Sountrack DLC Available!

Hey, guys! 
The Winged Ones' BGM/Soundtrack DLC is here! You can download it at the game page ;)

Enjoy a total of 33 Music Soundtrack of Nusantara: Legend of the Winged Ones, a collection through a strict selection from Kevin Macleod, Erdaenos, Roland M. Zabarjad, Kristy G. Lantang, Benjamin Mastripolito, and Lutfi Azandi!

I've received their permissions to distribute their wonderful music, the DLC also includes original lyric & music such as the Opening, Ending, Trailer, green2 (Forest BGM), and Tribal Music (Reksa's route). 

Have fun & enjoy!
If you want to use their tracks, refer to the "music copyrights.txt" for the direct sources to credit them ^.^)/


P.S. I've been having problems with Steam's DLC tutorial video and I'm a bit afraid to mess with the codes so I've decided that any DLC I may have in the future, will be only available at!

P.S.S. this DLC is available for download for my $10 patrons on patreon <3


Nusantara BGM Soundtrack Pack.rar 82 MB
Apr 16, 2019

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Hey, Chiel! I just wanted to let you know--when you package all three versions of Nusantara together (Windows, Mac and Linux) the Mac one doesn't work. Can you package it separately again? I can play my old version but I can't play this one.;;

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Oh, dear O-O;
I'm sorry to hear that, owl! This is the first time that happened ><; 
Have you tried re-downloading it? How about I give you a key for the steam version? Maybe that one will work?
Post your email here and I'll send you the steam key!