Winged Ones is now on Steam!

Wohooo! Winged Ones has finally launched on Steam! 
Are you excited? I sure am!

Now, before we jump head first into playing, I have a few important things to tell both old and new players!

Important Note: 
1. For those who have played the game before through lemmasoft or, some of your progress may be shown in the Steam version due to the persistent data files saved in your computer. You may find that the encyclopedia and CG gallery are pre-filled and your old save files may display. This can be solved by finding any old Nusantara files on your system and deleting them before installing the Steam version.

2. While Steam is still learning about this game, please be patient if there's an error or if the system is not working normally. It should unlock soon and if there's a problem, I will do my best to promptly fix it and post an update on the situation!

3. Winged Ones will hold a 20% off launch discount on Steam! Collected funds will be used for Nusantara: Bermuda Triangle's development. However, Winged Ones will stay true to its free-to-play nature, so I'll also update the game build on! 
Either way, thank you for your support!

Last but not least, let's work hard together so we can unlock our Trading Cards feature! You can do so just by playing or leave a review of the game below~



P.S. Do you like the chibi art on top? Well, you're lucky 'cause I'm sharing the raw .psd file as a gift to thank everyone for their support! To download it, click here. You'll be directed to my Patreon page where I attached the .rar file ^.^

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Hi! Sorry for being late to responding to this post but congrats! It's on Steam now :D I hope all goes well~

Also I tried to download the art but since it's an rar file i can't open it xc is there a way for me to get it another way?

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Hi angelinachea! 

No problem at all! Take your time ^.^-

oh you can open the .rar file using WinRar! It's a free software and very useful if you want to compress files' size -can you try and install winrar? My raw .psd files are often too big to upload ><

Oh okay cool! I got it opened, thank you :)

aaaa it's here~! congrats on being on steam :D
i can't wait to play it after exams uwu

Aaaa sorry for the late reply! ><;

I hope exams are going well for you? You can do it! This is your last hurdle before Christmas and New Years vacation!

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Hey hey hey, congrats on finally launching Winged Ones on Steam! I hope it gets the attention it deserves hahaha

I just wanted to ask about the Steam keys? I checked both my email and my steam but I don't seem to have received any. Was the Steam key for the game or for a discount? I've also encountered a problem with the .rar file for the chibi picture. Whenever I try to extract it, it says there are no files founds Q_Q

Thanks for your time and congrats once again!!

Hi matchmakingdove1028!
That's strange, maybe I mistyped your email?

Please write your email address here and I'll re-send you the steam key!
As for the chibi.rar... I checked and the file should open normally if you use WinRar O.O; have you tried re-download or update your Win-Rar?

Whoops, never mind x'D I found your email address!
I re-sent the steam key so check your inbox or spam folder!

Ahh, I'm so sorry for replying so late!! My Christmas was entirely busy with my family and then i was plunged back into school soon, after, haha;;

But I use a mac so its hard for me to find a free copy of WinRar hahah, I use UnRar X instead. I guess it can't detect the file in it?

I'll say more in a comment I plan on making soon, but I'll say this now, I'm glad you, your family and friends were safe from the tsunami! <3

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Ah school... I think I remember how they used to throw us a bunch of homework before Christmas :'D I feel you, matchmakingdove1028!
Oooh, and yeah, Winrar is not compatible with mac so that's maybe the case ><

Here, you can download the .psd file from mediafire! I didn't use winrar this time ^.^- thank you for worrying about me when the tsunami hits!

Congraaaats! Downloaded it already - I'll play it as soon as I have the time! And a good pal of mine purchased it too XD

Wohooooo! Thanks, Konoi! *hugs*

We need players to unlock the Achievement and Trading Cards system so this is great!