers? ;) ), I adore Rama; as I... had been through certain phase of trauma and depression like him and feel more connected to him, somehow motivated by his character development... (especially the childish and sarcastic nature... is that a bliss or an oddness ^^"). Besides the 3 main bachelors, I like Yuda very much. He truly is a dependable big brother.... but I am also eager to be his second wife if he is one of LI routes ;) *slaps by Asih*
  2. An otome built with my homeland legend and culture + badass heroine? Bring me in!
  3.  Although the plot is a bit mainstream, but how the story is written and unfold with neat culture infuse, characters with well-built backstory, great choice of BGM, and proper graphics effect; those covers the little flaw.
  4. As long as I played, I found an error around the begining of chapter II : in which Asih's figure is blank for one scene (the picture) and it's a bit inconvenient when Rama's Happy End CG is revealed long before I achieve his route ^^:
  5. Well, pardon me as a poor college student now and can't contribute anything but my love and admiration to your Bermuda work + that one collaboration project.... but I'll definitely save some money so I could regard you in your future project!

     Keep up the excellent work (>.<)/

    Hi Sora Album!

    First of all, let me apologize for this very late reply Q_Q I often forgot to take a look at my notification. However, I'm really thankful for you to show me the bugs in Winged Ones! 

    I will definitely fix Asih's sprite + Rama's final CG -it's really intriguing o.o I thought I already reset the CG album but I guess I missed one!

    1. Aww thank you! Believe me, I was trying to be as fair as possible & not bias to my babies x'D gotta say that Mitra's route IS the most light-hearted and sweet though. I was experimenting a little you see; Rama's route is complex/hardest, Reksa's is medium, while Mitra is the easy/light-hearted one. I was trying to see which one people likes more :'3 and if my story telling is good enough for all 3 types.

    I'm also happy to hear you feel connected to Rama & motivated by his development! *hugs & kisses to you hun, for pulling through that phase!* He definitely needs more love and I was trying to potray depression; to make other people understand how it feels/looks like. 

    and lol, Yuda sure is more popular than I thought x'D sadly, Asih is already beside him </3 *slapped by Asih along with you*cough*

    2. Amen! I also hope to bring more Indonesian culture in the future x'D

    3. Aww now you're making me blush >////< I still have lots to learn & improve, but I'll do my best so you won't be disappointed!

    4. Yup, noted! I will fix & re-upload the files once my internet stops PMS-ing. I swear it's getting worse when rainy season arrives u.u;

    5. No problem at all! I have received your love and thoughts -which is already precious enough to me :'3 good luck with college! stay strong and do things one by one & you'll be surely finished with final project!

    See you again in the future!


    (1 edit)

    Hello, there.
    I finished your game with the three characters in 24 hours, so here I am...
    To begin with, you have to know that I'm french and that we don't have many otome games in our language (and excuse the faults in this message haha). That's why I first came here and looked for a good game, without waiting time to play.

    I LOVED it. My god, just addictive.

    1. Which bachelor you like the most? and why?
    I support... MITRA !! Yay, Mitra is my looover ! <3 <3 <3 Oh my god, really, at first I was not interested in him, he was too « good-guy » and, frankly, I'm not a fan of kids, while he's always talking about family, projecting himself, etc.... That's the only negative point about his character, to me. The fact is, I totally fucked up with the Reska's route the first time (I couldn't even get to know him, haha, because I chose to be honest) and I always picked up the good choices so I would meet Mitra, without especially wanting it. Hehe, that's the proof I was meant to be his lover. Gradually, I learned to like him. He's sooo sweet (with his little feathers in his hair, aaawh <3), caring, kind, protective without being annoying, comprehensive. Oh, and I find that most of the romantic scenes were in his route, like the wing's performance (<3 !!) and the discussion in the burnt forest, you know after the first attack. Besides, after playing with all the guys, I feel a lot more close to everyone in Mitra's route, because we spent time with Avians, with Yuda, Asih, etc... since Mitra is a chief.

    On the contrary, in Reska's route, I really felt like we didn't give a shit about Avians, we never spent time with them, we lied to them, we stole, ... that was too bad. I have to say, I was a little decieved by the story with Reska. I read so many commentaries which sayed that they loved Mitra before meeting with Reska ! He's cute too but nah. Maybe to possessive and that attitude annoys me. I mean, we're free to do what we want... However the love story is a bit more « mature » in his route, when we can't have that with Mitra (grr).

    Then, there is Rama. Rama was a good surprise too. His background is really sad and coherent, I didn't expect that (and I didn't expect his fate in others guys'route ! I was like « What. No way, whaaaat »:O when Mitra came back with a piece of his loincloth.

    2. Overall, what do you think about this visual novel? and what element stands out the most? (art? story? character?)

    Ah, I don't know what to begin with ! This was really good ! I NEED to say it : the Avians are beautiful ! Asih is magnificient as hell ! I fell in love with her the minute she appeared on the screen.
    I didn't like Tamara's design, with blue hair (yurk) and the colors of her clothes that didn't match. Besides, her pony tail and her scarf which were flotting in the air... I know that you probably wanted to make her like a manga heroin, but it's just that I don't like mangas anymore, so it's personnal. :) But if we compare with Asih, her design seems less worked.
    The bachelors were great, especially Mitra (omg, his wings !! Omg, his eyes ! Mitraaa <3). Howerer I found them a little slim, even Mitra, who is supposed to be a warrior.

    The writing was surprisingly good. No offense but in France, we don't find a game with this quality very often. I was so immersed in the story ! Sometimes I laughed, I shivered, my eyes got wet, I was chocked, I fangirled, ... That's a very good point, to manage to reach the fellings of your players by your work. Bravo ! What else... ? The story is addictive. A little simple but addictive. Simple because I think that the « war » goes too quick and is simply resolved. Tamara didn't do miracles by her own. At the end, we don't understand WHY the goddess chose her. She just threw a rock, what anyone could have done, and yet this is in Mitra's story ; with Reksa or Rama, her intervention is a little more useless.

    Last but not least, the MUSICS were magic ! The game wouldn't be what is it, if the soundtrack wasn’t there. It really created an ambiance and fitted with the scenes. I have shivers when I rethink to some moments with Mitra... Maybe I'll download them later, if I can find them.

    3. Do you have any question or constructive critiques? I will read all the comments and reply to them like I do in Lemmasoft.

    Yeah, it's a fact that french people are known to complain a lot. So here are my questions and critics to maybe help you to improve your work in the future :)

    I noticed some incoherences or mysteries unsolved. What with the dream in which Tamara hears someone being tortured ?! When I was with Mitra, I thought that maybe this was part of Reska or Rama's route, but no.
    Then, there is the past of Tamara. She confesses it with Mitra and Rama but this is completely forgotten in Reska's story. Is that normal ?
    Something else : when I played with Reska, Tamara didn't give a shit about Rama, and then we end up helping him and bringing him meat. That was strange. ^^
    On this matter, it's a shame that we can't have some informations if we're not playing with the right bachelor. For example, the explanations around Rama's death. Rama is forgotten some days after it, and we can never discover why he wanted so much death. It would be great to speak about it, but not entirely of course...

    I have nevertheless a last critique. So, here, I don't know if I react like that because I'm french (and annoying) or not, because no one spoke about the following subject until me xD One thing bothered me in your story : the women's condition. God, we really have an image so that the wife is here to cook, to do laundries, etc... Each time we saw Asih, she talked about house chores : « dinner is almost ready », « ah ! come one, breakfast is ready ! » like she does nothing else, and she's so weak, not physically but in her personality too... I hated that. I felt sometimes some observations from our protagonist, with a little irony (« it was like she taught me to be a good wife »), but it wasn't enough. Maybe it's their society to live this way – traditionally - , but Tamara seemed not really bothered. And the guys are sooo paternalist !

    I finish this part on this : in my mind, the love story is too « cuty ». I mean the sexuality seems a taboo, when all the blood, the fights, the deaths and the war subject are for a mature public, so I don't understand this choice x)

    I hope that my last remarks will not upset you. I really loved your game and I just wish that my commentary will help you for – maybe – another project.

    4. Last but not least, if I make another visual novel, will you consider buying it? via patreon or kickstarter that is (since I need to eat, electricity, and such things when I make VNs xD)

    Yeah, of course, if I have time to. I discovered english otome games ;)

    THANK YOU for your work. Really. I lived a great adventure, which I won't forget and I'm sad to think that my commentary will conclude your wonderful story ! (I already miss Mitra :( hehe, I'll replay it one day)

    Bye. :)

    Hi Kioku! 

    Thanks for visiting and giving me your honest comment! I'm really happy when I read it ^.^- now, I will do my best to answer your questions -*SPOILER ALERT*- 

    1. I'm always glad to hear people giving their effort & time to read all the routes, so thank you -and WOW, just 24 hours? O.o you read fast! Did you skip sleep? Take care of your health! ><

    2. Hahahah, glad to hear Mitra grew on you, dear <3 his omoed-omoedan event is also one of my favourites! It was so much fun writing it ^^- and yes,  in Reksa's route we are encouraged to break some rules since the circumstance is the Komodos are the Avians' enemy and Tamara couldn't afford to tell anyone that she is helping the said enemy >< and yep, Rama's story managed to shock the majority of readers *happy dance* 

    As for the slim proportion, I'm sad to say that I haven't seen any real-life Indonesian guy who is buff/at least lithe with enough muscles to use as references... OTL a lot of the guys over here is skinny so it might affect my art even though I have photos references by my side.

    I'm flattered to hear you think my writing-style is good >\\\< I still have a lot to learn though since I still have loopholes here and there -which you pointed out some x'D I will definitely work hard to improve it!

    3. And thank you for liking Asih's design! She is one of the first designs I finished. As for Tamara's I was trying to make her pop up with her blue hair *cough* but I learned my lesson since some of my friends also said she looked unnatural ><

    As for her dream, it was a dream sent by Ayu. She was illsutrating Rama's past mentality, where he was suffering & in his mind, people were laughing & ridiculibg him. In the last sequence where there is a loud CRACK, it was the time where he attempted his last suicide. Yep, I got a lot of questions about this & I took notes that I need to be more clear about this ><

    Ah and of course, the timeline issue where some event about another bachelor pop out when you're inside another bachelor's route. I'm still trying to figure this out to be honest. I sometimes mixed them ><;; I thought it would be okay to get people read more about Rama since; Tamara basically lived in the village, so she would spend some time with him. At least, she would feel the need to try and help Rama out when he suddenly 'caged' himself and not eating. Welp, at least that was what I thought but then again, yeah, if might be weird to do that if you're not close to him. So this is an error from me maybe? Hmm... I will be more careful next time!

    As for the women condition... in Indonesian past tradition (still is actually depending on which area where you live), women tend to be a housewife where the one who work and has a career is the husband. Despite Tamara's heritage(half British, half Indonesian), she grew and live in Indonesia since birth so she already knew about this and thought it is normal since she doesn't really have any ambition besides getting away from her uncle. This past about her and her uncle's family is not pretty, hence she grabbed at the first chance she got to move away. At Mitra & Rama's routes, the circumstances & mood affect her to tell them about it. In Reksa's route, she simply locked the memory deep within her heart & moved on because she felt like she doesn't need to tell him about it since she has decided to stay. She was also too busy helping him, keeping him a secret, following him to the village, war, etc so I think it's logical to say the thought never occured to her? X'D hahahh at least that was what I think.

    Ah and about the story too 'cuty' despite the mature theme... *cough* Indonesian tradition is about keeping your virtue until wedding night so.... yup, not gonna go too far from kissing x'D hahahah (I'm also too embarassed to write them *cough*)

    5. Thank you for your support! 

    I hope my answers satisfy you? >\\\< I really enjoyed reading your comment & replying them -sorry for the text wall though O.O; 

    This will greatly help me to revise & polish my 2nd project! timeline & managing the small events are my deepest concern besides the programming, but I will do my best to improve!

    Hope to see you again,



    Ah I almost forgot *SPOILER ALERT* 

    As for why the Goddess chose Tamara... hmm... this actually will be explained later in my 2nd project; Nusantara: Bermuda Triangle, but I'll do my best to explain while keeping it spoiler-less as much as I could.  

    It has something to do with her personality, traits -everything that defines her and most importantly, She chose her because she is an outsider -someone who doesn't have a real link to Her 'world'; who can change the future posibilities & fix the problem the Goddess created Herself. No one is able to touch the Pink Crystal besides Tamara and her chosen one remember? Because She cannot directly interfere with fate and that's why She needs some help from 'outside'. 

    Um... do I explain well? I sometimes have a hard time with how to explain this particular element ^^;; as I said, more information will be explained in my 2nd project; Nusantara: Bermuda Triangle. It will explain the whole island's history & I think you will understand better after you play it in the future. I'm in the middle of making it now ~

    Hey ! Thanks for answering, it's a really cute attention that we don't see everywhere ! Yep, I slept 3 hours but it worthed it, hehe. I read more comments since yesterday and I see that I'm not the only one who was such attracted by your story to play aaaall the night.

    Oh, I'm really sorry if I offended you. I didn't know that you were Indonesian (or almost), and everything makes sense now. I really didn't replace the story in the right context and, well, when I finally read the encyclopedia given with the game, I felt a little embarrassed for saying what I said. And I didn't know either Tamara was from the same culture >< So, excuse me.

    I saw that you worked on an other project more or less linked with "the Winged Ones". I don't want to play the demo since the game isn't finished yet and I'm afraid to become a big fan too early haha (and to live with furious impatience until it's out). But I'm so glad that there will be some informations about "the Winged Ones" ! I admire your universe and  I want to learn more and more.

    I wish you to succeed in your projects. All of the critics are throwing to improve it, but it's an amazing job for a game meant to be free. By the way, I wanted to really thank you for making it free ! It was such an adventure, you deserve to be known and to have some contributions (I'll talk about you with some of my acquaintances but I don't promise you a new public if they don't like playing in english :P)

    So, see you again. :)


    Whoa thanks for the enthusiasm, Thenamesfamous x'D

    I use Ren'Py; it's free and there are lots of tutorial about it in lemmasoft forum

    Sadly this game is very difficult for me to play because there is no way to turn off the flashing background images. The flashing backgrounds are very bad for people with epilepsy and other neurological conditions. Can you add an option in the settings to turn off the background flashes? Or, please limit them to 3-4 flashes instead of having them last 10-15 clicks. That way I can read your VN without becoming physically ill. What I've managed is very good so far. :)

    Ah, you mean the fade in & fade out effect? O.O;

    I didn't know that background flashes are bad for epilepsy or other neurological conditions >< I'm very sorry for the discomfort you experienced u.u; sadly, I haven't learned how to make a button to turn it of yet.

    My tip is that maybe you can click it fast when the background started to flash? It will skip it immediately and if you miss something, you can roll back with your mouse >< that's the best I can say for now, sorry Yukiko!



    Yes, that is the one I speak of! Thank you for caring! >//< I do enjoy the affect, it was thoughtful of you to put in for immersion. If it is repeated too often at one time it can become harmful though.  Please keep it in mind for future games! I asked my friend to read the screens I could not. It was embarassing but worth it! hehe. Of course I'd prefer to read your words with my own eyes!  I did finish Mitra's route and it was super cute and a little epic! It helped me be excited for the other routes. Good job :D 

    Oh! And thanks for making the characters shake when they laugh loudly. It helped me to laugh out loud too, otherwise I would have just smiled. ^-^

    I was super impressed.  I really loved the writing, may I may not have cried a little bit with the Rama ending. I'm glad that the main character was able to be an active story participant, not just a side character.  A lot of female characters don't get to be a badass in romance stories. I really enjoyed the artstyle and character designs, I thought the use of color was AWESOME. A couple nits: Question A: What program did you use? I was curious, as I'm only proficient in HTML and CSS. Question B: If you make another VN, do you think it will be similar in tone? I loved the humor, but the psychological bit really stood out as well. Lastly, I would probably buy the next one (fingers crossed), and I wish I could now. I'm broke af atm.

    Hi CazCatra! Thanks for visiting and telling me your thoughts! ^.^- I'm very happy to hear you like ny writing & art-style -and yes! I already started my 2nd project called; Nusantara: Bermuda Triangle. It's a brand new story but set in the same world, albeit with a wider horizon. Fair warning, this one has darker theme than Winged Ones >< It's also going to be A LOT longer so I decided it to be commercial.

    The campaign has ended but you can still pre-order via my paypal shop :"3 (see game page for more info ~)

    As for your other question:

    At first, I use Novelty, it's a great software for beginner programmer because it's more like drag and click rather than typing the program, but sadly, it's still in beta version and I think the creator dropped it u.u

    Next, I use Ren'Py and although it's more difficult, it's free and it's like a magic item once you understand its functions x')

    And take your time buying it if you want to ~ the completion of Bermuda is still far in the future :"D until then, maybe keep up with the weekly update!

    Hope to see you around~



    Is this made by Indonesian people~?!

    Cuz I'm from Indonesia(some other countries call it Nusantara tho~!) XD

    Yes! I'm chinese but born and grew up in Indonesia :"3

    (2 edits)

    How do you get Reksa  endings

    Hi AstralNova!

    Here's the complete walkthrough for Winged Ones! 
    >>>> (click and drag to uncover the text ^.^)

    Other than that, I suggest you to visit Reksa as much as possible!

    .....Well....I did it, I went through and I played all the routes In a day. Do I regret it? Absolutly, I shouldnt have been so greedy, I should have savoured how amazing this game was. I absolutly adored the art, the music, and of course the characters and I experianced them all in a day.....But I can redeem myself, with the sequel...That I just found and have downloaded and am going to start now soooooooo yeah. :D Really love your work.

    Hi Anira! 

    Thanks for playing and telling me your thoughts! Whoa, you're a fast reader O_O finished them all in one day! I hope you didn't sacrifice your sleep hours >< of course, I'm very happy to hear you love my work, but don't push yourself too hard, ok? X'D

    Bermuda is not really a sequel, but yup, there are tid bits of Winged Ones in it lol. 

    Have fun and don't forget to take a rest! X'D



    I didnt loose any sleep lol( iusually stay up to 4am my time but i finished around 1am my time) and yeah I read really fast XD Bermuda Game Talk: I saw in the bermuda game its not really a sequel but its none the less interesting lol I started it last night and finished a chapter before going to bed trying to take it a bit slower though in the beginning of it all i can say is my favorite color: blue, favorite animal: wolf. I didnt have to think twice on what I chose XD

    (2 edits) (+1)

    Which bachelor you like the most? and why?

    I...I cant pick at all. All three of them are amazing , I played in this order: Mitra, Reksa and Rama. Tba I just went with my own knowledge with Mitra using every choice in the game to go bother him (and at the time I dident like Rama). When there was no choice about Mitra, I'd just pick whatever and go with it. So, basically with Reksa, *bam!* walkthrough. (yes my abilities with picking are useless). I loved Reksa because how he was, his primative nature was so adorable, TBH i love possesive people like Reksa but just not to the point where It becomes yandere and kills all my friends like in anime! :D . Anyway, with Rama...I found out I actually liked his char when I was heartbroken when he died in Mitra's route. I was all like TTTTTTTTTTT>TTTTT. I know, im sensitive! Even then IM STILL FIGRURING OUT HIS ROUTE RIGHT NOW! I keep getting the option for ONLY the explosives and im just like determed AF to get his good route. EVEN THE FREAKING WALKTHROUGH HAS ME CONFUSED. In the Walkthrough it says:

    Ask Rama about his action. In game it says: Ask Mitra about his action. So, I picked that and I think thats my mistake. Im going back RN to pick the other one. At this point I've memorized almost everypart of the Walkthrough.

    What makes you consider to play this game?

    TBH I was on a spree on finding stories like this one in that has some element of dating in it. (I was mostly looking for gay ones shhh)

    Overall, what do you think about this visual novel? and what element stands out the most?

    Oh. My GOSH!  The most thing that stood out for me was this ONE WORD in one of the choices, I cant even rember what choice at this point! (damn you rama) It says: suppsed or somethng along thoes lines but it bothered me. But I LOVED this novel regardless! My daydreams are filled with Mitra, Reksa and Rama! I blame it on my love for reading.

    Do you have any question or constructive critiques? I will read all the comments and reply to them like I do in Lemmasoft.

    All I ask: Help me with Rama.  The freaking walkthrough confuses me. And I dont think Im the greatest person to ask for critiques , I'm blinder than a blind person.  I love everything in this novel

    Last but not least, if I make another visual novel, will you consider buying it? via patreon or kickstarter that is (since I need to eat, electricity, and such things when I make VNs xD)

    Yes, FRACK yes. Either one, IDK.  I dont have a credit card and Im not going up to my parents and be like :  "hey can I buy a visual novel" parents: "whats it about" me:" NEVER MIND"

    I just Need help with Rama. Its bothering the heeeck otta me. I hope you make a series otta this!

    Edit: YES YES YES I GOT IT. YOUR WIKI CONFUSED ME TOO MUCH BUT I FOUND IT. im so happi x.x Sixtynine -and whoa, I feel your struggle with Rama's route x'D
    I was preparing to post the walkthrough here, but I guess you already found his happy ending? O.O Ah but I'll post the important points here just in case >< 

    *SPOILER ALERT*Rama's walkthrough:

    1. - Learn Language w/ Granny Sukma

    - Poke/Knock/Throw
    - When you first time meet Mitra, Rama, & Reksa:
    >Mitra: Choose anything
    >Rama: Be friendly
    >Reksa: To unlock Rama's good end you have to choose >>> Don't leave him >>> Be honest or just don't save Reksa at all :'D You have to focus all your affection to Rama or you'll get the bad ending. Yep, he is jealous very easily & very possessive.
    - Choose everything 
    - Spend time with Asih
    - Spend some time with the kids
    - Spend some time with Rama
    - Go to the Herb forest >>> Try it
    - Spend some time with Rama
    - Take a rest in Herb forest >>> Ask Rama about his action
    - Spend some time with Rama
    - Take a walk
    - Talk with Asih about Rama
    - Ask the villagers about Rama
    - Automatic event >>> Don't avert your eyes
    - Go help Granny
    - Automatic event 
    - Visit Rama
    - Visit Rama

    GOOD END: Give him the Pink Chrystal
    Bad End: Give him the explosives

    I read that this walkthrough gets you confused O.O; hmm, but the important note is: Avoid other bachelor as much as you can and spend time with Rama as much as you can!

    And yes, one mistake will end up with Rama's bad end :'D I know it's harsh, but that's they way Rama is hahah -please forgive this creator ><

    2. lol, it always when I see people stumble upon my 'baby' & ended up loving them x'D

    3. ...Which word? lol, now you're making me curious x'D nevertheless, I'm happy you like the story & Rama so much! I was worried at how people will take my story since it's entirely new and not-so-mainstream, but I'm glad you like it!

    4. I hope this problem is already resolved ><

    5. Don't worry, your enthusiasm & support is already more than enough at this point QuQ I do have a new project that is now LIVE in Indiegogo though >>> 
    I know your difficulties since I also don't have a credit card until recently :'D but just help me spread the words & I'll be very happy <3

    Once again, thank you for playing & showing me how much you love Winged Ones! I hope you get to see all the scenes/endings & hope to see you again!


    I don't get it...I've picked what you typed in your walkthrough EXACTLY every time, yet I can't get a good ending. I experimented with how I met the bachelors and what choices I picked after your walkthrough ends but NOTHING WORKS! I REALLY like Rama's story so far, but I'm starting to hate him because of his route... (Also, "Ask Rama about his action" is a combination of both choices so I have no idea which one you actually meant)

    That's weird O.O; 
    I have another person asking the same thing but after choosing 'Be Honest' with Reksa, it worked.

    As for "Ask Rama about his action"... I mean "Ask Rama for his condition" sorry >< I thought I already explained to ignore Mitra and Reksa if you want his good ending? x_x

    Rama is a very jealous person and hates liars, so you won't get his happy ending if you miss one of his scenes or see one of Mitra's scenes. I admit that his route is quite tricky though ^^; 

    Good luck!

    Played this game again after playing the old version a few years ago. I still love Reksa's route and ending the most and Mitra's is a close second. I like Rama but his ending just feels incomplete to me. I love how you've used your own country's stories to create your own, kudos to that.  And yes, I would I would consider buying another VN you make if the story interests me enough. :D

    Hi tangerineWhimsy!
    Thanks for playing & telling me your thoughts! I'm sorry for this late reply though ><

    First, I'd like to thank you for giving all my 3 boys a chance & loving them in return :'D
    I have to admit that I feel like I can do better with his route -some people commented that some scenes were a bit vague & that's where I need to polish my writing-skill! I will definitely try to do better next time! >:) 

    and yes, I love to add Indonesia elements! x'D the mini-encyclopedia will stay forever in my feature.

    As for my other project, currently I have another VN on Indiegogo >>>
    Come & try the demo! :3

    (4 edits)

    I made an account just to post on the comments, because this game was. freaking. AWESOME.

    MY HEART. *grips chest and keels over dramatically*

    This is one of the best games I've EVER played!! I'm so glad I was bored enough to look for otome vn's for three consecutive days because I would've regretted not knowing that Nusantara existed. I stayed up till 4 AM for two days straight just to play and replay all the routes!

    Edit: I just realised my post is unnecessarily and excessively long... Sorry in advance!

    1. Which bachelor you like the most? and why?

    Gah! Choices, choices... 

    Mitra is kind, considerate, and sweet, but he's also freakin' HOT when he shows his fierce side (i.e. when fighting to protect Tamara.) He also has a great physique. O.o
    Also an all-round easygoing guy. Reksa is adorable in his contrasting childishness and maturity, and working past his wildness to the subtle softness (and passion!) underneath is exceptionally satisfying. And Rama.... Whew! He is somethin' else altogether. There's so much pain beneath his cavalier actions, but there's also, in a way, so much love. I wish we could save him outside of his route, but sigh. It's so hard to see his sincere side and genuine smile, so his last CG is... *sniff*

    Really. I love all three of them. I wish there were more guys like them in real life. Well, maybe less Rama's, or there would be suicidal maniacs all over, but... :P If I really had to choose.... ... .... hm... probably Mitra. While I love Reksa's devotion and wildness and Rama's indifferent-to-all-but-you personality, Mitra's budding/blooming feelings and how he expresses them (that Wings Ceremony? *swoons*) win me over in the end ... Also, can't hurt to mention that I'm a sucker for "tall, dark, handsome" guys. xD

    2. What makes you consider to play this game?

    I was bored and looking for free Mac games online (it is surprisingly difficult to find otome games for mac that have good visuals), and, the moment I saw the profile picture for Nusantara, I knew I wanted a closer look. Not only were there three love interests, the graphics looked great. I hate to say it, but, for otome games, appearances are everything, because what's the point of playing visual novels if guys aren't handsome?  :P   Also, the description? "Birth, Death, Peace, War, Love"? Plus guys with wings? Hook, line,and  sinker.

    3. Overall, what do you think about this visual novel? and what element stands out the most? (art? story? character?)

    Totally gameworthy. You really get involved in the game and bond with the characters. The soundtrack is amazing, and I especially love the art, because I'm a very sight oriented person, and Nusantara really seemed like a believable place (great background, portrayals of people, etc.). Also, LOVE THE CG's.  :'-) (Even the bad endings were beautiful. Oh, Rama!)  Thank you for taking the time to flesh out the guys and making them realistic enough to be lovable. The tiny details you invest in their characters are very much appreciated. I loved how the story is atypical, in other words, not at the workplace and not at school. The guys also don't show interest in you right of the bat, so it's authentic, too. And did I mention that I'm a huge fan of fantasy? Huge, huge fan. 

    4. Do you have any question or constructive critiques? I will read all the comments and reply to them like I do in Lemmasoft.

    As some other people have mentioned, there are times when the grammar is off.  :) I also think that while the art is great, it could be polished a bit more because, for example, Rama and CG Rama don't really look alike (CG Rama is HOT; normal Rama... less), and Rama looks like he's flickering around the edges.
    Just me being picky, but I would've loved for some final strings to be tied off, because while I can guess that Rama is the one in Tamara's nightmares, we don't really get complete closure. Also, Yuda's earring seems to change sides depending on his pose... and Mitra doesn't always have white paint on his face in his CG's. 
    An insignificant thought: While playing Mitra's route, before being told the significance of Asih and Yuda's earrings, I had already guessed their purpose (also proof of how good the art/details are), so I was expecting some kind of similar exchange between Mitra and Tamara, because Mitra seems like the kind of guy who would stick with tradition (he did, after all, participate in Omed-Omedan, the Wings Ceremony, and officially invite Mitra to his house). I figured that since Tamara didn't have wings, she could exchange bits of her hair made into an earring with his feathers, since her hair is a unique color and all. But that's just a thought. :) 
    Also (sorry for the many add-ons!), I totally wouldn't mind bonus paths/extras, for example having some kind of extra path once you've finished all the possible existing routes. 

    In the scene where Tamara and Mitra are grooming his wings, what were the implications of Mitra's wings moving without his knowledge? What was he muttering before he ran off? 
    How did Rama break his wings? We know that he tried to commit suicide plenty of times, but what are the specifics?
    Is there any way I could find a picture of Mitra with his wings spread open during the wings ceremony? It's like an itch I can't scratch. The CG is wonderful, but I'm trying to picture what Asih described - him showing his power, his size, his everything. Ahhh. 

    I think I had a few other questions, but I can't remember them right now... T_T

    5. Last but not least, if I make another visual novel, will you consider buying it? via patreon or kickstarter that is (since I need to eat, electricity, and such things when I make VNs xD)

    HELL YES! Please tell me you're making another one. <3 I have to confess, though, that I've gotten used to finding games for free, so I probably wouldn't pay more than $15 for one. (: but YES! I would pay, because Nusantara was totally worth it. I'll probably be daydreaming about Mitra and Reksa for the following days...   

    Now that I've finished Nusantara, what am I going to do with my free time?? *sniff*

    Hi jordanyak! Thanks for taking your time writing this very long review! I enjoyed reading it bery much x'D

    I'm happy to hear you love my VN so much until you sleep so late for 2 days straight but... please take care of yourself more >< I don't want you to get sick/tired when there is work/school tomorrow! We all need our beauty sleep ~ but still, I'm flattered :"))

    1. Awww, thank you for giving all three of them a chance! And yes, I agree that the wing ceremony + omed-omedan is one of the very romantic scenes in game <3 >\\\< it's one of my favourites and I'm glad you think so too! 

    Ah I'm also happy to read how you describe the other bachelors. You sound like you've thoroughly enjoyed yourself and there's nothing makes me happier than to hear that :")

    2. Yup, I agree that first impression is very important x'D heck, I also usually get interested in a game if there's a handsome guy I like in there lol. We're on the same boat!

    3. Me too! I love fantasy genre; I think it has something to do with Inuyasha since it was the first anime I watch. Not to mention Hayao Miyazaki's movies are probably my forever favourites ><

    4. Yuup... I noticed that Rama's CG is the most different ones than the others x_x I think it's because I leave CGs production  last and I forgot a little how to draw Rama and I even forgot the white lines on Mitra's face in some CGs! //shame on me

    Also, thanks for pointing out Winged Ones' flaws! I have quite a lot of people say the dream is very ambigue >< it's a dream about Rama's mentality. In the dream Rama thought that the villagers were laughing and mocking him. It drove him to the edge and it pictured the scene where he broke his wings (the loud CRACK noise). As for how he broke them, I think I mentioned it in the scene where Rama got his legs tied down by Mitra? O.o He jumped off a cliff as a last resort but instead of dying, he just broke his wings & one of them didn't heal properly because Rama could care less bout himself in the past.

    As for Mitra's wings acting by itself... well I was trying to say that the wings leaning toward Tamara means that he likes her touch & unconciously asked her for more x'D Mitra was embarassed and ran away after realizing that lol. That was when he realized his feelings for her too. He was muttering something along the lines of"I had no idea...", cursed himself, & 'scolding' his own wings lol.

    As for Mitra spreading his wings picture... you see, I was cheating a bit in that scene :")) I used Mitra's fighting sprite. The best picture I can point out is at the CG where his wings are folding around Tamara and the half spread one in his happy end CG

    5. I do! My 2nd project's demo is out now along with its Indiegogo campaign <3

    Thank you for the support and love you gave me! I know I still have lots to learn, but I'll do my best to improve! It will be baby steps I think, but I hope you'll be patient with me ><

    Hope to see you again!



    I adore this game and ive spent the last two days telling everyone i know about it and i think theyre getting sick of it but! oh well!

    • Which bachelor you like the most? and why?

    Hm its a tossup between Mitra and Reksa honestly, dont get me wrong i love Rama too its just, some of his actions and how he views the world hits a little too close to home for my liking ;;. Anyway back to Mitra and Reksa, i adore them both but I think my heart will always belong to Mitra with reksa being a very close second. 

    • What makes you consider to play this game?

    The artwork and the story! The artwork is lovely and the story is unique and exciting, i keep a pack of screenshots with me (nothing like to use for profit i just like showing my frends the games i play so i take out of context screenshots so they dont get spoiled for the story but can gush with me about it). The story itself i feel is unique! How its handled, going for the peacable route instead of going all out and destroying the Komodos and trying to live in peace and I loved it!

    • Overall, what do you think about this visual novel? and what element stands out the most? (art? story? character?)

    Lord I dont have the words to describe how this VN made me feel. Like by the end all the characters felt Real, like Yuda, Asih, and Sukma were actually my family, Mitra was like my favorite older brother (when i wasnt romancing him) and Rama... I was sad that we couldn't save him outside his route. His deaths would always hit me hard. I'm also sad (but understanding) when we couldn't interact with Reksa outside of his route. I guess its the characters and their interactions that really sold me, they all felt like family and tried to bring the MC in with them and I believe it was one of the stronger aspects of this story.

    • Do you have any question or constructive critiques? I will read all the comments and reply to them like I do in Lemmasoft.

    The only thing I can think of is getting a beta reader for your text lol there were a few grammatical mistakes throughout the game (nothing that made it unplayable, just a bit confusing when my brain stuttered over one)

    As for questions, well I really loved seeing Rama's and Mitra's reactions and reassurances to Tamara about her past and her own trauma, and was a little disappointed that it wasnt addressed by Reksa? I mean i get it there really wasnt a good place or time to talk about themselves like that within the games timeline but still id have liked to see how he'd have handled it

    • Last but not least, if I make another visual novel, will you consider buying it? via patreon or kickstarter that is (since I need to eat, electricity, and such things when I make VNs xD)

    *slams hands on table* Y E S

    Hi sheanio! Thanks for visiting and reviewing :'3 I see this first thing in the morning and it made me laugh when I hear you spent the last 2 days telling people about how much you love this game x'D 

    What a great way to start the day <3

    1. I can understand that x') thanks for giving all three of them a chance though! And awww, more people are loving Mitra! Does this mean his time has finally come!?


    Anyways ~ I will deliver your love to Mitra & Reksa for you.

    2. It touched me to hear you're bringing some screenshots with you! Maybe not all the time but I'm happy to hear you love it enough to do that >\\\< 

    I'm also glad you like the art & story! Thanks! :'D I still have lots to learn though but I'll do my best to improve and make you happier >< 

    3. That's the best thing you can say to me about my characters! Q_Q thank you! 

    4. Yep, grammar is likely to be my nemesis in my next game too :")) I have 2 proofreaders in my 2nd project now, but if there are still some grammar errors in it, I apologize in advance >< my raw script is... quite a challenge to edit for them I think O.O; 

    As for why Tamara's trauma is not mentioned in Reksa's route: *SPOILER ALERT*

    To be honest, I was trying different approaches:

    In Mitra's route, her trauma was solved nicely and calmly. In Rama's route, her trauma was solved a bit forcefully *she throws them at Rama's face lol*.

    In Reksa's route, Tamara doesn't feel the need to tell him about it. She moves on and left it in the past when she decided to stay.

    However, thanks for pointing this out! I will take note and it's definitely a good idea for my next project about how each bachelor will react about the MC's special circumstances :"3

    5. I love how forward you are x'D YAY! Thanks for your support! <3

    I hope to see you again in the near future~



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