Winged Ones is coming soon on Steam!

Hi guys! What's up?

How did your week go? I did a lot last week, especially about Steam x_x

So Kii*Anima is done with her proofreading and it sent me spiraling down the path of SteamSDK nightmare as I struggle to upload the game build to Steam :')

Really now, it's like learning programming all over again? The video tutorial Steam provided was vague and it didn't teach me the first important thing: How do I login using steamcmd.exe?  It's a simple question, but I'm originally an artist and not a programmer so it took me a while just to figure this out :'D and then comes the actual nightmare: the game build uploading.

Now don't get me started on how I almost pulled my hairs out when Steam couldn't detect my game file. It took me 2 days -almost 3 just to get SteamSDK to properly detect it and not uploading Empty Steam Folder -you know why? because I missed the '*'. I only missed this star sign and Steam refused to upload my game folder just because of this :'D

Later, after being approved by Steam Staff for release, I also found out that we cannot test the Achievement system because of this:

...But at least Steam is now showing the locked images of the achievement when I installed it. It should be a good sign, right?

In any case, I'm very glad and proud to announce that Nusantara: Legend of The Winged Ones, is now coming soon on Steam and will be officially released at December 7th, 2018!

Click here to visit the store page~

I will also start the steam key giveaways as soon as Steam approved my request for the keys! Including my backers, patron, and loyal supporters, I have 150 keys to giveaway so drop your email down below the comments if you want it ^.^- These keys can be redeemed by users anytime, but they will only allow users to play the game once it has been released on Steam.

Important Note: For those who have played the game before through lemmasoft or, some of your progress may be shown in the Steam version due to the persistent data files. You may find that the encyclopedia and CG gallery are pre-filled and your old save files may display. This can be solved by finding any old Nusantara files on your system and deleting them before installing the Steam version.

And so, I spent almost the entire week creating and polishing Winged Ones on Steam. Kii*Anima especially worked very hard on the grammar, trying to whip me into shape x'D I definitely gained a lot from her detailed notes! She's an awesome proofreader and an even more awesome friend!

Alright, I'll stop rambling here. I'm sure you want to see some sneak peeks, right? Here, I'll show you what awaits you when Winged Ones is released and its other features unlocked:

We have a total of 24 achievements! It looks a lot but most of the achievements could be unlocked just by playing the routes!

Trading Cards! Badges! Emoticons! And more!
We have 10 trading cards, 5 badges, 1 foil badge, 5 emoticons, and 5 profile backgrounds to collect!

I don't know how many players we much reach to unlock the Achievement and Trading Card system, but given enough time and review/comment, I'm sure we'll reach it ^.^- 

I'm pretty beat though. I practically zoomed through Steam's checklist so I can release Winged Ones quickly and focus on Bermuda.

I'll rest until Tuesday or Wednesday before I touch scriptwriting again ^.^;

Alright, that's it for now and see you guys next week!
Please give a warm welcome on Winged Ones on Steam!



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I love this game! It was actually one of the first proper otome games I played and I made my account because of it, and I may have played it uh. Many times. ^^ I'm really excited to see it on Steam, getting achievements will be really fun. If you have any more steam keys I'd love one, my email is ^^

You're just in time for my last steam key, emiiya!

I've sent it so check your inbox or spam folder!

ahh lucky!! thank you! i’m excited to play it on steam and get all dem sweet achievements ^^

I'm so excited to see this on steam, congratulations! This was the first otome game I think I ever played! If you have any extra steam keys I'd love one! (Congratulations again!)

Thank you, Borntowrite! ^.^
I've sent the steam key so check your inbox or spam folder !

I played this game a while back and it should be nice to play on steam once again.  My email adress is if you have still have steam keys, thanks a lot.

Of course! Thank you for asking!
I sent a new batch of emails with steam keys just now ^.^- please check your inbox or spam folder!

I can't wait to replay it on Steam!! It's one of my all-time favorite VN's :D 
If you have any extra steam keys I'd love one! (Thank you so much!)

Thanks Kirie! I also can't wait to hear your thoughts about the changes! 

I sent the key to your email this morning ^.^- do check your inbox or spam!

Thank you so much!! <3

great news! congrats!

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Thank you sherkin! <3

Did you get your steam key? If not, leave your email address here and I'll send you one in a jiffy! ^///^

Oh, thank you very much!

Im really looking forward to your debut on steam) some of my friends (for some reason) don't want to plays games from itchio, maybe I will be finally able to share your games with them!

You're welcome!
YAY! I will be very happy if  Winged Ones is played by a lot of people on Steam >////< but no rush there! I'm still a newcomer to Steam so there's a lot to learn for me. Just take your time and enjoy the replay ^///^

And I've sent the steam key to your email! Do check your inbox or spam folder!

I got it, thank you!!

Congrats! I can't wait to replay Reksa all over again<3 Actually got an account because of your games and am hoping to be able to support Bermuda Triangle in the near future ^^


Thank you SyntheticEcstasy! >\\\<

I'm so touched to hear you created an account to play my games! Did you get your steam key yet? If not, leave your email address here and I'll send one to you ^.^-

<3! I did not get a steam key, I would be super thankful to get one though! My email is 


Sent! <3
Check your inbox/spam folder! ^.^-

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oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo This news made my day lol.

Can I have a steam key? My email is

I remember playing this a forever ago and loving it 

(;-; once I get a credit card I'll support you but until then I'm just moral support)

Thank you Candy284!

No rush at all, I understand since I also took a long time until I get my credit card ><

and I sent the steam key to you just now! Do check your inbox or spam -if you didn't receive it do tell!

Congrats on getting so far and onto Steam!  I loved Nusantara the first time I played it so I'm looking forward to the updated version XD

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Thank you ReaperReii! 

I also look forward to hear your thoughts about the changes! 

Did you get your steam key? If not, drop your email address here and I'll send you one today ^.^

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Um, what do you mean with CG arts? O.o; if it's about CG gallery, you can find a free basic CG gallery codes by leon on lemmasoft! 

Oh and did you get your steam key? If nkt, drop your email here and I'll send you one today ^.^

OOF XD thank chus.

I am currently scheming of a fangame -.- And this scheme involves several particular things

Idea 1: -.- If your a hiddlestoner xD first idea is to make a tom hiddles fangame

Idea 2: =.= Fangames on le harrypotters x3 

So yeah XD i suck cg wise and need halp

also meh email ish x3 XD Still halp plez -.- admin is in need of many a halps xP

I don't think I can help much ><;; it's hard to teach when our codes are different --but you could always ask/browse lemmasoft forums! I learnt from there too and from trials/errors, we learn quicker and remember it easily next time ^.^-

Its more that my arts of cg nature suck XD SweetChiel I know how to codes. But the cg and sprites are whats bugging me currently. -.-

Aaah! Sorry I got confused there x'D

Then you're doing great! I had a headache when I was configuring the CG gallery for the first time so I just assumed x'D but you're doing great! There's no rush for the CGs, I think you should take your time looking for pose references via real life photos or from a comic book and start from there :'3 for the background, you can cheat a little by blurring it *cough* or use your ingame background and set it to accomodate the CG! (You know, zoom it in and use transform to adjust the angle, lightning, etc...) I often use this techinque to save time ><



Thank you!
Have you received your free steam key Aura Stone? If not, drop your email address below and I'll send one in a jiffy ^.^-

Really?! That would be so awesome!

Whew. I was a bit surprised and stoked, but thank you!

aaaa i can't wait to replay nusantara again! (been wanting to for a while, but i decided to wait for the steam release~) as for the steam key, does it have to be the same email used by my steam account? can i kindly request for one? uwu

Hi inky!
Of course you can request for one ^.^- I used the emails from the backers/patrons data, but if you haven't received it, please drop your email here and I'll send it in a jiffy! OuO

oh, is it only for backers/patrons? i'm neither, so i don't want to impose XD
to be honest, i still haven't pledged for bermunda triangle since i keep forgetting OTL soon, i promise!

It's alright, the giveaway is also for loyal supporters! Winged Ones is originally free to play so it's only right ^^-

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And you're welcome!